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The devil’s mate episode 14

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The devil’s mate episode 14 by : 5:59 am On March 12, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate •••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Kemmy B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book fourteen ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
I stared at Taylor and the nurses as they tried to revive me, they knew I wasn’t dead and believed they could actually do something about it when I didn’t say so. Good thing they hadn’t cut me open. Kale was laid on another bed beside mine, as still as a block of ice, just the way I want it. If he should ever wake up, he would respect me, even if not love, respect. I know it’s wickedness but haven’t I gone through enough? He needs to feel it too.
‘Why didn’t anyone tell me that the girl was his mate?!’ I heard the beta yell outside. I stood up and walked to the door, my hands behind my back. I walked through the door and to them, smiling at their worried faces. They could feel their wolves mourning already, Kale was half dead.
‘Because he commanded us not to,’ Jeremy said sadly. ‘Who would have guessed with how bad he treated her, it was not obvious.’
‘It sort of was,’ an elder said, chewing a stick. ‘The way he killed his choice mate for her, how nice he was to her even when he was still wicked. Okay, maybe it wasn’t obvious, but it was suspicious. My suspicion was confirmed when I heard that he made her watch while he mated with another she-wolf, that was childish and something that would only pain his mate.’
‘Alpha’s heart is too strong, mate with another female, that’s heartless even to an enemy,’ Riley murmured.
‘I knew though,’ Lyle said with a shrug. The alphas of the other packs were all here, showing their support and concern. Not all, few was waiting for him to die so they could quickly overtake the pack, I could read minds. As much as Kale has a lot of admirers, he has a lot of envious worshippers.
‘How’s the pack members?’ Another alpha asked.
‘Most have pack themselves outside the hospital, crying and praying to the moon goddess to save both of them.’ Jeremy replied.
‘Carina, Giselle, Robecca and two other she-wolves volunteered to take the children out of town before the depression falls on their young growing wolves,’ d√¢kson added. It have been eighteen hours since we were in the hospital, the pack was bothered. I had six hours left, I could feel it.
‘Carina shouldn’t be out, she needs to be indoor because of the baby.’
‘Baby? It’s just few months, haven’t even protruded Jeremy, calm down.’
‘Shut up d√¢kson…’ My eyes suddenly zoomed in on the forest, far into the forest. A army of wolves were coming, both hounds and pledged pack wolves were coming. I knew instantly that one of the alpha’s must have been planning an attack but waiting for the right time. Looking closer, there were two different packs and few hired hounds. My eyes zoomed out, they were already pass the eastern borders and everyone was too weak and worried to notice. My eyes zoomed out further, they were heading to the children and my friends!
‘Shit!’ I ran back into the theater, Kale was jerking and Taylor trying to hold on to him and soothe him. I placed my hand on my body’s head, muttering the spell and combining my spirit back to my body. I jumped into my body, connecting my spirit back with my soul. I rose up with a big gasp, the bulbs in the room sparking up.
‘Makawee!’ Taylor exclaimed. I coughed violently, holding on to the bed as I gasped for air. My eyes had swollen, face probably pale. One of the nurse held me, I pushed her away, yanked off all the drips connected to my body. ‘Makawee, calm down!’ Riley and Jeremy ran in, followed by the others. ‘Where’s the oxygen mask? Where did she throw it to?’
‘Stop,’ I coughed. I looked at the faces of all the alphas, my eyes twitched at two old alphas. ‘How dare you try to attack my pack when it Alpha is down,’ I growled. Okay, that wasn’t me.
‘Makawee, what are you talking about?’ Riley asked. Widening my eyes, my eyes glowed, my psychokinesis pushing and pinning them to the wall.
‘These two alphas summoned their warriors, the eastern borders have been breached. Army of hounds and werewolves are coming and the children are there, in the forest looking at birds…’
‘Carina!’ Jeremy shouted and dashed out of the hospital, Carlyle and d√¢kson followed. The other alphas ran out too, to help the way they could. Riley crashed on the ground, breaking into tears.
‘They wouldn’t be able to get to them on time,’ one of the nurse cried. ‘My son is there, it took me fifteen years to bear him for my mate…’
‘Everybody, step away from me, stand at the wall and whatever you do, don’t move.’ I commanded.
‘What are you going to do?’
‘Step back Riley, back,’ I stood up, pushing the dizziness to the back of my head. I closed my eyes, crossed my hands into a X and pressed it on my chest. ‘The clouds and I are one
Elements are mine to on
Wind, fire, earth and water
I summon not just four
I call on them and more
Move at the roll of my eyes
Rise at the command in my voice
Mighty gods and goddess
All that loved me from birth
Upon this element I call
Electricity to dwell in me
Thunder to rumble at my feet
Lightning to strike those I seek
Listen to the call of Cee…’ Mind you, I summoned my elements telepathically.
★★★ Kale ★★★
My wolf chanted, I was too weak to stand up, too weak to move a muscle. I could hear someone saying something, heard gasps and then feet. They knew now but they needed me. I could see the attackers, could see the children that would die.
Get up Kale!… I sprang up to my feet, my body acting on it own. I opened my eyes, momentarily caused to forget what I woke up to do.
The room was filled with electricity flying through the room like loose bolts of lightning, covering the floor like a sea of current, striking the walls but not damaging it. The electricity was white, white lightning if I would call it that. Taylor, three nurses and Riley were all bent over and gluing themselves to the walls in fright. My eyes darted to the cause of the electrical charge, how the hell it was possible, I was greeted with the sight of my mate. Makawee stood close to a bed, her skin glowing like she had millions of glowworms in her and fireflies. Her long white hair had turn into a surge of current, electrical currents, that was where the electricity was coming from. The electric wrapped around her hands, bind her waist and struck the floor underneath her feet. She was glowing so bright I couldn’t see her face, just two holes where her eyes used to be. I was shocked to see her like that, I could swear she was powerless.
She was waving her hands, like she was attacking something or someone that wasn’t here. Two alphas laid dead on the floor, roasted beyond recognition. She stomped her foot on the floor, the room quaked as thunder roared at the slam of her foot. It would have touched me but it stopped when it got to me, like she knew I was there. ‘Go Kale, they need you.’ Her voice echoed in the room like thunder, she didn’t even have to move her lips.
Let’s be paralysed by shock later, go Kale!… Killian shouted. I zoomed out of the ward, slowing down my shift until I was out of the hospital. Channelling a little of my celestial energy into me, I sped through the road, zooming past the other wolves, pushing them out of the way. I sent a link to all the warriors, the ones who were waiting outside the hospital and hadn’t notice I was gone.
We ran into the forest, thunderclouds covered the sky, lightning surging to the ground and causing the earth to quake. Series of thunderbolts flashed and clapped, shaking through the forest and scaring the animals away. Killian drifted to a stop at the scene, the children were all standing at a corner with Rebecca’s wolf and the other two she-wolves standing in front of them, staring in shock. The lightning struck the ground, falling down and separating them from the other wolves, acting as a force field stopping them from going further. Most of them were dead, struck by lightning and few chained to the ground by electricity. The lightning blocked the other side, stopping them from running away as well. The lightning gave way for me, enough for me to jump in and attack. The others arrived, awestruck by the lightning shield one both sides.
‘Admire later, fight,’ I ordered through the mind link. The lightning parted for them, giving them way to join me in killing the intruders. I ripped out the flesh of the wolves my teeth caught, tearing them limb from limb with my paws. Since Makawee already killed almost all of them, the fight ended as soon as it started. Killian howled loudly, a howl filled with pride. His… Our mate not only mysteriously rose up from the dead, she woke up just to save my pack, our pack. The quality of a real Luna.
As Killian howled, the others howled, a howl of victory. I collapsed for only few hours and my pack was attacked, lesson learnt. The thunderclaps increased, the surge of lightning slowly whirling around us. The others became frightened, the lightning steadily klzzed the ground, whirling around us circularly. What is she doing? I had to follow the motion of the lightning, it was trying to pass them so it would get to me, to kill me?
No, she wouldn’t.
‘All of you, get out,’ Jeremy jumped out first, the other alphas followed him by instinct until they were all out. I was the only one in the circle of lightning, waiting for what she would do. The lightning zoned in on me, shifting closer by every whirl. I crouched on the ground, shifting back to my human with eyes sealed shut and hoping I would hear her voice.
‘Draw my lightning into you, it wouldn’t kill you but it will copy the connection you have with all your packs, every single pack under you, one that shares your mind link so it won’t hurt them. No outsider will ever cross your property without permission, at least those with evil and dark intention. Can you let me do that, Kale?’
‘You will exhaust yourself Kawee, don’t do it.’
‘But I need to protect them, those young wolves almost got killed, they would have died.’
‘I can’t let you do that Makawee,’
‘At least let me protect the main pack, this town, please?’
‘As you wish,’ immediately I whispered that, the lightning closed in on me. Like she said, it didn’t kill me, and the pain was bearable. I groaned, my claws extending and stretching into the ground. The lightning abruptly retracted, going back to the thunderclouds.
‘Kale, get everyone inside their houses, now!’
‘Everyone, I want you all to run as fast as you can until you are safely inside any building, go!’ I shifted to help carry the terrified children, the thunderboomer was scaring them. I messaged every single pack member to do the same, telling them to inform the other alphas’ packs as well. Catching a little girl delicately between my teeth, I ran straight to the hospital.
‘Don’t come to the hospital, everyone have been sent out,’ Makawee’s voice came in the whisper again. I took a U-turn and ran to the manor, the other alphas behind me and struggling to meet up with my pace. The other wolves were all running inside, all wondering what was going on. I ran into the house, shifting quickly and throwing the children off my back. I dropped the girl and ran to my room to get something to wear. I hurriedly threw on a shirt and jeans.
The thunderclaps which had gotten extremely louder for minutes suddenly silent, so quiet it was like it was never there. Everywhere was as quiet as a graveyard, the sky completely black like we were in the middle of the night. I looked at the time, almost noon.
‘Block the children’s ears Kale, I know you can do that,’
‘One minute,’ I quickly sent a mind link, telling everyone to tell their wolves to shut their ears and be ready for anything. I used my powers to silent the inner wolves of the children and weak elders, just in case.
‘f√¢king goddess!!!!’ I screamed at the top of my voice, the biggest and loudest thunderblast I have ever heard since I was born both as a god and a werewolf blared through the quiet atmosphere, the strongest and massive lightning striking the earth at the blast of the thunder. The earthquake shook the manor, shook me. I felt something different cross me, something powerful.
Such powers wasn’t possible. Who the f√¢k am I mated to!
Now I understand why the goddess chose her… Killian added.
The lightning stopped, the thunderclouds swallowed itself up and returned to wherever it came from. The darkness that clothed the bright sky withered away, everything like nothing ever happened. Except for my ringing ears and rapidly beating heart, there was no other sound heard for miles. I stood up, a little bit flustered but in control. I ran out of my room, I needed to check on Makawee, she had to be okay. The hospital was completely drained out of electricity or over charged, there was no power in the small building. I ran inside, going back to the theatre, she wasn’t there. I followed my instinct, ran to the roof top and there she was on the ground, laying on her side, out cold. The glorious white lightning hair I saw earlier was nothing but black hair, the beautiful locks sprawled on the ground, her body and face. Her skin was pale, like she had her blood and life force s√¢ked out of her. L'ttle bolts of electricity sparked in her hair and f!ng£rs, running up to her neck.
‘Makawee?’ I called softly, crouching beside her. I contemplated not touching her because of the lightning but decided to. I gently carried her up to sit, some of her hair falling on my knees. I placed my hand behind her, holding her waist gently, my other hand pushing her hair off her face. ‘My beautiful mate,’ I whispered, tucking some locks behind her ears. ‘I have been such a jerk to you, a bloody goddamned asshole since you came here, not a good mate…’ I brushed my thumb on her cheek. ‘You watched me wipe out your entire family from the face of the earth, went through hell in the hands of my pack members even though you saved one of us. You were starved, beaten, humiliated, blinded, so many horrible things and me being your mate didn’t make it easy for you. I suffered you emotionally, tortured you mentally and almost broke you because of anger and pomposity. In all of it, you still forgave me, you still tried to be nice to me even when you could have easily made me suffer along with my packs for all they did to you.
Why Makawee? Why did you let us suffer you when you had this powers? Why did you endure so much when you could fight? Why forgive me so easily? You woke up from the half dead I placed you, you didn’t think of anything else than to save the very same people that caused you so much pain, saved so many children, pregnant females… All of us. Why? Why are you so filled with goodness and purity? Why are you so forgiving? After everything I did, you still saved me, never have anyone saved me since I was born. What are you made of Makawee? What?’ I carried her up to lean on my chest, moving her hair out of the way. ‘I am very what you will call a sincere apology, can’t remember the word exactly but I know it’s that thing mother and Rick have been trying to get me to say. I deeply feel remorse for all I have done to you Makawee, and from now on I will try my best to treat you like a mate, my mate, the Luna of this pack…’
A normal person will say this quack apology when the person being apologised to his awake!… Killian yelled.
Why should I apologise when she’s awake? That’s ridiculous.
Oh Kale… He sighed.
Do you want me to mark her? So she will never be able to reject us again?
Yes! Yes!… Killian said excitedly… Mark mate now we have the chance.
Without her permission?
Who cares? Mark her!
I pushed her hair away completely, to get the view of the pack of her neck I had dreamt about marking. I wasn’t sure how she would react to it when she woke up, but I knew she would forgive me because she was that nice. Extending my fangs, I tilted her neck a little, pulling her up a little. Her wonderful scent made my desire burn up, I remembered I was still in heat and fully active. Marking her without her knowledge is one thing, completing the mate bond on my own is another. I’m sure she won’t mind me killing this heat.
Kale, you have started again, cut the selfishness out. Kawee will be very mad if…
It won’t change a thing, she is now my mate and Luna whether she likes it or not. I lost her once, I’m never losing her again… I can swear I sounded very possessive there.
I don’t want to care, I almost died because of her. Mother wants me to accept my mate, well I will.
To be continued.
Kale, just too stubborn and will never accept the truth even if it’s kicking him in the face. He was feeling gratitude and respect, he hated it and then he found a way to ruin it to make himself feel better.
How would Makawee react when she wakes up fully mated and marked by the devil, a Luna. 😂 Somebody is going to get roasted.

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