The devil’s mate episode 22

The Devil’s Mate
•••••••••••••••••••• Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book twenty two ♦🔷🔶
|~|~|~|~|~|~ Eris ~|~|~|~|~|~|
You see my problem with Selene? She’s too smart, too patient and impossible to defeat. She is one of the strongest Titans, the queen of the moon as they were others who still has the powers over the moon but she is the first and remains the strongest. I always knew she was up to something, always knew that she couldn’t have mated her son to just no one. First, Makawee is blessed, and now she is a werewolf. How? Who is she? Anytime I tried to see into her past, all I see is mist, all I hear is a voice that disorient me. It was difficult to understand her plan, what was going on. Now it was worthless using Makawee, my main purpose of using Kosumi was for waste because she already belongs to Moon.
What do I do?
Kosumi’s purpose was to help me get her and then sacrifice her powers to me unknowingly, transfer all her blessings to me. Now it was hopeless, completely hopeless.
‘You didn’t tell me she was a werewolf! You only said a blessed child! How am I going to use her now when she is fully mated to him?!’ Kosumi shouted.
‘You think I knew and I came to you?’ I barked. ‘I am as shocked as you are,’
‘Then what do we do?’ He cried. ‘My time is running out here.’
‘The first thing we must do is get her first, then I can think of what to do. For now, don’t go to her, I am yet to figure out who exactly she is, just stay on low but let’s distract them from finding out too deep. Makawee is unaware of who she is, just like I am not aware, Selene is the only one who has the answer to that but will never tell. I will travel deep and find out who she is, you both just keep them distracted.’ I instructed.
‘Distract them? How?’ Bancroft, a vampire lord asked.
‘Start a war, begin a war with the wolves to drag everyone’s attention to them.’
‘I can’t just start a war, the vampires and werewolves had a truce years ago. In case you have forgotten, I am just a lord and not the king, he will never start a war.’ Bancroft protested.
‘Who am I?’ I smirked.
‘Eris,’ Kosumi smiled. ‘Goddess of discord.’
‘Exactly,’ I snapped my fingers. ‘I will create an opportunity for a war, you just grab it when the time is right.’
‘Yes milady,’ I disappeared back to Tartarus.
‘Now how do I begin a war?’ I asked, stirring my bowl with the tip of my index finger. ‘Show me, what can I do to start a war?’ The white liquid whirled and showed the image of four vampires in the street laughing. ‘What use is this?’ I was shown two beautiful she-wolves a little bit further from them. The vampires were sons of important lords and so were the she-wolves. What delicious coincidence. And then the final image, Kale would be there, destined to happen three hours from now but nothing bad. ‘Well, good thing jinx is my middle name. Slade,’ I called one of my spirit animals, the biggest troublemakers I have. ‘You know what to do.’
I gasped and quickly changed the image, just before she appeared in my home. ‘Artemis,’ I called sweetly, whirling around to face her. ‘What brings you to Tartarus?’
‘What did you do to Ophelia?’
‘Me?’ I asked innocently. ‘What do you think I did? I did nothing wrong.’
‘I received a message…’
‘Don’t call it false when I have evidence, a butterfly that sent me the message on how you tricked her into agreeing to destroy Moon and his mate. Your fight is with my brother, leave my nephew out of it.’
‘And why should I?’ I smiled, folding my arms. ‘After all, the sins of the father shall fall on the son and you did not consider the fact that your brother had a son with Selene when you ordered your children to destroy hers. You used them to kill so many werecreatures, werewolves to be precise, all because of bitterness…’
‘I paid for my sins by letting the wolves get their own pound of flesh.’ She argued.
‘You did not pay for your sins, the Innocent people did and now Moon is mated to one, how does that make sense? Don’t act innocent when you did your own part to cause so much war. Selene is really forgiving, you wiped away so many and yet she still offered her hand of peace by sparing one child and handing her over to her precious son, your nephew…’ I floated around her. ‘Tell me Artemis, don’t you feel guilty for what you did? Don’t you feel bad? You even convinced Athena to join you and what did you do to Ambrose, that poor helpless love sick man, where have you landed him? You locked him up, killed his mate and child and ended his legacy, wiped his existence.
Can you hear it Artemis? The cries? The echo of the curses Alva’s soul chants each day her spirit wanders in death? Can you hear it? She does not rest in the paradise of the moon, she rest in Tartarus where she is tormented after death, made to suffer after all she went through on earth, just because you couldn’t contain your temper. Face it Artemis, even though I was the one who poured more fuel into the fire of your anger, you know that deep down it was all you. I didn’t force you to drag her soul here and place her in my hands to suffer for eternity, I didn’t ask you to strike a deal with me honey, that was all you. Talking about deals, I remember correctly that you took an oath with your life never to interfere in anything I do, even if it concerns the ones you love…’
‘You tricked me!’
‘No, you tricked yourself, I only used my wisdom to get what is needed. Now you will stay out of my way, stay back and never mention my doing to any other, especially Apollo and Athena. If you do, you die. Remember sister, I am one of the first born children of Zeus, way before you and your little twin was born and decided to act gods. Stay out of my way or I shall bring Ares, Enyo and Hades to your doorstep, is that clear?’
‘You will never get away with this Eris, you will surely be stopped.’
‘Until then, get out.’ She huffed and disappeared. I exhaled and touched my forehead.
How did she become my half sister again?
‘Eris,’ I grinned when I heard that growl. I turned around and smiled innocently at Ares and Enyo. ‘What do you think you are doing Eris? Why can’t you let it go? A war is not what we want.’
‘You speak like a child Ares, you are the god of war, of course you love wars.’ I said with a shrug and sat on my cloud chair.
‘You don’t cause a war with something you know nothing about,’ Enyo snapped. ‘The war you created in the past is enough, we are on low for now and even if we want a war, not amongst the children of other gods, especially when Selene and Apollo are involve.’
‘It is just going to be a little distraction, don’t tell me you don’t miss seeing blood spill?’
‘Eris, leave Moon alone,’
‘Moon is the least of my problem, Makawee is. I have a theory that she might just be the key to what I’m looking for.’
‘And what is that?’
‘The rings of course, duh.’
‘Eris, you have done enough damage,’ Enyo snapped.
‘Don’t you want to at least get one of the rings? Ares, you can finally defeat father and get Olympic to yourself. We no longer have to deal with him and nagging mother, war and blood will rule the world. Doesn’t that sound interesting?’ I asked, fluttering my lashes. I knew Ares, he would always listen to me.
‘Ares, don’t tell me you are considering this!’ Enyo shouted. ‘I say stay out of it!’
‘What do you want me to do?’
‘Yes!’ I flew to him and hugged him. ‘Have I ever told you that you are the best brother in existence?’
‘Just tell me what you want,’
‘After I poison the minds of the vampires to rape the werewolves, you make them kill the she-wolves and Moon would do the rest by killing them. Then, I’ll spread the fire amongst the vampires and you do your job by telling your sons to do their thing. Deimos should spread terror amongst both vampires and wolves and Phobos would strike fear into their hearts. With that washing through both breed, you set war in the heart of the vampire king.’ I purred as I rubbed my hands on his shoulders.
‘And Moon?’
‘Oh that one, his heart doesn’t need convincing, we can’t manipulate him, but his anger will make him fight either way. There is no way a war with the vampires will start and he not stand up to defend his mother’s creation, especially if something unexpected happens to his mate.’
‘What do you plan to do with her?’
‘As a werewolf, she is not completely strong yet so I just need to make that weakness last longer in other to make the vampires capture her, not the Bancroft, the king himself. Don’t worry, I already have everything figured out.’
‘I won’t be a part of this,’ Enyo growled and disappeared. I rolled my eyes.
‘What has gotten into her?’
‘After the last war and the punishment given to her, Enyo have grown weak.’
‘Hopefully, this war will make her strong again.’
★★★★★ Selene ★★★★★
I stared down at Moon, I had to watch him for his sake. Eris, she lives her name and throwing discord is all she is good at. How can someone not spend a day without causing disorder? She is stubborn, reckless and impossible to talk to. How do one control a loose child?
‘Enyo,’ I muttered as cold wind ran down my spine. I turned around and waited for her to walk in. Enyo walked in, her presence is never good. ‘Good evening to you mistress of trouble,’ I said drily. She chuckled and nodded.
‘I will leave the trouble to Eris, now to why I am here,’
‘Is it about Eris?’
‘She is going to start a war by having four royal vampires children kill two daughters of an alpha and then, your son would kill them. That will only be the start of the war as later, his mate would be captured and you know Moon, he might be the god of the moon and demi god of the sun, but he has the anger and recklessness of twenty powerful gods. I remember the last time he got mad, do you remember what he did to Olympics? Zeus himself had to knock him out and leave him to sleep for twelve years before he was awaken. If anything should happen to that mate of his, especially when their souls have been tied together, they are going to unleash what they don’t know of.
I do not hate a war, I love wars. But who they want to start the war with is what I don’t agree to. Eris have cause enough damage, we are yet to solve Ambrose’s case with Artemis…’
‘There is no hope for poor Ambrose, his wife and child is dead, nothing can be done for his lost kingdom. Artemis already did it, not even Zeus can change it except we want the forces to rise against us.’
‘I know what I lost the last time I started a war that claimed Moon’s sister’s life, I cannot be a part of another one. Stop them Selene,’
‘For knowing all the secret, for being aware of what is beneath, I am not permitted to interfere in whatever that might happen. It is the sad thing about it all, I have to fold my hands and watch with hope that Moon solves everything himself, that his mate is strong enough for what is to come. Thank you so much Enyo, you have proven to be a great friend today.’
‘Are you sure about this?’
‘I will risk it and avert the war for today, it shall start another time.’ She nodded.
‘Goodnight Selene,’ I bowed to her in respect before she disappeared. I can’t believe this, so much power and yet so much helplessness. I couldn’t interfere, this was Moon’s problem to face. As long as he is no longer on the throne, I cannot reveal celestial matters to him. I looked at the two she-wolves, the innocent girls. They were getting ready to leave, to embrace death.
‘Alpha Jerome, whatever you do, do not let your daughters out of your sight for the next three days or they shall die.’ I gave the command his wolf would urge him to follow. They won’t even know why.
‘The curse Artemis placed on her mother still stands,’ I flinched. I turned around sharply only to relax at the sight of Hera.
‘My queen,’ I bowed in respect. Hera smiled and walked closer to me, heading to my mirror.
‘She is Alva’s daughter, am I right?’ I looked away. ‘I placed a curse on her never to give birth to that child, yet she still gave birth and not because you blessed her, but because they are some things that can’t be tampered with. My spell didn’t work on Leto, even Hercules was born,’ she shook her head with a tight smile. ‘Even if she survived and was born, would she survive the curse that have been asleep for years? I can feel it stirring to awareness, awareness of the last blood…’ She chuckled darkly. ‘It must kill you to know that you can’t do anything to stop it, especially now your precious son already sealed himself to her. If she dies by the curse, Moon dies too.’
‘Hera, please, I know you can do something,’ I pleaded.
‘Me?’ She laughed. ‘Even Zeus is helpless in this one,’ she clicked her tongue. ‘Artemis’s rage caused all this, if she had died at birth, none of this would have happened.’
‘You aided her rage,’ I chided.
‘To turn her brother against her, that’s why. Unfortunately, Apollo remains quiet to all that is happening, really typical.’
‘What can I do to help her? Her mother’s wolf’s soul still cries out to me for help,’
‘Alva seized to be yours the moment she was married to Ambrose, she seized to be yours the moment she stepped on Artemis’s toes, she seized to be yours the moment she disobeyed you and married the one that wasn’t her mate and of course, conceived. Where is her mate now? Dead. In order to stay with Ambrose, Alva selfishly killed her mate, spat on your face and did what she liked and this is the result of both hers and Ambrose’s stubbornness.’ She said with a sharp annoyed voice.
‘So, there is nothing anyone can do to stop this? Even the war Eris wants to start?’
‘Eris and Ares,’ she corrected. ‘That is all those two children like doing. Eris cause the discord, Ares starts the war, pretty simple. Zeus have never been able to control his stubborn children, what makes you think I can?’ She snorted. ‘All I believe is that when the time comes, Nolava would rise and stop all of this for she is the only one who can.’
‘She can’t when she is still in deep sleep and nowhere to be found. Avalon has been lost for years now.’ I reminded her.
‘Well, we just have to hope then, I on the other hand, might do what I can to assist.’
‘Thank you…’
‘I said might.’
★★★ Kale’s standpoint ★★★
‘Welcome to my humble cage!’ I announced after walking into my house in Minnesota. I had a business meeting to attend to and I couldn’t leave without Makawee. Ever since she woke up, she had been quiet and redrawn, spoke to no one, not even me. I knew she was still in shock, didn’t question her every time she disappeared at dawn and return at dust, only to lock herself up in her room. We all knew she was getting use to everything, accepting the new change. I was losing my patient, I had questions to ask but she wasn’t ready to talk. So, I brought her along, maybe some alone time with me, far away from the pack would help her and her wolf relax.
‘Brown,’ she said softly, referring to the paint. Over the weeks, I got to figure out a lot of things about her; her likes, dislikes, favorites and all those rubbish stuffs couples need to know about each other. Even though she spent most of her time away or locked up, the small time we had, I learnt a lot. For example, she hate some certain monochrome colours.
‘I forgot, you hate monochrome colours, you will have to manage it though.’ She nodded and walked to the stairs with her bag.
‘Do I get to sleep in yours?’
‘Yes, have any problem with that?’ I asked as I jogged behind her.
‘No.’ Ghost, she was still acting like a ghost. I followed behind her to our room, she remained quiet as usual. I opened the door for her, she waited for me to walk in first before she did.
‘The room is white, hope this one is better?’ She nodded positively. She walked in and dropped her bag on the bed. ‘I have to be at the restaurant where the business dinner would be held, do you want to come along with me?’
‘No, I will stay here and read a book.’
‘You have an hour to get there, go,’ I walked over to her and crouched between her legs. Kawee looked at me with one brow raised. ‘What?’
‘Aren’t you tired of hurting yourself by not doing anything than hate yourself for living a lie? Aren’t you tired of being a ghost?’ She sighed and looked at the full-length mirror. ‘Look at yourself Makawee, you look like death, I miss your sharp mouth and defiance, I miss fighting with you all the time. Snap out of your self pity and come back to me, okay?’ She sniffed, a single drop of her tear fell on my hand.
‘She was killed, why? I want to know why.’ She sobbed.
‘Just sitting here and wallowing, shutting everyone out won’t change a thing. Now the meeting is going to last three hours which means I will be back by nine. When I return, I want to meet the Makawee I know, not a ghost. Dress up, look beautiful, I’ll take you out, okay?’ She nodded positively. ‘And remember to smile, you look too irresistible with this woebegone face.’ She giggled and coughed to cover it up.
‘Can you stay with me? There’s this ominous feeling in my stomach, don’t go anywhere Kale.’
‘I’m sorry, but I have to go, it’s important.’
‘Surely you can stay,’ I shook my head and stood up. ‘Okay, just return to me immediately the meeting is over, okay?’
‘Alright,’ I cupped her cheeks and planted a soft kiss on her lips. ‘See you when I return Kawee.’ Her lips stretched into a wide smile.
Maybe you should stay back with her… Kale suggested… This is an opportunity to get her to tell you what is really wrong.
A tempting offer but this meeting can’t be missed.
To be continued.
Kale, just stay back… 😭
I’m sure you are wondering what is really going on. This chapter is a glimpse of what happened in the past in a sort of way and a glimpse to the future. Ladies and gentlemen! I still haven’t completely figured out the story yet… 🙈🙈🙈😊

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