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The devil’s mate episode 10

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The devil’s mate episode 10 by : 5:53 am On March 12, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
Alpha’s Wyrd Mate
♦ Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book ten ♦🔷🔶
¶¶¶ Makawee’s standpoint (Kawee) ¶¶¶
I kept my head up and eyes ahead as everyone stared at me dazedly, angrily, hatefully, anyone they like, that’s their problem. Anyways, I didn’t care, I was more focused on walking like the queen I was trained to be, using my royal training to my advantage. I intentionally swayed my hips as I walked gracefully, looking at no one else but the road ahead with the box I was carrying. All morning, they had been looking at me like that, even the maids and slaves. Carina had shrieked in excitement when she saw me, Mommy Renée only shook her head in amusement. Holly gaped at me all through and Giselle who was back just kept laughing as she repeatedly chanted that I was the soon to be mother of ten pups from ninety nine males. I had teased her that she would be the first child I bore. After playing, I helped them out with their chores with hope to see Carlyle. I ignored the whistles and waves from the warriors as I did my chores.
Mabel suddenly jumped in front of me, her wolf snarling and growling. I stared at her blankly, blinking slowly with boredom.
Is this suppose to scare me?… I scoffed to Lona… If Kale’s couldn’t make me piss my pants, why does she think hers will.
Lona chuckled… You don’t have pants, just skirts and gowns.
Seriously Lona?
‘What do you think you are doing going around dressed like this?’ She snarled out. ‘Have you forgotten that there is a law here that states human maids and slaves aren’t allowed to dress beautiful or like one of us! How dare you clean yourself up this way!’ Some she-wolves who were around nodded with agreement. I was about entering the main manor with the heavy box of tools I was sent to carry. Did I forget to say I was chewing a sweet pineapple and cherry bubblegum? Well, I was. I chewed my gum more nosily, tilting my head and cocking my hips. ‘I’m talking to you, you insolent little imp!’ I blew a large bubble and popped it, smirking at her mockingly. She screamed with frustration, holding herself back from hitting me.
‘Don’t you have respect! Because you are his personal slave and he gave orders that you shouldn’t be touched doesn’t mean you can disrespect us.’ One thin thread snarled.
‘And there you have it,’ I said with a sweet smile. ‘I’m his personal slave. If he doesn’t have any problem with what I’m wearing, then you have no right to question me. If you badly want this off me, you can go speak to your darling alpha, you are his favourite anyways. Oh, and do remind him to make me stand more to watch you both act childishly, or bang my head against a sink again, it was fun.’ They stared at me like I had gone mad. I rolled my eyes and pushed her out of my way. She was too stunned to react. I returned to the Mommy Renée and dropped the box.
I’m sure you are wondering why I call her Mommy Renée, she has a little darling daughter, she was sick but fine. Taylor said if she could survive until she gets her first shift, she’ll be fine. ‘Thank you Kawee, you are always helpful.’
‘Anything for you Mommy Renée,’ I swallowed my gum.
‘I’ve told you to stop calling me that, you can call me by my name or call me mom.’
‘Are you sure you won’t get into trouble for being called mom?’
‘Heh heh, no, I won’t. Please call me mom dear,’ my heart skipped. It wasn’t that bad, I would have something close to a mother figure, right?
‘Alright, anything else you want me to do mom?’
‘Yes,’ she jerked her head towards a shinning forearm armour. ‘Please take it to the warrior’s training yard and drop it there.’
‘The obstacle course, speed ground, weaponry or arena?’ I asked as I walked to the armour. Kale had a large land for training only. There were two buildings there; the weaponry house and arena where all the fights took place. Outside the buildings, the massive plots of lands were used to make obstacle courses and a long track for running. The land used there could be use to build three third of a village or city. Kale really had huge lands. I got to find out from Carina that the supernatural world was separated from the humans by some kind of vortex or whatever big word she called it. She said our world didn’t vibrate at the same frequency with theirs, therefore makes it impossible for them to see our lands, homes and all but we could see and walk into theirs. So Kale had properties in both worlds.
‘Arena, give it to the chief warrior,’
‘Okay mom,’ I carried the armour and weighed it. ‘It’s quite heavy.’
‘I know, that is why I want you to carry it, you are one of our strongest female here, the strongest human.’
‘Awwwn, I’m flattered,’ I said playfully. She chuckled. ‘I won’t be back mom, from the arena I will go check on the alpha if he needs anything.’
‘Just stand in a very far distance, he has been in a mood since last night.’ She warned with a little fear.
‘Yeah, I did hear his howl yesterday, any idea why he is like that?’ I asked curiously, feigning ignorant.
She sighed heavily. ‘Negative, he wouldn’t tell a soul. I really worry for him Kawee, his wolf have never acted like that, not even after the death of so many. I just wonder what is making his wolf hurt so much and I hope it will get solved soon.’ I looked away with guilt, I really didn’t like hurting Killian but Kale is pushing me. That bastard doesn’t even feel guilty for what he did to me, he only wants me to stop so he won’t have to feel his wolf’s pain.
Incorrigible jerk… Lona huffed angrily
Tell me about it.
‘Anything that is wrong, I’m sure he will get over it soon because he is a strong man, his wolf is strong and will recover soon. Although, I wish he suffers more,’ she glared at me instantly, growling at the insult laid on her alpha. ‘I’m sorry mom, but you can’t stop me from hating him after all I went and is still going through.’
‘And you can’t stop me from being a little bit defensive of my alpha, I’m sorry for snarling.’
‘I understand mom, gotta go now,’ I walked to the door but she stopped me with her next words.
‘Are you aware that Carina is pregnant? I can smell the baby in her whenever she is close,’ I looked at her over my shoulder and smiled. ‘She’s not going to tell Jeremy, right?’
‘Not yet.’
‘She better tell him before everyone starts perceiving it and the wrong person makes her lose it. If I could perceive it, then others must be already catching up on it life.’
‘You can perceive a pregnant female?’
‘Not all wolves can because they don’t pay attention. Most times, only older females and males who have experience pregnancy one way or the other can. Tell Rina to inform Jeremy of his child before it’s too late.’
‘What bad thing can happen?’ I asked anxiously.
‘The six she-wolves who want Jeremy. One or two of them who catches up on it scent can poison her, push her down somewhere, just do all it takes to make her lose her baby. If she’s a werewolf, the pregnancy won’t be that easy to terminate or won’t have serious effect on her if she loses it, but for a human, it would kill her if she loses the baby.’ I shivered with fright, making a decision right there to talk to her about it.
‘I will inform her before the end of today, thanks mom.’ I quickly walked out, rushing to the training yard which was two miles away from the pack house… I will rather call it pack town. It was a long trek with the weight I was carrying but I kept walking. The good thing was that the sun wasn’t as hot as it was at noon. I went through the forest instead of the road, avoiding the warriors guarding the road. Kale’s pack was so civilised, they used cars, motorcycles, tricycles and buses. Like I said, it was a town on it own.
When I got to the arena, I breathe out with relief before walking into the Greece Olympia like stadium. Many warriors looked at me as I walked pass, some were with different females doing nonsense but halted when they saw me. I could hear whispers about me but as usual, I ignored them. I walked into the main arena, the chief warrior was there training with Carlyle.
No! Why does he have to see me now I have sweat my beauty off… I cried… This is so humiliating.
Run Kawee! Run for our lives!
I whirled around instantly to sprint while they hadn’t seen me but I was unlucky. I tripped over my footing and crashed on the ground, falling on top of the armour. My chest collided with it, the pain reminding me why I should never wear a sandals with lace. ‘Holy Athena!’ I shouted out with pain. ‘My chest.’
‘Makawee,’ Lyle said worriedly. He pulled me up and held me from falling. ‘Are you alright?’
‘I just fell down on that destroyer, so no, I’m not,’ I sobbed. I didn’t need to sob, but I had to sob.
‘It’s the first time I am actually meeting you in person Makawee,’ the chief warrior said as he picked up the armour. ‘Rick never stops talking about you, thank you for bringing my family back to me.’
‘Your gratitude would have been very much appreciated if I wasn’t wheezing and gasping for breath right now, I can’t breathe,’ I said under my breath, still sobbing. Seriously, I was really wheezing. They both chuckled.
‘I will accept your defeat and take her to the hospital,’ Lyle said with a perky smile and strong trace of exultation in his tone.
‘I didn’t surrender, she got hurt and…’
‘Shhh, I win, full stop.’
‘No, you are not going to do that again L…’
‘Sh, sh, sh, sh…’
‘Stop inter…’
‘Shush, shush, shush,’ the chief warrior face palmed himself. ‘Good boy, bye my seven hundred and sixty five love minus ninety eight whom I divorced… What’s your name again? Eben, right.’
‘It’s d√¢kson,’ Riley’s husband corrected. Lyle burst into laughter.
‘Ah! He said d!¢k!’
‘Oh goddess, just take her to the hospital before she collapses,’ d√¢kson said upsettingly.
‘Sure thing d√¢ky boy,’ Lyle said teasingly. d√¢k rolled his eyes and ran out. ‘I love making people miserable.’ He said with a laughing tone filled with contentment.
‘Aren’t you an alpha?’
‘As a matter of fact, I am,’ he said proudly, pushing his nose in the air and bucking his chest.
‘Just take me the hospital,’ I already healed, I heal fast sometimes. However, nobody said a romantic free ride wasn’t allowed. He swiftly scooped me into his arms like his new bride and positioned himself to run. ‘No! Don’t run!’ I shouted with panic. ‘I react to too much gush of wind and speed, please don’t run.’ I pleaded, simulating fear. Okay, cheap lie, but free ride.
Hmm, when did you start lying Kawee?… I asked myself.
Since you first saved a wolf.
‘So, how am I suppose to get you there on time?’
‘Walk slowly, very slowly… Okay not too slow but in a casual pace.’
He laughed. ‘You could have just said you want a free ride,’
‘Okay, I want a free ride, please honey biscuit?’ I asked cutely, twinkling my lashes at him. He laughed harder and shook his head in amusement and amazement.
‘As you wish baby face,’ I squealed with joy and rest my head on his chest, using my hands to hold on to his collar, playing with his button to add more jealousy touch up. He started his slow walk out of the building, feeding all eyes with our romantic position.
Funnily enough, I don’t like him touching me, I want Kale… I whimpered.
Me too… Lona agreed… But he will never be this nice.
I hate him so much.
You wish you can hate him so much.
‘So, tell me about your pack,’ I said, trying to start a conversation. ‘Is it as large as Kale’s?’
He arched a surprise brow at me. ‘No…?’
‘Is it the second largest?’
‘Kale’s pack is not just the largest, but also the strongest and wealthiest. My pack might be the fifth largest in the world, but it is the second strongest and third wealthiest. Unlike other packs – excluding Kale’s – my warriors are very much skilled with weapons and in their human forms. In fact, our human form can be compared to a fully grown wolf. I learnt that from Kale. He made sure every single warrior is a skilled martial art fighter, weaponsman, weaponeer and hunter. From the tallest to the shortest, the youngest to oldest in this pack, can defend themselves.’
‘Even the children?’
‘Especially the children,’
‘Have you tried administering that into your pack? To make them stronger?’
‘It’s not as easy as you think. A pack can gain energy from their alpha, draw strength from their alpha. Even if I administer that, it wouldn’t change the fact that Kale is stronger and as long as he is stronger, his pack remains the strongest.’
‘Wow,’ I said softly. ‘Do you have a mate?’
‘Not yet, but I hope to find her. A seer once told me that my mate will come from Kale’s pack, she is here somewhere but no matter how many times I intentionally come to visit, I never seem to locate her or catch her scent. I have checked, tried, everything, but nothing is working.’ He sighed sadly. I reached my hand up and tapped his cheek, smiling soothingly.
‘Don’t worry, I’m sure you will find her soon, just give it time. Maybe she isn’t in this pack, maybe that seer is blind, completely blind.’
‘Five seers can’t be all blind,’ he said sadly. ‘I really want my mate. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to meet her, find the woman that would pamper me. As you can see, I’m a baby at heart and mind, but I have to be mature for my pack and do the caring. I want someone to pamper me too, cuddle me at night and comfort me when I need advice. I want her face to greet me every morning, want to wake her up by s√¢king her B@@bs…’ He grinned at the thought of that. ‘I want to wake her up every morning with breakfast, assist her in making dinner…’ I snorted. ‘Okay fine, eating dinner. I want her to carry my pups, I want to klzz her protruding stomach and klzz it every chance I get. I want to see my kids running round the house but no, that is never going to happen, I will never find my mate…’
‘Don’t you dare cry on me,’ I warned. ‘You are going to find her, I assure you that. Maybe if you remove your mind, you will be able to find her.’
‘But I want her now,’ he whined, lips trembling. Indeed, he was a baby.
The possibility of Kale wanting all he mentioned from his mate was absolute zero. Should I exaggerate the zero? It was 0-0÷0= -0. What is minus zero? I mean nothing, it was absolutely empty. The last time I checked, he bashed his mate’s head against a sink after giving her front roll seat to emotional torture. Why couldn’t the moon goddess make me Lyle’s mate, why? What is my crime? What wrong did I commit that she has to punish me by dashing the devil to me as bonus on top of my grief. Will he ever cuddle me? Will he ever bring me breakfast in bed?… Wait, what’s breakfast in bed?
‘Lyle, what’s breakfast in bed?’
‘Oh, forgot you came from an isolated and uncivilised island.’
‘Don’t include me, mother made me read a lot so I know a lot, just not everything.’ I defended.
‘Okay, breakfast in bed is having breakfast in your bed. It’s more of a romantic act.’
‘So the woman stays in bed while the man brings her breakfast?’ I asked curiously.
‘No, the man or woman brings it to his or her spouse and wake them up.’
‘Oh, that’s stupid, don’t they have legs?’ Lyle laughed and shook his head.
‘I pray you get there Kawee, so you will know how being pampered feel like,’ it was my own turn to laugh. We were already in the woods. I wiggled until he dropped me down as I laughed. I held a tree, laughing at his fascinating statement. Lyle, the idiot started laughing with me. He had no idea why I was laughing, but he sure did laugh well. ‘Why are you laughing?’ He asked between his laugh. I sniffed and pinched my nose.
‘Pampered? By who? Trust me, even if I am to meet my soulmate, he would rather grind his eyes, mix it with water, boil the water and then throw it in the ocean. He would choose that over pampering me, showing me love.’ I mimicking derisively.
‘Even humans show much affection Kawee,’ he said seriously. ‘You show love to those you love.’
‘As far as I know, you kill the family of the ones you love, let them become a bloody punching bag, give them VIP tickets to “s£× in the tub and bed with another woman,” whip them against a f√¢king sink and leave them to bleed to death!’ I yelled angrily, my tears betrayed me, slipped out. ‘Love is sick, but you wanna know what’s worse, having a mate.’ I spat out with so much contempt. He chuckled and ran his hand through his hair.
‘Kale is your mate, isn’t it?’ I looked away, unable to deny the truth. ‘I suspected it the way he reacted back at the dinner yesterday, then the next thing I know, his wolf was howling all-night and you are calling him by his name. Except for me, who else do you know calls him by his name? Even if they are free with him?’ He asked knowingly.
‘Do you want me to give you an award for being smart?’ I asked jokingly, I couldn’t even feel it. I sighed sadly. ‘I just don’t like the irony of the situation; my father kills his family, he kills mine and viola! We are mates.’
‘Yes, that is pretty complicated,’ he chuckled. ‘Come,’ he took my hand and led me to a rock. Carlyle sat on the rock before pulling me to sit on his lap. I shifted closer to him, letting my hands wander into his hair. ‘I know Kale isn’t the best there is, in fact he is not the best at all but, he is a good man. I don’t know how I would feel if I should be mated to the daughter of the man that have caused me so much pain…’
‘He didn’t watch my father kill his family, I did. I never hurt your kind or others once, yet I got to watch my mate heartlessly rip out my mother’s throat and father’s head. I suffered Lyle and I have the scars on my body to prove it. Have you ever been starved for a month? Gone blind, deaf, whipped, drank sewer water… Kale made me watch as he exchanged flesh with another she-wolf…’
‘I know,’ I sobbed. ‘You see why I am so bitter? Yet I still hoped he would look over our family issues, that we are even and care for me, love me. Instead, I get this. Nothing in this life hurt me more than when he made me watch them, made me see my so called soulmate having s£× with another woman and then almost killed me. I want to make him jealous, so jealous he will feel as much pain as I felt… I want to reject him.’
‘Rejecting him would break him and also break you, I hope you are aware of that?’ I took a deep breath. I caught a wheeze of Kale’s scent, he was coming.
‘I am,’ Lyle hadn’t seem to sense it as he was lost in his own well of thoughts. I closed my eyes and listened, waiting for the right time to do what my mind was urging me to do. Immediately I felt him closer, I turned Lyle’s face towards me and crashed my lips on his, pressing his head so he won’t pull back. Carlyle emotional state made him respond back, he growled and pulled me closer to his chest, sliding his tongue into my mouth.
It wasn’t my first klzz, back in the village, a young warrior named Cochise had cornered me when I was thirteen and klzzed me. If I wasn’t trained, he would have forced himself on me. I killed him, he was the first person I killed. Next was Bidzill, I broke his arms. The only man I did klzz back for few seconds was Kele, my old friend. He was in love with me and sick. His last wish was to share a klzz with me before he died, I had to do it. He died after klzzing me.
Back to the point, like the other three klzzes, I felt nothing but revulsion and the urge to throw up in his mouth. I didn’t get a chance to embrace that idea, because a loud… I repeat, a freakin’ loud bark made me jolt to my feet with a scream. I whirled around to see Kale in half wold form. Vicious teeth out, claws extended, body partially covered with fur and eyes gold and amethyst, glowing with rage if I may add. In simple English, someone was really mad.
‘f√¢k,’ Lyle muttered. ‘Kale, it’s not what you think, she klzzed me, I have nothing to do with this.’
‘How dare you lay your hands on my mate! Stick your filthy tongue into her mouth!’
‘How dare you lay your hands on my mate,’ I mimicked mockingly. ‘Mtcheeew, how dare YOU sleep with Mabel in my presence?’ I scoffed, folding my arms defiantly. ‘If it hurts you, then hallelujah,’ Kale roared and ran towards Lyle.
‘Mommy,’ Lyle cried and ran for his dear life.
‘Keep chasing him and I find another male to klzz!’ I shouted after him. It didn’t take him three seconds to have me over his shoulder. ‘Hey! Put me down!’
‘I am taking you somewhere no male will ever find you,’ he growled.
‘First of all, don’t hurt Lyle, it is my fault.’
‘You think I don’t know that you desperate whore!’ Once again, Kale ripped my heart out with his offensive statement. All the joy I was feeling from making him so jealous went down the drain of my heart. I bent over in anger and sank my teeth into his neck, yanking it viciously to rip it off. I could feel the pain too but I didn’t care, I wanted to hurt him badly. A little of his blood flowed into my mouth.
Kale’s wolf whimpered, dropping on his knees in pain. I pushed away from him, spitting out his blood. Kale remained on the ground, hand clamped against his neck as he stared at me with mouth open and eyes widened in shock. I wiped my tongue with my palm, crying like a baby as I stared back at him. ‘If you can’t feel any remorse for what you have done to me, then find joy in wallowing because I, Makawee Istas Tyee, rejects you as…’ He swished to me and clamped his bloody palm on my lips. I hit his chest, telling him to get away from me.
‘I beg you Kawee, don’t do this to me, I beg you,’ I sank my teeth into his palm, holding on to his flesh tightly. He howled in pain. ‘Please Makawee, I’m begging you…’ I pushed his hand away.
‘No, I’m going to reject you so I can stop this torture once and for all!’
‘Kawee I beg you, please. Okay, I promise never to get in your way, even if I see you with another male, I won’t disturb you.’ He begged desperately. I smirked slyly and stood up, wiping off my tears as he watched me.
‘You will not touch any other female, not go close to them and will openly discard all of your trash. And, if you see me klzzing any man, you will not complain, not argue, act like you don’t care.’
‘I can’t, I can’t do that.’
‘Should I reject you then?’ He fisted his hands in the grass, snarling and whining. His neck had already healed, his palm was healing too. ‘Is that a deal Alpha Kale?’
‘What would you gain?’ He asked helplessly. ‘What?’
‘The same thing you gained when you did yours,’
‘So you are willing to sleep with any man just to get back at me?’
‘If it would kill you emotionally, then yes, I will.’
‘Don’t pronounce my name, you are not fit to pronounce it. And don’t blame me for hurting Killian, I care about him but his first mistake was letting you hurt me bad and for having you as his other side, you both deserve the pain. Now, do we have a deal?’ He bowed his head completely, whether in pain or shame, don’t care. ‘Is that a deal?!’
‘Yes, I promise to stay away from all females and let you do your own thing.’
‘Good, now get out of my sight and never show yourself again.’ He was gone before I even finished my sentence. I slowly walked to a tree and sat down, resting my back on it.
Ladies and gentlemen, time to drop my bitter act and cry. That was so painful.
To be continued.
Like my people would say, first to do, he no dey pain. Second to do, na im dey pain. Don’t worry, there is no third to do in this story.
Or is there?
Okay, Makawee is wicked. 😂😹
Picture this, Carina being Carlyle’s mate. 👿

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