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The devil’s mate episode 13

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The devil’s mate episode 13 by : 5:58 am On March 12, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Kemi B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book thirteen ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
Heat, I don’t like it, I hate it, I really hate it! I was rolling on my bed, hair like a bed nest, eyes shallow and skin red from too much itching. I was frustrated, hot, desperate, hot… Did I forget to add frustrated? Yes, frustrated. I kept chewing my pillow, bedsheet, my dress, everything I could chew. Okay, maybe my hair wasn’t a bird nest, but it was greatly tangled. The Vincent didn’t come yesterday, he was coming today and I was already contemplating letting him touch me to stop the hideous feeling. Riley had to tie me up in the bathroom, inside the tub with blocks of ice drowning me. My mind made matter worse, sending the wrongs images of Kale into my head; his thick muscles, popping veins, hard stomach, the V leading to his pants… It drove me crazy. I tried to escape few times, and that was what led to Riley chaining me down.
‘Goddess, Riley!’ I shouted in tears, my stomach felt like it was ripping apart, dismantling my intestine, punching my heart. Riley said that even if a male sleeps with it, it would temporarily stop the heat but it would return in seven folds. I was dying, I needed to die, isn’t death possible? I was tired, I swear, if d√¢kson was around, I would have seduced him.
Stop acting like a werewolf, you are not.
This isn’t easy, it’s not.
Meditate, meditate Makawee.
Like her whisper brought me energy, I sprang to sit, folding my legs and closing my eyes. My room was locked, windows sealed so no one would bother except Riley. I breathe in heavily, thinking of how good it felt to f!ng£r myself the other day but Kale’s would be better.
I said meditate, not masturbate.
I shifted my mind back to the oasis, remembering all my lessons and shutting my mind to every sound, movement and even my body. Kale would have to face the heat alone, I refuse to lean into the decision of using something to soothe myself… It’s wonderful if… No, focus Makawee, focus.
•••••••••••••••••••• Narrative ••••••••••••••••••••
Riley yawned as she walked to Makawee’s room, placing her hand over her mouth. She was tired from having to deal with Rick, Kane and their new born baby alone, she missed her mate’s comfort and love. Sighing heavily, she insert the key into Kawee’s door, twisting it and tried to push it open but she couldn’t.
‘What is going on here?’ She shook the door, it was like something was held against it. She ran back and came forward with force, breaking the lock. The door flew open, banging against the wall, wind rushed into her face abruptly, hurling her across the hallway and throwing her down the stairs.
Riley m0@ned in pain as she held on to the floor, the force of the wind was so powerful she couldn’t breathe. Gasping for air as she held on tight, her body shivered, hands trembling as the wind whirled around her. ‘Don’t disturb her,’ a voice thundered from the wind. Riley sat up with a jolt, shifting away but the wind was everywhere. ‘You cannot see her in her true form or you will never live to tell the story. She is not to be disturb until she comes out herself, is that clear?’
‘Ya…I mean yes,’ Riley spluttered.
‘No one is to know about this, we never met,’ Riley screamed as something entered her, hammering on her head and sinking into her memory. She rolled on the floor like a possessed human, screaming and holding her head. The spirit in the wind dashed back to the room and shut the door behind it.
Riley sat up instantly, completely flustered. What had happen? She couldn’t remember. She was still looking at the foreroom in confusion when a young werewolf walked into the house laughing with Rick on his shoulders and Kane on his back. They all froze when they saw their mother and sister in-law looking around like someone who had amnesia. ‘Er, Riley, why are you on the floor?’
‘Riley,’ she muttered. ‘Who’s that? Me, I’m Riley, right?’
‘Eh?’ He looked at her like she was crazy. ‘Okay…? Where’s d√¢kson?’
‘d√¢kson,’ Riley muttered. She slapped her head. ‘Yes! d√¢kson! He travelled… What am I doing on the floor?’
‘Where’s Makawee?’ Rick asked.
‘Who’s Makawee?’
‘Yeah, who is Makawee?’ Riley asked confusedly.
‘Mom, are you sure you are okay?’
‘Yes, don’t disturb Makawee,’ she said sharply. ‘Let’s have dinner, anyone want soup? Yes, soup…’ She nodded with a grin.
‘Who’s in this house? I can perceive it,’
‘Her,’ Rick corrected. ‘It’s a her.’
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
I walked out of my room while itching my head, I felt a little bit woozy and lifeless but still walking. I walked down the stairs wearing a emerald and ultraviolet body con gown with white flowery slippers. I walked into the foreroom, a couple of Riley’s friends were seated in there along with Robecca, laughing and chattering like annoying ladies do. I smiled to myself and walked out through the backdoor before they noticed me, she must be putting action to the plan with hopes that I would wake up in time. I looked at the calendar, I was meditating for two straight days, few to go. I walked off to the side of the house to seat, I could perceive someone there and that was good.
I rest my head on the wall of the house, breathing in the nice brisk air, letting it suit my skin. The meditation I did was for a reason, I was tired of concealing who I am, it’s time Kale see me as the powerful priestess I am. My body felt lighter, extremely light. It was peaceful.
The wind smells nice… Lona breathe.
It smells terrible because it isn’t Kale… I scoffed… You know nothing and no one can smell more pleasant than him and that’s the hard thing… I sighed tiredly.
‘Hey, who do we have here?’ I opened my eyes to see a man, pretty short with deep red hair, beard and white eyebrows. His eyes were blue, shiny blue-grey eyes and lips that toned with the skin of his face. I smiled warmly at him. ‘You must be Makawee,’
‘Yeah, Vincent, right?’
‘Yes, you know me I see…’ He paused and sniffed the air, me to be precise. ‘You’re in heat,’ he smirked. ‘Where’s your mate?’
‘Out of town,’ I crossed my legs and looked ahead.
‘And you need comfort, right?’ He asked with a smooth tone, sitting beside me. I shifted away from him.
‘Please keep your distant, I don’t want you…’ He brushed his hand on my thigh. I shivered a little, shifting away from him. ‘Please stay away from me, my mate would be really angry…’ I whimpered when he pulled me back by my waist, instantly brushing his hand up my stomach and cupping one br£@st. I let out a small purr, my body vibrating with pleasure.
‘You know, I’m really good at satisfying women in heat…’ I pushed him away from him, inwardly panicking. What if Riley wasn’t aware that I was awake? What if she hasn’t informed Kale? What if… Kale is so far away! This is a stupid idea!
I stood up with a jerk, jumping far away from him. ‘I’m sorry, but I need to be inside my room, nice meeting you Vincent.’ I turned and walked as fast as I could, heading back to the backdoor. I squealed when I was suddenly spun around and pinned on the fence, his hands on my shoulders.
‘You are not a werewolf,’ he sniffed me again. ‘Neither are you a witch, human, vampire, elf…’ He put his nose into my hair, inhaling me deeply as his hand slide deep between my thighs. I m0@ned, arching my back. It felt so wrong, so so wrong but yet so needed, so f√¢king needed. My body was on autopilot, reacting to his touch which it would have never done on a normal day. ‘You are not a fairy, nymph, fae, sorceress,’ he s√¢ked my earlobe as he spoke, weakening my legs for me. ‘What are you?’
Makawee! Snap out of it!
I was about to punch him in the face when I felt him coming, Kale was ripping through the road, his powerful aura burning into my skin from where he was. His deep angry growls, grunts flowed into my ears, wrapping around my eardrums and making me shiver with fear. I knew Kale was coming to kill… No, Killian. I expected him to do that but my instinct quickly acted against it, warning me not to let Killian see me in such a state. I wasn’t an easy woman and it warned me that if I was seen like that, Killian would be very bitter and disappointed.
‘Get away from me!’ I shouted and punched him right in the face, sending him staggering backward. The stupid guy didn’t even think about it for once that we were outside and there were people inside the house or maybe he didn’t care. ‘What is wrong with you Vincent?! Don’t you have respect for…’ He slammed me back on the wall, easy for me to push him off but yet again, my instinct told me to play helpless.
‘Respect?’ He sneered. ‘I wasn’t shown any respect when my mate was messed with when she was in heat, why should I show respect to others. I don’t care whose mate you are, I am going to f√¢k you and leave with the pride that you are part of my conquest and don’t you dare tell anyone about it or I’ll kill you and every single one you…’ The ferocious bark of Killian made my heartbeat accelerate. Vincent quickly stepped away from me, shocked that the alpha was in his wolf form, staring at him menacingly; murderously. ‘Alpha,’ he bowed shakily, fear coursing through his body. Acting on instinct, I fell on the ground, curling myself up as I burst into tears. That action seemed to fuel Killian’s anger as his eyes turned completely black and it looked like his already large, pantagruelian teeth grew more mastodonic, scaring the living day light out of him and a teeny part of me. ‘What did I do? I did…’ He looked at me with mouth open, fear clouding his eyes. He looked back at Killian and fell on his knees. ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t know she was your mate, I swear, have mercy on me…’
Kale wasn’t going to listen, neither him nor his wolf was because he leapt from where he was, flying through the air effortlessly and landing his heavy paws in front of Vincent. He bent, a challenging bend that made Vincent whimper. The people inside the house came out, some from the street spying in. Vincent scrambled back, continuously begging that he be forgiven. It was time to beg before he killed Vincent on my behalf, I wouldn’t have that on my conscience. I stood up from where I curled myself and ran in front of him, blocking him from charging at the poor wolf with fury.
‘Killian, please, I beg you forgive him, it is my fault, I came out…’ I screamed with sudden fright when he growled into my face, the hair on his back had bristle up with rage, absolute fury. I knew then that both Killian and Kale were gone, all that was in his eyes was the hunger to kill his prey slowly and tortuously and I was getting in the way of his kill.
Move Kawee!… Lona shouted.
‘Makawee, get out of the way!’ Riley shouted in panic. Killian didn’t recognise me, his own mate. It was just perfect.
This is the opportunity I am waiting for Halona, the perfect time.
Time to what?
Killian growled again, warning me for the last time. ‘Killian, it’s me,’ I whispered, stalking closer to him. Killian let out a vicious roar like bark and with one ferocious wave of one of his front paw, he whipped me out of his way. The force of his push, hurled me into the fence, breaking the hard brick fence and tossing me into the other compound. I rolled on the grass, grunting as the pain shot through me. Immediately I stopped rolling, Killian seemed to have regained himself, he whimpered in pain.
I took one deep breath, gathered all my energy into my mind and removed my spirit from my body.
★★★ Kale ★★★
One thing about having a wicked mother is she would take every opportunity to make me suffer. I knew she increased the fire of my heat, coupled with Killian sending me mental images of Kawee’s beautiful body, I was running mad. I looked like a man who had suffered in jail or captivity for ninety years, my hair a terrible mess and eyes shallow. I needed to shave but I couldn’t, I was forced to exercising because alcohol made it worse. Heat is a bad thing for wolves, I should remind myself to remove it when I get back there.
Killian, stop sending me images!
What images? This one?… He sent another image, a perfect imaginary one of how her clit would probably look like.
I bang my head on the wall I had been banging it for hours, the pain did nothing to help my f√¢kstration. I tried drugging myself to sleep through it but even my dream was haunted, all I dreamt about was me mating with her on my bed, placing my mark on those… Shit! Don’t think Kale! Don’t f√¢king think about her!
‘Mom!!!!’ I roared. ‘Stop punishing me or I’ll come up there and kill you!!!’
‘Can you?’ Her voice chuckled in my head. ‘Come up here and you thereby abandon your form and take back your celestial body, come on now son, I’m waiting.’
‘This is so not f√¢king fair because only I get to f√¢k your life up with frustration, not you to me. Take this heat away or I’ll sleep with any she-wolf I see!’
‘Go ahead, dare me Kale. Let’s see if their wolves won’t reject you.’
‘Mother, please, I beg you, stop it.’
‘Holy Zeus! Did you just mention please and beg?’ She shrieked. ‘I am so surprise… This must be recorded in history! Apollo! Moon added please to his sentence and beg as well! We need to hold a great festival to remember this day!’
‘Stop being so dramatic,’ I scoffed.
‘Don’t worry, I will hold a party to celebrate this,’ she laughed. I growled.
‘Get out of my head!’
‘I was going to tell you that Vincent, the brother of your chief warrior is around and staying at his brother’s, you know what that means.’ She tittered. My eyes widened.
‘f√¢k! He is going to lure Kawee into his bed!’
‘Do me a favor and kill him, I am done with his disrespect for other peoples mate, go Killian, I give you authority to take over his body and rescue your mate.’
‘No you can’t…’ I fell on all four, groaning as I shifted, bones snapping into position. I didn’t have control over the shift, it was all Killian. ‘Curse you woman,’
‘Bless you son,’ Killian burst out of the house, breaking my expensive door and running through the gates, like through the gates. I would have to spend more money on getting new ones. Killian dragged speed from my celestial energy without permission, increasing his already extras wolf speed. He ran so fast he flicked through time just to get to her. The only thing in his mind was to kill, only to kill which I knew wouldn’t end well.
We ran back into the pack, running into town and through traffic, causing a little traffic jam. ‘Get away from me!’ Her voice pierced into my ears like a sharp knife. She was being forced, Vincent was luring her but she was fighting it. I actually thought she would use it as an opportunity to get back at me, but I guess I was wrong. A great sense of respect for her suddenly found it way into my heart, I didn’t like it.
Running into the compound, again bursting through the gate once more, I saw him pinning her to the wall, no respect for my mate’s dignity. Killian barked furiously, standing up to his full length. Vincent quickly stepped away from her, the shock of my presence taking over his courage. We stared at him menacingly; murderously. ‘Alpha,’ he bowed shakily, fear coursing through his body. Kawee fell on the ground, curling herself up as she burst into tears. No one gets to make her feel so much pain except me! Just me! Synchronising my rage with his, our eyes turned completely black and teeth grew larger, my signature kill look. ‘What did I do? I did…’
‘How dare you touch my mate!’ I thundered furiously, snarling between my words. He looked at her with mouth open, fear clouding his eyes. He looked back at me and fell on his knees.
‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t know she was your mate, I swear, have mercy on me…’ Killian leapt from where we stood, flying through the air effortlessly and landing our heavy paws in front of him. I crouched down, growling at him.
‘Shift and run,’ I growled. His wolf whimpered, I love chasing my prey. His continuous begging was irritating me, I hate weak emotions! Someone dared stand between us and our prey, the audacity. The person was talking, not afraid of what would happen to him or her. I sprung up, growling right into his face, the hair on my back bristling more with rage. He wasn’t taking my warning, couldn’t see who it was but he certainly was asking for death.
Killian growled again, warning him for the last time. The person moved closer to me, ignoring our warnings. With a vicious bark, I swung one of my hand and whipped the person out of my way; our way. My heart squeezed together, like the time I pushed Kawee away and she got hurt. My head rung loudly, something wasn’t right. I looked into the other compound where the person burst into, he was on the grass grunting as in pain. I felt the same pain, the same…
Makawee… I whimpered… Killian, you hurt your mate.
Killian snapped out of it, whimpering as he finally looked at her, her face clicking in our memory. He jumped into the compound, whimpering in pain. She wasn’t moving, Kawee wasn’t moving. He used his snout to nudge her, urging her to stand up, we weren’t angry anymore. I was worried, really worried and not just because I might lose my sanity if anything happens to her, because I was scared of losing her.
‘Ahem,’ mother’s voice echoed in my head. ‘Ready to feel the greatest pain you ever felt in your life son?’ She asked mockingly. ‘You think seeing her with other male is painful, try losing your mate to Hades…’ Immediately those words left her mouth, something in me snapped into two, shattered into pieces. The pain was undescribable, like nothing I had ever felt in my entire life. The pain in my stomach, the drag in my heart like someone was pulling at it, wanting to rip it out. Killian howled in agony, grief… We killed her! Makawee is gone!
I collapsed on the ground, howling, whining and rolling in absolute pain, maybe rolling would stop it but it wasn’t stopping, the pain was never stopping. My bones popped back into position, Killian going back to the back of my mind which shared in our pain. It was like thousands of silver bullets were fired into me, purified silver bullets… Although that have little effect on me but this pain did.
‘What’s going on?!’ Someone shouted.
‘Don’t f√¢king ask! Get me the car key or someone run the alpha to the royal hospital before he dies, before his mates dies and drag him along with her!’ Riley shouted in panic. ‘This wasn’t suppose to happen…’
‘Don’t f√¢king stand there gawking like goddamn bloody idiots! Carry him!!!!’ She screamed at the top of her voice. A punch to my heart made me howl out, f√¢king hell the pain was making me to cry like a boy.
‘You should have just taken her along with you,’ mom said jestingly. She was happy I was feeling so much pain.
‘Stop this pain!’
‘Baby, this isn’t the best part, the best part is about to come in three seconds.’ In three seconds, my heart was spiritually pulled, yanked out of my chest. The biggest howl in my existence or probably in the history of howls left my mouth, my sorrow could be heated from billions of miles, by every single werewolf on earth. After all, my wolf was the first werewolf, father to all in his past life and I’m me.
I saw blood, nothing else but blood and then darkness.
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
Do I feel pity for them? No, I felt their pain, their agony, what they were going through. I had less than twenty four hours to return to my body, I was going to make it count. All werewolves would know that the life of the great Alpha Kale, lies in my existence. Kale would learn to respect me once and for all.
This is my punishment to you Kale, and more would come if you don’t behave.
To be continued.

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