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The devil’s mate episode 12

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The devil’s mate episode 12 by : 5:55 am On March 12, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book twelve ♦🔷🔶
★★★ Kale ★★★
I dried my face as I walked out of the bathroom, mentally reciting what I had to do today. The first and most important thing to do was to check on Kawee, use Rick as an excuse to see her. Don’t talk too much but just make sure she is really fine like Riley and d√¢kson says.
If she’s going to die, wouldn’t she be dead by now? She woke up days ago.
Killian, I already promised you I will try my best to be nice to her, don’t annoy me.
You always annoy… I jerked my head up when I perceived a familiar scent. I growled as I looked at the person… Well, not person.
‘Great, just when I thought my morning would be great,’ I said with distain. She sighed heavily. ‘What are you doing here?’
‘What is wrong with your tone?’ She asked back. ‘Since when did you start talking to me like that?’
‘Since the day you went beyond arrangement and gave me a mate,’ she rolled her eyes. ‘I told you mother, I repeatedly sang it before I reincarnated the first werewolf and bind us together. My orders were strict, I get to choose my own mate, you don’t choose for me.’
‘It is my duty as the goddess to assign mates, not receive orders from my son. I have had more children than you, why are you so stubborn? What is wrong with me giving you a mate? I did pick out a good and strong one to make your offspring powerful…’
‘Yeah, you did such a good job we fight all time,’ I said sardonically.
‘Your fault Moon, you never listen to anyone or do anything you are told. What was I thinking when I decided to have a son for Apollo! I should have just gone for Throth or…’
‘Yeah, yeah, you have told me this all my life. I left home for a reason mom,’
‘Beside causing serious conflict between the Hesperides, right?’
‘You and I know I have no control over who fights for my attention, I never asked them to fight against themselves…’
‘You shattering the heart of Athena’s beloved adopted child,’ she scoffed.
‘Again, it is not and will never be my fault that she took our plays too personal and thought we would be something, from the beginning I told her otherwise.’
‘All you needed to do was apologise, but you would rather die than utter such simple apologies. What has staying here make you achieve? Nothing but mortal fame, wealth and bad health.’
‘Bad health?’
‘Yes Moon, bad health. Your wolf is dying and you know it, he cannot carry the power you possess, your celestial life is far too greater than his frangible and semi mortal body. The more you use your powers, the weaker or stronger he gets. If he gets too strong, he will become a mad alpha and separate himself from you, dragging all your powers and life force from you. If he gets weaker, he dies and break your soul, either way, you both suffer.’
‘Living this life might be hard but it is peaceful, better than being up there and seeing one thing from another. I am happy here, get use to it.’
‘Do you really think looking for the rings of Avalon will be able to save your wolf and yourself?’
‘If it wasn’t for the father of the mate you gave me, I wouldn’t have unlocked and tap into my powers to save my pack, my wolf wouldn’t be dying! Seriously mother, what were you thinking?!’
‘Don’t raise your voice at me Moon…’
‘Stop calling me that stupid name!’ I shouted.
‘Shut up,’ she snapped. ‘Now back to what I was going to say, don’t you think you are taking this too far? Makawee is a lovely person, her heart the purest I have ever seen… Well, was purest until she met you. You changing that girl is unacceptable, stop hurting her.’
‘Then break the mate bond so I will live in peace,’
‘You need Makawee, more than you think. You need someone powerful and strong both with brawns and will, a warrior and yet again, someone with a soft heart and warm personality. Do you think I will put a cold hearted woman with you? Two rock monsters in one cage?’
‘Then soften her heart, she’s impossible to deal with.’ I said exasperatedly.
‘She is?’ She snorted. ‘I birth you yet I can’t deal with you. She is not the trouble here, you are. You don’t even know how to pronounce sorry, very arrogant and selfish. Your father isn’t as hardheaded as you are, where did you get your madness from? Artemis!’
‘Okay, okay, don’t yell too much,’ I whispered. ‘I don’t know what you want from me.’
‘What I want from you is to stop being so stubborn, accept love. Do you know how hard it is to soften your heart to feel a little bit compassionate? I had to ask for Aphrodite’s help, she couldn’t fully melt that block of rocky ice you call a heart. A hole has been placed Moon, let Makawee pass through that hole, I beg you.’
‘I promise to be nice, that’s all. And tell that Aphrodite that she didn’t do a thing, if I didn’t have any love in me, I wouldn’t care so much for Rick.’ I said smugly.
‘Your love for Rick is not what you need, please Moon, stop being stubborn or I shall give her out to another wolf who she will love more.’
‘Sounds like a plan,’
‘She shall be mated to both you and the one I will choose,’ she smirked. ‘You know what that means, right?’
‘What are you doing here again? I don’t remember inviting you over.’
‘One thing you must remember, I have power over your wolf, don’t dare me Moon.’ She said threateningly.
‘What does everyone have against my happiness?!’ I shouted.
‘I also want to remind you that you have a serious enemy that wants the rings as much as you do, one that seeks to be a god by using that ring and of course, his alley who hates your guts. Hope you are prepared to protect your mate? They will or will not come for her, I will not say more than this.’
‘Geez, thanks mother, you were very helpful.’ I said sarcastically.
‘Be warned Moon, I can still do what I promised you,’ with that threat and warning laid, she disappeared into dust.
‘Great, just great, more threats. First I get threatened by my mate, now my mother.’
Just apologise by doing something nice,
‘Nice? Urgh!’
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
How can one person successfully frustrate me so much? How did I get myself into this mess? I’m freakin’ tired of everything. I miss him; Kale, he wasn’t coming to see me. I was stuck in Riley’s house, away from the manor. Riley and d√¢kson chose to live in town, a neighborhood of mostly old ladies, women, young college students and an orphanage. I mostly cared for Rick and his brother Kane, mostly Rick who was really clingy. I was presently getting ready to pick up Rick from his school, Riley was sleeping. I hummed as I brushed my hair, thinking of a good excuse to get myself back to Kale. How am I going to make him fall for me if we are far apart?
How about Rick? We can use him to see Kale again… Lona suggested.
How to permanently move there, that’s what I need.
Oh, that one is easy.
How? Get hurt and he will carry you back with immediate effect.
That’s true, let’s talk about this later.
After I frustratedly brushing my long hair, I breathe heavily with arms akimbo. I rested for three minutes before wearing my sandals. I started war number four, braiding my hair. It took me half an hour, but I did it. After then, I carried the lunch box Riley always carries for him, food for the road. It was a good thing she showed me his school. I left a note for her, informing her of my whereabout and that we might return late. I took a bus to the school, most looked at me because I was the nonhuman, nonwolf girl with long white hair sitting in a bus and staring out of the window. They were wandering who I was, some sniffing to get if I was anybody’s mate.
‘Thank you sir,’ I said gratefully to the bus driver. He smiled at me, his eyes filled with unspoken questions. I paid for the ride, Rick had been teaching me how to use the paper moneys. I walked into the school compound, looking around the big and beautiful compound filled with children running about here and there while the teachers tried to control them woefully.
Sometimes, werewolf pups get earlier powers, earlier than the time of their shifting and few whose wolves are very agile and energy; strong, shift before they come of the usual age for shifting which is twelve to fourteen. When these ones shift, they find it difficult to control their wolves as their body and mind is still weaker than the wolf’s. However, I was seeing something outstanding, though the children were acting crazy, I could tell they were only doing it to frustrate their teachers. With my observation, I could tell that the five brown and grey wolves that were running around and wagging their tails were under control by their humans, the children’s minds were strong. This was what Carlyle talked about, from the tallest to the shortest, the oldest to the youngest, all were well trained.
The poor teachers were breathless, one had been tied down and I could hear more chaos going on in the building. ‘Makawee!’ I looked around for Rick, the noise and commotion was too much, so much it was starting to annoy me. I remembered how the children in my village were, stubborn little but adorable imps. Children seems to love me, I have some kind sway with them. ‘I’m over here Makawee!’
‘Quiet!!!!!!!’ I shouted, my voice echoing and ripping through the catastrophe and breaking the fragile items, like glass. Everywhere went silent, pin drop silent. ‘Now what is going on here? Why the commotion?’
‘I’m sorry miss, we don’t know what their problem is,’ one of the teachers apologised tiredly.
‘Their problem is that they are wicked little brats who loves tormenting us. They are like this every single day after school, to make us miserable and controlling them is far much harder. Today, a gas got leak and it is affecting the children and making it worse.’
‘Then why not get them out of the school? Send then home?’
‘Parents comes for their children and as you can see, you are the only one present. They all seem to be busy today.’
‘Alright children, sit down and let me tell you a story about a very powerful ice queen that got mated to an alpha.’
‘Ice queen?’ A boy asked. ‘What’s an ice queen?’ He asked curiously.
‘Is it like the ice queen in book?’ A girl whose hair was really messed up asked.
‘No, she was a winter witch, had limited powers over winter and got mated to a wolf, a strong one. You wanna know what happened to her?’ The children were already gathering around me, I used to love telling stories back at home. One teacher got me a chair, Rick took his rightful place on it, his lunch box and made me kneel.
‘The story begins with three human sisters, coincidentally born on the same day from different mothers.’
‘How is that possible?’
‘Good question cute little one,’ I pulled the girl with the messed up hair closer to fix it for her. ‘You see, a woman was first married to a man, she got pregnant so they had to get married. Unknown to them,that woman’s friend, Christabel, was also pregnant and in love with the man. The man loved Christabel but thought Christabel didn’t because she kept avoiding him, he got frustrated, drank and the moon goddess dashed him with a baby. Along the way, they fought, argued but settled the matter, they were both going to have their babies. It was surprising how they gave birth on the same day and died afterwards…’
‘Awwwn, why did they die?’
‘Maybe fate knew they would fight too much, so he took them both.’
‘They both had girls, Arabel the eldest by hours and daughter to Christabel, and Isobel the daughter to the legal wife. Their father took very good care of them on his own, all until he met Mabel, his children’s teacher in their stay in another country and boom! They fell in love and got married. Mabel already had a daughter, Amabel which was the girl’s friend and shared the same birth date with them. Big coincidence, I know.’
‘So many bels,’ Rick whined.
‘Heh, heh, true. Back to my story, the girls grew up together, loved each other like sisters should. Fell in love, got married but the only exceptional one was Arabel, she was very different.’
‘How different?’ One boy whispered.
‘She had ice powers,’ they gasped. ‘Christabel wasn’t a human, she was one of the daughters of the winter witch…’
★★★ Kale ★★★
Drumming my f!ng£rs as I drove to Rick’s school, I looked around the road, everything was in order and everyone going about their own business. It took my father years to make his pack as huge as a town, and it took me years to get everything fully into order, make it real like a human town. No wolf shifted in the street, we had hunting days and that was done outside the town. Physical combat was forbidden, if you want to argue, argue but don’t let the argument become a fist fight. I called Riley, she had murmured something about being too tired to pick up Rick and was stuck in bed before she sleep off with the phone still connected. It had been a while I visited the town, it was a good chance to get fresh air and maybe buy a peace offering for Kawee.
What will she like anyways? Definitely not technology or fancy clothes, not shoes or… Shit, I don’t know a thing about her.
You can find out… Killian suggested.
Killian had become more quiet and calmer, on a normal day he would have gave me a sarcastic reply. I miss him. Women are evil, evil I tell ya!
Just shut up and drive.
If only he could fight with me, I wouldn’t feel so down. Makawee wouldn’t talk to me and he wouldn’t either. Rick stopped calling, he had her now so I no longer exist. The traitors. As I got closer, the wind blew the alluring scent of my mate into my nose, she was there. Acting on impulse, I drove faster, wanting to get there to check on her. What was she doing outside? What if they found out she was the island girl, they would kill her. Damn it! Her scent, it is either they kill her or some other male has his hands on her. I parked the car in front of the school and bolted out like I was being chased. The honest fact was that I knew she wasn’t being hurt, just picking up a great excuse for the sudden excitement I was feeling.
You miss her… Killian teased.
You, not me.
‘…Merlyn is like someone I know, a very stubborn headed he-goat that prefers to flex than accept his mate, although Krystal is also to blame, she didn’t want her mate either because she felt like she was powerful…’ Kawee surprisingly was walking around the hundreds of children, telling them a story as the teachers and parents watched her in amazement. Aside from when I come, the place is always so noisy and loud, the commotion a severe headache. Kawee managed to calm them down. I have to command them to shut up before they obey and yet she was here, all quietly listening to her.
‘Miss Kawee, will my mate reject me when I find him in the future?’ A girl asked sadly.
‘Who would reject a beautiful angel like you? Your mate will love you, each and everyone of you would find a loving mate. Anything that will bring stubborn headed fools as mate, may the goddess destroy it, say amen.’
‘Amen!’ She looked at me over her shoulder and rolled her eyes.
‘You can’t blame Krystal though, she was cold and raised to be cruel, unlike some nice people who are still showing sympathy and wanting to manage some old dog’s ass.’
‘Ouch,’ I chuckled.
‘What if my mate is too fat like Vera? Rick, that boy. He glared at the fat kid.
‘The goddess wouldn’t have put you together if she didn’t see something good in the two of you, that is what you must all remember.’
‘Sometimes the goddess can make a mistake and mate you to someone you never believe would be worth your time,’ I said, walking into the school. The teachers and parents bowed immediately in respect. I waved them off.
‘So are you trying to tell the children that your goddess is blind?’ Kawee scoffed. I shrugged.
‘Even gods make mistake,’
‘That is inappropriate even though I will agree but I have no desire to exchange words with a werewolf who had a choice mate ritual. Of course you will think that, you are born to be stubborn towards everything and everyone.’ The teachers shifted, uncomfortable at the disrespect she was showing me.
‘I surrender, I don’t have respect,’ I said with hands up. We would quarrel and one of us would blab our relationship out. ‘Rick, let’s go, Kawee, you are trekking.’
‘Trekking? Like where I come from have cars,’ she hissed and turned her attention back to the children. ‘Bye kids, gotta go now…’
‘No!!!! Please stay…’
‘You all have to go home, I will try to visit another time and tell you another exciting story. This one will be about the proud cocky alpha who died because his mate rejected him.’ I rolled my eyes.
‘Why did his mate reject him?’
‘Because he’s cocky and treated her so bad that she rejected him. A rejected alpha is a broken alpha, right Kaley?’ Rick asked with an innocent blink of his eyes. I cursed under my breath, he has been possessed.
‘To the car, now,’ I commanded. Rick ran out, not looking back. Makawee didn’t even wait, she walked out too and yes, she walks really fast. I nodded at the teachers before running to the car, ignoring the urge to go after Kawee.
‘Are you going to let her walk?’
‘Like she said, her village never had vehicles so she won’t mind.’ I said that but I wasn’t making any move to open the door, my eyes fixed on her as she walked far away from me.
‘Then why are you still looking at her?’ I rolled my eyes to him.
‘Since when did you become my father? You are a kid, remember that.’
‘You know she can meet guys out there, right?’
‘Get into the car Rick!’ He flinched. I opened the door and got in, slamming it shut and waited for him to get into the car too. Immediately his door shut, I ignite the car and drove off, zooming with speed to meet her. I slowed the car down when I reached her, wind the window down so she could hear me.
‘Came back to your vomit I see,’ she taunted.
‘Just get in,’ I sighed.
‘Aren’t you scared people will see us together?’ She scoffed. Together? I was already planning on putting my mark on her.
‘Kawee, get in,’ she walked over to the backseat.
‘I’m only doing this because you begged,’
‘I don’t beg,’
‘You should learn, it’s healthy,’ she slipped into the car and shut the door. ‘How’s Carina and Giselle?’
‘The who?’ I stepped on the gas.
‘My friends,’
‘Oh, the pregnant one will officially become a member of the pack at the moon festival and the mate of Carlyle will fully be a Luna on the same day.’
‘They mated already?’
‘Will he wait? Has been flaunting her mark in my face,’ I grumbled. Carlyle was one of the reasons I wanted to mark Kawee, show him he wasn’t the only one who has a beautiful mate.
‘That’s nice,’ Kawee murmured. Her sadness hit my chest, I blame Killian for this sudden feeling of compassion.
How many more weeks do we have before the heat?
Weeks? Day you mean.
f√¢k! Day?!
Tomorrow to be precise.
‘Makawee,’ I glanced at Rick who was looking at me with big curious eyes, still too young to know about this thing. ‘Kawee,’
‘I’m not deaf,’ her voice crooked. I looked behind me, resting my hand on the headrest.
‘Are you crying?’
‘No,’ she sobbed. ‘Why will I cry?’
‘Because you are crying,’ Rick said bluntly. I glared at him. Makawee burst into tears, covering her face as she cried convulsively. I was thrown into confusion; agitation. What do you say to calm someone?
‘Kawee, why are you crying?’ I asked agitatedly. ‘Please stop, you are making me uncomfortable…’
‘I miss you, I miss you so much. I miss fighting with you, arguing or threatening to reject you or take my life. I miss touching Killian, I want to die Kale, I will die if you don’t agree to spend the whole of tomorrow with me…’
What planet am I in? Did I go back in time?
I parked the car at the corner of the road and looked at her again. ‘Kawee, are you sure you haven’t bumped your head?’
‘I said I miss you and you are asking me such questions!’
‘I am not spending one minute with you. If you miss me like you say – which I’m sure you miss Killian – then that is your own problem, go cry into a pillow or take pills so you will feel better…’
‘What,’ I snapped. ‘She’s ruining my expensive car with her filthy tears and patheticness,’ I snapped again. The emotions, the everything was irritating. ‘You know what, get out of my car Makawee, now.’
‘What…?’ She asked bemusedly.
‘Get out of my f√¢king car!!!’ I roared. She flinched and got out quickly. Stupid love and emotions! Was she expecting me to hug and console her sorry ass?
What is wrong with you Kale… Killian whimpered.
I ignored him, started the car again and drove off, rocketing through the traffic to be far away from her.
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
Bloody bastard!
Freaking devil incarnate!
Beast of the Nile!
Moron at the center of the universe!
Why am I mated to a devil?!
‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!’ I screamed into my pillow, I had thrash my room in anger. I have never felt so angry. He didn’t just throw my pretense and sweet act back at my face, he humiliated me in front of a kid. It rained and I returned home really wet because someone mind link every single cabman not to give me a ride. I was cold, tired, frustrated and heartbroken. ‘Damn you Kale!’ I screamed. I kept my face buried in my pillow, crying into it.
How am I suppose to make him fall for me if he’s so arrogant and cold. He’s very incorrigible and wicked, devil’s little brother.
Just give it time.
Time? Time?! You say time?!!! Didn’t you see how he treated me? Tossed me away like a whore!
Calm down Kawee, you knew it wouldn’t be easy.
In case you have forgotten, I am Makawee Istas Tycee, the same girl who never wanted a man or love. I have subjected myself to him because I had to and see what he is doing to me!
No Halona, enough is enough!
Remember you got beaten up by the rain?
Play sick, really sick.
How sick?… I asked with interest… Wait, he’ll know, I don’t easily get sick so a rain won’t be my problem.
I will save that idea for later, for something that will teach him a lesson once and for all. I just need a breakthrough.
Riley walked into my room on phone. ‘I’m here now… Kawee, it’s Alpha Kale, he wants to talk to you.’
‘What does he want?’ I snapped.
‘No disrespect please,’ she forcefully shoved the phone into my hand and walked out. I huffed and put the phone to my ear, his heavy breathing hit me first. My stomach clenched for some reason, my legs squeezed together.
That’s odd.
‘What do you want?’ I snapped.
‘Kawee,’ my body shuddered, from how he pronounced my name, it was like he drawled it out huskily. He was breathing heavily and for some reason, it was making my lower region tingle. ‘Makawee,’
‘Yes, yes? You just called me twice for no reason, why?’
‘Are you feeling hot?’
‘I just got beaten by the rain, what do you think?’
‘No, your temperature, is it hot?’ Now that he mentioned it, it is hot.
‘Yes, why?’
‘In about two hours, a new day will strike, I want you to pack enough things that will be enough for a week and go to the oasis.’
‘A week?’
‘You will be staying there for a week and what ever you do, stay out of sight and smell.’
‘Why?’ I asked confusedly.
‘The heat begins tomorrow, the unbearable desire to mate will torture you for a week but after that, you will be fine until it returns in one or two months.’
‘Just me,’ I sneered. ‘What happened to you?’
‘I’m leaving for my pr!v@te house, it is best we stay apart. You will go through a lot of pain, serious pain that will make you feel like plunging a stick into you to calm the urge down. Bear it like I will bear mine.’
‘Must I leave? Riley already knows you are my mate, and d√¢kson wouldn’t be back until next week. I will remain locked up in my room where she can help me get through it than be alone.’
‘Kawee, don’t disobey me!’
‘Goodnight Kale,’ I hung up and sighed heavily. Riley walked back in with an apple in her hand. ‘Guess I’m going away.’ I said sadly.
‘You won’t,’ she bite a huge chunk of the apple and chewed it nosily. ‘Instead, you are going to use this to your advantage and make him announce your relationship with him.’
‘d√¢kson’s brother is coming over to stay for the week, he lives right at the second town…’
‘Second town?’
‘One of Alpha Kale’s conquered packs, Vincent oversees that pack on his behalf, like a beta of that pack. He took permission to come see my baby months ago but didn’t come so he will be arriving tomorrow.’
‘Am I suppose to sleep with him?’
‘No,’ she smirked. ‘I will mind link my friends to come over to the house, throw a party to distract them while you sit outside. Vincent has a very bad habit of chasing women under heat. I will figure out the plan, all I need you to do is act.’ My lips spread into a mischievous wide smile.
‘Acting, that I can really do.’
To be continued.
Next chapter, I dare to theme it “The Alpha’s Mate!”
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