The devil’s mate episode 15

The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book fifteen ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint ¶¶¶
Soft sighs kept reverberating in my head, like Lona was continuously sighing in contentment. My ears twitched, I could hear birds and someone’s gentle heartbeat soothing my worried mind. My body hurt in so many areas, the pain came mostly from my head, heart and between my legs; especially there. I felt like crying with how different I felt, it was odd. I could hear thoughts I wasn’t sure was mine but was there. Something was different about me. Tapping to feel where I was with my eyes still shut, my hands came in contact with hard muscles, ones that made me shiver. Kale must have slept beside me…
Wait what!… Lona shrieked all of a sudden.
Kale, his wolf must have been…
Makawee! We are both still in heat!
I jumped up in panic, Kale jumped up too because of how I jumped up. I pulled open the duvet and screamed, my lungs hurting because it was sore but that didn’t stop me from screaming. Kale who fell out of the bed quickly jumped back in and covered my mouth, clamped his mighty palm on my lips and used the other hand to hold my head. I kept screaming, hitting the chest of the bastard, how could he do this to me!
‘Stop screaming,’ he whispered yelled. I shook my head and screamed louder. ‘Stop screaming or I’ll shove my face between your legs again,’ like someone pressed a remote, my scream was placed on pause. ‘Good girl,’ I glared at him. ‘I’m going to remove my hand, don’t scream or else,’ he warned threateningly. I nodded in obedience. He removed his hand but stayed at a close angle, close enough for me to give him the biggest slap I had ever given anyone in my entire life.
‘Arrogant selfish bastard,’ I cried. He stared at me with eyes wide open in shock, no one have ever hit him in the face before. I moved away from him, crying in convulsion. ‘Disrespectful prick, do you think disrespecting my body would make you feel better!’
‘You goddamn motherfucking cunt! I didn’t sleep with you! At least not directly…’
‘How would you explain my nakedness?! You raped me!’
‘I didn’t, I don’t do rape… Okay I was going to but I didn’t,’ he said softly, rubbing his aching cheek.
‘Then why do I feel so much pain and why is there a stain on the bed?’ I scoffed.
‘My intention was to complete the mating process myself, I brought you here,’ he threw his head back with eyes closed. ‘Damn I love your body, so soft and slippery, fit in perfectly in my mouth… Do you know you taste like honey and cinnamon? Especially that juicy twat of yours…’ I glared at him menacingly. He raised his hands up in surrender. ‘In the end I couldn’t do it, my conscience wouldn’t let me defile you when you aren’t awake so instead of ramming you, I rammed your ass…’
‘How is that any better?!’
‘I fucked your ass, not your puss, be grateful to me. Plus, I said I wouldn’t do it when you are asleep, no one said anything about when you are awake. Don’t feel proud, I didn’t do it because I care or anything.’ He rolled his eyes and got out of the bed.
Don’t just stand there staring at his back! Kill him!… Lona shrieked angrily.
Kale had some kind of crescent moon tattoo on his back, the moon was inside a sun. I am sure he was born with it. He wore only his boxers as he walked to the bathroom, he was thinking about how he should have completed the mating without permission. I scrunched my nose, how was I hearing his thoughts more vividly?
Check your neck.
I touched my neck, something was there. I gasped, he didn’t, did he? I crawled out of the bed, rolling the duvet around my body. I winced, the idiot, pig. I struggled to the mirror and checked my neck. I did not like what I saw, Kale marked me. My mark took a beautiful crescent moon shape, a small platinum crescent moon with a little diamond star above the moon. The light of the moon luminated down, heading nowhere but everywhere. It was beautiful, so beautiful it made my eyes water. Kale must have turned on the shower, time to get my revenge. Switching the ability of my eye lens, I zoomed in on the bathroom wall, seeing through it. I looked up at the lightbulbs and snapped my fingers, switching my eye lens back to normal.
‘Aaaaaaaaah! Makawee!’ I smiled with satisfaction and rubbed my thumb against my index finger, small sparks flew at the action. Kale screamed more, I could feel the pain faintly, but it was bearable. ‘If I come out there, I’ll kill you!’ I clapped my hands, he howled in pain.
‘Alpha, alpha are you alright?’ Andre, the beta asked from behind the door.
‘He is absolutely fine,’ I replied.
‘Oh, I’m sorry for disturbing,’ Kale ran out of the bathroom in a robe, huffing and shivering.
‘Did you have to electrocute me?!’
‘Would you prefer I turn you to stone? I can do anything doable,’ I smirked.
‘Don’t make me…’
‘Touch me again and I’ll kill you and die along, you do not disrespect the body of a priestess, it’s w…’
‘So that’s what you are, priestess of what?’
‘None of your business,’ I sneered. I dragged myself to the bathroom door where he was standing. ‘Hope you are happy now seeing me in so much pain,’
‘I am, I am really happy, Killian too…aaaaah… Goddammit Kawee!’ I grabbed his wrist and transferred bolts of electricity to his body. He fell on his knees, groaning in pain. He tried to yank his hand away but couldn’t, his pulse weren’t reacting. ‘Don’t make me hurt you Kawee! Stop!’ I let go of his hand and slapped his head, he screamed again, I love his scream.
‘Don’t mess with me Kale, that never hurt a werecreatures rule is gone. I do not care about any of your kind, you hurt me, I break you, that is my new rule.’ And with that proud statement made, I walked into the bathroom, feeling on top of the world.
Guess ready to welcome your Luna jerks!
Pride, that was all I felt as I walked out of the manor, people bowing their heads. I guess they could tell that I had been marked, they could tell I was now their Luna. Oh the faces of those who scorned at me, the faces of those who knew how powerful I was. Okay, they all seem to have gotten the memo that it was my doing, I did the thunder and lightning thing, I saved them. Just like Kale, they were wondering why I didn’t defend myself, why I let myself get badly hurt the whole time. If there was anything they felt for me now, it was respect, gratitude and love. I wasn’t that girl they dragged from her island, I wasn’t one of my people, I was indeed different. I finally understood why mother told me never to hurt them, why she warned me against fighting back. If I had, I would never have earned their trust and respect, never have earned their acceptance. The suffering was worth enduring.
‘Luna,’ someone called in a singsong, Lyle of course. I chuckled and whirled around to face him. He jogged over to me and did a mock bow. ‘Her Royal Lunaty,’ he greeted, taking my hand. I whipped it off as I laughed.
‘Hi Carlyle,’
‘Men! That lightning thing you did was amazing! How haven’t you done that before?!’
‘It wasn’t necessary, where’s Elle?’
‘Sleeping, alive because of you, thank you Kawee, my wolf and I owe you one.’
‘You’re welcome, wanna go spa?’
‘And get fried, no thanks,’
‘Stop,’ I laughed. ‘Gotta go now…’ I sighted Mabel. ‘Got someone to taunt… Mabel!’ She froze. ‘Come here,’ I commanded. She looked at me with fear. Lyle chuckled.
‘Just let her be Kawee, you will earn more respect that way,’
‘Nevermind,’ I waved her off. ‘What do a Luna do anyways? I don’t know a thing,’
‘Why don’t you rest? You look really pale,’
‘Resting isn’t easy, I’m the restless type.’
‘Why don’t you spend your time getting your mate’s total affection? As long as he has marked you, it would be easier to get his affection, he has a soft spot for you now.’ I rolled my eyes.
‘Well, he sure has a wonderful way of showing it,’ I said sarcastically. He chuckled and nudged my arm with his. ‘What,’ I drawled poutingly. ‘The last time I tried it, he sent me out of his car and made the rain wet me, not the best mate.’
‘Kale is hard, you know that, romantic things don’t work on him.’
‘Aha!’ I exclaimed and snapped my fingers. ‘You’re a genius Carlyle!’
‘I am?’ He asked puzzledly. ‘How?’
‘He threw me out of his car the moment I tried to be sweet, but admire me when I fired his dirty ass with lightning, when I showed him I’m a strong one, not a sissy. Kale doesn’t love munchy stuffs, he loves hard games so romance isn’t the first step to take if I want him to love him – even though I don’t love him – all I need is to be Makawee, not Bakawee, brilliant!’
‘I don’t think that’s…’
‘Thank you so much Lyle, you are now 10% smarter,’ I pecked his nose and ran back to the house, mentally jubilating. Something was pricking at my mind, what’s that?
Lower your mental barrier… Lona instructed.
Just do it… Shrugging my shoulders, I let it down, jogging up the stairs.
‘Frog legs,’ Kale’s voice echoed in my head. I reeled back in shock, almost tumbled over the banister.
‘How are you in my head?!’
‘I marked you,’
‘The mating isn’t completed,’
‘But I can still access your mind, for others it would have been a limited time but for me, just marking you gives me access to your thoughts, imaginations and even your dreams. For example, I just went through your memory, you met the moon goddess? Why the hell didn’t you tell me?!’
‘Stop yelling, you are in someone’s head, and I didn’t tell you because it is none of your business.’
‘She told you to make me love you, that’ll explain the weird crying in my car,’
‘I don’t intend to do that anymore,’
‘Why?’ He asked almost upsettingly.
‘Because you are not worth my attention, time and fake love,’ I felt a rush of his emotions; shock, bitterness, anger, disrespected… Wow, that’s good.
‘Are you trying to say that someone else out there is worth your fake love?’ Oh, I hear jealousy.
‘From when I was a child, I told the gods to take my life before I fall in love, I would rather die than fall in love with you or make you fall in love with me because you sicken me. If it wasn’t for the fact that we were mates, I would have preferred loving a werecat, they are much more sexier and good looking and strong and more affectionate…’
‘You fool! Most of their kinds don’t have mate!’ He yelled angrily.
‘Exactly,’ I giggled out loud, this was exactly what I needed to do, treat him the exact way he treats me.
‘You are a lunatic,’
‘And you are a ballless good for nothing dog fucked wanker,’ he growled at me, at least his wolf did. ‘Oh, sorry Killian, I didn’t mean for you to get insulted, try to ignore all my insults because it is all meant for Kale. Put it at the back of your mind that I love you and nothing is meant for you but the idiotic bloviating narcissist that shares a mind with you, got it my rock?’ Killian barked happily.
‘I always knew you were a cursed one, how can you love the dog and not me?’
‘Because the dog has more spine and is way better than you,’
‘Are you choosing him over me? An animal?’
‘It was never a selection to be optioned, it had always been Killian and Killian it would forever be. You should be sorry for your pathetic life, quite pitiful that the animal is whom I choose over the human I can actually see. You are more cursed than I am.’
‘Keep insulting me and…’
‘And you’ll what?’ I asked challengingly. ‘Come on mate, you will what?’
‘Now look what you have done Killian, do you always have to show off in everything?!’
‘My rock, I’m off to haunt with the other warriors or train, love you.’
‘You are not allowed to communicate with any of my pack members, absolutely forbidden.’ He commanded. If the moon goddess couldn’t command me, what makes him think he can?
‘Oh yeah? Try and stop me,’ I raised my barrier again, blocking him out from reading my thoughts as well. He thinks he has powers, he has no idea he is not mated to an ordinary girl. I ran to my room, changed into something I could train in and skipped outside. I walked to the garage, I could finally use a car without asking for permission.
‘Good morning Luna,’ the guy washing the cars greeted with respect.
‘Can I get someone to drive me to the arena? I need someone or something to punch,’
‘Oh, I can call one of the pack driver’s…’
‘You know what, never mind, I just remembered I can teleport, thanks.’ I fell backward like a dead man, a portal opened up in the ground before I hit it. The portal reopened at the arena, I laughed as the wind rushed against my skin, I was falling from the top of the arena. I saw them looking at me, Kale was there looking up at me with a frown.
‘Do you have to be so dramatic?!’ He shouted.
‘Catch me slave,’ I laughed. I spun spirally until he caught me in his arms. ‘Awwwn, he’s useful,’ he sneered and dropped me roughly. ‘Ow,’ I groaned. ‘Jerk.’
‘Oh so now I’m a bitch? Okay,’ I stood up and took ten steps away from him. I flexed muscles and winked at him. ‘Let’s fight.’
‘I am not going to fight with you, you might have powers but you do not have any fighting skills…’
‘Insult, let’s fight so I can show you never to underestimate me,’ I said, bouncing around. He chuckled.
‘Stop doing that, you look ridiculous,’
‘Come on, fight me,’ I whined poutingly.
‘If you badly want to get beaten up, then fine. Becca, I give you the authority to beat the living life out of your Luna…’
‘Really?’ I put my arms akimbo. ‘Do you have to put it that way?’
‘Yes, Robecca, beat her up and Kawee, don’t use your powers.’
‘Yes Alpha,’ I am very well insulted.
Tell me about it… Lona scoffed… Beat her up Kawee… No, make the fight just three seconds or ten, okay?
Got it.
Robecca looked uncomfortable as she looked between me and Kale, I rolled my eyes and signalled her to come. ‘Fight in three, two, one…’ Robecca unexpectedly leapt towards me, throwing her body in the air. A werewolf wouldn’t be able to dodge it but she didn’t expect that I had my own reflexes and agility. The throw was so fast it would take grace to escape the body smack. I jumped up too when she was too close to divert. Grabbing her neck, I wrapped my legs around her waist, spun us around so her back would collide with the ground instead of mine and slammed her on the ground, pressing her head into the ground as my hands clasped tightly to her skull. If it was a real battle, I would have crushed her skull.
‘Pinned,’ I looked over at Kale with a smirk. ‘Still feel like beating me up sweetheart?’
‘Okay, underestimating you is wrong, lesson learnt. Andre, continue your wife’s job.’
‘Are you kidding me!’ I exclaimed.
‘Yes, I want to humiliate you,’ he said with a shrug.
‘What a perfect mate,’ I scorned. ‘I have a better idea,’ I stood up from Becca and walked to the other side. I drew a circle on the floor with my foot, muttering to myself. ‘Rise,’ I commanded. Dust rose from the circle, circling the circle and whirling up. The dust took a form, a rubber Kale. ‘Viola! My very own punching bag!’
‘Don’t you dare Makawee…’ I punched his face hard, the rubber was connected to him. The punch hurled him across the arena and smashed him on the wall. ‘Fuck Makawee, what is wrong with you and hitting me?!’
‘Maybe because I hate you so much I keep wondering why you are my mate!’ I punched his stomach. ‘And you marked me without permission,’ I roundhouse kicked his rib, hitting the real Kale. ‘And I want you dead!’ I ran back and ran forward to body smack him. He was faster, he ran from where he was pressed against the wall and tackled me down. I quickly tied my legs around his waist, whirled us over and pinned him to the ground. ‘Pinned.’ I said grinningly.
He chuckled. ‘Do you really think you can defeat me, Makawee?’
‘Do you think that in the nearest future we will ever fight?’ He laughed and pushed his head into the ground.
‘No, I don’t think so,’
‘I’m hungry, I haven’t eaten,’ see why I say he is a sucker for strong woman?
‘Let’s get that stomach of yours filled then,’ he encircled my waist with his hands, raised it up to my back and stood up with me. I kept my legs and hands around his waist. ‘I’m going to a human town for business, want to tag along?’
‘Can I drive?’
‘And kill my expensive car, no.’
‘I was actually planning to run you over with the car,’ he flicked my forehead.
‘Stop thinking about murdering me, I don’t think about that again.’ I rubbed my forehead poutingly.
‘I will do whatever I like because you are not the… Hey! Can we run there? I want to meet my rock.’
‘No.’ He deadpanned.
‘Jealous much,’ I scoffed. ‘Can I call Carina? I don’t know what to wear.’
‘Don’t bother, I will dress you up myself,’
‘And end up looking like the queen of madness, no thank you.’
‘Mind you, I have a very big reputation to protect,’ he was out of the arena now. Kale would never hold me so close if I didn’t just beat someone up… Defeated. The admiration will last for two more minutes. ‘Why didn’t you tell me you can fight?’
‘Why didn’t you ask me?’
‘Touché,’ he chuckled. ‘Who trained you?’
‘The spirit of five powerful warriors,’ he sneered. ‘I’m not lying. My mother summoned their spirits and had them train me, I can also use spirit magic if I want to.’
‘Wasn’t it dangerous?’
‘It was, almost died more than I can count, but mother went to great length to get me prepared for the war in the future.’
He arched his brow. ‘What war?’
‘I don’t know,’
‘Hmm, what kind of priestess are you?’
‘That’s the problem, I don’t know. All mother told me was that I was blessed by many gods and goddesses when I was born, that is why I have access to their powers. She didn’t tell me more than that.’
‘Do you have any spirit living in you?’ I furrowed my brows. ‘When I marked you, I felt something in you, buried and locked up but in reach. When I tried to reach it like the first time I healed you, it almost fried my brains. What is that?’
‘Mother calls it the well of our powers, the inner goddess in me. It is a spirit, a voice and the face of the unknown. Mother had it too but hers wasn’t as powerful as mine, mine speaks to me all the time while hers only speaks when she is in dire need of it. I don’t know what it is, mother also says the well hold all my blessings and…’ My eyes widened, my memory flashed back to all mother told me, how she wanted me to marry a god.
‘She told me once that no mortal, not even the strongest supernatural can bond with me or die because that spirits makes me pure. She did mention that only those higher than semi immortals can break that purity and bond our celestial powers… Aren’t you some kind of god?’
‘Yes,’ he shook his head. ‘Mother, what are you up to?’
‘What are the gods up to should be the question, our mating isn’t just for fun Kale, we have to find out why before we do anything stupid.’
‘Well, I don’t care, I have better things to worry about.’
‘Better things like…’
‘Good morning alpha,’ two teenagers greeted. ‘Good morning Luna.’
‘Scram,’ Kale growled.
‘Don’t be so mean Kale, they were just greeting,’ I said calmly.
‘She’s so nice,’ I heard one whisper as they ran off. That’s it.
‘I just remembered something,’ he dropped me on the ground, like literally threw me on the ground. ‘Don’t get too close.’ I stood up sharply, dashed behind him and jumped on his back.
‘Piggyback it is,’
‘You have speed too, what don’t you have?’
‘One thing, patient when I tell you to do something,’ I kicked his sides. ‘Now what were we talking about?’
‘Get down before I throw you down,’ he threatened. I tightened my grip around his neck and waist. He sighed in defeat and walked again.
‘Now, what better things?’ I reverted back to my question.
‘How does none of your business sound?’
‘How does you are so immature sound?’
‘Can you get away from me? How did I end up carrying you again?’ He snarled. I moved my hand to his hair and gently massaged his scalp.
‘You have serious temper, you need to learn to control it before it completely controls you,’
‘Preach woman,’ he said sardonically. I smiled and rest my head on his shoulder.
‘Come on, tell me what is more important? I can help because I read a lot.’
‘Don’t make me regret asking you out to join me on a business trip,’ now, to throw his offer back in his face. I jumped down from his back and cocked my hips. He turned to face me, raising a brow at me.
‘I just remembered that I rather spend the time writing boring papers than be with you,’ I turned, intentionally whipping my hair around so it would flog his face. ‘Safe journey.’ I headed back to the arena.
‘But…’ I halted and looked at him over my shoulder emotionlessly. ‘Don’t you want to stretch your legs?’
‘I don’t need you to do that, if I want to, I have my friends and Lyle to do that.’
‘Carlyle has a mate,’ he snapped.
‘Good day Alpha,’ I walked ahead, smiling inwardly.
You are so cool!… Lona shrieked.
I know… I squealed… The constant rejection would soon make him want to prove that he is good enough. Are we cool or what?
Dope cool! But why would the goddess mate us to his son? Does she have any need for your powers?
For now, let’s find out later.
I teleported to Mommy Renée, I needed something to do. She was at the hospital petting her sleeping daughter. I have had about enough of her silent crying over her daughter. ‘Hello mother,’ she wiped her tears quickly.
‘Oh, hi Kawee, you look peaky and your hair is black.’
‘I exhausted my powers, still have small in me. What do I do here as a Luna?’
‘Well, for a start, you ought to be the one following the other Lunas present to plan the festival which is in three days.’
‘But no Luna is doing that,’
‘Exactly!’ She exclaimed. ‘Every year I do it myself because none of them seem to have any proper sense to do it. You want to impress them, you, Giselle and the new Luna of Steel Pack, she hates sitting around and doing nothing too. I will have my assistant come to you to fill you in on all I have done.’
‘Thank you mom,’ I kissed her cheek. ‘For all you have done, I will repay you now.’
She chuckled. ‘How?’ I stepped back and sat on the bed. I took Renée’s hands and smiled at her.
‘Feel the little energy I have left, strong enough to heal you. When I say move, stand up Renée, rise…’ I blew air into her face, transferring my healing energy to her. ‘Move!’ She jerked up, sneezing convulsively. Mom Renée gasped and cupped her mouth. ‘Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to pass for a few minutes…’ My eyes rolled into the back of my head, my body dropping on the bed.
Congratulations, you are completely weak now.
|~|~|~|~|~|~|~ Ophelia ~|~|~|~|~|~|~|
I stared at myself in the water, the broken daughter of Athena, all because I couldn’t let go. Bitterness and depression had finished me, nothing was left but a empty beauty. The wind around me changed, someone was here. She floated behind me, holding my shoulders as she smirked. She is never good news.
‘What do you want Eris?’ I sighed.
‘Are you aware Moon found his mate, a very powerful damsel, even the gods are comparing her to Aphrodite and Artemis herself…’ She flew around me and giggled. ‘Aren’t you going to do anything about it?’
‘Because there is no need fighting for someone who loves another, no need.’
‘But don’t you wish to avenge yourself? Satisfy your bitterness for all he did to you? Ophelia, the beautiful adopted daughter of Athena, cast away in disgrace. Ophelia, even if you can’t hurt his celestial body, you can now hurt his earthly through her. Kill her, have her killed and Moon’s werewolf body will die.’
‘He shall return and kill me!’ I shouted frantically.
‘Not if he doesn’t know it’s you,’ she smirked slyly. ‘Moon has a lot of mortal enemies, three who hates him with passion, one whose powers are as dark as death, devil’s mortal son. Two seeks the seven rings of Avalon, one will wipe an entire pack to get it. All I need is your permission and I shall do the rest.’
‘Eris I know you, nothing good ever comes out of you. Your discord is what turned Artemis, and Chloris against Selene…’
‘What?’ She gasped, simulating innocence. ‘Me? I did no such things,’ I looked at her emotionlessly. She rolled her eyes. ‘Fine, maybe I did a little bit of something, but I still did them all good. Look, I cross my heart,’ she slashed her chest. ‘I will not turn my back against you, I will just do all it takes to terminate Moon. If he doesn’t get the rings soon, he will die. You all know it is impossible to find it, ever since The Lady of Avalon hid her island, no one have been able to get it, not even Zeus. He is wasting his time and I am going to make his death faster.’
‘So, what did he do to you?’
‘Not him, his father. Let’s just say I have a score to settle with Apollo and Selene, well Apollo actually but let’s imagine Selene is included. Do you want me to help you? Or not?’
‘She is powerful,’
‘Not as much as a goddess,’ she took my hand, floating in the air above me. ‘Do you want me to help you, Ophelia?’
‘Good,’ she suddenly cut my palm with her dagger, collected three drops of my blood and flew back. ‘It was nice doing business with you Ophelia, but unfortunately, no one can get in my way with her conscience.’ She said with a disdainful sneer.
‘What…’ I was getting drowsy. ‘What have you done?’ I cried.
‘Goodnight sleeping beauty, see you in…’ She grinned. ‘A thousand years, ta!’ She poofed into dust, her laughter blaring in the air. I fell on my knees, Eris tricked me.
‘Artemis, please find and report everything to Artemis,’ I whispered before releasing the dragonfly in my hand. I collapsed on the water, sinking into a thousand years darkness.
To be continued.
And the war is about to start.

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