The devil’s mate episode 21

The Devil’s Mate
•••••••••••••••••••• Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book twenty one ♦🔷🔶
★★★ Kale’s standpoint ★★★
I watched Makawee struggle on the bed with no sound, she was trying to scream but couldn’t scream out. The pain she was feeling, I could feel it greatly and it was hurting Killian and I. I had to do something, I had long worn back my pants, staring at her in dismay. Even though I was still healing, I had to help her. Why would she give so much to me when she knew she would go through all this? How many more things does she have to do for me to realise that my mate is a woman like no other. What she had endured, I couldn’t name one person I knew that had gone through it all, especially when most of them were because of me.
Kale, do something!… Killian groaned out in pain. Hw felt the pain more than I did because the bond came stronger from his side, he was the sicker one.
What to do? I climbed back on the bed, I could feel most of the pack members requesting for a mental hearing, they could feel the agony of their Luna, it was worse than I thought.
Baring out my fangs, I pinned her down on the bed and sank them into her mark with eyes closed. I pulled her into my chest, trailing my fingers along her spine which had popped out. Her spine had broken into three pieces, her ears, eyes, nose and mouth bleeding. Her beautiful skin had red spots allover it, she was going through hell. I exhaled and reached out to the deepest part of her mind where I knew she would be buried. I assured her that I was here, that she was stronger than any pain. She wrapped her hands around my neck, her thoughts begging me to return inside her or the healing would never be completed, everything would be for waste.
How? How do I do that when you are in so much pain? Makawee, seeing you like this hurts, I can’t let this continue.
Please, it is better I bear it than wake up later with bitterness, all my sacrifice in vain. Do not let this agony be for nothing, I beg you Kale, please, let me heal you both.
I knew she would feel terrible and never forgive me if I didn’t do what she was asking. Removing my teeth from her neck, I manoeuvred my lips to hers, kissing her silent moans in. Her tears were replaced with blood, her skin had also gone awfully pale. I removed my hands from her back and sent it to my pants, guilt eating me up for being the reason she would be in so much pain. What if the pain increased? Would I be able to bear it? I could also feel it but not as intense as whatever she was feeling, it felt more like a little blow. She gasped when I glide back into her, a bone snapping sound made me cringe. Makawee knew my next action, she quickly pinned her legs around my waist to keep me in.
When I wasn’t aware of what she was going through, I was lost in my own world of pleasure, enjoying the feeling of finally being inside my own mate. It was a wonderful feeling, a beautiful one that I would have treasured for the rest of my life if she didn’t scream out and snap me back to reality; the reality of her facing something worse than death just for my sake. If she was to survive this, I would relive the memory of this night to remind myself why I should forever place her life above every other thing. I would treat her as nothing but my fate given mate, not even mother’s matchup could have warranted such sacrifice for me, one nobody have ever done for me. Sacrificing her happiness and life was a Makawee thing, not even a mate thing.
I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t control it. Once I started moving again, I couldn’t help that little selfishness that crawled in, selfishness pushed in by the pleasure. Her energy flowed into me, soothing not just my spirit and wolf, but also my heart and soul. Her still wet and warm poon comforted my desires while her powers did the other work. This was exactly what drove me insane the first time, it was too much not to resist. I removed my mouth from hers as I picked up my pace. I shouldn’t be enjoying what I was doing when she was in pain, but I couldn’t help it. Heavy sobs left her mouth, I didn’t dare open my eyes to see the amount of blood rushing out of her. Gripping her hips, I rammed into her faster, trying my best to control Killian from forcing my body to go at the speed he wanted, it would be cruel to her.
Mark her… A voice whispered. I had already done that but the whisper of the voice sent chill down my spine. The power of that whisper was different, not mother’s or father’s, it was something else, it almost felt like Makawee herself.
Listening to my instinct, I turned the other side of her neck and sank my fangs into it, she let out a gasp as I did that. Like something inside of her was extracting my energy, series of my own healing light left my body and flowed into her body. I winced as the sounds of her bones snapping back into position blared into my ears. Kawee sank her nails into the scruff of my neck, a squishy sound followed before the loud clack of her skull coming back togy echoed in my mind. My claws dug into her hips, I was fighting the urge to cry for her, I don’t shed tears, never have and never will. I sank my teeth deeper into her neck, whimpering as her ribs snapped back into position one after the other. I didn’t realise her ribs was that broken, she was still moving.
Curse it!… I screamed mentally when her elbows bended back to it regular position. Each scream that left her mouth tore my heart apart. Something slid out of my eye, rolled down my nose and dropped on her neck. A single drop of tear, it was all too much for my heart to bear. Killian was a mess, howling in agony in my head.
I felt it again, that thing I felt the first time I healed her, the well of her powers as she called it. Instinct told me to reach out to it, instinct yelled at me to touch it as it was my only chance to. Makawee had warned me never to reach out to it, but my instinct was never wrong. Listening to it, I mentally leaned forward to the light, stretching out to connect with that power, to touch that well. Killian began stirring as we got closer, that thing was something he knew, something he missed, he knew it. He clawed at my mind to go faster, he clawed at my barrier to reach out himself. With one final push, my mind connected with that light.
Luna… Killian shouted.
Immediately he said that, the unseen force of Makawee’s mind hurled me across the room and slammed me on the mirror. I groaned as the mirror pierced into my skin, my body trembled with electricity. I shakily hitched up my pants, I was cold and my mind being attacked by Kawee’s electric power.
‘No!!!!’ Makawee screamed. I looked up at the bed from where I knelt on all four. The bands holding her hair had snap loose, broken into pieces. Just like the time I woke up at the hospital, her hair was flowing with electricity. Like a bad glitch in a system, her body twitched and flickered. A loud buzzing sound came with every twitch, she looked like an unstable bomb. ‘What have you done Kale?! I warned you not to touch it!!!’ She thundered. Bolts flew across the room, her eyes sparking up with blue flame.
‘I don’t know…’
‘Alpha! Luna! Is everything okay in there?!’ Andre yelled from behind the door. Makawee screamed again, lightning struck the window and balcony, everything shattered at impact. I ran away from the glass range to the bathroom wall. Makawee screamed again, another lightning flew in and struck the electronics followed by the explosion on her light.
My ears went temporarily deaf, ringing loudly as thunder roared in my head. ‘Good golly! What happened here?!’ Dickson shouted. I looked at the bed, Makawee was gone. My heart skipped, I ran to the struck down window, stepping on shards of glass and stones. I saw her, she kept screaming as she ran away in the speed of lightning, her hair grew longer and stretched to the sky with every step she took. The pale morning sky was covered by thunderclouds, thunderbolts and claps reverberating in them. Her hair dragged the lightning charges in the clouds into it, feeding from the bolts and becoming bigger. Like the Makawee I knew, she wanted to go as far as possible so she wouldn’t hurt anyone. She had the bedsheet wrapped around her body loosely, shielding all eyes from her nakedness. The once gleaming white material had blood stains ironically beautifying it.
She’s getting away! Luna!… Killian shouted.
‘Alpha, what is wrong with her?’ Becca asked anxiously. I jumped down from the window, ignoring their questions and letting Killian out; shifting in midair. Killian charged after her with fury and determination, whatever was pushing him was certainly pushing me. Makawee was far gone, but her lightning and thunder screams made her location obvious.
I chased her out of the town, she kept running to where her feet was taking her. It was difficult chasing someone as fast as lightning. I pumped more powers to our muscles, we needed to calm her down before she exploded. Kawee fell in the middle of an open ground, her hair had grown too heavy for her to move. She hugged herself, her scream getting louder. Lightning attacked the ground I walked on, warning me not to go closer to her or get struck. Killian growled, how dare it keep us from our mate when she needed us the most. Her hair had a mind of it own, it knew hurting me would kill us both so it whirled. The wind suddenly hit the ground in a violent kiss, bashing the earth underneath our paws, breaking it apart like a disastrous earthquake. I had to run back to avoid getting smashed. Wind after wind blew against our fur, aiming to hurl us back to town, Killian dug his claws to the ground to keep us from being carried away.
The wind gave up, all rushed back to Makawee with a whoosh. We opened our eyes, Makawee had been swallowed by a twister, the cloud and lightning of her hair mixed with it. The current wasn’t pulling anything in, instead, it sent things out and struck the earth more. I felt them coming, they would die if they dare. ‘Go back!’ I commanded through the mind link.
‘But alpha…’
‘I said go back,’ I growled. I looked back at the twister, Kawee had gone silent, the rage of the lightning growing bigger and bigger. I ran towards it, leaping over the cracks and dodging the lightning bolts.
‘Go back!’ The wind thundered. ‘You are not permitted to see her.’
‘Says who? I am her mate and I can see her!’ Killian and I growled.
‘No you can’t, you have awaken Luna, she is not suppose to rise!’
‘Who are you?’ I barked.
‘Me? I’m Halona, the caging spirit placed here by her mother to conceal her true powers and form. I might have worked with the mind and voice of Luna because by her I survive, but I will never let you destroy what I have lived in her for years concealing. Go back dog, or you shall die.’
‘I die and she comes along, you know that,’
‘Unfortunately, go back!’
Snarling at the stupid voice commanding me when my own father hadn’t successfully done that all my life, I swift from my normal wolf command to that of the god’s. ‘I am Moon, I take orders from nobody,’ I snapped. ‘Before I shift, I command you to descend, now!’ The lightning stopped abruptly, the wind beginning to ascend as easily as it started. I couldn’t wait for it to finish separating, I crouched and leapt into the twister, throwing myself pass the wind to the little space Kawee was enclosed in.
Makawee knelt on the ground, crying as she hugged herself with the sheet. ‘Don’t come closer,’ she said weakly. ‘I don’t know…’ She grunted animalistically, shaking her head. White fur coated her skin, silver veins popping out of her body.
What is the meaning of this?!
Luna… Killian whooped happily.
Luna? Luna? The first alpha female? Your created mate?!
‘Yes, that Luna,’ Selena’s voice said calmly. ‘Makawee is not just a priestess as she calls herself, she is a werewolf. Her mother was a werewolf, I watched her being born, I placed Luna in her because I knew she was the only one who could handle you. How do you think I know her? I was the only god who saw her because I helped Mitena birth her, I saved her. There are a lot of secrets behind Makawee’s birth, the deepest ones I know but must let you all figure out yourselves so I wouldn’t be defying the law of the forces, and some buried deep in side her, ones that would surface when the time is right. Makawee is life, as she is death.’
I still remained dumbfounded by the revelation, all these while she had a wolf inside her, that would explain her strength, agility and reflexes. I always wondered why her hearing and sight was so sharp, always baffled over her strong sense of smell. What else is there to you Makawee?
Comfort her.
Shaking our fur, we jogged to her, all she needed was comfort to calm down. Killian nudged her with his snout, she opened her bloodshot eyes and smiled. ‘My rock, you are okay,’ she fell on him for support, snuggling into his face. ‘I’m scared, what is happening to me?’
‘Makawee, do you trust me?’ I asked through our link.
‘Kale,’ she sobbed. ‘There’s a howl in my head, it’s terrifying me,’
‘If you trust me, then breathe and listen to that howl, accept the urge to switch position, embrace the warm feeling inside of you.’
‘It would kill me,’
‘Trust me Makawee, just embrace the feeling and call it Luna.’
‘Luna? Luna? Aaaaah!’ We jumped back from her as she experienced her first shift, one that would give her a heart attack. Her bones snapped to position one after the other, taking it time to adjust to the new change in a way that wouldn’t hurt her. Her hands grew bigger, her nails extended to claws, her fingers folding into paws. With every minute she grew bigger, she became the most beautiful wolf I had ever seen.
I couldn’t believe it, I was going to run with my mate after all. ‘Owww…!’ She howled once her shift was complete. Her howl was loud, long, powerful and enthusiastic.
Was this how it felt to feel pride when seeing your mate’s wolf?
Kawee’s wolf collapsed on the ground, the wind and thunderstorm had completely died down. Luna – as her name was – couldn’t stand, she was trying to get use to her own paws. Kawee whimpered inside of her, she hadn’t notice she was a wolf yet. Killian strutted to her and nudged her stomach, she rolled over on her back and smiled. They knew each other, that was good for them. ‘Makawee, stand up,’ I pushed her back to her stomach with my head. Luna managed to get back on her paws with our help, breathing heavily like a new born pup trying to walk.
‘What in the name of…!’ Kawee was awake. What have you done to me?!’
‘Nothing, I did…’
‘You turned me to a werewolf!’
‘I didn’t…’
‘No!!!’ She screamed and ran off, suddenly remembering how to use her legs. Did I forget to mention her wolf was a snow white one with silver claws and a lightning bolt on her forehead? It seemed like lightning was her stronger source. Her tail, had a silver tip, a beautiful one.
Stop admiring her and chase her!
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
My world was turning upsidedown, just to help my mate and I was slapped in the face with these; confusion, sadness and anxiety. I ran as fast as my paws could carry me. Paws, can you believe that? How could Kale be so selfish and inconsiderate?!
Mate isn’t responsible, your mother was… Lona said. She’s back!… My name isn’t Lona… She growled… Stop calling me that, I am Luna.
Who is Luna? Where is Lona?
Remember Makawee, remember.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Flashback <<<<<<<<<<<< I flung myself from tree to tree, I was very happy as I laughed and chased after the monkey that stole the charm necklace mother said to never take off. I was just a nine years old girl, done with training for the day, training not even the older warriors in the village had undergone. 'Whoa!' I screamed when I missed my footing. I crashed on the ground in a thud. The monkey won. Mother would be so mad. I remained on the ground with eyes closed, thinking of what excuse to tell her as I was not to tell a lie. It all started like a small tingle, but soon the tingles overtook my system. I was forced to kneel as my bones snapped into positions I couldn't fathom. I screamed and cried out for my mother, it was painful. Then it was over, I felt different, did I look different? My body was moving but it wasn't my body, it was me but not me. I yelped when my reflection came to me in the mirror. 'What wonder, have I successfully done a shifting spell? But I never attempted it.' I said, my voice echoed back to me. You're a werewolf you dumb child, and I am Luna, mate to Alpha, the first werewolf. Who is alpha and what's with the tone Halona? You are naive and unaware of what you are, should have known my return was at a price. You are a werewolf, I can feel your other powers too, what are you? Ur... Priestess? There is a spell in your mind, titled as Halona, the well of your powers like you were told, am I right? Yes, you are. She is no good, made to block me out by taking my place, who gave you that necklace? My mother. Hmm, I say we run until I figure out what is going on. I can't run, the people here eat your kind. What?! What the... Okay, where's Alpha? Who is this Alpha you speak of? A wolf? The first werewolf created, his name is Alpha and he is my mate. My name is Luna, that is where they get the Luna and alpha from. Can you explain more? 'Makawee,' mother gasped. 'You took off your necklace,' she cried. I found it fun to wag my tail at her. 'I warned you never to take it off!' 'But mother, why didn't you tell me I was one of them? Are you one too?' I tried to ask but she couldn't hear me. 'Back! From the depth of her mind you came from, from the depth you shall remain. Luna the alpha wolf, shrink to the form of the unseen, replace by that I have installed. As long as you are called Lona, you shall remain in the depth of her mind, never to rise again.' I didn't know what she was saying, not even when blackness enfolded me. I woke up in the grotto, I was tired with a terrible headache. I was forgetting something, what was I forgetting? 'Good, you are awake,' mother said with a smile as she joined me. She sat beside me with her plastic smile. 'What do you remember?' 'Nothing,' I pouted. 'And nothing it shall remain my dear child, nothing,' she kissed her forehead. 'Now rest Makawee, you don't need to worry anymore.' >>>>>>>>>> End of flashback <<<<<<<<<< Tears ran out of my wolf eyes, why did she do that? Was it for my protection? Why? I huffed and shook my head, what other lie did she feed me? I moaned in pain as I was abruptly bulldozed to the ground, roughly dragged along the grass by the force. I tried to move but two strong hands clamped around my neck as another held my legs. I whimpered and howled, they smelt different. 'Filthy wolf,' the one holding my head growled. Vampires! I howled in pain as he tried to twist my neck. I fought back, fighting his strength. He angrily dug his claws into my neck, so did the one holding my legs. I howled, calling out to Killian, he had to help me. I wasn't use to this form. Another came and pinned my mouth shut. 'She's actually kind of beautiful,' the one holding my jaw together commented. 'What is beautiful about a werewolf? They are all ugly beast,' the female holding my legs together hissed. 'We are all ugly,' the one holding my mouth chuckled. 'We ought to be finding a way to get pass the electric forcefield placed by Alpha Kale's mate as we heard. We need to get back information to Lord Bancroft about his mate and how to capture her for Lord Kosumi. and why does she have a lightning bolt on her head?' 'And this silver claws,' the one holding my head said in bewilderment. 'She smells different, she smells like...' They all sniffed me. 'Alpha Kale,' they gasped. 'This is the mate we came here for!' 'I thought she was a witch?!' The girl shouted. A huff bark startled them, Killian had arrive. Before they could react, Killian was already ripping off the head of the girl. The other two sprinted for their dear lives. Killian left them, I was more important than two stupid vampires that held so much information. Who is Bancroft? Who is Kosumi? They wanted me? Killian licked the claw marks on my neck, soothing the burning sensation as Luna whimpered. I'll be strong again, my mate don't have to always protect me, hear that? I hate this Luna, so bossy. I wanted to snap back but I fell into a trance. I found myself standing close to a cave, a woman sat at the mouth of the cave looking down at her heavy stomach as she stroke it and crooned. I couldn't see her face, somehow, her blonde hair covered it but her smile was visible. Her hair was just like mother, this must be her. '...Oh my dear love Sleep and goodnight Sleep for I'm with you Sleep oh my world I'll be watching you sleep love My life is dedicated To making sure you're born My darling, Do you see me? My darling, Do you hear me? My name is Alva I am your mother You are my Cheona The apple of my eyes I'll be with you And you'll be for me Oh my darling My darling, my darling, my darl Oh my darling My darling, my darling, my darl Oh my darling My darling, my darling, my darl My world is all about you My life is all for you My darling, my beautiful darl I love you.' She ended with a bigger smile, rocking herself. She hugged her stomach and looked up at the sky, her hair fell back, revealing her face. This isn't my mother! 'Can you see your daughter Ambrose? She grows bigger every single day, becoming stronger. She kicks like no man's business, she turns every time I call your name. Even if you aren't here, even if you are locked away, she is still knows you. I made a promise to you that until she is born, I will not give up on life, I will fight death to make sure she is brought into this world...' She choked on her tears. 'I miss you so much, we both do, can you see us? No, you can't, you are trapped in there and no one knows, you are dying and yet no one cares. Cheona, our girl will save you, she will not rest until she sets you free. Even if it's the last thing I do, Cheona must be born.' I screamed as I was catapulted to another vision, back to where I was born. The woman screaming in absolute pain was there, naked, pregnant and on the grass under a tree, crying as she screamed. Soaked in sweats, her hair stuck to her face in a sticky mess, I couldn't see her face because of it but I knew who she was now. Why was she naked? Why was she dirty? Why was she covered in mud and wounds? Why couldn't she give birth? 'Who's there?' That small shaky voice. I looked around this time, the mist didn't cover her. Coming towards the dying werewolf was my mother, the one who raised me. 'Oh my! You're pregnant!' She knelt down. The woman held onto mother tightly. 'Help me bear my baby, help me bring out my Cheona, I beg you, please. She can't be here for any longer, two years of carrying her, the pain, they won't let me give birth, they won't let me bear her... Please help me, help me with my daughter, help me with Cheona...' 'I don't know if I can, I had recently lost my baby, I don't...' 'Please, you have to help me!!!' The werewolfess screamed. 'What is your name?' 'Alva, my name is Alva and I am a werewolf,' 'My name is Mitena,' mother whispered, 'I will help.' I watched as she helped Alva, mother had no choice than to tear Alva open when she was still awake. I watched aghast as a live operation on a pregnant wolf took place, how I was born. Mother dropped me on the ground to quickly heal Alva, to merge her back together. 'No need,' Alva said under her breath. 'You need to leave before the beast she sent after me comes, you need to leave with my daughter. Never let the name Cheona out of her lips, keep her identity safe. Please raise her as your own, don't let her wolf out when the time comes, for her own sake. Protect her Mitena.' 'Who is after you? Who is she?' 'I can't tell you,' she said weakly. 'Just protect her...' 'Miss! Don't die!' Mother shouted. 'You have to tell me who is after her!' I could hear a roar. Mother didn't hear, mother wasn't listening. Then in the form of the clouds, the moon goddess swept by and carried both mother and I away. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I screamed as I jumped up, once again covered in sweat. My eyes widened as my mouth hung down in shock. Standing before me was my mother, the one who raised me. Her spirit smiled at me, her hands folded behind her back. 'Hello Makawee, I finally get to see you again...' The door burst open, Kale ran in. I looked at the anxious face of my mate and back at the spirit of my mother. Gone. 💞 💕 💞 💕 To be continued. 😊 Who's shocked? Who's curious? Who's confuse? The ride has just began. 😉

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