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The devil’s mate episode 17

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The devil’s mate episode 17 by : 7:51 pm On March 13, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book seventeen ♦🔷🔶
(Don’t mind the name here, it’s needed to add more dark exciting vibe to the new character.)
|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~ Narrative ~|~|~|~|~|~|~|
Chant of dark magic, smoke of death, a cauldron of dark potions, the screams equal to none. Black candles in a circle, ravens flying close to the ceiling, all done by the man in black. His thick black hair was packed into a ponytail, his coat of black feathers sweeping the floor behind and around him. Silver shoulder pad guided his shoulder girdle like an armour, three long spikes at each shoulders. The front of his coat, almost like a br£@stplate, was silver with spikes as well. A long split dragged down at the front of his coat, from his knees to the very edge where it gives way. His boots were heavy metalled silver, spiky ones with poisonous tips. His f!ng£rs were long and dirty, like a dirty hag’s with big black and red rings on each f!ng£rs. The wrinkles on his skin made his age prominent, the maims and claw scars on his face and body a evident of the battle he has fought. The old man stirred his funky cauldron of potions as he chanted a spell.
His name was Kosumi Nayati.
Eris popped out in front of me, giggling as she floated in the air. Gravity was never her problem, levitation she was born with. Her gown changed her feet to energy, flying energy and her dark brown hair floated in the air like she was swimming in water. Kosumi looked up at her, wondering what the goddess of discord was doing in his castle.
‘Mistress, what do I owe this honorable visit?’ He asked with his gruff voice. Kosumi was once in the assemblies of Roman gods, but after his powers were taken and he was banished to earth with a limited lifespan, he became more bitter. He had always been evil, his wickedness was what made him get banished, but that wasn’t stopping him, was it?
‘I bring you a gift, a gift that will finally put an end to your suffering,’
‘The only thing that can stop my suffering is the seven rings of…’
‘Avalon, with it you can regain your strength, more powers and dethrone all the Roman gods, I know,’ she said uninterestedly. ‘That special rings, no one even know what it looks like, no one truly know what the rings are, just that each rings would grant you seven wishes, seven irrevocable wishes and that is why so many seek after it but, you know finding it is impossible, don’t you Kosumi?’
‘I have spent half of my life on earth looking for it, my time is near and I must not give up hope. I need to find those rings Eris, I really need to,’ he coughed violently, placing his hand over his mouth. Eris smiled, flying closer to him with a twirl. She flew behind his back, seductively rubbing her hands on his shoulders.
‘What if I tell you there is another way to get the powers you need?’
‘There is none…’
‘There is,’ she smirked.
‘When the gods come together and bless a mortal, that child eventually gets access to their powers if he or she is spiritually strong enough to summon and control it. There is a child not just most of the Greek gods blessed, the Norse gods as well and even few of your people. It is said she was blessed, they don’t even know how themselves but their blessings lives inside her. If you can capture this lady, you can exchange her blessings with your curses, and your spirit for her pure one. That way, you will have all the powers to fight and get what you want.’
‘The blessings can be redrawn,’
‘Not on her, this one is strangely untouchable for some reasons we are yet to understand and that is what makes her special. Selene is smart, she noticed her first and quickly mated her to her son, that arrogant descendant of Apollo. She did that before the gods start yearning for her, gave all the powers to Moon because he is losing his mortal form and if the alpha of all her created wolves dies, her werewolf children will all die. Isn’t she smart?’
‘Moon? Who is Moon?’
‘The same wolf you hate, Kale…’
‘Kale is the son of Selena?!’ He shouted quizzically.
‘Why do you think he is so strong? Look at it this way, you’ll be getting back at your enemy, killing two birds with one stone. You kill her, you gain your strength and Kale dies because his life is tied to hers.’ Such a wonderful offer, but he wasn’t strong enough, he was weak.
‘I no longer have my strength, I am weak and old and I have no warriors to fight under me.’
‘If you agree, I will give you strength, make you strong enough to fight her for she is a strong one and I shall place Kale’s second enemy under your feet, the vampires and ogres shall be yours to command.’
‘What do you want in exchange?’ Eris laughed and flew around to stand in front of him. ‘There is always a price.’
‘All I want from you Kosumi is a night, I’m h**ny and I don’t feel like going to the other gods, would you?’
‘That can’t be your only condition,’ he said with a shake of his head.
‘Why is it so hard to believe when I don’t want something evil? What is wrong with everyone?’ She asked crossly. He bowed apologetically.
‘If that is all you want, then I will do as you say,’
‘Perfect,’ she grinned. Everything was falling in place, everything was going exactly the way she planned.
★★★ Kale ★★★
I was exhausted, stressed out emotionally, there was a strong ominous feeling whirling around my head. My mind kept going to Kawee, something was wrong with her and I could feel it. I ran into the pack in my wolf, the party was going on and it looked really nice, very beautiful. I was proud just looking at what she did with all the other lunas. The clouds on the ground, the water stage, the glowing pillars, tables and vases… Where did she get all the glowing animals from? Wow, Makawee keeps surprising me.
Killian sat down, admiring what our mate did, it was beautiful. They were playing games, laughing as they did a dance. Everyone looked like angels, better angels in that dress. I love it. Everyone looked at me, all – including other alphas – bowed to my wolf.
‘Where’s my mate?’ I asked Andre through the link.
‘She started the party and disappeared, we haven’t seen her since,’
‘Okay,’ I sniffed the air and caught her scent. Was that why I was worried? Was she sad? I ran towards her location, the oasis. With every step I took, I got more agitated at what was wrong with her. I strutted when I got there, she was staring at the river lost in thought. I shifted back, shifting slowly. ‘Makawee?’ She didn’t move. I walked closer to her and tapped her shoulder.
‘She said I would die,’ she said all of a sudden.
‘Die?’ Killian turned inside me. ‘Who said?’
‘Eris, goddess of discord,’
‘Eris, goddess of discord say something and you believe her? What does the gods want from you? They should leave you alone for me,’ I squat behind her. ‘What did she say?’
‘Said if I complete the mate bond, I will die,’
‘Does that make any sense?’
‘Why then would your mother mate me to you? I’m confuse,’ she said shakily. ‘Why?’
‘I don’t know,’
‘The seven rings of Avalon, what do you want it for?’
‘Did she also tell you that?’ I growled. That is my f√¢king business,’
‘Kale, I am one step ahead of teleporting to where you will never find me unless you give me a reason not to,’
Tell her… Killian urged… Please don’t let mate leave.
I can’t.
There is no need hiding it, please Kale, tell her.
‘Killian is sick,’ I blunted out. ‘I don’t need all the rings, just one to heal him.’
‘Why is my rock sick? He doesn’t look sick,’ she didn’t believe me.
‘It’s not an illness that shows physically, it’s a mental illness. During a period when your father’s warrior attacked, I used my celestial powers to return to my pack in time to save them. My powers are too strong for him, too strong to dwell in my mortal body. The more time pass, the more I use it, the more we are torn away from each other. I need the ring before then or we will both die.’
‘Why not just return to your celestial throne?’
‘Killian is the first alpha, the first werewolf my mother created, the ultimate alpha. Abandoning him means rejecting him and that will weaken his powers and shorten all the lifespans of the werewolves and their strength. If he dies, every single werewolf will die.’
‘Can’t it be changed?’
‘No, that is the price for resurrecting him and taking his body,’ I said sadly.
‘If you die, will you really die?’
‘Return to mother but weaken, half of my powers will be gone.’
‘That’s harsh,’ I muttered. ‘So you are looking for the rings to save not just your lives but all werewolves?’ I nodded weakly. We remained silent for minutes, me waiting to hear what she would decide. ‘Seven Joy Of Avalon,’ she said calmly.
‘The Seven Joy of the Lady of Avalon, that is the real name.’
‘I don’t understand,’ she stood up and hugged herself.
‘The reason why no one has ever found it is because they don’t know what the rings are, they aren’t rings but emotions. The Seven Rings Of Avalon actually means the Seven emotions of The Lady of Avalon. Many don’t understand what the rings stands for, they believe it’s the seven rings of Avalon, that the rings are seven pieces of gems that broke out of the heart of Avalon. To them, the heart of Avalon is a powerful big stone but they are wrong. The heart of Avalon is the Lady’s heart and the rings are actually the seven emotional songs of The lady. She sang the songs when she gained something good, each songs hold notes and powers and was encrypt in the source of her joy in the form of seven rings, that is where they got the idea from.’ She looked at the sky while I looked at her with mouth open. For three minutes, before I found my voice.
‘How did you know all these?’
‘My mother was the hidden priestess of Avalon,’ my mouth dropped open.
Is she f√¢king kidding me!
‘How come? I was told that to find the rings, I must find Cheona, if I find that place, I find the rings.’ She looked at me and arched a brow.
‘Who told you that stupid lie?’
‘A seer,’
‘Cheona is not a place, she is a person,’
‘A person?’ I gasped. ‘I have been looking for the wrong thing for almost two decades!’
‘Yes, Cheona is not a place,’ her eyes travelled south, I remembered I was n@k£d.
‘How did you know? How do you know that? How come?’
‘Kale, I want you to give me one honest answer,’ her eyes were still fixed on me, my genital. ‘Shove your pride down, shove it all aside, do you care about me? Do you like me?’
‘Be honest son, don’t blow this,’ mom said in my head. I sighed, running my hand into my hair.
‘Yes, I do, I don’t love you but I like and care about you… Shit! This is disgusting,’ she chuckled and smiled brightly.
‘Let’s go to the party, we are needed there and we need to dress up,’ she eyed me. ‘Seriously.’
‘What about Cheona? Who is she?’ She started walking away, now I see why mother mated her to me, she knows what she is. I stood up and ran to her back, placed my hands on her shoulder to stop her from walking. ‘Please Makawee, Killian and I are anxious.’ I pleaded. She chuckled.
‘You said please again,’ she giggled.
‘Don’t get too cocky. If you are still mad, then I’m sorry, ignore everything I do because I am a bastard.’ She gasped and whirled around with wide eyes.
‘Did you just apologised?’
Did I?
You did… Killian whooped.
‘Urgh, that word is disgusting,’ she laughed and slapped my chest.
‘I broke a record,’ I touched my head, I was getting dizzy. The apology was draining my energy, is it this stressful? ‘Are you alright?’
‘I feel whoozy,’ I staggered forward. She caught me with a “whoa”. ‘My energy is depleting, the apology…’
‘You are not serious,’ she pushed me away. ‘As for who is Cheona, I know her very well, met her all my life.’
‘Your mother,’ I stated as a matter-of-fact.
Shit! I killed the solution.
‘Not her, me. My name is Makawee Istas Tycee, by birth but Cheona by The Lady of Avalon. None can find the seven rings as they know it because the seven songs which was encrypt is me, I am the seven songs of The Lady of Avalon.’
To be continued.
How? What does that mean? Time will tell.

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