The billionaire’s girlfriend season 2 episode 3 & 4

🌷The Billionaire’s
🔥(She is mine)🔥
By: Kebby NG
Episode 3
💝 June 💝
From the corner of my eyes, I could see Kayla drooling openly at him. Who wouldn’t, he’s so cute.
He cleared his throat and turned to Kay”Can you step out for a minute, I want to have a word with June”
She jumped up from the bed, kissed my forehead before walking out- leaving me alone with Khalid.
He came closer”How are you feeling?”He asked in a gentle tone.
I blinked”Fine”
The next thing he did, shocked the hell outta me. He suddenly crouched down in front of me and pulled me into a hug.
“Don’t worry about your uncle, I’ve already taken care of the news, it’s been wiped out. We’re just looking for the culprit behind this. I think I have a good idea who it is. I just want to be sure. You don’t want to go to your uncle now do you?”
Ok.. to say I’m shocked right now will be an understatement of the year. Why is he acting nice?
I thought about his question and slowly shook my head”No, i.. I don’t want to see him right now. I want to get my head around this.
I felt him relax at my answer. He pulled back from the smile and patted my hair. “Good, are you hungry?” He asked.
Before I could reply, he took my hand and led me out of the room.
Marianne ❤️
“Honey did you see the news today?” I asked welcoming him back home with a kiss.
After an unknown minutes, he pulled back “I did”
I watched as he loosened his neck tie and sat down on the couch. I went to him immediately”You did? And you’re not going to say anything about it? My son’s girlfriend is after his money. The news has confirmed it already. If her uncle is a thief and drug dealer then she’s also a thief!”
Jerry rubbed on his forehead”Ugh.. can you not do this right now? Isn’t it suspicious that the news about Khalid girlfriend came out on the Same day as her uncle’s? Someone is trying to get back at them.
And if my guess is right then it’s definitely the Kiran’s family.
They’re not the kind of people who gives up, they’ll want to bring shame to this family at all costs!”
I was stunned by this and realize he’s making sense”So what do you think we should do?”
He suddenly pulled me to sit on his lap.”Honey.. I know you wouldn’t like this but I’ve been thinking”
Uh.. why do I have a feeling I won’t like what he’s about to say?
“What have you been thinking about?”
“Let’s go to Khalid’s house”
I blinked”What? Why should we do that? He has that girl as his girlfriend!”
“I know, do you want to loose your only son? Your only child Marianne!”
My face crumbled”No.. I don’t want that”
He nodded”Me too but we might loose him if we don’t act fast. He’s still in town now but I’m afraid he won’t be soon.”
I sighed. Everything he said is true.
I don’t want to loose my baby cause of one girl, I’ll have no choice but to accept her.
“Fine, so what do we do now?”
❤️ June❤️
I ate silently going through everything that has happened. Gosh alot has happened in just a short amount of time.
I’m even finding it hard to sort them out, I feel so confused at the moment.
I realized that I haven’t seen Kayla anywhere since Khalid asked for me. I turned to Khalid to see his dark eyes on me.
I blinked What?
Do u have something on my lips? I unconsciously cleaned with a napkin and cleared my throat.
A thought suddenly occured to me.
“Um Khalid?”
“Since you’ve allowed Kay to go does that mean I can go too?”
The drink he was taking gushed out of his mouth, he then ended up coughing. I quickly rushed to him and patted him on the back. “I’m so sorry.. I shouldn’t have brought that up now, breathe.. yeah take a deep breath”
My face was closed to his.. I could only watch as he tried to catch his breath.
“Why would you think that!!”
I blinked at his outburst. Did I make him mad?
Before I could speak up, he pulled me so I could sit on his lap. I gasp.
“W.. what are you doing?”
“Don’t you ever think of leaving okay? I just agreed to let your friend come here so you wouldn’t be lonely do you get me?”
I nodded slowly, touched by his words. He actually considered me. But at the same time I’m still confused.
In my train of thought, I felt something poking on my @ss. My eyes widened, I immediately got up or well tried to but was held down by Khalid.
I gave him a questioning look making him smirk.
“My cute June” he trailed his finger down my face and lean toward me then whispered”Let’s go inside, I think it’s time for you to perform your girlfriend duties”
His girlfriend.. duties?
What does he mean by.. oh!
My eyes widened as I finally understood his meaning. “What?”
He rubbed his hardon on me before saying”I want you”
He finally said it!??
🌷The Billionaire’s
🔥(She is mine)🔥
By: Kebby NG
Episode 4
💝 June 💝
“I want you”
My heart skipped, I panicked immediately”What?”
“Oh don’t worry sweet June, I’m just showing you what you do to me. Put it at the back of your mind that I’ll have you, sooner or later cause you’re mine!”
I was stunned by his words and stared widely at him. I suddenly lost my appetite”I.. I want to go to bed now” was the only thing I muttered.
He picked me up”Yeah, let’s go to bed”
🌷 Kayla 🌷
I came out of the room and bumped into Charles. I glared at him, stepped around him and continue walking down the hallway like he wasn’t there.
“Kay don’t be like this, I’m sorry”
I ignored him of course and kept walking. Suddenly, i was pinned to the wall. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Let me go”
He didn’t, rather he brought his face closer, our breathe mixed.. I gasp at the proximity.
“I won’t untill we talk”
“I’m not interested, I want to sleep”
He growled angrily and claimed my lips. What the heck is wrong with him? I pushed him away or well.. tried to but he wouldn’t budge.
So I did the only thing I could, I kissed him back with everything that I have. It was like a fight for dominance.
He growled when he saw that I wasn’t submitting to him.
Then he added force, kissing me in a bruising manner. His hands roamed all over my body.
I moaned into his mouth, every touch made me want him more. My panties were drenched already.. I wanted more.
He tore his mouth away breathing hard”So.. are you ready to talk now?”
I blinked, damnit! I actually forgot I was angry, what was even saying?
He didn’t wait for me to reply rather he opened the door behind me, pushed me in then locked the door behind him.
I took in the room.. it has a male touch to it. I stilled when I felt his hands around me.
He kissed my neck softly”I’m so sorry about earlier Kay, I wasn’t thinking. I.. I was really mad then”
I sighed”I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have come there”
He turned me so I can face him”Look Kay, I don’t know what is going on between us but whatever it is I love it”
I smiled at that”Me too”
“Ok, enough talking. I need you”he murmured and with that, he pushed me to the bed and pounced on me.
Melissa’s Pov
I checked my phone later that evening and saw that it wasn’t there.. like it the stuffs i asked Nathan to post has been wiped out of the internet.
What the heck?!!
I called Nathan immediately, he picked up instantly.
“Why the hell is it not there!!” I shouted angrily, damnit! I was busy rejoicing for nothing!
Nathan knew what I was talking about and spoke up”I.. I don’t know what happened Miss Lisa. I was sure about the work I did”
I paced furiously aghh!
I’m sure Khalid knows we’re behind this now.”Keep monitory them” I said and hung up.
I need to do something, I can’t just let them go, not after the embarrassment they put me through.
I froze when an idea popped into my head. Yeah that’s it!!
June June, here I come.. just watch as I’ll ruin the relationship between you and your darling boyfriend.
I laid down in bed and pretended to be asleep while I listened as Khalid moved around in the room.
He entered the bathroom to shower and shortly after, he came out.
He walked around then finally, I felt the bed dipped beside me. I tensed up a bit, my heart was pounding so fast, I could even hear it.
Everywhere was silent, suddenly.. I felt his breath on my neck. WTF!!
He started kissing me there then he moved to my face then my mouth. “I know you’re awake June, stop pretending”
My eyes popped open”What are you doing?”
Instead of replying, he kissed the corner of my lips and started going down. I held my chest tightly when he stopped there.
Oh God, please don’t tell me he’s finally decided to have s3x with me, but I gave him my rules about the no touching thing.
Silly June! You enjoy it that’s why you’re not pushing him away. My subconscious mind said dryly.
Hold on.. I do? Do I love his hands on me? Damn yes, it’s one of the things I’ve always wanted to be free and look for my Mr Right.
But is Khalid my Mr Right?
“Come on June, take your hands off. I know you want me. Your nipples are poking out of your nighty, it clearly want me to suck them”
My eyes widened, I covered my chest properly”Khalid.. the deal. I.. I told you my terms”
He groaned”Fvck your terms sweetie, they were not considered as part of the deal hmph?”
He forcefully pulled my arms away, pinned them above my head. The look he gave me got me wet.
I swallowed hard. He slowly rolled my my shirt up,leaving me stark nak3d.
Hd greedily took me in with his eyes”Beautiful” I gasp when he palmed my b00bs.
Just when he crouch down towards it, his phone beeped. He cursed and left my hands. I quickly covered myself, laid back down breathing hard.
Jeez, he just saw what no one has seen before and I don’t know how I feel about it.
I gazed at him sideways only then did I notice his tensed expression. “What is it?”
“My parents will be here tomorrow”
My heart stopped, I gasp”What? ”
🙆 Another drama on the way

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