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The devil’s mate episode 18

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The devil’s mate episode 18 by : 7:52 pm On March 13, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book eighteen ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
Thoughts, I was lost in thoughts, I couldn’t concentrate or even imagine myself in such dilemma but I was. I contemplated leaving, disappearing to nowhere Kale would ever find me, that thought was winning. Lona on the other hand insisted I talk to Kale first, not just leave without talking things over with him, that was a stupid idea.
How is talking to your mate a stupid idea?… Lona scoffed.
He can lie to us.
Kale might be arrogant and stubborn but the one thing he is not is a liar. He would rather snob you than to your face, he feels like he owes no one any explanation for his actions because no one can control him. Makawee, I know you are confuse and you want to use this as an opportunity to leave him but don’t, think about Killian, think about the pack. How would they feel when they find out that their Luna dejected them the first chance she got? They would be depress. Think about it.
‘Luna Makawee,’ I really need to change that name, sounds off. I opened my eyes and looked at Carina who was grinning playfully. I forgot I was standing in the middle of the field with eyes closed. ‘My beautiful Luna,’ she curtsied. I smiled too.
‘How have you been Rina?’
‘Terrible,’ she replied sharply. ‘Jeremy won’t let me step out of the house, always so protective because he thinks that the moment I step out, I’ll be killed, can you imagine? He practically won’t let me wash my own underwear!’ She shouted, gaining stares from the workers. I chuckled and stepped closer to her.
‘He loves and cares for both of you,’
‘I know, I love him too but it’s annoying,’ I placed my right hand on her protruding stomach and inhaled, I closed my eyes, it immediately zoomed into the future, two seven years old children chasing each other while she watched them with a smile. Both pups were healthy and strong, the girl looked more agile and energetic than her brother. She had Carina’s hair, eyes and skin colour but Jeremy’s face. Same thing went for the boy, he had his father’s eyes to complete his look. They were identical, really identical.
The vision changed, I saw Carina walking in a beach, her sprit wandering around in tears as she searched for her babies. I jumped away from her with a gasp, beads of sweat had formed on my forehead. Carina staggered back, Jeremy was already behind her, holding her from falling. ‘Luna, are you okay?’
‘Are you planning on taking a journey to any water area?’ I asked sharply. Jeremy stared at me with mouth parted slightly.
‘Yes, after the festival he promised to take me to the Bahamas,’
‘Until your children turn seven, do not step out of this pack no matter what, especially go close to any massive river. Anything that makes you go during the pregnancy, you will never return alive and if you go after they are born, they will die.’ Jeremy whimpered, holding Rina tightly.
‘Stay in the pack until they turn seven?’ He asked shakily. I nodded. ‘Wait, did you just say they?’
‘Luna, over here please!’ Rhoda shouted.
‘Yes, they, male and female,’ I walked out to meet Rhoda.
‘We’re having twins?’ Jeremy gasped.
‘Oh my God! I have to tell Holly!’ I looked behind me, Rina ran off shrieking.
‘Carina run slower!’ I shook my head with a smile. He loves and cares for her even if they aren’t mates by destiny but by love.
‘Rhoda, what do you need?’
‘Everything is set, all we need now is the effect, your magic and…’
‘Understood,’ I looked around. ‘Everyone! Everyone!’ I shouted, they stopped moving and looked at me. ‘Thank you all for your help but as you can see, the festival is going to start in an hour, I want you all to get ready, please leave.’ They murmured and walked out, chattering in whispers.
‘Robecca, please come over,’ I said politely. She jogged over to me with a smile.
‘Luna,’ she said playfully.
‘Can you please be ready to help me welcome the guest? You and Andre?’
‘As the Luna of this pack, it is your duty to welcome the guests, not I.’
‘I want you to stand with me, you and Andre, you will know them more,’ she nodded in understanding.
‘Do you need help with your dressing? I can call for the royal beautifiers,’ she suggested.
‘No, I’m good, thank you Becca. Can you please check on Mommy Renée on the way? She has been with her daughter for two long. Please tell her to give the foods and drinks a double check, they must not be anything out of place.’
‘Alright, anything else?’
‘Riley, check if her daughter is still sneezing,’
‘Okay Luna,’ she looked at a kid trying to turn on the chocolate fountain. ‘Raphael! Get your hands off that fountain and go back to your mother before I smack you!’
‘Sorry,’ he ran away. Robecca ran off too. I looked back at Rhoda who was still standing there with hands crossed in front of her, waiting for me to give her orders.
‘Don’t you have to get ready too?’
‘Aren’t you suppose to be getting ready for the party?’
‘As your assistant, I am not permitted to dress up until you are completely ready and I must stand four feet behind you at all times.’
‘Rhoda, go get ready.’
‘That’s an order,’ I said sternly. She bowed her head in respect. She reluctantly dragged herself away.
Now, let’s get this thing over with… Lona said tiredly. We were both mentally stressed by the whole mate thing.
I raised my right hand to the sky. The sky was a golden skyline of vibrant blues and pinks and softer hues of violet, rose and lavender. I directed my hand to the big white cloud, the only pure white cloud in the sky.
‘Whirl and whirl and whirl
Spiral downward twirl
Your mist upon the ground I stand
Spread to limits of my wish
Drain your moist just tender cloud
Six inches tall you shall rise
Never to leave until I command.’
What else?
The water walls, glowing stuffs and all those none of my business things you discussed.
I chuckled, such care free life. I walked around giving the touchups needed. By the time I was done, I was tired. I went back to my room, tiredly took a bath and threw on the first thing my hand picked in the closet, a skimpy black dress that went around my curves sveltely, complimenting my skin. I managed to wear some kind of black sandals before I remembered I was suppose to wear white. I searched again and found a white loose pants, one that hugged my thighs loosely and spread down to my feet. Riley called it palazzo. I Wore a white tight sleek turtleneck top with long sleeves and slipped on a white armless jacket that flowed behind me and had a silver belt at the front. I worn white bangles and white shoes that weren’t so high. My hair was in weaves as usual but this time, I already had the hairdresser braid it into two equal parts, heavy but manageable. I didn’t bother wearing the flowers and brooch and whatever those things were, this wasn’t even what I bought but I wasn’t feeling it anymore.
I walked back to the party, it was a long trek but I needed it, it gave me time to think on what to do. If indeed my life would be traded, wouldn’t Kale die too? Why? Why mate me to her son to take my life? Is it because of what father did? Kale didn’t need my life for anything so why? Why? It didn’t make sense, nothing made sense. Is this my destiny? To die? I took the stroll slow until I got there, Andre and Becca were already welcoming the alphas and their packs. I was wondering how the field would fit every single wolves in the world, how?
‘Good evening,’ I greeted the couple, they looked at me and arched a brow.
‘Luna Makawee, Alpha Kale’s mate,’ Andre explained.
‘Oh, it’s so nice to finally meet you,’ the Luna gushed. ‘I’ve heard all about the lightning thing and I have been very curious to know how you did it. We saw the electric barrier when coming, it was amazing! I was afraid we might get fried…’
‘Romi,’ her mate muttered. ‘Good evening, this is my mate Romi, I am Alpha Gill.’
‘Nice to meet you alpha,’ I smiled, taking his hand.
‘Are you okay? You look sick,’ Romi asked worriedly. I chuckled and waved it off nonchalantly.
‘I’m fine, thanks for caring and do enjoy the party,’
‘It looks so different from the ones I’ve attend, why?’ Alpha Gill asked.
‘I thought some change would be good,’
‘Whoa, the cloud floor looks so real,’ Romi spluttered. ‘What machine did you use?’
‘Ignore her, let’s go,’ Alpha Gill pulled his talkative mate inside. I turned to Andre.
‘This place won’t fit the entire packs on earth, what to do?’ Becca laughed while Andre smiled.
‘Not the whole packs, just the alphas, betas and nobles of their packs attend, some royals and enough warriors too.’ Andre explained.
‘Oh,’ now I feel stupid. ‘But wouldn’t their absent leave their packs vulnerable?’
‘Their gamma and warriors always stays back.’
‘What about the other pack members that aren’t here? How would they celebrate?’
‘There are two moons, the blessed moon which is celebrated in their own packs and the moon festivals which is always held here in ours because Alpha Kale has the widest of lands and is very powerful. No one can plan a surprise attack on the alphas off guard if in his territory. Plus, Alpha Kale has enough money to throw a massive party and still don’t suffer any loss.’
I nodded to his explanation and smiled at the new couple, I greeted them before they went in. ‘Why are you wearing this? I can swear you bought a dress.’
‘I did Robecca, but I don’t feel it.’ I sighed.
‘Because he isn’t here to drool over you?’ Becca teased smirkingly.
‘Trust me, him not being here makes me more comfortable than him being,’ she went quiet immediately, catching up on my “change the topic” tone. I greeted the rest of the alphas which was much, the ones with human, witches, warlock and even vampire mates. Some were the betas, royals and the warriors that came along with their other half, it was stressful. By the time I was sure they were all in, I was parched and dizzy. It was way past the time I planned to start, I was too tired to do anything else than climb the stage, generally welcomed everyone to our pack and gave out few instructions on how it would be.
I openly thanked the lunas that helped me, the workers and also Rhoda whose face turned tomato. I handed the order of the day to her because she knew how to handle it. She was so shocked she almost passed out, cried that it was such an honor. I excused myself with the explanation of feeling very dizzy, very exhausted. I couldn’t think well, all I know is that I found myself sitting at the oasis, staring at myself in the water, sadly.
Should I really leave Lona?
Talk to Kale, he would explain.
And if he doesn’t?
You leave.
I sat down there lost in thoughts, remembering all the times we had fought. I couldn’t think of a good time together, we mostly had bad memories, always quarrelled and fought all because he was hard headed. I was thinking so hard my head was starting to spin, throbbing aggressively.
Maybe you should go rest Makawee… Lona suggested anxiously.
I’m fine, I want Kale to find me when he returns.
I slept off on the floor, I was in the midst of mist, just staring at the clouded sky. ‘Cheona,’ a voice whispered, a deep manly voice. I looked around, searching frantically for the voice calling me. ‘Cheona,’
‘Who are you?’ The mist whooshed away instantly, revealing the thick forest it was concealing. The forest still had fogs, fogs that made it almost impossible to see the ground but the upper parts were vivid enough. I carefully walked on the grass, the sea green grasses. Most of the trees were emerald, jade and autumn in colour, while few had pink, violet, lavender and red leaves with thick brown, hazel brown, chestnut or chocolate tree.
‘Cheona,’ the voice called again. I followed the voice, looking around for any sign of danger but none popped up. I heard a woman crying, screaming in absolute pain. I quickly ran to the scream, worrying about what was going on. It was a woman alright, a n@k£d pregnant woman on the grass under a tree, crying as she screamed. She was in labour, she wanted to give birth but couldn’t, it was like she was cursed not to bear the child.
She wasn’t just soaked in sweats, her hair stuck to her face in a sticky mess, I couldn’t see her face because of it. She was dirty, covered in mud and wounds. Her hair was blonde just like mom’s, her sobs sounded like hers. It felt like I was whopped in the heart as realisation dawned on me, this was my birthing. Mother told me that weeks after the werewolf eating culture started, she was accused by father of cheating, her own father couldn’t vindicate her with his magic. Our tradition demanded that she be killed so she ran away, ran for her dear life. She wandered about for seven months, trying to survive with me for my pregnancy was painful. Then when she was about to birth me, I refused to come out, she was in so much pain she was going to die when a she-wolf came and saved her, helped her through the parturition and gave her a home. It was there she stayed before father came himself to apologise for wrongly accusing her.
If only she didn’t go back with him.
‘Who’s there?’ I heard a small shaky voice. I was about to turn to look at the werewolf, but the mist returned, swallowing and hurling me back to reality. I gasped, sitting up instantly. I saw a vision of the past, why my mother loved wolves so much.
What was that for?!
I have no idea.
I knelt down, cupped some water and washed my face. I sighed heavily, looking down at my reflection as I thought of the dream. Of what use was it? Is it trying to tell me that Kale isn’t that bad? I really don’t understand.
The pain, the headache, heartache, everything disappeared when I caught his scent, he was coming. Just his scent made me feel better as usual, he was like my doctor’s prescription. His present was intoxicative and desirable, that’s why I hate being around him. I hate loving the presence of the devil I was mated to, the devil I couldn’t get to at least feel sincere emotions for me. It annoyed me that I had given up my vow for a bastard, I was conditioned to.
You love him.
Not in my life.
I could hear his heavy struts, even something as light as that held so much power. His scent wasn’t the only thing overwhelming me, his dominant and commanding aura was. His wolf was powerful, fearless, brutal in the face of anything. Like a lion, he would never go down without a fight. Both were strong, commanded power and authority yet to me, his wolf was a gentle dove. Killian loved me, no doubt about that and I fairly adored him. The rich goldenness of his glossy coat, the brightness in his unnatural amethyst eyes, his extraordinary gigantic teeth, his grey snout and the thick muscles of his legs, I loved them all. He was beautiful, the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, the rock that stayed underneath my feet to balance me. In a sort of way, when I needed to be strong, I thought of him. Kale wasn’t far from his wolf, he shared the same traits, arrogance and pride inclusive, beauty and charms especially, after all, he was a god. The only thing that made him different from his wolf was that when it came to me, his wolf was considerate, kind, loving, caring and softhearted, he was the exact opposite in this matter. Aside from that, there was no other difference between Kale and his wolf, they were a perfect match.
‘Makawee?’ I heard him call, I didn’t move physically but inwardly, I shuddered as the pleasure of his pleasant voice warmed my heart. The next thing he did was tap me, and like my mouth have been waiting for him to come close, I spoke the first question that came to mind.
‘She said I would die,’
‘Die?’ He shifted uncomfortably, not liking the sudden topic of my death. ‘Who said?’
‘Eris, goddess of discord,’
‘Eris, goddess of discord say something and you believe her? What does the gods want from you? They should leave you alone for me,’ his words were both true and appeasing. Why should I believe someone who loves trouble and lies? Why would she care. I felt at peace because he somehow indirectly said I was his. He crouched behind me, his breath not too far from my neck. ‘What did she say?’
‘Said if I complete the mate bond, I will die,’
‘Does that make any sense?’
No, it didn’t but I still needed to know.
‘Why then would your mother mate me to you? I’m confuse,’ my voice came out more shakier than I planned it to be. I sounded like a broken record, like someone who couldn’t figure out where destiny was throwing her to. It was my case after all. ‘Why?’
‘I don’t know,’
He never knows!
Ask him what the seven rings of Avalon is to him… Lona quickly said.
‘The seven rings of Avalon, what do you want it for?’
He groaned, certainly didn’t like this topic either. ‘Did she also tell you that?’ I growled. ‘That is my f√¢king business,’
Threaten him! That was all my mind yelled at me to do.
‘Kale, I am one step ahead of teleporting to where you will never find me unless you give me a reason not to,’ he went silent, conversing with his wolf. I needed to know, I had to know why before I trusted him with the secret mother made me vow never to let slip out of my mouth. I wasn’t allowed to think about it, anyone might hear my thoughts and find out, then I would be in danger.
‘Killian is sick,’ he blunted out, breaking the silence. My head snapped to look over my shoulder, with such force it actually ached. ‘I don’t need all the rings, just one to heal him.’
Am I suppose to believe this lie?
‘Why is my rock sick? He doesn’t look sick,’ I don’t know if he detected it, but I made my skepticism very apparent.
‘It’s not an illness that shows physically, it’s a mental illness. During a period when your father’s warrior attacked, I used my celestial powers to return to my pack in time to save them. My powers are too strong for him, too strong to dwell in my mortal body. The more time pass, the more I use it, the more we are torn away from each other. I need the ring before then or we will both die.’
My heart clenched for my mate, but I wasn’t going to believe that just yet. ‘Why not just return to your celestial throne?’
‘Killian is the first alpha, the first werewolf my mother created, the ultimate alpha. Abandoning him means rejecting him and that will weaken his powers and shorten all the lifespans of the werewolves and their strength. If he dies, every single werewolf will die.’
‘Can’t it be changed?’
‘No, that is the price for resurrecting him and taking his body,’ he said sadly.
Sadness, Kale rarely felt it so it was serious.
‘If you die, will you really die?’
‘Return to mother but weakened, half of my powers will be gone.’
‘That’s harsh,’ I muttered. ‘So you are looking for the rings to save not just your lives but all werewolves?’ He nodded weakly.
Could I trust him? What if I was walking into a trap? I didn’t have the heart to fight my mate, could I really fight him? I couldn’t do that… But what if he does really need it? Killian would die and me too. It was worth it. ‘Seven Joy Of Avalon,’ I said calmly, at least I hoped it was calm enough.
‘The Seven Joy of the Lady of Avalon, that is the real name.’
‘I don’t understand,’ I stood up and hugged herself, this was it. I would either get myself in trouble or save my mate. I looked around us, I could see a shield covering us. The moon goddess was watching us and making sure no one heard. She knew all along but was waiting for me to tell him at my own time. It meant I could trust him.
‘The reason why no one has ever found it is because they don’t know what the rings are, they aren’t rings but emotions. The Seven Rings Of Avalon actually means the Seven emotions of The Lady of Avalon. Many don’t understand what the rings stands for, they believe it’s the seven rings of Avalon, that the rings are seven pieces of gems that broke out of the heart of Avalon. To them, the heart of Avalon is a powerful big stone but they are wrong. The heart of Avalon is the Lady’s heart and the rings are actually the seven emotional songs of The lady. She sang the songs when she gained something good, each songs hold notes and powers and was encrypt in the source of her joy in the form of seven rings, that is where they got the idea from.’ I kept my eyes locked with the stars, waiting for him to digest the new information. We stayed silent for what seemed like hours before he spoke, a obvious doubt in his voice.
‘How did you know all these?’
‘My mother was the hidden priestess of Avalon,’ she was the priestess, said she was chosen a month after my birth.
‘How come? I was told that to find the rings, I must find Cheona, if I find that place, I find the rings.’ I looked at me and arched a brow, place?
‘Who told you that stupid lie?’
‘A seer,’
‘Cheona is not a place, she is a person,’
‘A person?’ He gasped. ‘I have been looking for the wrong thing for almost two decades!’
‘Yes, Cheona is not a place,’ and then my stupid mind registered that he was n@k£d. I couldn’t help myself from looking down, allowing my gaze to travelled down to the land of my doom.
‘How did you know? How do you know that? How come?’
He is so huge! How is that ever going to fit!
Ooh la la.
Shut up Lona.
‘Kale, I want you to give me one honest answer,’ my mouth was moving but my mind and body was focused on what I was seeing, a real man’s genital. I so badly wanted to stroke it. ‘Shove your pride down, shove it all aside, do you care about me? Do you like me?’
Say yes so I can klzz you.
‘I…’ He scrunched his nose for three seconds before sighing and running his hand into my hair.
‘Yes, I do, I don’t love you but I like and care about you… Shit! This is disgusting,’ I chuckled and smiled brightly, that is almost what I need to hear.
I need to get out of this place before I jump him.
‘Let’s go to the party, we are needed there and we need to dress up,’ I eyed him, he needed it most. ‘Seriously.’
‘What about Cheona? Who is she?’
Run Kawee!
I started walking away, his anatomy creating permanent mental images. I couldn’t think anymore, my body was heating up, my head swelling with fire. It was like the heat was back but not as strong as it was before. He placed his hands on my shoulder to stop me from leaving. Heck! Did he know what he was doing to me? Did he? ‘Please Makawee, Killian and I are anxious.’ I pleaded. I chuckled.
You’re anxious and I’m h**ny.
‘You said please again,’ I giggled, at least my lips did.
‘Don’t get too cocky. If you are still mad, then I’m sorry, ignore everything I do because I am a bastard.’ The gasp automatically left my mouth, my eyes widened as I whirled around to face him.
‘Did you just apologise?’
He shuddered with revulsion. ‘Urgh, that word is disgusting,’ for a moment, I forgot I was h**ny, laughed and slapped his chest.
‘I broke a record,’ I said joyfully. He touched my head, blinking drowsily ‘Are you alright?’ I asked worriedly.
‘I feel whoozy,’ he staggered forward, I was fast to catch him… Heavy!
‘Whoa,’ I said as I caught him.
‘My energy is depleting, the apology…’
Seriously? This man is insane.
‘You are not serious,’ I pushed him away. ‘As for who is Cheona, I know her very well, met her all my life.’
‘Your mother,’ if it was her, then he would be doomed. I could now see why I was his mate. The only thing was how did the moon goddess know when no one else did?
‘Not her, me. My name is Makawee Istas Tycee, by birth but Cheona by The Lady of Avalon. None can find the seven rings as they know it because the seven songs which was encrypt is me, I am the seven songs of The Lady of Avalon.’ And there, the major secret.
‘What!’ He exclaimed, his eyes had never gone more wider since I knew him. ‘How do you mean?’
‘I am not the direct reason why she was happy, hell I don’t know how I got into the picture, but mother said I carry the songs as the future priestess. It is my duty to sing the songs when Lona tells me to, I just sing and that is all I know. Mother was very protective of the information, I don’t know more than what I have told you.’ He smacked his own face.
‘What now? What about me? How do I heal if the only cure doesn’t exist!’
‘It does,’
‘A freakin’ f√¢king bloody piece of shit you call songs!’
‘I am a sea of light myself, whoever is the first to take my purity binds my light to his, making us an unstoppable force. If the mate bond is completed, Killian would heal.’ He pinned his mouth shut. He knew what that meant.
‘f√¢k,’ he muttered. ‘What do I need to do to… Wait, purity? Like vestal?’
‘You are so dumb,’ I scoffed. ‘I told you I never wanted a man, did you think I would just be sleeping around like a lowlife whore?’
‘Yes, that is what I thought,’ so arrogant. He grinned, sure it was a big happiness for an alpha who finds his mate a virgin, especially for Kale.
‘Shut up and no, you are not touching me and mind you, I must give out my purity at will.’
‘Do you want me to die? Aside from this, I always keep trying to get you laid, you wouldn’t listen.’ He rolled his eyes. True, since he marked me, Kale tried every chance he got to pin me to our beds, couches and even walls, just to mate with me. He didn’t have the courage to forcefully do it, so I knew he wouldn’t rape me.
‘That is for me to decide,’ I looked away. ‘Can we go now? The party is almost over.’
‘Let’s discuss this later,’
‘Yes, later,’ I agreed. I would do anything to get away from my n@k£d mate. I just blinked, just blinked and he was gone, left without me.
Can you believe it? Such a jerk.
I started walking, huffing and cursing him for being so selfish. I was still lamenting and whinging to myself when Kale returned in a flash, carried me bridal style and ran us back to the manor. I looked down at him, he went to wear something first, he knew I wouldn’t be comfortable staying with him while he was in his birthday suit. And there I was cursing the considerable poor thing. ‘Poor thing?’ Kale scoffed in my head.
‘Who told you to invade my privacy?’ I asked stridently.
‘Your barrier wasn’t up, free entrance.’
‘Get out of my head Mr. Mate,’
‘I don’t have any comeback for you tonight, I’m still in shock.’ I stayed quiet but blocked him out, not enough to block out my emotions. I wrapped my hands around his neck, placed my head on his shoulder to comfort him, comfort my two baby boys. Kale’s heartbeat accelerated, he didn’t like me being close to him because he was enjoying my touch, adoring my warmth against him. He loved the way I breathe into him, the way my hands stayed around his neck, it made him feel like I loved him and him alone. As much as he loved it, the emotions sickened him, irritated him so much he had the strong urge to throw me away like a bag of cement. But he couldn’t because his body and heart loved how close we were.
Kale was changing.
I leaned my face into his neck, stretching in his arms. His body tensed at my action, and when I bit the spot I ought to mark him if I had fangs, he exclaimed and tumbled. Luckily, we were already in my bedroom, we fell on the bed. I laughed and rolled over, if we didn’t get our ass out of here, we would never go to the festival. ‘Leave my room Kale, need to dress up.’ He remained on my bed with mouth open, hand on his neck as he gawked.
I could feel his emotions, he loves it! He wanted me to do it again, he needed me to actually mark him but I had no fangs. I gracefully stride to the ensuite, smiled as I quickly took a shower. I hurried out in my towel, it was past eleven already. ‘Aaaah!’ I screamed with a jump, hands instinctively going to my towel. Kale was still on my bed, in the exact position I left him. ‘What are you still doing here?!’ He snapped out of it. ‘Kale, get re…aaaah!’
Wow, is it me or am I jumpy?
Kale had me pinned to the wall beside the bathroom door. ‘Do it again,’
‘Do what again?’
‘Bite me, I want it, do it,’ his tone was as desperate as it was pleading. Kale was begging me to touch him, he loved what I did. ‘Please Makawee, do it before I go crazy!’ He begged as he shook me like a marasca.
‘Okay, okay, calm down,’ I laughed. ‘I promise I will do it again later at night,’
‘At night?’ He looked at me unconvinced.
‘I promise,’ I knew he would forget or something. ‘But…’ I pressed my chest to his and sank my teeth into his neck again. Kale m0@ned out, grabbing a fist full of my hair into his hand. I gritted my teeth on the surface of his skin, the beautiful spot my mark would have been. I brushed my tongue along the bite, s√¢king it as after touch. Hell! How did I know what I was doing?! I had no idea but I was doing it.
‘Kawee,’ Kale m0@ned louder, throwing his head back in pleasure. Being the cause for such desire, I loved it. I was going to make him know I was better than any other female he have ever slept with. He pulled me closer to his chest, sliding his hand down to my thigh.
Wait, moon festival, remember?
‘Kale,’ I whispered into his neck. He grunted and guided his hand deeper into my thigh. I pulled away from him and cupped his face, his eyes were silver and black with a speck of gold. ‘Kale, let’s do this another time.’
‘I want you now,’ he snapped.
‘You can have me any time but the festival can’t wait,’
‘You will change your mind.’ He whined. My throat was parched, I didn’t want to stop either but we had important things to do.
‘I promise you that I will not change my mind,’ he dropped me back on the floor. He stepped back, obviously fighting with his wolf to stay in control. ‘Go get dressed Kale, go.’
★★★ Kale ★★★
Frustrated, h**ny, that was it. Killian and I preferred to be in bed f√¢king our mate than standing here and talking to others like I cared. Kawee looking f√¢king beautiful wasn’t helping me. Her hair wasn’t braided this time, left to sweep the cloud beneath her feet, her gleaming white gown accompanying the flow. The diamonds on the chest area of her dress glimmered under the moonlight, the brooches glowed like the moon itself, the jewels and the smile on her face. Even though her hair was as black as the night now due to exhaustion of her powers, she looked like the moon goddess walking amidst us.
I kept a close eye on her, my mate was the prettiest female standing and it was filling our heads with pride. I constantly smirked smugly whenever any male commented on her, she was all mine, my virgin mate. And to think she was the solution I was looking for, I needed to hug and thank mother for all she was doing despite my attitude. But, I will do that in the very further future. Kawee had my scent allover her, as did I. I loved her scent on me, all would also know she belongs to me. She waved at me, it was time to give the boring speech and then toast. I didn’t want to waste time, she promised me after and I was waiting for that after as patient as I could. All I wanted to do to that dress is tear it apart and enjoy watching it fall on the floor where it belongs for daring to cover my view.
Without wasting much of anyone’s time, I gave my speech, did the toast, drank and threw my cup away. The Luna crowning, Jeremy and Carlyle were getting married tonight, none of my business. I waited impatiently for the oldest wolf alive to stand at the stage so the couples could exchange their vows, cut their wrist and pour their blood into a goblet, tie a white robe around it and then cut it before they drank it, drinking their blood and becoming one. Immediately the marriage ended, I hurriedly placed my hand on Jeremy’s mate head and welcomed her into the park as the new gamma female.
‘Rina, stop crying,’ Kawee whispered. Marriage done. I walked to her and pulled her along. ‘Hey, I need to stay back to greet them, be patient.’
‘No,’ I carried her up, it felt like we just got married. On second thought, why don’t we get married? I dropped her down and peered into her eyes.
‘Kawee, would you marry me tonight before the gods?’
‘What?’ She breathe out in shock. ‘Did you just say marry?’
‘Yes, let’s get married. Kawee, will you marry me now?’
Just say yes.

To be continued.
Oga Kale, calm down. 😂

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