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The devil’s mate episode 24

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The devil’s mate episode 24 by : 9:27 pm On March 22, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
•••••••••••••••••••• Alpha’s Wyrd Mate ••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book twenty four ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
I looked out of the window in awe, human town looked so amazing in snow. We were in a city called Minnesota, the place was buried in snow and I liked it. A strong urge to dive and bathe in the snow was poking me, but I couldn’t do that because Kale was taking me somewhere. Unlike Kale who y wearing a heavy
coat to protect him from the intensity of the cold, I was pretty much fine, in fact, I had never felt more like home since I first saw the beautiful snow. I looked over at Kale with a grin, a pretty pleading grin. He glanced at me and chuckled.
‘You can play in it when we get back,’
‘You don’t seem cold, why?’
‘I don’t know, maybe because Luna is a snow wolf,’ I said with a shrug.
‘True, but for her to be so much in love with the snow, then your mother or father must be a snow wolf,’
‘Yeah,’ I looked back to the window, avoiding the conversation. Kale understood my change of mode and kept quiet. ‘Where are we going again?’
‘Why?’ I asked, looking at him once again.
‘I contacted one of the business associate, they will be there to explain the outcome of the meeting I missed, and you get to eat breakfast.’
‘Why diner?’
‘It’s somehow more pr!v@te,’ I rolled my eyes back to the window, what do I know anyways. ‘Where would you like to go?’
‘Huh?’ I looked back at him.
‘Where would you prefer I take you?’
‘It’s okay, I don’t mind where you are going, don’t know how a diner looks like anyways.’
‘I meant after the meeting at the diner, where would you like me to take you before we return back to the pack?’ He glanced at me.
‘Well, I’ve always wanted to go ice skating, but I never got to because I was always training or meditating. Can I also do that thing I saw on Riley’s television? And make snow angels?’
‘What thing?’
‘The people rode down a snowy mountain with long shoes that looked like boards… What did Rick call it again…? Snowboarding! Yes, that’s it!’ I snapped my f!ng£rs when I remembered it.
‘If that is what you want, alright.’
‘Awwwn, he’s so sweet,’ I cooed.
‘Don’t push your luck Kawee,’ I giggled and looked back at the window. He parked his car in front of the restaurant we were going to eat. I happily took off my belt, opened the door and jumped out. I stomped my boots on the snow, if only they were my feet. ‘Makawee,’ Kale called impatiently. I looked over at him with a wide grin, he inclined his head towards the door. I grinned sheepishly, shut the door and ran to him, almost using my speed. Kale quickly caught my hand and pulled me to his chest. ‘Don’t use your powers, remember?’
‘Oh, sorry,’ I said blushingly. He adjusted my headkerchief which was of little use as my hair still flowed down to my knees. I decided to leave it out partly long today, my hair wanted to stretched. Kale adjusted my fur coat which he forced me to wear, he was treating me like a baby. ‘You know I don’t need this, right?’
‘My wolf won’t let me be until he is sure you are both safe,’
‘I’m not a kid, and stop using Killian as an excuse,’ I smacked his hands away and walked ahead of him.
Alpha, his name is Alpha not Killian… Luna corrected. I ignored her and opened the door. The bell chimed when I pushed the door open and walk in.
Kale grabbed my hand again and led me to our booth, the booth I am sure he reserved for us. The booth was in a somehow isolated part of the diner, one with few people. I whipped my hand away from his and sat down, crossed my legs, gathered my hair on my laps and leaned on my elbows. A waitress came over with a wide smile on her face. Her eyes fell on my hair heaped on my laps. ‘Welcome to Saran’s Diner, what would you be having?’
‘We are going to wait until my partner gets here,’ Kale said coldly, his eyes on his phone.
‘Alright, what about the lady?’
‘I’m fine,’ I looked at Kale, he suddenly turned cold like he had no emotions. He is cold to people he doesn’t know, especially one he doesn’t care to know. Trust me, I was once there. The waitress nodded and walked off. Kale’s headdress – or something like that – and glasses made it difficult to recognise him. If I didn’t see the man dress up with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have known he was the same person.
He is your mate, of course you will know.
Luna, I beg you, shut up.
‘Kale,’ he glanced at me and returned to his phone. ‘Can I get a phone too?’ He lift his eyes from his phone and looked at me, his f!ng£rs still typing. ‘I mean it would make it easier for me to just…just… I don’t know, chat with my friends or anything people do with their phones.’
‘Including entering social media and meeting new men, getting online boyfriends and cheating on me.’
‘Seriously?’ I snorted. ‘If I wasn’t mated to you, would I have married you? Oh wait, you forced me to.’ I rolled my eyes and leaned back on the chair.
‘I don’t want you having a phone,’ he said sternly, averting his eyes back to his phone. I folded my arms and tilted my head to the side.
‘I’m getting a phone, full stop.’
‘You are not going to get one or else,’ he threatened.
‘Or else what?’ I sneered. ‘You seem to have forgotten you are talking to me, Makawee, not your slave girl. You don’t control me, I control myself, not you or anyone else.’ He slammed his phone down on the table.
‘Don’t dare me Makawee, don’t you dare get a phone because you are nothing but an island bitch and that is what you will remain.’
Ouch, that hurts… Luna said.
Trust me, you weren’t even at his worse days, Lona and I faced worse.
‘I have eaten enough food, thank you,’ I stood up just as a man and his probably wife walked to our booth.
‘Mr Kane,’ he smiled. ‘Nice to have you agree to meet me here,’ Kale glared at him and averted his eyes to me. I hissed and walked out of the booth.
‘Have a good day Mr Kane,’ I said mockingly. The man seemed shock by how I answered him, no one does, yeah? ‘Good morning sir and ma’am,’ I greeted. ‘Don’t mind my rudeness.’ I walked out on them, huffing and puffing.
Hey, look on the bright side! We can play in the snow, right?
Yeah, if it isn’t odd.
We walked far from the diner until we found three women shoving snow out of the road and some people playing in it. I walked over to the women with a polite smile. ‘Can I help? I’m bored.’
‘Oh don’t worry child, we are…’ I snatched the shovel from one of their hand and walked over to the snowy side. I started shoving the snow fast, it was like lifting cotton candies. In less than seven minutes, I was done. ‘Wow, thank you,’
‘You’re welcome,’ I ran over to the big bed of snow and threw myself in it. I didn’t care if I looked odd, people were doing it anyways. I sat up, took off my coat and boots, flung them somewhere and fell back on the snow to make snow angels.
★★★ Kale’s standpoint ★★★
‘Thank you for the information, I will call Joseph to talk things over with him,’ I said impatiently.
‘Thank you Mr Kane,’ I rolled my eyes to the counter. Kawee didn’t eat before leaving, I should probably buy her something. ‘I’m sorry to ask, but this is just to calm my curiosity…’
‘If you are going to ask about who she is, she is my wife.’ I interjected.
‘Wife? You have a wife? You are married?’ His wife gasped.
‘Yes, recently,’ I stood up and walked to the counter. ‘Can I get some éclair to go? And… What does she not like? Bacons, do you perhaps have that? Bacons, éclair and any type of coffee.’
‘Any specific type of bacon?’ The lady asked politely.
‘I don’t know, deep fried or something,’ I shrugged.
‘Just give me a minute sir…’
‘Alright,’ I cut her off, turned my back to the counter and leaned on it. I waved at Scott and his wife as they left. They made me come here and I get to pay when I didn’t eat anything, wonderful.
You were really harsh with her you know.
You think being sweet isn’t irritating? I don’t always have to be nice when she is misbehaving and disobeying me.
Disobeying? She only wanted a phone… Killian argued.
To meet new men and cheat on us. Would you like it if some other men have his filthy cock up what belongs to us?
I’m the wolf, why am I the one understanding that your jealous point is unreasonable? What do you take Makawee for, a whore like the rest of your women? She only accepted us because we are mates and she wanted us to be okay. Makawee should be the last person you shouldn’t trust.
Change is constant, she might have been a virgin but that doesn’t mean she can’t turn loose once exposed.
But not when she has lived her entire life training to be pure, her whole child and teenhood just fighting and treasuring her purity, not when we are the same body and mind. Kale, just admit that you are afraid of having her attention divided, afraid of losing her to someone else that will never come.
I don’t know what you are talking about.
Kale, Kawee might not have much experience with most things, that doesn’t make her naive or gullible. Trust her Kale, and stop making me do your job. You ought to be the logical side, not me.
At least you admit I’m the analyst.
Was Kale, was.
‘Mister,’ I turned around. ‘Your order and bill,’ she handed me a paper and polythene bag. I took the bag, gave her my credit card and took it back after the payment was complete.
When you see her, don’t talk rubbish.
I believe I know what to do.
Do you?… He sneered. I ignored him and thought about the possibility of her being a wolf. I knew her mother was a wolf, but who? Who birth her? Makawee was aware but wouldn’t share, same thing with mother.
I started the engine of the car, still thinking about about her, what was the secret of Makawee? After driving for few minutes, I saw her chasing some children barefooted as they laughed and tried to hit her with snowballs. I parked the car but didn’t kill the engine. The parents of the children all watched her with smiles, even I couldn’t help but smile at how happy she looked. The laughter of children makes Makawee happy, I knew that from the way she would stop at any crying child and make sure that child smiles before she leaves. I never told her I was watching, but I enjoyed following her around and watching her play with children back at the pack, even before I marked her. They was no need arguing about it, Makawee would want children very soon.
But do you?… Kale asked with a knowing tone. Aside from Rick, I hate kids. They demand too much love and care, too much attention and all those things doesn’t suit my ego and person… With Makawee, you will learn.
‘Oui!’ She shouted and fell down flat. The children attacked her with more snowballs, celebrating their victory. I walked towards them with one hand in the pocket of my coat and the other holding the bag. ‘Looks like the big troll is here to take the snow queen,’ she laughed.
‘No, we’ll fight him, we must be the one to kill the snow queen.’ A thin kid said firmly.
‘That’s him,’ she pointed at me without turning around. ‘Attack!’
‘Attack!’ They shouted and ran towards me.
‘Shit!’ I sprinted back to the car while Makawee laughed. I entered the car and shut the door. They chanted victoriously, not until they saw Makawee running away. ‘After her!’
Children, senseless creatures.
You were once a child.
A non-stupid one.
They aren’t stupid, just playful.
Yeah, right.
Did you say you are the analyst?
‘Open the door!’ Kawee yelled. I remotely opened the passenger seat’s door. Kawee opened it wider and jumped in. ‘Drive!’ I shook my head and drove off since I didn’t turn the engine off. She shoved her head out of the window and waved at the children. ‘Bye loves!’
‘Bye Snow Rapunzel!’ She laughed and jumped back to her seat, smiling from ear to ear. She ran her f!ng£rs into her hair to remove the snow, wiggling her toes. So far, she lost her shoes, coat and headkerchief.
‘You have got to love kids, lovable angels,’ I rolled my eyes. ‘Ooh package, for me?’ I glanced at her, she was already removing the plates and coffee cup. ‘Now all I need to do is skate, right Kale?’
‘Mm hm,’ she sipped from the coffee and shivered. ‘What? Cold?’
‘Just right,’ she winked at me. I rolled my eyes. ‘You are smiling,’ she said in a singsong. I smiled more brightly, damn her contagious happiness. ‘Is this meat?’ She asked, referring to the bacons. ‘Nevermind the answer… Did you eat?’
‘Open wide,’ she pressed the tip of her f!ng£r between my lips. I opened my mouth and let her feed me with her dirty hands. ‘Not dirty, I wore gloves before,’
‘Mm,’ she wiped the sauce off my lips with her thumb and licked it. I raised a brow at her.
‘What? I’m klzzing you,’ she said with a nonchalant shrug. ‘Do you want coffee?’
‘No, I’m okay…’
‘Drink,’ she pushed the cup to my lips. Having no other choice, I drank a little. She continued feeding herself and me while talking about how much fun she had. I drove her to a small plaza and parked there. ‘Where are we?’
‘Stay here for a bit, I’ll be right back,’
‘Any problem?’
‘No, it’s all good.’ I took the empty paper plates and cup from her and got out. The plan was simple, buy her headphones and earphones, a laptop, phone, tablet, music box and MP4 player. I hurriedly bought what I needed before Kawee wandered away again. When I returned, I placed everything in the backseat as she smiled innocently like someone who wasn’t using my phone before I came in.
‘What did you buy?’
‘Where is my phone?’
‘Your phone?’ She asked back sheepishly.
‘Don’t play cute,’ she rolled her eyes and brought it her from her side. ‘What did you do?’
‘Nothing, I went through your gallery, why is there more Rick in there than me?’ She asked poutingly. ‘I took pictures, want to see?’ I snatched my phone back. ‘Jerk.’
‘I bought you everything you need for now, backseat,’
‘Including a phone?!’ She shrieked excitedly. I nodded as I ignite the car. She squealed and took herself to the backseat.
‘Don’t turn it on yet, it needs to be charged properly.’
‘Thank you!’
See how happy you made her?
Shut up Killian.
You like seeing her smile because of us, right?… He teased. I rolled my eyes, he was just too right.
‘Kale, where are we off to next?’
‘Home, pack town.’ She held the headrest of my seat.
‘Can I make a request?’
‘No.’ She muttered words to herself, obviously swearing for me. The next thing she did was climb over and sat on my laps. Block of ice, she felt like a block of ice.
‘Kawee, can’t you see I’m driving?’ I snapped.
‘Then you better park this car because I’m not getting off,’ she properly straddled me and gave me a seductive look, fluttering her lashes slowly. ‘Come on Kale, please?’ She pleaded, encircling my neck with her hands.
‘The answer is no, get off, I need to see where I’m going.’ I commanded coldly.
‘Don’t be hard,’ she whined.
‘Makawee, don’t make me push you aggressively,’ I snapped. She bounced on me with a laugh. ‘Shit!’ I carefully parked the car at the side of the road. ‘Okay, what do you want?’
‘What do you know about Winter White and White Flake wolf pack?’
‘Why do you ask?’ She rolled her eyes. ‘You have to tell me, is that where your mother is from?’
‘One of them, not sure. I want to go check it out.’
‘Do you have a name? I can order them to bring me records if you have her name.’ I m0@ned absent mindedly as she grind herself on me.
‘No, but I know her face, that is why I need to see them myself. Can you take me to the south pole? Please?’
‘I don’t know Makawee, I have something important to do here…’
‘Then can I go alone?’ I opened my eyes, that was a big no. ‘Please, I really need to know, Andre or someone can come with me, anyone at all.’ She pleaded desperately.
‘I can’t… f√¢k,’ I breathe as her hand went pass my belt and into my pants. Makawee was going to manipulate me, I knew she would win the moment she squeezed me through my brief. ‘Kawee, please… God…’
‘Will you let me go? I promise to be safe,’
‘I can’t… Oh dammit,’ she guided her hand into the brief and ran her f!ng£rs along my length to the hilt. ‘Makawee…’
‘I’ll be back before you know it, okay?’ I threw my head back into the headrest as she grabbed my balls. ‘Please love?’
‘Okay, okay,’ I said hastily.
‘Promise me that you won’t stop me,’
‘I give you my words,’
‘And your words I shall hold you to,’ she removed her hand. I opened my eyes and glared at her.
‘Don’t tell me you are going to leave me like this,’
‘I’m not letting you touch me in such a place,’ she slipped back to her seat. ‘Get us home, then you can have me all to yourself.’
Sounds like a plan.
|~|~|~|~|~|~|~ Artemis ~|~|~|~|~|~|~|
That mark, oh that mark on Kale’s neck, I have seen it somewhere. The crest on the hilt of the sword, the diamond at it tip, I’ve seen it somewhere but where? Where oh where?
|~|~|~|~|~|~|~ Eris ~|~|~|~|~|~|~|
Failed, I failed to the start the confusion but what wonderful opportunity in the way? I should wonder what she wants at the south pole, but I shouldn’t bother myself. Instead, I should smile at the wonderful opportunity of Makawee being alone with no Moon to protect her. Oh this is about to get more interesting.
To be continued.
Makawee should have just told him, right? 😔
Anyways, remember to like, comment and share.

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