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The devil’s mate episode 25

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The devil’s mate episode 25 by : 9:29 pm On March 22, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
•••••••••••••••••••• Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book twenty five ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
I threw my bag over my shoulder as the jet’s door open, the wind slowly rushing to my skin. After a week, I was finally allowed to go to the south pole but only because I took Andre, Becca, Rhoda and Jeremy with me. It was hell convincing Kale to let me go once we were back at the pack. The spell of pleasure was gone, I only had to remind him of his words over and over again until he let me go. Kale almost sent his entire army with me, I still wonder how I was able to convince him.
‘Time to go princess,’ Lyle chirped. Yeah, Carlyle was there. He didn’t come with us but he was to pick me up. He was at the south pole for official business. Giselle was back at his pack. He stood at the bottom of the stairs, smiling like a creep.
‘Hi Lyle,’ I smiled as I walked down. Andre and the others walk past me carrying their bags.
‘The new wolf,’ he enfolded me in a hug and klzzed the top of my forehead. ‘How have you been? Hope Kale isn’t stressing you?’
‘He isn’t being much of a jerk,’
‘I wasn’t talking about trouble, I was talking about something else…oomph.’ He grunted as I punched his chest and laughed.
‘Let’s go already,’
‘Calm down, you will stay at Alpha Hosea’s for the night and tomorrow, you can be on your way to… Where are you going again?’
‘Let’s go,’ I pushed him out of the way and walked to Andre. ‘How far is it to Winter White?’
‘We can stay at Alpha Lloyd’s pack for tonight, he will love to have you around. Tomorrow we can continue to the pack, there will be a snowstorm tonight.’ Andre said, leaving no room for arguments. Kale gave him an order, a command rather. He was to make sure I didn’t make any arational decisions and protect me. If anything was to happen to me, Kale promised him immediate death.
‘Okay.’ I couldn’t argue even if I knew he was lying, he was only doing his job. We got into Lyle’s big car and let his driver drive us to the pack we would be staying for the night. It was a pack called Winter Moon pack, controlled by Alpha Lloyd.
All I could think of was what I would find, how I would find it. The pack members welcomed us to their pack with such lovely smiles. The luna took me to a room specially cleaned for me. I don’t blame them for seeing me as a queen, I was mated to Kale who they worship and adore. I sat at the vanity brushing my hair absent mindedly, thoughts focused on my biological mother. I really wanted to know how she was. Her eyes were just like mine, just like my foster mother’s. Was it that we all had the same eyes as coincident or did mother use another spell? So many things I wanted to be answered, so many things I was inquisitive about.
A soft knock on the door made me glance at it through the mirror, I was snapped out of my well of thoughts. ‘Who is that?’
‘It’s me, Nita,’
‘Please come in,’ the door opened gently and quietly. I offered the luna a warm smile as she walked in, her eyes falling on my hair immediately.
‘Wow, is this your hair?’ She asked in bewilderment as she shut the door. I nodded. ‘How did you get it to be so long? Did you use organic matters or something?’ She asked as she gawked at it. Since my hair grew longer after the electric stretch, it was flowing allover the floor around me like a pool. I tried to cut it but it electrocuted me.
‘No, it’s natural.’
‘How come? You never cut it before?’
‘I did, twice. The first time was when I was just six months old as I was told, and the second was when I was two. After cutting it at that age, I fell terribly sick, really sick that it almost claimed my life. My mother later found out that I am never to cut my hair, cut it and I would beat very sick so I haven’t cut it since then.’
‘Like Samson,’ she said with a small laugh as she plopped herself on my bed.
‘But unlike Samson, my hair isn’t the source of all my powers and it won’t let you cut it.’ I smiled as I caressed my hair. Have I ever told you I call her Lock?
‘Just use a scissors and bam! Destroyed!’
I turned my body to the side to look at her properly. ‘Wanna try?’ I smirked. She looked at my face and shivered.
‘I’ll skip,’ I smiled and faced the mirror again. ‘It must be stressful going around with that load,’ she said as a matter-of-fact. I nodded, Lock tingled. She didn’t like the insult laid on her.
‘It’s stressful going about with such length of hair but my hair is a part of me, like a friend, especially now she can think for herself. It isn’t that stressful anymore, she can fold up to any length of my choice so that makes it easier.’
‘Are you some kind of witch?’
‘Yeah, some kind of,’ I glanced at her. She looked at me inquisitively. ‘What?’
‘I don’t mean to offend you but how do you deal with Alpha Kale? How do you survive him? I have always wondered how his mate would be able to handle him, how she would win his affection because even if he cares a lot about every single werewolf, he is affectionless at every other area. Alpha Kale would do anything to make sure we all stay safe, like his wolf sees everyone as his member, like it is his duty to guide us. When I heard his mate is the princess of the people our kind hate most, I was shock and filled with inquisition. Does he love you? How would he be able to care for the same person he spent his life chasing? How? How is he treating you?’ She smiled as she looked at the ceiling. ‘Then I saw the way he smiled at you when you got married, I saw how happy you were and I knew he still loved you no matter what…’
Oh was it now?
‘I got hope from you Makawee,’ she looked at me with her big black eyes.
‘I had always been afraid of acceptance, if Lloyd’s pack would accept me for who I am. But when I saw how they accepted you, how your pack members admires you, I knew there was hope. If they could accept you of all people, then they could accept me if I work towards it. I have been working hard since then, now almost all are starting to accept me as their luna.’ She said with a sheepish smile.
‘What are you? Werewolf?’
‘Lycan,’ she said softly.
‘Whoa, your kind is rare.’
‘I know, I am the alpha female of my pack. My brother is the male.’
‘That’s amazing, you are amazing if you indeed work towards that. My mother taught me how to be patient and have high tolerance level. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have been there today as Kale’s mate. I am glad you found inspiration from me, thank you.’
‘No thank you,’ she chirped. ‘You are a strong woman Makawee, I admire you. For a teenager, you are really brave.’
‘You look seventeen, or am I mistaken?’
‘Yes, you are. You on the other hand is who I will call a teenager.’ She wanted to find out my age, my face suited my age perfectly.
‘I’m twenty,’ she chuckled.
‘Are you?’ I smirked.
‘Fine, nineteen.’
‘Twenty three,’ I lied.
‘Wow, you look younger,’ she gushed.
‘You too. When I first saw you, I thought Alpha Lloyd married a thirteen years old girl.’ I said jokingly. She laughed with crimson face. Nita was a short girl with baby face so her age wasn’t apparent.
‘I get that a lot,’ she blushed and smacked her lips. ‘So, what are you doing here? I heard you are here to seek your origin, I know a lot of things and people since my maternal grandfather has records of people that none have, as long as you are under the moon goddess.’ I looked at her with wide eyes.
‘How come?’
‘He is a priest of the moon goddess, at least was.’
‘Is he still alive?’
‘Not really,’ she murmured. ‘But I love referring to him like he is. The library belongs to me now so…?’
‘I need to visit the packs first, I really can’t wait.’ I said impatiently.
‘Then why don’t we go now?’
‘Now?’ I gasped. ‘Your mate…’
‘We are fighting and I am to leave at dawn because I can’t stand him, you in? I could need some exploring.’
Accept it, go.
‘Alright, let’s go.’ I stood up, sweeping my hair behind my foot.
‘Your hair…?’ I looked at my beautiful sacred locks. It retracted with a fast slurp sound until it was touching the beginning of my thighs. ‘Cool.’
‘Shall we?’
‘We leave in wolf form,’ I nodded. ‘Take what you need, I will get mine and meet you outside at the garden in ten minutes.’
‘Thank you,’ she blushed and ran out. I quickly started packing little things into my bag, kitbag that is. I carried a duffel coat just in case the weather gets too cold. I ran out of my room fast and quietly to the garden where she was waiting for me. Nita wore a robe. ‘What are you wearing?’
‘I’m going to shift anyways,’ she ran into the garden that led to a secret passage leading to the forest. I followed behind her, letting her lead the way. I knew I could trust her, she just wanted to help me since I helped her in a sort of way. ‘We don’t have time to answer the guards, or you rather. Once I start talking to them, run past.’ She shouted, we were still running on foot.
Nita stopped to talk to the guards. I jumped into a tree and flung myself to the other one, jumping from tree to tree. Once I was out of the territory, I threw my bag in the air and and jumped down, shifting in the air. Luna landed on the ground and caught the bag between her teeth. We dashed towards west as instinct guided. The wind on my our fur was always a wonderful feeling. The branches and twigs under our mighty paws crushing was a powerful feeling. I never knew I would love being a werewolf so much until I knew I was one. I heard a huff behind me, far behind. Nita was trying to keep up with me. I slowed down for her to meet up. It was the first time I saw a lycan.
Lycans are more special than werewolves since they are rare and different. Lycans are faster than both werewolves and vampires once they transform, all their powers dwell in their lycan forms. If they don’t transform, they are weak and vulnerable, except if they are physically trained. In a way, they are just slightly stronger than humans. Once they transform, they are faster, stronger, smarter and they look like humanoids. The only vulnerabilities a lycan has are their human form and their minor way of death. They can transform fast so the human form isn’t a problem. Unlike werewolves who can be killed by silver, a lycan can only be killed by removing it spine. Honestly, a lycan is like a super breed of a werewolf, smarter, faster, tougher and immune to silver. Amazing, isn’t it?
I always wished to be a lycan when I was a kid, but being a werewolf is good enough. It doesn’t always work with every lycan. Some werewolves, like the alphas are stronger than them and faster, all that depends on the human side of the werewolf. For example, Kale’s IQ is very high, same as mine and we have trained a lot, forgetting our other powers. With that, we are both stronger than lycans.
We kept running for over an hour before we got to the territory of Winter White pack. We stopped behind a tree and shifted back. I put on my lychee red duffel coat and emerald boots. I wore the hood over my head and walked out from the tree. Nita wore a jade coat like mine too. We walked to the guards watching us in alert. They could perceive our mate’s scent, it was obvious. ‘Luna of Winter Moon?’ One asked Nita.
‘Yes, and this is…’ They bowed to me before she spoke.
‘Alpha Kale’s mate,’ the one I think is the leader gushed. ‘Welcome, we weren’t expecting you until tomorrow…’
‘Change of plans, is your alpha awake? I need to see him immediately.’
‘Yes, I will contact him.’
‘Thank you,’ they led the way into their pack. I sighed as the scent of my original pack graced my nostrils. It was such a lovely scent, even the snow was inviting. It wasn’t that late, just 9:39pm. We followed him to a big pack house. Winter White pack wasn’t that big but big enough to contain a lot of members. The alpha of the pack was waiting for me outside the pack house with his luna. ‘Very sorry for disturbing your peace alpha, I’m very sorry…’
‘It’s okay,’ he smiled. ‘You are always welcome.’
‘Please, can we go inside?’ He nodded. He turned and walked into the house and we followed. Kale was pricking at my mind to check on me. I lowered the barrier, I was met with his ferocious bark.
‘You promised me you would be safe!’
‘I am safe, I am in Winter White pack now. I will give you the details once I’m done, okay?’
‘Andre and the others will be there at dawn, don’t move, okay?’ I rolled my eyes. ‘Kawee please, don’t make me come there.’
‘Fine, I won’t move at dawn, goodnight Kale.’ I raised my barrier again.
‘Welcome to my home!’ The luna shouted. ‘I forgot to tell you my name, my name is Begonia, so nice to meet you both.’
‘We met at the festival, right?’ I asked as I sat on a sofa.
‘Yes, we did. Now, what can we help you with?’
‘I was hoping I could find information about a decease pack member,’ I looked at the old alpha’s face. ‘Her name is Alva Lionel, the pack chief warrior’s daughter.’
‘Oh,’ they murmured.
‘Why do you need to know?’ Alpha Hosea asked suspiciously. I took in a deep breath and exhaled.
‘Alva is my mother,’ their eyes widened.
‘Alva gave birth? You know… Get Titus, right now.’ He snapped at his beta probably. The person ran out.
‘Why not use the mind link?’ Nita suggested.
‘That’s true,’ Alpha Hosea closed his eyes and called him. I held my breath as I waited for who was going to come. I already knew Titus was the name of my mother’s father. It took ten minutes before he arrived, I used that time to think.
‘Alpha, you called me,’ my grandfather who looked younger than I expected him to be said. I wasn’t that surprise, he was a werewolf and they don’t age fast. Titus glanced at me.
‘This is Makawee, Alpha Kale’s mate…’ Titus’s eyes widened. ‘She is here for you.’
‘Me?’ He looked at me. He furrowed his eyes before tilting his head. ‘Your eyes, it is just like my late sister’s…?’
‘Late sister?’
‘Oh yes, your grandfather died after his mate did and his son, Titus the second took over as the warrior for he is up to it.’ Luna Begonia replied.
‘I don’t understand, grandfather?’
‘Can I please speak to him alone?’ I pleaded, looking at them pleadingly.
‘Of course,’ Alpha Hosea stood up.
‘Don’t worry, can you follow me?’ Titus asked politely. I stood up and walked out with him. ‘Now can you tell me what is going on?’ He asked as we walked along the hallway.
‘I don’t know if you know, but I just found out I’m a werewolf,’ he nodded, making me know he is aware. ‘I did some digging and found out that my biological mother was Alva Lionel…’
‘My sister?’ He gasped. ‘Alva is your mother?’ He stopped walking and looked at me with wide eyes.
‘Yes, but she was, she is dead now.’ He looked down sadly.
‘We still had hope that she was alive,’ he raised his head with a smile. ‘Now I know why your eyes rings a bell, you have her eyes.’
‘Y…y…can you tell me something about her? Show me pictures and tell me who are mate was?’ He shook his head negatively.
‘I only have family albums, I was ten when she disappeared. For what I remember, she was such a cheerful person then. Alva held happiness tight in her grasp, charms at the tip of her tongue and enthusiastic adorableness in her eyes. She was an angel on earth, as beautiful as the moon, like a goddess. Alva was my inspiration, taught me to be bold and strong after our parents died. Alva being the first child raised us all, my older sisters and myself. She was our mother, father, sister, best friend. Alva’s disappearance really shook the pack because everybody loved her, she was the ever enthusiastic clown of the village.’
‘What about her mate?’
‘I don’t know much about her relationship life, that answer lies in the hands of my second eldest sister.’
‘White Flake wolf pack?’
‘She is it current luna. Amanda knows her more than anyone else, she knows her mate but I was told her mate died after she rejected him…’
‘Rejected him?!’ I shrieked. ‘How come? What is his name? Ambrose?’
‘No, Jeremiah Walker, from a wolf pack in the north pole. I can’t tell why, only Amanda knows why.’ He touched my cheek. That was when I knew I was crying.
‘Was she a good woman?’
‘The best,’ he smiled. ‘You should stay back and rest, tomorrow you can see her, I will take you there myself.’ I nodded with a smile, I have an uncle and aunties, I’m no longer alone.
‘Can I hug you? Please?’ I sobbed. ‘I don’t know what else to do.’ He pulled me into a hug, wrapping his hands around me. I cried into his chest, that little hole of emptiness in my heart was filled up.
That night I got to see my mother’s picture, she was so beautiful. I had her eyes, nose and lips but I didn’t look like her at all. I concluded that I looked like my father – whoever he was – but I knew with just her smile that I had her beautiful heart.
To be continued.
More secrets to be unfold, stay tuned.
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🌻🌺 Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel 🌺🌻

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