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The devil’s mate episode 11

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The devil’s mate episode 11 by : 5:54 am On March 12, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book eleven ♦🔷🔶
★★★ Kale’s standpoint ★★★
Guilt, is this how you feel? Is this how much you hurt? Does it always feel like a thousand needles pricking at your conscience and stabbing your heart? If this was it, I never want to feel it again. Heartache plus guilt can kill a man faster than sickness because it was certainly killing me. For the four days that I’d been away from her, it felt like hell on earth, death seemed like a lovable option for me. I never actually felt her pain until she tried to reject me, until I saw her klzz Carl. When she spoke, I felt her pain punching me in the stomach, her hate slapping me in the face. I never for once stopped to think my decision through, feel remorse but then I did. I couldn’t go to her but I saw her with different unmated males, either laughing, sitting on their laps, touching or klzzing them, cuddled up in their arms. I tired, told all my pack members to stay away from her but she is smart, she went for the other packs. Those Alphas and their warriors were still here, following me to plan the annual moon festival, it was going to be held in my pack. They weren’t going to leave anytime soon and I couldn’t tell them to warn their packs’ male to stay away from her, it would be suspicious, but I was at the edge of snapping and not caring, slamming her to a wall and marking her to keep all male away from her. The pain was becoming unbearable for me.
I sighed and closed my laptop, fell my aching head in my hands and whimpered. Images of all the males I had seen her with always flooded my mind whenever I shut my eyes. My heart ripped whenever I saw her, and she was just klzzing them, not even sleeping with them. She must have experienced hell watching me have it off with Mabel over and over again, my heart only aches but hers must be shattered. If I could relive the memories over again and over again, feel the endless pain, then hers must be worse. That was why she was bitter, filled with hate. To say the least, I was angry, sad, guilt filled, miserable, f√¢kstrated and depressed. My wolf was silent, my body was weak, I had no appetite for anything than to push myself to working my ass to complete exhaustion.
What else can you throw at me mother?!
‘Alpha?’ I raised my head and glared at Jeremy.
‘I remember giving an instruction not to be disturbed,’
‘I’m sorry, I really need to talk to you about someone important.’ I sighed and slouched down in my chair.
‘I need your permission to make Carina a member of the pack, I want to officially make her my mate.’
‘I’m tired of watching her suffer as a maid when she deserves to be by my side, I love her alpha, I want her to be by my side. Please, accept her into the pack, I beg you.’
‘You love her?’ I sneered. ‘Or you are just lying to me. I already know she’s pregnant, you don’t need to lie to me.’
‘Pregnant? Carina is pregnant? When? How?’ He asked quizzically.
‘You are unaware?’
‘Pregnant? She’s pregnant? How come I don’t know?!’
‘Don’t raise your voice at me,’ I snapped. He stared at me with wide eyes. ‘Makawee told me, she lied?’ Speak about the devil, she walked into the room but not with her devious smirking. She was crying. I stood up immediately, my legs moving on it own to her. ‘Makawee, what’s wrong?’ I asked worriedly, stopping myself from holding her.
‘It’s Carina, she’s gone, we were talking and she cried and ran off with a gun, poison and knife, she’s going to kill herself.’ She cried.
‘What! Kill herself?! Why?!’ Jeremy shouted.
‘Tell me,’ Jeremy said worriedly, holding her. I fidgeted a little, looking at his hands on her bare shoulders. I closed my eyes and reminded myself not to snarl. ‘Is she pregnant?’
‘Yes,’ Jeremy whimpered.
‘My pup, my mate, you have to help me talk to her! Please come with me, she’ll listen to you, I beg you.’ He begged desperately.
‘Okay, carry me?’ I snapped my eyes open and stared at them, they were so close. So so so close.
‘Alpha,’ Jeremy bowed. Kawee jumped on his back, wrapping her legs around his waist. I rolled my neck, swallowing the growl.
Maybe I should follow them just in case something is wrong, I won’t be getting in her way.
He ran out of my office, I stayed rooted on the floor, contemplating if I should go. What if she sniffs his hair and fall in love with him? Jeremy is good looking and really nice. Okay, I have to follow them. I ran after him, keeping a safe distance so I won’t drag her away from him. He traced her scent deep into the forest, I could feel his wolf threatening to break free. It was either his wolf loved her too, or he was more interested in the pup. Jeremy halted a little bit far from a tree where that friend of Kawee’s sat, staring at a gun. Jeremy threw Kawee off him, that made me happy because he didn’t like her.
‘Don’t come any closer or I’ll shoot,’ she threatened, quickly pointing the gun at her stomach. Jeremy halted, his body shaking with fear. ‘Why did you bring him here Kawee? I wanted to die alone.’ Her face was emotionless, eyes as empty as a hole.
Oh please, just die so I can get on with my life.
Hey! You finally spoke to me!… He went silent again.
‘Rina, why do you want to hurt yourself? Why didn’t you tell me about our child?’
‘Our?’ She laughed dryly. ‘No, mine, just mine. I’m sure you are happy now, you can finally have a child and throw me away after he or she is born.’
‘I will never toss you away, I care about you too much to do that…’
‘Liar! You never did and you never will. To you I am your dead mate, a replacement for what you lost!’
Oh, I’m so bored.
‘You think I wouldn’t find out? Why would you care anyways, you don’t feel the same way I do. I rather die than carry your child, bear it and then be separated from him or her. I can’t let you take my baby away, I can’t let it grow in such horrible state. You will take my baby from me, give it to someone else while I never get to see it again, they will suffer my child for being born by me.’
‘No, no one will hurt our child, I promise and I will never deprive you of the joy of motherhood, I will never separate you from it because I want to wake up everyday with you by my side, greet our baby and cuddle your stomach. I want us to parent him or her together, please don’t kill yourself.’ I turned my attention to Kawee, frowning at what she was wearing.
Why is the skirt so short?
‘You don’t love me,’ she cried. ‘You don’t want me but the pup.’
‘I do, I want you even more than I want it, even before I found out you were carrying my pup, ask him…’ Jeremy looked at me pleadingly. ‘Wasn’t I just begging you to let me mark her? Make her a member of the pack? Wasn’t I?’
What would happen if I say no?
Like Kawee heard my wicked thought, she glared at me warningly. ‘Did you?’ I asked innocently. If I’m not happy, why should he be happy? Makawee gave me a “don’t you dare” look. ‘Yes, he was begging me and I already agreed, you can be his mate. I’m sure you will be happy since not everyone can get what they want. Mates can be heartless sometimes…’
‘Heartless enough to make them watch them testing their manliness on someone else,’ Kawee added. I rolled my eyes.
‘You don’t have to say that all the time, you are not guiltless either because you are doing the same thing.’ I huffed angrily.
‘Oh really? Do you see me humping on them? M0@ning their names? Who started it?’ She snapped.
‘Just shut that stupid thing you call a mouth,’ I snapped back.
‘You arrogant dog!’ She yelled. ‘Why can’t you just own up to what you did and apologise! A simple sorry would make everything better but you being a hardheaded narcissist won’t ever say it!’
‘Oh sowie your Royal Majesty, does that make you feel better now?’ I said sardonically. It wasn’t what I wanted to say, but my lips kept moving and words rushed out the wrong way. Sorry is just too hard.
‘You incorrigible… Urgh!” She clawed at her face. I looked at Jeremy who was staring at us with mouth open.
‘Not a word about this to anyone, you hear me?’ I snarled commandingly. He closed his mouth and nodded. I looked at the girl, she was staring at us frowningly.
‘Can you take your argument somewhere else? I’m in the middle of killing myself here.’
‘Carina, please, I beg you, give me a chance to prove my love for you.’
‘I’ll marry you, mark you, anything you want, I’ll do it.’ Jeremy pleaded.
‘Promise you won’t keep me away from my baby?’
‘I swear by the moon goddess,’
‘No one would hurt me?’
‘You will live with me, be the Gamma’s female, right?’ He looked at me. I rolled my eyes.
‘Promise, now drop the gun,’ she dropped the gun. ‘Did you drink the poison?’
‘You are wicked, you want me to die, right? I love my life.’
‘This is ridiculous,’ Kawee huffed and stomped off.
‘Kawee come back here,’ I snapped.
‘f√¢k you!’
‘Don’t you walk out on me!’ I shouted, walking after her but keeping my distance. She looked at me over my shoulder, glaring at me. The good thing was that it wasn’t of hate but just a simple “get lost” glare. She turned her head back to her front and intentionally begin swaying her hips. ‘You are looking for my hidden trouble, Kawee.’
‘No one told you to stand behind me, go away.’
‘Why are you wearing this skirt? It’s too short and loose, I can tell you aren’t wearing any pantie from this angle.’
‘Idiot, I am wearing one but I guess you will never find out the colour or how it looks like,’
I smirked. ‘Is that a challenge? I’m ready to take it.’
‘In your dreams,’ I walked closer to her.
‘Do you know I’m f√¢kstrated? I haven’t had s£× in five days because of you.’
‘Too bad,’ she scoffed. ‘f√¢k your imagination.’
‘Can’t we settle our differences like adults?’ I whined. She whirled around to face me, her thick weave swishing in the air.
‘Are you ready to apologise? Ready to take me as a mate? As a Luna?’
‘Over my dead body,’
Okay, that came out wrong.
You idiot!… Killian yelled.
‘Thought as much,’ she turned again and continued her angry walking.
Wow, is it me or does her ass sways better with this pace? Damn! It’s so soft and inviting. How much will it bounce if I pin her to my bed and f√¢k her from behind?
‘I can hear you,’ she said in a singsong. I smiled and walked behind her closer, almost touching her. I sniffed the air, inhaling her scent. I felt like a puppet trailing behind her and sniffing her hair. I dared it and carried her hair, the heavy braided hair. She didn’t react, didn’t yell. ‘We are coming closer to the pack house, better get away from me before we are seen together.’
I stopped walking and watched her walked off, still stomping off angrily. I sighed heavily and knocked my head. ‘Stupid, stupid, stupid.’
I sighed and walked slowly, keeping a far distant. ‘Makawee!’ Someone shouted. Kawee halted and looked to her side. Killian growled angrily, it was the one she klzzed more.
Do something Kale!
I promised her.
She looked at me and smirked mischievously, not again. I watched her skip to him, grinning like he was meant to be with her. I ran out, running straight to Rick. I need someone to hit my head and Rick is the only one that can do that and get away with it. He is smart, he can talk some sense into me. I burst into their house, running straight to his small pink room. Who gives a boy pink room?
‘Kaley!’ He squealed.
‘There’s a crisis Rick, mega crisis,’ I threw myself on his bed, making him bounce a little.
‘What happened? Does it have anything to do with why your wolf howled?’ I whimpered and nodded, burying my face into the bed that smells like strawberry. Makawee smell better. ‘Are you ready to talk to me about it?’ I nodded. ‘Question number one, whose fault is it?’
My fault? My fault!
‘Fine, it’s mine,’ I raised my head. ‘It has to do with Makawee.’
‘Because you can’t kill her?’
‘Why does everyone think I want to kill her?!’ I shouted exasperatedly.
‘You did break her head,’ he said with a knowing shrug.
‘Yet you didn’t let her rest like Taylor instructed, that spells kill.’
‘Even if I wanted to – which I really wish to – I can’t, I can’t hurt her because the moon goddess wants to punish me,’ I turned and laid on my back. ‘Makawee is my mate.’
‘What! How?!’
‘Why not go up there and ask the f√¢king white immortal that did that to me! I can’t believe she would give me the daughter of my enemy! What did I ever do to her to deserve such massive punishment! Okay, I now I disobey her almost all the time, but why can’t she be a mother and forgive?! Now Kawee is going about klzzing every single male she comes across!’
‘What did you do to the island girl? That doesn’t sound like her,’ I looked at everywhere but his eyes. ‘Kaley,’ he whined. ‘What did you do to her? Aside almost killing her?’
‘Nothing,’ I said, grinning boyishly. He face palmed himself. ‘Okay, maybe I did something very bad and I deserve what she is doing to me.’
‘Do you feel guilty?’
‘So guilty I feel like dying.’
‘Do you want her?’
‘Yes, I really do.’
‘Have you talked to her?’
‘She won’t listen,’
‘Have you tried apologising, Kaley?’
I groaned. ‘It’s so hard to say, I have never said sorry in my entire life, not even to my parents when they were alive. How do people apologise?’ I asked him curiously.
‘Try saying I’m sorry Makawee, please…’
‘Please? I have to add please too?!’ I exclaimed. ‘What is she? Queen Elizabeth!’ He threw his small head back and shook his head.
‘You are hopeless,’ he dropped his head. ‘Do you want her or not?’
‘I do, but how do I do that without apologising?’
‘That’s never going to happen.’
‘Okay, how do I get every male away from her? I tried warning my pack but there are other males of other packs here, they aren’t leaving soon.’
‘Mom have been complaining about how stressful taking care of our sister and doing the chores is, she was thinking about hiring a maid. You can send Kawee over here, our house is far away from males and she won’t need to leave the house. That would put an initial stop to her revenge. I can also make sure she doesn’t go close to them.’ I sprang out of the bed, cupped his cheeks and klzzed his forehead happily.
‘You are a lifesaver Rick, I always knew I could count on you.’
‘Leave me alone, you are hurting yourselves with this meaningless paybacks.’
‘Payback,’ I scoffed. I wasn’t allowed to touch a woman.
‘Can you let go of my face now? You’re hurting my delicate cheeks.’
‘There, just add sorry to that statement, it wouldn’t be too hard.’
‘So…’ I shivered, the word is heavy and frightening.
Goddess, why me… Killian whimpered.
‘Repeat after me, sor-ry,’
‘No, never,’ I ran out of his room. Problem solved.
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
I sent a roundhouse kick to Lyle’s head, hitting it ferociously. He staggered back, pushed by the force of the kick. Not giving him time to recover, I whirled around and used my right foot to kick his chest, catapulting him to the other side of the small sparing room. He groaned, stood up with his speed and dashed to me, wanting to tackle me down. I whirled myself out of the way, whipping my leg fast enough to kick the back of his head. He stumbled to the floor, I jumped on his back and bit his neck gently.
‘f√¢k,’ I got off him, smiling victoriously. For five days, when I wasn’t compelling myself to flirt and klzz different guys, Lyle and d√¢kson were nice enough to let me train with them. I kicked both their asses, I still had my touch. Lyle stood up, cursing under his breath. ‘This is the seventh time you are beating me up, who the hell trained you?’
‘My secret,’ I winked at him.
‘If you are this strong, why don’t you ever defend yourself?’ He asked, rolling his arm which I shifted.
‘Part of my vow to my mother and the gods, never hit a werecreature.’
‘Even when they are killing you?’
‘That vow will soon expire,’ I smirked. ‘Very soon, I will hurt those that hurt me.’
‘Attagirl! Now, what’s the update about the big dog?’
‘Said he would apologise over his dead body,’
‘Ouch,’ he chuckled. ‘What are you going to do now?’
‘I’m tired, I don’t have any more zeal to klzz dirty mouths just because of payback. That fire in me is gone, he can do whatever he wants with his life.’ I admitted tiredly.
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yeah,’ I shrugged. ‘I think it’s best for…’
‘Wait,’ he cut me off, sniffing the air. ‘Can you smell that?’
‘Smell what?’ I sniffed the air. ‘All I can perceive is your horrible sweat…’
‘No, almond and vanilla,’ he whispered. He m0@ned with eyes closed. ‘So pleasant,’ he sniffed more. ‘It smells so good Kawee.’
‘Isn’t that a sign of your mate?’ His eyes snapped open, going wide in shock.
‘It worked Makawee!’ Carina shrieked, running towards me. ‘Come see my mark, he marked me!’ Lyle growled, his wolf taking over as his claws extended. Carina halted and looked at him weirdly.
What’s happening?… I asked myself… It better not be what I’m thinking.
Let it be!… Lona shrieked… I want to witness a fight.
Carlyle growled again, fangs stretching out as his eyes turn walnut brown, a similar colour of fur sprouting out of his cheeks to his neck. ‘What’s wrong with him?’ Rina asked with fear.
‘Rina! Stop running or you’ll hurt the baby!’ Giselle shouted. She ran into the spar panting heavily with sweat drenching her blouse. ‘How can you run so fast? You’re the pregnant one, geez!’ I looked at Lyle, praying inwardly that his mate would be Giselle, not Carina because that wouldn’t end well. ‘Who’s wearing almond and chocolate perfume here?’ Elle asked, looking at me. I sighed with relief, almost collapsing from the panic that struck me.
Giselle froze the moment her eyes landed on Carlyle, her mouth dropping open. It seems she had never seen Lyle before. ‘Kawee, my mate,’ Lyle said happily. ‘I found my mate!” He shrieked. He was hugging Giselle and jumping before I could speak, shrieking about her being his mate. Giselle was stunned, unable to speak.
‘What’s he shouting about?’ Carlyle’s beta, Hilary who walked in asked puzzledly.
‘She’s his mate,’ Rina said happily. ‘Giselle has a mate!’
‘His mate is a pathetic human?’ In the blink of an eye, Lyle had Hilary pinned to the wall, growling into his face.
‘Don’t you ever insult my mate, not ever or I will make your life very short,’ Hilary bowed his head with a whimper. I sighed and shut my eyes.
Isn’t he a werewolf? He is defending his mate while mine says over his dead body.
Tell me Makawee, just tell me, you can trust me, what did you do to the moon goddess? This punishment isn’t ordinary… Lona asked drily. I chuckled.
Thanks Halona, but all I want is for Kale to apologise and treat me as his mate. Is that too much to ask?
Run away Makawee, run.
If I run, wouldn’t he find me? Where would I be running to? Kale has connection allover the world, I will never be safe and other werecreatures can attack me.
What do we do now?… Lona cried… I’m tired Makawee, I’m tired.
I opened my eyes, they were all gone… No, I was back at the grotto. ‘Kawee,’ I turned around to face her. It was a woman, she looked really beautiful. Her body gleamed brightly, her white hair fell over her shoulders gracefully, her silver eyes shinning like the moonlight. Something about her was urging me to bow, but I refused to.
‘Who are you?’
‘I knew you wouldn’t bow, you are as stubborn as he is.’ I folded my arms and cocked my hips.
‘My name is Selene, I am the goddess of the moon.’
‘Ah, came to mock me?’ I said sardonically. She chuckled and shook her head.
‘No, I came here myself to talk to you…’
‘No, I want you to talk to your stupid wolf. Kale is incorrigible, I am ready to accept him but he won’t just behave! What am I suppose to do? I’m tired miss, I’m tired.’ I broke into tears, falling on my knees as I cried. She walked closer to me, her white gown flowing on the ground like a river. She knelt in front of me, cupping my cheeks into her hands.
‘My daughter, you have been through a lot, you have suffered enough. Kale is indeed hardheaded, always have, always will. If he wasn’t stubborn, he wouldn’t have left his celestial throne to become a werewolf, one of his subject.’
‘Yes Kawee, Kale is my son, my stubborn arrogant son. He got bored of being in one place and switched position, very stubborn.’ I could hear her anger in her tone.
‘Is that why you mated him to me? To punish me for my father’s sin and his stubbornness?’
‘You have nothing to do with the war of the gods, my fight is with Artemis and it was a low blow for her to use your people to hunt mine, there is more to the war than you think. Minerva, Artemis and I will sort our issues but I want you to listen to me and forgive Kale, ignore what he is doing. Since I bore him, he has never apologised, not even to me so don’t expect much from him. Please, make him love you Makawee, for what is to come. You are the only one who can twist his head, not even I can do that. Please, will you do that for me?’ I nodded. ‘Thank you, when the time comes, I will explain to you what is going on. Goodbye Makawee, and remember my plea.’
My eyes snapped open, my breath coming out in a gasp. I looked around, I was in a small dark blue room, sweating like a goat about to be killed.
‘Kawee!’ I flinched, Rick hugged me. ‘You’re okay, I was so worried.
‘Where am I?’
‘At my place, you are going to live with us now.’
Now the war is over, stage two begins.

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