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The devil’s mate episode 20

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The devil’s mate episode 20 by : 7:55 pm On March 13, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book twenty ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
Kale stared at me with mouth open, not believing a word I was saying to him. I didn’t care, I wanted to heal him, I wanted to him them but I wanted him to accept my help without feeling bad about pressuring me with the situation, I didn’t mind at all. ‘Come on Kale, please, I won’t regret it.’
‘No,’ he shook his head disapprovingly. ‘I don’t want you to do this because you feel like you must, I want you to do it because you want to.’
‘I want to…’
‘Don’t lie to me,’ he snapped. ‘I will be in my office if you need me but please, don’t need me.’ He scoot over to the edge of the bed at the other side, he was going to leave when I wanted to help him. I knew what was wrong, he hated feeling so helpless before me, feeling like the lives of his pack and every single werewolves depended on me. He loathed the fact that he couldn’t do anything to stop it even with his almighty powers.
Reacting instinctively, I crawled across the bed to him and held his shoulders tight, right before he stood up. I pressed his butt back on the bed, holding on to his shoulders which tensed up more. I gently began to rub his shoulders, savouring the feeling of having powerful corded muscles beneath my hands. I knew the power I had over him, and I was going to use it for a good course. Did I know what I was doing? No, I didn’t. I acted on memories I recalled, the ones I saw mother do for father when I was a child, when they thought I was fast asleep. I dragged moves from how Riley massaged her mate, from the nights the girls and I would stay up talking and listening to them talk about their s£×ual lives; give details on how they satisfy their men. I needed it now than ever.
Kale’s tensed shoulders slowly relaxed in my hands, he remained rigid, like a statue. I continued my slow s£×ual ministration, daring to breach the walls of his self-control, I wanted him to break it and do to me what we wanted. Kale growled, the kind of growl that said “last warning Makawee.” I dared it. I slid my hands down his chest, running my f!ng£rs down to his pants. Kale grunted, a pleasurable grunt. I loosened the strap of his belt, seductively untying the knots. Then without warning, I was flipped unto my stomach, I let out a gasp which melted into a pleasure-filled sigh. Kale immediately tugged off my towel and flung it somewhere else. He instantly started peppering open-mouthed klzzes along my spine, making me m0@n and grabbed handfuls of the bedsheet. Kale smiled on my skin, satisfied by my response. He took his time, moving slowly as he traced the outline of my body and then followed it with his lips, driving me insane with the excruciatingly slow pleasure. It was either he wanted to taste every inch of my body, or he just wanted to torture or excite me.
‘There’s a ring on your back, this mark right below your neck,’ he ran his tongue on the circular mark on my back, moisturising my skin with his hot wet tongue. I m0@ned, pressing my head into the pillow as I clung to the bedsheet tighter. ‘I thought the marks were just traditional tattoos, I had no idea…’ He klzzed it again, the hotness of his tongue shooting fire through my body.
‘Kale,’ I m0@ned out his name.
‘Do you know how much I have dreamt of you calling my name like this? To be under me while I torture your body to my satisfaction, put you under my mercy?’ The dominant part of him was arising, the possessive alpha in him. Killian was stirring up, fighting to be awake for he didn’t want to miss the time we would finally mate. Did I forget to say I wore just a lace underwear, and when I felt his f!ng£rs touch it just at the outside of my hole, I flinched. ‘Calm down, take a deep breath, Kawee,’
Did I say I was confident? All my confident was gone.
My heart was thumping hard against my chest, threatening to burst out. Fear over took my calm body, making me quiver under him. Kale saw my agitation, my sudden panic. He gently turned me over to lay on my back so I could look into his eyes, so I would find comfort in them and worry about nothing else. His eyes, his beautiful mixed eyes, they looked down on me with concern, assurance and a promise. Unspoken words laid at the center of the hypnotising orbs, love was struggling to make itself know behind it. With his eyes locked on mine, Kale’s lips pressed against mine. It was the first time I was willing to klzz him back, first time I didn’t fight him to go away. My hands knotted themselves in his hair, I had always wanted to feel how silky those locks were, how soft they would be between my f!ng£rs.
Kale growled, pressing me deeper into the bed as his hands captured my waist and tongue desperately plunges in and out of my mouth, searching for something only he knew where to find. I was klzzing him back for the first time, his excitement was extreme. He pushed me deeper into the bed, deepening the klzz even more. It was everything I ever dreamt of, his tongue shared the same taste with his scent; almond, honey… My new favourite place to be. I shuddered when his f!ng£rs goes back to the only fabric on me, shifting it to the side. My breathing became intense, soft whimpers leaving my lips. His f!ng£rs were there, just feeling around, tantalising me. I pressed my chest to his, nervously tightening my grip on his hair. Kale slowed down the klzz, sending all his assuring emotions through it. I relaxed a little bit, enough for him to pull on something sensitive that made me squeal in shock. He broke the klzz and immediately sent his tongue to my mark, my wonderful mark.
‘Calm down,’
Yes, calm down and stop distracting him, calm down… Lona said chidingly, sounding more desperate than I was. It made me wonder whom among us had the body and who was the mind.
‘Kale,’ I m0@ned when he slowly slide one f!ng£r into me, so slowly it shot electricity into my brain. He pulled his f!ng£r out and begin to circle around the hole, the sensation makes my mouth drop open and lift my hips off the bed. My bare feet dug into the bed as I raise myself higher, the urge to squirm beginning to win. ‘Kale,’ I whimpered. My thighs began to tremble as he continued to just feel around the edge, not going in. The sensation was driving me crazy, fluids beginning to drip down unto my backside. Not only was he torturing me down there, his mouth was doing another work at the upper area of my body; my neck area, shoulders, and the valley of my br£@st.
The torture was too much for my inexperienced and weak body to handle. ‘Kale, please,’ he stopped, he listened to my plea. He once again slowly slide his f!ng£r back in. The first time he did that, it was like I was too tight to take in the whole of his f!ng£r, but this time, it easily slipped it. I wondered why, the mystery behind that.
Fluid you numbskull.
I didn’t have enough time to argue with her, I couldn’t think properly, what Kale was doing left me disorganized in every area. All my body, mind and soul wanted was the pleasure he was giving, the foreign feelings that was building up inside of me. He curled his f!ng£r upwards, I breathe hard, something there was more sensitive and s£×ual. What is that? Why didn’t I read more about my deeper s£×ual part?! Kale smiles on my skin, that was what he was looking for. He slowly pumped his f!ng£r in me, curling it sometimes to touch that very sensitive part and used his other f!ng£rs to squeeze my bud. Sweats breaks out on my face and neck, the build up of all the foreign pleasure was so intense that all I wanted was a release to stop it.
He continued doing that, I couldn’t tell what I was looking for but he knew what he wanted. His mouth, oh those sinful mouth and every part in it did wonders to my chest. S√¢king, nibbling, kicking, biting, and when he finally attacked my nlpp!e, the fire ignited. The fire from what he was doing to my bosoms and inside me was too much to handle,
‘What am I looking for Kale? I can’t find it,’ I cried. A small air blew on my right bosom where his face was buried, air formed from his chuckle before he suddenly plunge another f!ng£r all the way in. Crying out loud, my hand reached down to hold his hand between my legs. I held it and tugged at it, begging him to pause for a second. Kale wasn’t listening, he used his other hand to smack my hand away. ‘Don’t touch me unless I order you to.’
‘But the…’
‘And the only thing you are permitted to say is my name, not even say, m0@n.’
‘K…’ He pushed his f!ng£r further, daring me to challenge his dominance. If he didn’t have his f!ng£rs causing me pain and pleasure and his teeth grinding my tit, I wouldn’t have obeyed but now, he could easily take over. ‘Okay! Okay!’ He smiled, he loved me being respectful.
Just for now.
Kale’s f!ng£rs started to pump, at first it gave a little sting, but it slowly withered away and the pleasure completely enfold me. His two f!ng£rs were better than one, still not what I was looking for but close, not close enough though. I wanted more, I wanted him to drive me to that place, drive me higher and higher so I would find my release. Kale added another f!ng£r, it made me wince and whined his name but when the sting subsided, it was better than two. So close to what I was looking for, very close. I arched my back once more, finally finding the release I was looking for.
‘Mm,’ I m0@ned, panting heavily. Fluid leaked out of me, flowing to the bed. I sighed with relief, was that it? Kale answered my question when he sat up on his knees and placed his hands underneath my knees, pulling my legs far apart. He didn’t move, just kept his eyes fixed on my s£×. Whatever pleasure he was deriving from just staring at it, I didn’t know, but it was certainly building up that feeling again. He stayed there for over two minutes, just watching, just enjoying the sight of being the first to stare at his mate’s body. Kale wanted to savour every moment of it, get a photographic picture of how I looked like before he would claim me. It was an insane way of fueling his desire but was certainly enjoying it.
Then the moment was ruined, I saw red when blood dripped down his nose, his eyes glinting with little blood drops. He wasn’t aware, he was so lost in what he was savouring with his eyes that he didn’t realise that he was bleeding. I fought the panic, Killian was hurting badly, too badly. He was fighting to be awake so he would witness the mating, but his weakness was winning and that was causing him more pain. Kale groaned, he was in great pain as well but trying to act like he wasn’t. It was then that I realised that he wasn’t just staring at me anymore, his body had stiffened in that position. Kale wasn’t going to die, no, I knew that. His wolf and him would go through pain for several days before they would heal and be back on their feet a little bit weaker. The pain wasn’t going to kill him yet, they were both stronger than that. However, five more times, and he would die.
Not on my watch.
With every determination in me, I sat up, putting my legs at each side of his waist. I meekly placed my arms around his neck and scoot closer in an attempt to klzz him. The moment my lips were back on his, his muscles freed and his hands underneath my knees glide up to my hips and pulled me up to sit on his laps. My legs went around his waist as his f!ng£rs ran up my spine, reaching up to the ring on my back. I m0@ned when his f!ng£rs came in contact with it, the beautiful feeling was back. He pulled away from my lips and groaned. ‘Your hair might be beautiful, but it length is getting in my way, can you fix that?’ I returned my lips to his as a reply, he pulled back again.
‘Fine, but the only hairband that can tie it up is in my room,’
‘Where?’ I closed my eyes and summoned the band back to my hair. The band did it work immediately it touched my scalp, my hair retracted back to their former prison, redrawing into a shorter length. I opened my eyes and raised a brow. ‘How am I suppose to pull your hair if it’s banded? Remind me to get the stylist to cut it.’
‘I can’t cut my hair,’
‘And why is that?’ He sneered.
‘My electric powers comes from my hair, so I can’t cut…’ The pain from Kale made my heart clench, we were wasting time arguing about my hair. I pulled him down with me, placing my back on the bed once more. ‘Does it hurt that much?’ I asked with my voice quavering with tears. His bloody nose had increased. How I was able to klzz him without licking it was a miracle.
He gave me a half smile. ‘I’m fine and is that my blood?’
‘Clean it off and undress Kale, please,’ he didn’t argue. He tried to sit up, but he collapsed on me. ‘Kale!’ I cried. ‘Are you alright?’
‘This work isn’t good for me, maybe we should do this after I heal in a few days, I’ll be fine.’
‘No,’ I pushed him off me. He rolled over to lay on the bed, he was in a very agonising pain and I could feel it almost as much as he could. ‘Kale, it hurts, I can feel it too.’ I sobbed.
Halona, what do I do? Help me.
Lona was silence, no response. I didn’t have time to think about her. Images flashed in my head, Lona was sending them to me. Acting on what I saw there, I sat up and hovered over him. I successfully tugged his pants off and dragged his boxers down. His “abomination” sprung out, revealing what he had been hiding from me. His thighs were too muscular, but I loved it. He looked so smooth, even the veins that sticks out looked so velvety. A little bead of liquid dripped out of his tip, almost as if it was swelling and waiting to be put out of it misery. ‘Drawer,’ he murmured out.
‘Huh?’ He suddenly toss me back on the bed and reached for the nightstand.
‘You will get pregnant if I don’t use this, we are mates.’ He said while trying to tear out something.
‘I don’t want that, I can take prevention pills or something, Taylor will give me what I need.’
‘Prevention doesn’t always work for both human and werewolves,’
‘It’s called bonding via skin to skin, not rubber to skin, or whatever that is… What’s that?’
‘Are you sure?’ He sighed, ignoring my question. I still stared at it curiously. He chuckled weakly and tossed the thing back in the drawer. He came back on me, managing his energy. ‘I’ll try to be gentle, I don’t even have the strength to do otherwise.’
‘Is that my arrogant man making a joke?’ I teased, poking his hard chest. He chuckled with a wide smile before bringing his lips back on mine. I buried my thoughts in the klzz, m0@ning into his mouth. I suddenly flinched when Kale glides himself between my folds, using his other f!ng£r to press my bud.
‘Relax,’ he whispered. I gulped audibly. He rubbed himself up and down against me, teasing me with the tip of him. He completely clothed himself with my fluid before readying to stop the ache. His hips swayed as he starts to push forward slowly, it didn’t hurt yet and I wasn’t bothered about the pain because I had felt worse. I thought since I was a warrior, I would have worn off that tightness by now. But I forgot he wasn’t just deflowering a normal warrior, another painful bonding was about to take place and unlike the other time, I would be the one to face the pain alone while he healed.
My face burrowed into his neck, my knees pulling up a little as the pain slowly started greeting… “Makawee, how are you? I have arrived, where would I sleep for the night?”
He pushed pass my entrance, timely moved his way in. Clenching around him in such pressure made me pant. There was still such long way to go, he hadn’t even gone in yet I was breathing and sweating like death was calling my soul. Three tenants had arrived, more were coming. He pushed in deeper, I whimpered and held his forearms tightly, digging my nails into them. ‘Kale, let’s take a break, for nine minutes, I need to adjust a little…’ He stopped, giving me the time I need.
Just do it once and for all… Lona snapped impatiently.
‘Okay, I’m ready,’ I whimpered. A loud growl emanated from his chest, Killian was back. It showed that the healing was working. Determination kicked in, the zeal to see him all better again buried the pain. Kale’s fangs extended, once again his powerful aura returning to remind me that he had a powerful alpha in there. He tilted my neck and drove his teeth back into my mark.
His remarking was a distracting for me, not completely but enough to bear. He pushed further and further and further until he was fully inside of me. My eyes rolled shut, I saw stars after stars in my vision, blinding lights calling out to me. My connections with Halona snapped cut, completely destroyed. Was that the price of losing my purity? My powers shorten and connections with the mind that was like a sister to me? Lona meant everything to me, I couldn’t lose her, yet I had. I burst out in tears, the pains wasn’t anything compared to the feeling of loss I was having.
‘I’m sorry,’ Kale whispered, gliding out of me slowly. My walls clenched around him as he glided out. It felt so good, good enough to remove my mind from Lona, the voice that always comforted me. The good news was that I could feel Killian getting stronger and stronger and stronger.
Kale pushes himself back in, my head drops into the pillow, raising my hips to meet his. The pain was there, the headache alarming, but the pleasure soothed it all. It wasn’t as painful as it started out to be, it was better. I placed my heels at the back of his waist, greedily holding unto to him for more. Growling as all his powers returned, Kale picks up his pace, one I could handle. The force pushes me down to the bed, I had to hold on with my legs and hands so I wouldn’t slip up. The slapping of our skin made me know how saturated we had become, it was pleasure over intense pain.
My chest hurt from the pain in my heart and from his forceful thrusts, but I didn’t mind. The seven locations of the rings of songs burnt with an intense fire. I had never been burnt by fire since I was born, but that night the rings burnt into my flesh, eating into my bones and veins. Uncontrollable tears gushed out of my eyes but I refused to cry for Kale’s sake. He was in cloud nine, his wolf was taking over and going faster and faster, two fast for me. The rings of songs were located at my forehead, the back of my palms, my chest, right below my neck, at the lower part of my spine; the junction between my waist and back and at the center of my head; the crown of my head. The ones on my head, chest and lower spine hurt the most as they did more damage.
Kale removed my legs from his waist and placed them on his shoulders, from there he went harder, a low breathe howl erupting from his chest. The song on my chest connected to the ones on my back.
I screamed out loudly, my spine snapped into three, it broke completely. That snapped Kale out of it, dragged him back to reality to see I was in severe pain. The one below my neck connected to the one at the center of my head which connected to the one on my forehead. Just like my spine, the power cracked open my skull. I wasn’t going to die, it would heal but the pain, oh the pain. The current in my hair ganged up against me, my inner system fried from series of bolts. The pain was worse than death.
Did I say no pain? The visitors were only warming up.
To be continued.
I know I said there was a secret to be revealed here, but I miscalculated the chapters. The secret comes after this one, book twenty one.
Once again, for Kale, she is going through hell but it was expected.
A moment of silence for Lona, the bossy voice that have been permanently shut down. 😿
Goodbye Halona, Kale won’t treat her bad anymore, I almost promise… 😁 Please don’t yell at me for removing Lona from the story, it is needed for the future chapters, her existence is dangerous to Kawee and you will know why later… 😼
Remember to like and please, no scolding comments. 🙈🙈🙈
Who’s curious to know the secret? 🙊

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