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The Devil’s Mate episode 1

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The Devil’s Mate episode 1 by : 5:57 am On March 9, 2021
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The Devil’s Mate
••••••••••••••••••••• Alpha’s Wyrd Mate ••••••••••••••••
♦ Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) ♦
🔶🔷♦ Book one ♦🔷🔶
★★★ Kale ★★★
I walked into the big room with anger radiating from my wolf. My nostrils flared with impatient and determination to end the lives of the tribe causing my pack so much pain. The other alphas stood up the moment I walked in. Being the strongest amongst them wasn’t why they showed me the utmost respect, but because so far, my pack has done a good job protecting most werecreatures around. Other joined in protecting ourselves from the barbarians, all wondering what wrong we committed to the moon goddess. Most werecreatures around fled to far away lands but that didn’t stop them from getting killed, those barbarians were everywhere.
‘Kale,’ Alpha Simon greeted. I nodded and kicked my chair away, leaning on the table and taking the chair’s place.
‘I called this emergency meeting concerning the creatures hunting down our kind,’
‘The last meeting and the rest until now remains useless. No matter how many meetings we…you call, nothing ever helps to stop those creatures. We don’t even know what they are, how they look like. So far, none who encounter them ever survives or see their faces.’
‘That has changed, the moon goddess have finally heard our prayers.’ I smirked.
‘What?’ Another alpha asked.
‘About two months ago, my chief warrior’s sister was taken by the barbarians…’
‘Another lost!’
‘If you’ll let me finish,’ I huffed. ‘She was pregnant, due to deliver in two weeks before she was taken with her children. At first, we thought all hope was lost until she contacted her mate to come find her.’
‘That’s impossible,’ Alpha Simon said. ‘Once caught, we lose all communications with them.’
‘That is true, but she escaped with her children… Or rather was saved by one of them. The creatures aren’t barbarians, at least not exactly. According to her description, their men are huge, tall and strong but look like normal men even though they don’t smell like humans. They live in a village, ruled by a king and are all old fashion… Native Americans to be precise.’
‘Okay, we have the description of our enemies, human looking what?’
‘Unclear but the point is that I am now aware of their location,’ they gasped. ‘She was able to lead us back to the river she used in escaping and after weeks of proper studying and observing, I located the main entrance. My plan have been concluded. I need you all, enough wolves to raid that place and put a end to their kind once and for all.’
‘Then what are we waiting for?! Let’s go!’
‘I am ready when you are, Kale!’
‘It’s about time!’
‘When do you want our wolves to be prepared?!’
‘They must all be wiped out!’
I smiled with satisfaction, every single one of them must die.
¶¶¶ Makawee ¶¶¶ (Kawee)
(Note that they are Native Americans so their names are a little bit complicated. Others don’t matter but I hope Makawee is simple enough.)
‘You must marry Bidzill! He is man enough for you! He won the contest for your hand!’ Father roared for the umpteenth time. I rolled my eyes and maintained my adamant posture. Hands folded, hips cocked and face plain. No one found out I released the wolves but father suspected me. He had no prove so in anger, he called out for a contest. Who ever caught a pregnant elephant and a young lone werewolf would have the honor of becoming my husband.
His own problem.
‘Kosumi, we’ve talked about this, Kawee is still too young to be forced into marrying someone she doesn’t love.’
‘And how is that accurate?’ He spat. ‘Tell me Mitena, did I love you when I married you?’
‘No,’ mother murmured.
‘Do I love you now?’
‘Did you love me when you married me? Didn’t my mother arrange you for me?’
‘Yes, she did.’
‘So what is this rubbish about love?’
‘The rubbish is that I don’t want her to end up like me, marrying someone like you and living a difficult life.’ Mother’s said with a sudden boldness, folding her arms and glaring at him.
‘You only had one child for me because of your bad luck and you dare challenge my authority?!’ He barked. ‘Tell me, wasn’t I nice enough to let you live in the palace with your barrenness!’
‘Your mistresses might have bore you sons, but I bore the strongest and most beautiful female ever recorded in our history. Don’t stand there and pretend like you haven’t drowned yourself in pride because of that. Tell me, who else is like her? Who else is as beautiful as my daughter? Do you think you are special because I let you marry me?! Don’t you dare force my daughter into marrying one of your pitiful beast! She will never marry one of your kind! If she finds favor in any of the god’s sight, they’ll pick her to be a mistress or queen.’
To say I was shocked at my mother’s plans for me was an understatement.
‘Excuse me!’ I shrieked. ‘And do I have a say in this arrangement?!’
‘I’m sorry Kawee, but if you are ever to be safe, you need a god to protect you.’
‘I can pretty much protect myself and that rubbish you are planning won’t work out with me, not at all. I already told myself that I will never get married, never bow to any man. It’s either you both accept that or I leave this island!’ I stomped out of their presence, boiling with rage. I stomped to the grotto I always sit at every night. The grotto was at the far end of the island, one no one goes to except myself and mother. The grotto had green glowing water and images on the walls, images telling a story. I sat down at the edge of the pool and dipped my legs in. ‘Phew,’ I sighed as the water immediately cooled my anger. I leaned back on my hands, resting my weight on it.
‘Makawee,’ I sighed at her voice, knew she would find me. ‘Kawee my darling,’ she called softly. She knelt behind me and sank her nails into my hair, massaging my scalp. ‘You know I love you, right?’
‘I know but that decision is unnecessary.’
‘You’ll need it, for your sake…’
‘You are alive, aren’t you? You didn’t die all these years so why should I? Mother, I know you are worried, but I assure you that I am fine.’
‘No, you are not, you will not. Kawee, I’m trying to secure your future.’ She said anxiously.
‘I love you mama,’ I said, placing my hand on hers which was on my shoulder. ‘But you know that nothing you do would change my horrible fate, nothing at all.’ I said bitterly. She slipped her hand away from mine sadly and sighed heavily.
‘Do me a favour, can you do me one favour?’ I turned my body around a little, folding one leg and blinking at her.
‘Anything for you mother,’
‘Don’t step out of this grotto tonight, not even at dawn. Until the red roaster of Bly valley croaks the sixth time after the sun rises, don’t step out of this grotto.’
‘Why?’ I asked, furrowing my brows.
‘Please, don’t ask why, just do,’ I looked into her almond shaped eyes. I had her eyes; the beautiful pair of glassy hunter green eyes with carmine highlight and a thin dove grey shading around the irises. It was very beautiful, almost enchanting.
‘Okay,’ I said lowly. ‘I’ll stay put.’
‘Thank you,’ That night, she hugged me tight for half an hour before letting go. If I knew, I wouldn’t have let her go, I would have held her back. I watched my mother leave that night, never knowing it was the last time I would ever speak to her again.
I slept on the cotton bed mother made, letting my mind wander to different places. I wandered how living outside would be, how it would be like to be free. I thought to the werewolfess I saved, if she got home safe with her children. I sighed and turned on my stomach, finally finding some sleep as different thoughts drowned me. My ears perked at sounds, I could hear cries, barks and howls. I didn’t want to wake up but something pushed me up. I forced my eyes open and sat up. I groaned as I stretched on the bed.
‘What’s that noise?’ I thought. I stood up to and sank my feet on the ground, wiggling my toes. I stood up and walked to the entrance of the grotto, to my surprise, it was locked. I touched the new wall, wondering how it got there. I shook my head, mother must have done it to secure me. I walked back to the bed, pondering on what her problem was.
I heard a loud howl, a very mighty howl, one that made cold run down my spine. I hugged myself, my heart thumping against my chest. Something about that howl was calling out to me, something about that howl felt like home. I ran back to the entrance and started searching for a way out. That was a wolf’s howl, they caught someone new and that wolf was calling out to me. I wasn’t thinking, my body moving before my mind could register anything. I remembered I found another exit weeks ago. I ran to the exit and climbed up the wall. It wasn’t that hard to get out.
Immediately I was out, the smell of wild honey, cinnamon and coconut hit my nostrils. The smell was alluring, welcoming, inviting. I sniffed the air and m0@ned, the scent was nice. I ran to the village. As I came closer, I could hear battle cries, angry roars, wails. I knew then that it was a war, not a new hunt. I changed from running in the open to run in the shadows. I almost screamed when I saw a wolf ripping Bidzill’s head off. I cupped my mouth, the time had come. I snuck away and found myself in the middle of a battle. Wolves, my people, battling and killing theirselves.
Never hurt a werecreature.
Abiding to that rule, I climbed into a barrow and closed it, hiding inside. I stayed in there unnoticed, watching my people get ripped apart one after the other until only my father, mother, one of my younger brother and his mother were left. I could see three wolves gather them in the village square were I was hiding. My mother was crying, my brother shaking with fear. That scent came again stronger than before, right before I heard a powerful deep voice speak out.
‘Your Majesty,’ every single blood in my veins went cold, my heart pumping faster at his voice. I bent my neck and looked through the holes, upon my father was the tallest and hugest man I have ever seen.
His body was a structure of art, muscles, abs, popping veins, broad shoulders, sculpted jawline that looked like he was specially made. His hair was strangely scarlet with highlights of strawberry blonde, wine and darker red, that made it a glint of different colours that glinted under the moonlight. His amber eyes flecked with little bits of gold and amethyst and hunter green highlight. It was hard believing he could possess such eyes but yet again, there are many strange beings amongst their kinds. The special ones. His unblemished skin was cream, paler than your usual cream.
What a hunk of creamy werewolf flesh… My subconscious purred. I shook my head and held my chest, trying to soothe my beating heart.
‘Who are you?’ Father asked under his breath.
‘My name is Kale Kane, Alpha of Silver Moon Pack. I am sure you don’t remember me because we never met but I have waited for years to meet you, to end you myself. For so long you have killed our kind, eliminated my entire family…’ He yanked my brother’s head up aggressively. ‘My mother was the first werewolf you killed,’ he growled, the gold in his eyes completely taking over. ‘She was pregnant, carrying my promised little sister,’ he clasped his palms against my crying brother’s head. ‘You killed her, ate her like some kind of meat!’
‘Your kind eat others,’ father dared to speak.
‘Never humans! Never other beings like us! You have wickedly killed so many; my mother, my father who died after her, my cousin, uncle, my best friend! Everyone! You took them all!!!’ I squeaked at his roar, good thing no one heard me. I could feel his pain, I could perceive his power, yes, perceive. Tears soaked my face, I wasn’t bothered about the fact that he had crushed my brother’s head, crushed his skull. I was bothered about what he had been through. ‘You made me mourn my pack members, children, friends, allies. At the age of four, I grew with only two purpose, one of them never to rest until your kind is wiped out of the face of earth.’
‘Your kinds are pitiful, week creatures that shouldn’t exist,’ father spat. Kale let out a loud humorless laugh.
‘And you think it is fun watching your love ones die? Heck! I didn’t even see them but you will. Look around, where are your people now? Where are your warriors?’ Father’s face fell. ‘Enjoy,’ with a swift move, he grabbed my stepmother and ripped her head off her body. He flung her body and that of my brother’s to ten large wolves who quickly used them to play a tug of war.
My heart bled for them, my tears soaked my body. I swallowed every sob, digesting the horrific sight before me. My eyes widened when he took hold of mother, she didn’t fight back. ‘This is your wife, right?’ Kale asked with a evil smile. ‘How much do you love her?’
‘Please, if there is anyone you will kill, please don’t harm her and my daughter, I beg you.’ Dad pleaded, his eyes welling up with tears. Mother sniffed, her eyes finding mine. I knew she could see me, could see where I hid. Her eyes held so much worry, so much warning, so much love. Kale’s claws pierced into her throat, digging into her windpipe. He yanked out her oesophagus and vocal cord. Blood gushed out of her throat and eyes, her mouth sharing the same fate.
I hugged myself as I sobbed, father was screaming in agony. I cupped my mouth to stop myself from shouting out as he crushed mother’s head with his bare hands, her brain making a loud squishy sound. I felt sick; woozy. Like he did to the others, he hurled her body over to the large wolves. Father fell on his hands, crying bitterly at mother’s death. I knew then that he loved her. ‘Feeling the pain? Well, that is the least of what I felt!’ He barked. ‘Bring the girl out of the barrow…’
Did I care? No, I didn’t.
The moment I felt my mother’s life leave her body, something in me snapped, something was destroyed. The tall wolf had ruined me, ruined my need for existing just by killing her. I didn’t fight back or cry when I was pulled out, didn’t speak when I was brought before him. I stared aghast at my mother’s half eaten body, stared as her blood soaked into the earth. He pulled me up, wrapping his huge strong palm on my throat. My eyes locked with his, I swallowed drily. Something flashed in his eyes before his eyes widened, a look of disbelief clouding his face. Everywhere was quiet, fire surging through my body from his bloody hand on my throat.
‘You have to be f√¢king kidding me!’ He shouted all of a sudden. My stomach clenched at his shout. He threw me down on the ground, a new rage radiating through him.
‘Alpha, what’s wrong?’ Another wolf asked. Kale roared and in his rage, struck my father to death. I didn’t screen, didn’t move, just stared with eyes wide open. The beast in him growled at me, his eyes turning black this time.
‘Take her alive, she’ll be part of the lowest rank of slaves in the manor…’
‘What?! But they must all die!’
‘Not this one, she saved my chief warrior’s sister and her children, I promised them I wouldn’t hurt her, yet.’
‘I hope you know what you are doing,’ another wolf growled.
‘Question,’ Kale spat. He looked around. ‘Set this entire island on fire, burn it all to the ground.’
I couldn’t still shake, not even when I was roughly thrown on someone’s shoulder and ran out. I watched my whole island drown in flame, the spirits of my people rising to hades for their crimes. ‘Goodbye Makawee, I love you.’ Mother’s voice whispered.
Goodbye mother.
Remember this book is a serious book with violence and crisis. Endure. Thank you.
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