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The devil’s mate episode 16

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The devil’s mate episode 16 by : 7:50 pm On March 13, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book sixteen ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
I sat in the garden, I had a table set out there for those who care enough to join. Giselle and two other she-wolves were with me; lunas. Luna Fina and Joella, two of the most calmest lunas present. The rest were too envious to participates. Fina had explained how the festival goes, just people dressed in white, talking, dancing and then make a toast to the moon goddess and then if there is any alpha who wishes to present their lunas to the moon goddess, the rituals is completed and then end of party. It was so lame, so exhausting.
‘Do you really think we should change the tradition?’
‘Not change, add. I was thinking we would have some games added, competitions and some craziness. Back in my village, we held festivals to Artemis and Athena, those are the gods that my people serve – I never served them though – and we had wonderful activities to do there, it always made it fun. And to end the festivals, they would dance around a fire, it was fun.’
‘Yeah, it does sound fun,’ Fina smiled. ‘But we can’t add everything,’
‘How about this, to make a difference this year, we add to everything, let’s start with the dress code.’ Joella suggested.
‘Everyone wear white, the female wear white gowns and the men white pants only,’ Giselle explained. ‘I always wished they would be free to wear whatever they want as long as the dress remain white. Also, white brooch and flower hairband should be worn by the ladies while the male will have white flower around their necks. To know the mated ones, their brooch would have a pretty crescent moon in it, or their earrings or ring, a crescent moon will be needed in one way or the other. What about that?’
‘Beautiful Giselle, absolutely beautiful,’ Joella said in agreement. ‘It would be like an angel parade, now let’s talk about the venue, the decorations…’
‘I say we should have a special effect that will make the ground covered with silver and white fog, like the cloud that follows the moon goddess when she rides on her beautiful carriage and the floor of her palace, what do you think?’ Fina suggested.
‘I love it,’ I smiled. ‘And instead of effect, I will make it a real cloud.’
‘The table and chairs should be white, decorated with ribbons, trinkets, white roses and daisies. What else?’ Giselle asked.
‘Lights… Rhoda, are you writing all these down?’ I asked my assistant.
‘Yes ma’am,’
‘Good, now for the lights, what do they use?’
‘The field is usually lamplit by lightbulbs… Normal lights,’ Joella replied.
‘This year and forever, we are going to make it more enchanting by lighting the place with firefly lanterns, glow butterflies vases and other bioluminescence creatures, including lanternfish. Six pillars will stand at each direction of the field, squaring it in from all angles. Six at the east… No, seven at the east, seven at north, seven at south and seven at the west. The pillars will be filled with water, water pillars where the fishes will be. The lanterns will be placed on trees, some will float above us and the moonlight butterflies will fly around. To make that happen, I will have to find moon flowers and luna roses…’
‘Luna roses?’
‘You won’t know it,’ I waved it off. ‘The flowers decorating the chairs and tables would have to glow to add more lights, including the vase of flowers that would be put at the center of each tables. The main stage… Is there a stage Rhoda?’
‘Yes Luna,’
‘The stage will be like a wedding alter, flowery and all, I don’t know if you get what I’m trying to say…’
‘I understand Luna,’
‘Good, the flowers should be pure whites only, moonlight flowers included and of course, the flooring will be concrete… No, glass, not just any glass, water glass to show the goddess’s power over water. You know that without the moon, they will be no waves, right?’ They nodded. ‘I can use a spell to make a water wall behind the flowery alter or whatever you call it, illuminate the water with myctophids and little turtles which shells I shall give a little touch-up. Is the idea good?’
‘I think it’s brilliant,’ Giselle chuckled. ‘Now, let’s talk about food. When I was a maid, they usually prepared meaty foods only with little snacks. I was thinking, why not add some more sugary stuffs and other kinds of foods that doesn’t have meats? Some alphas are mated to other creatures that don’t always appreciate meat. For example, Alpha Freesia’s mate is a human man who is a vegetation and Alpha Mole’s mate is a gypsy who prefers a lot of sugar. We can make it even, much meaty meals with other types for those… You don’t like too much meats, right Kawee? You only eat fishes and vegetables or other food.’
‘I love the idea, any other idea?’
‘A huge chocolate and cheese fountain should be place in the middle of the field, what about that?’ Joella added.
‘Fabulous,’ I gave her a thumbs up. ‘Now that food is settled, let’s talk about the games, what are we going to play? First, everyone would come with extra clothes just in case their clothes gets dirty because of the games. The toast is held at midnight, right?’
‘The games will begin before then since the festival begins at 6:30pm. First, after the opening speech, everyone would be given enough time to meet each other and arrive, the main activity will start by 7:30pm. The first game would be archery, to see who is very good at archery… We are going to expand the field to make sure there is enough space to play, a game ground. So the first game will be archery, second we can play a game for the mated alphas to find their mates. The mates will cover their scent with the potion I will whip up, then see how many alphas can find their mates without their scents. After that, another game of what you know about your mate will be played and then…’
‘Blindfolded ring toss, the strongest drinkers, who can do the moon dance better and a competition on which couple rocks the dance floor and singing most.’ Fina said enthusiastically.
‘We can’t make the games all about mates,’ Rhoda protested. She quickly bowed apologetically. ‘I’m sorry Luna, I didn’t mean to say that.’
‘No, it’s okay, every idea is needed.’ Joelle smiled.
‘We can make the dance and singing not just by mates but for friends and partners, even siblings, anyone is allowed to join in.’ Giselle added.
‘And for another game, we can have a game to fish out the perfect gift for your friend or mate. The person will dip his or her hand into a magic jar for three seconds before pulling it out, whatever is brought out is what the person thinks of his friend or mate. It would be a game of thoughts. Next food challenge, first to finish the cake to win a prize I will think of later. What else?’ I looked at each and everyone of them.
‘I wish we can get a goblin or leprechaun, find a game we can do related to it,’ Fina said,stroking her chin.
‘And ring toss but it won’t be rings, it can be fire ring toss, dare to burn.’ Joella suggested enthusiastically.
‘Let’s step down the dangerous games, we can’t go too far because of time. How about who can catch a flickering bunny? It will be damn difficult to get them because they disappear, it’s a challenge.’
‘That’s enough games we can add, we don’t have much time to set it all up.’ Giselle said sharply. We nodded in agreement.
‘Then we change before the toast, after the toast, the mate rituals, the dance and end of party. Is that okay?’
‘Yes,’ they chorused.
‘Giselle, you are on food and drink duty,’ she nodded. ‘Joella, you handle the games and Fina, the decorations. Rhoda, you work on sending a message to all the alphas on the dress code and new time. I will fetch the materials and creatures that is too hard to find and do the magical part, okay?’
‘Okay,’ I scrunched my nose.
‘Now what do we wear? I want us to look fabulous,’ I said grinningly.
‘What if we go shopping? Humans have the best dresses…’
‘Whoa, can I come? I haven’t been out to the human side since I was brought here,’ Giselle shrieked. ‘Carina will love to come too!’
‘You girls can go, I already have a dress,’ Fina giggled. ‘You Jo?’
‘My mate is buying one for me, but I can still come along to stretch my legs. Will Alpha Kale be okay with you going out?’
‘No,’ I smirked. ‘And that’s why I must go.’
‘You two still on each other’s neck?’ Giselle asked with a chuckle.
‘That bastard won’t apologise to me for all the wrongs he has done…’ They burst into laughter, Fina fell off the chair as she laughed seriously.
‘Sorry, I thought I heard you say you are waiting for Alpha Kale to apologise,’ Jo laughed.
‘I am,’ they burst into laughter again, Giselle joined Fina on the grass. Rhoda was sniggering. ‘What’s so funny?’
‘Alpha Kale will never apologise,’ Fina said laughingly.
‘He will,’ I said confidently.
‘Will he?’ She laughed. ‘Hope you can stay alive for ten thousand years, that is how long you will wait.’
‘If you are looking for apology, forget it,’ Giselle said with a dismissive wave of her hand.
‘So, you are all saying that getting my mate to ask for forgiveness is impossible?’ I scoffed.
‘Just as impossible as getting him to admit he loves you,’ they chorused with a laugh. I rolled my eyes. I don’t need to prove anything to them, I will be the first to get Kale to apologise, that’s a promise to myself.
The rest of the days were hectic, I went out of the pack for the first time since I came, Kale wasn’t present to boss me around and I warned them not to tell him, it was for my own good. Riley took me to a market for buying of mystical items, I bought the creatures and things I needed, ordered for the fishes online. I sent some out to buy the lanterns and some other needed things. With everything set, I was standing in the field giving orders on arrangement order and also helping to set some things. I had a feeling I was forgetting something important, something that I had to do, we all were.
‘Where should I put this chair Luna?’
‘Over there,’ I pointed at the spot. ‘Add that one to it… Mabel! I said lift the pillar, not smash it!’ I yelled, I had been ordering her around. ‘Freddy, please help Giselle carry the trays and wash them, thank you… Carina can you stop playing with the flowers! Hey Rick! Go assist your mother in the kitchen or help Kane set the tables!’
‘Luna,’ I turned to Andre. ‘Alpha Kale needs to talk to you, said you should drop your mental barrier.’
‘Alright, please go see if Joella needs help with the arrival of the equipment she ordered,’
‘Yes Luna,’ I looked into space and dropped my mental barrier.
‘Finally, do you have to be so strong headed?’
‘What do you want from me Kale?’
‘I got a picture of what you are doing, I’m impress,’
‘I repeat again, what do you want from me?’
‘Geez,’ he murmured. ‘Okay, I need you to come over here, I need to introduce you to a business partner, it’s important.’
‘Oh come on!’
‘Sacré bleu!’ Rhoda exclaimed, I looked at her. ‘Luna! You forgot to get your dress!’
‘Shit, thanks Rhoda,’
‘Kawee, are you there?’ Kale asked.
‘Yeah, forgot to buy my dress,’
‘You can come over, we will get you the dress before we return.’
‘I can’t, I have to stay back and make sure everything is well set, it’s after twelve already, only few more hours to go.’
‘The meeting is at three and will be over by four, you can buy your dress afterwards and return to the pack, what about that?’
‘What about you?’
‘I have other places to attend to, I will arrive to the party late, hope that is okay?’ I gasped dramatically.
‘Is that politeness I hear?’ I asked jokingly.
‘Don’t ruin it,’
‘Why do you want to show me off?’ I asked smirkingly. ‘Does it really have to do with business?’
‘No, one bloody bastard won’t stop making comments about his wife and how she is the most beautiful. The indirect insult to me is starting to get annoying, I need to shun in down and even though it pains me to admit me, you are the most beautiful female I know, and you are intimidating when you want to be. I just want to show you off a little, will you do it for your rock?’ He asked sardonically.
I exhaled. ‘Where are you?’
‘Don’t bother, Andre will take you to my pr!v@te airport, the jet will bring you here.’
‘I’m only doing this because I don’t have the strength to argue,’ I can swear he rolled his eyes mentally. ‘See you in a few hours… Hey! What am I going to wear?’
‘I already have everything prepared for you,’
‘Can Giselle come?’
‘Yes, okay… She can’t come anyways, she’s busy. I will have to come with Becca,’
‘Not necessary,’
‘I need someone to pick my dress, I don’t know anything about fashion,’
‘No.’ I raised my barrier, I don’t have time to argue. I was still regaining my strength.
‘Andre, can someone get me Andre?! Rhoda, please come!’ She zoomed to me. ‘I’m leaving, please take care of things here, okay?’
‘Yes Luna,’
‘Good work everyone, thanks for coming and assisting!’ I shouted, waving at everyone. They responded with greetings, bows and salutes. I ran out to find him.
My first plane ride was frightening, I would have passed out if Riley didn’t hold me tight, I went with her. The first thing I did when we got down was klzz the ground and lay there for thirty minutes. Riley had to carry me to the car as she laughed. When we got to Kale’s house, he already had maids ready to pamper me. They did my hair, makeup and dolled me up. I was so shocked by how beautiful I looked in the dress but I wasn’t going to let Kale admire me. He wants to boast with me, he’s mad. In the car, I changed to the dress I carried along, changed into some jeans, boots and hoodie. I repacked my hair and wiped my makeup clean. I looked perfect.
I got out of the car, smiling very widely. The person who led me was shocked to see what I was wearing. Kale would blow a fuse if he sees me. My hair swished behind me, whipping like a tail’s. I walked into the hall of laughing people, striding slowly. The butler led me to Kale who was talking to two men, a werewolf, his witch mate and three women.
‘Mr. Kane, your wife is here,’ he averted his eyes to me, and choked on his drink.
‘Hello sweetheart,’ I said in a singsong. He coughed violently, hitting his chest. ‘Oh sorry darling,’ I chuckled.
‘What the hell are you wearing?!’ He shouted, I rolled my eyes.
‘A hoodie, pants and boots?’
‘What happened to your dress?!’
‘I took it off, it is stressful and tiring. Plus, I told you I don’t want to be here, I’m tired and I need to continue my work, got a lot of papers to fill…’
‘What you are wearing is quite inappropriate Ms,’ one of the women said chidingly.
‘Miss,’ I corrected. ‘And madam, do I know you? Do you know me? No, mind your business.’ I looked back at Kale who was staring at me gobsmack. ‘I’ve shown myself, please attend to him and ignore my rudeness, I’m tired, frustrated and I just lost my baby so whatever, life is hard.’ I turned and walked out.
In your face Kale!
I ran off, running out of the building to the car. I was about entering when Kale spun me around and slammed me on the car. ‘What the f√¢k was that,’ he whispered yelled.
‘We are enemies, remember?’
‘I am a well respected man here, what you just pulled off will ruin my reputation!’
‘Read my lips, I…don’t…care,’
‘Goddammit woman,’ he cursed. ‘I asked you nicely!’
‘You forgot to say please,’ I smirked.
‘Why are you being too stubborn? Have marking you gotten into your head?’
‘I hate you, that is what have gotten into my head.’ He sighed sadly.
‘I really wanted you to wow them,’
Okay, what is this feeling in my chest?
Guilt Kawee, guilt.
I don’t like it, what do I do?
Fix it.
I opened my eyes, I was back in the car, that was a trance on what would happen if I did that. I didn’t want to feel guilty, no. I changed my dress but instead of attending the party, I went shopping. What? You thought because I got a vision I still wouldn’t punish him? Oh please.
I called for Riley, we spent the day shopping with Kale’s credit card. Riley used her husband’s but I used Kale’s. I bought so many things I lost track of time. After a pleasant shopping, we took a stroll along the street. I felt a little bit dizzy from exhausting my powers to build the field. Riley ran back to the shop to get her purse while I remained in the car, waiting for her. I decided to check on Kale.
‘What’s up?’
‘Up? Other than abandoning me?’
‘My original plan was to humiliate you but I changed my mind,’
‘And finished my money, thank you,’ he said sarcastically.
‘You’re welcome,’ I giggled.
‘Why did you change your mind?’
‘I don’t want guilt,’
‘Have I ever fixed what I did when guilty?’ He scoffed. ‘You are too stupid Kawee, use your head.’
‘Ungrateful prick,’
‘Disappointing bitch,’ I cut him off, fuming inwardly. After what I risked for him.
‘Men,’ someone sighed. I jumped with fright. ‘They are so typical,’ it was a weird looking spirit with black hair floating in the air.
‘Who are you?’
‘Eris, goddess of discord, how do you do?’ She asked sweetly.
‘What do you want Eris?’ I asked coldly.
‘Wow, someone’s fearlessness have rubbed off on you,’ she purred. She floated to my face. ‘I can just kill you now, so weak.’ She slurred again, taking a strand of my hair. Her voice had a natural seductive tone. ‘Ow!’ She screamed, stepping away from me. My hair don’t like her.
‘What do you want?’ I snapped.
‘Warn you, don’t sleep with Kale because the day you do, you shall die. You know there is a reason he is looking for the Seven Rings of Avalon,’
‘Seven Rings?’ I gasped. ‘Why?’
‘Your pretty boy was cursed by Zeus, the moment you sleep with him, your life shall be exchanged with his. That is the reason Selena chose you, for your purity.’
‘That’s a lie,’ I said shakily.
‘Oh really,’ she tilted her head, her hair flowing in the air like it was in water. ‘Then why would she mate you to her son knowing fully well he hates you? Why choose you of all women?’
‘You don’t know,’ she flew back, flowing around with her small body. ‘Selena is a selfish one, I won’t warn you again love, your funeral. Don’t ever trust him Kawee, Kale is a demon created by Selena and Apollo, don’t be fooled, he was made for a reason.’
‘Why are you telling me this?’
‘Easy, they want to create discord and that is my job, not theirs, also I like you, you’re pretty.’
‘Heed my warning Makawee, you’ll need it, ta.’ She poofed away. My heart was beating against my chest violently, that didn’t just terrify me, but shocked me.
But if that was true, why didn’t he complete the mating when he had the chance?
To be continued.
Kale isn’t really giving Kawee a reason to believe otherwise.

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