The billionaire’s girlfriend season 2 episode 25 – finale

🌷The Billionaire’s
🔥(She is mine)🔥
By: Kebby NG
Grande Finale
🌴 Charles 🌴
love In the evening, I took her to a nearby Cafe. We talked about everything and nothing, I noticed she wasn’t chatty as usual. I was the one bringing up most of the topic which is unusual.
She’s been that way for since afternoon— right after the puking incident.
Technically speaking, she should be eating the food in front of her right? But she isn’t, she’s only just picking at it.
I watched her with a frown on my face, is she mad at me? Or I did something.. aghh maybe she has something on her mind. It could be her friend June.
“Kay are you sure you’re fine? You.. you don’t like the food? Let’s go somewhere else”
“No it’s fine, I just don’t have appetite”she muttered softly.
My frown deepened”Are you sure? You haven’t eaten since noon”
She suddenly pushed the food away and stood up”Charles I’ll be right back, I need to use the restroom”
She left before I could reply. Hmm, why is she acting fidgety all of a sudden?
Fifteen minutes later, I was still waiting for her to return. I started panicking when she didn’t, I decided to go check on her.
I went to the ladies, checked all the stalls but she wasn’t there. I left the restroom ignoring the glares shot at me from women.
Where did she go to?
I started going round the Cafe in search of her but she was no Where to be found. Then I remembered phone! I quickly pulled it out and called her line.
I couldn’t eat, couldn’t even think properly. The only thing on my mind was that I puked this afternoon.
I tried to remember when last I saw my monthly flow but couldn’t seem to remember.
I decided to take the risk by doing a test so I lied to Charles about using the restroom.
I remember seeing a pharmacy nearby so I went there instead.
“Hello ma’am, what can I do for you”
I blinked feeling nervous again”Um.. I want.. ” geez what do they call it. Is it pregnancy test thing? Ugh whatever. “Give me um pregnancy test stuff” I said
Thankfully, the nurse didn’t say anything, she only smiled and went to get it. She returned minutes later with it.
I took it and stared at it weirdly wondering where to start from.
“Hey miss, you’re new to this aren’t you?”
I glanced at her and nodded.
She smiled in understanding”Come on, I’ll show you how to use it.”
I left the pharmacy after some while later and walked back in a daze towards the Cafe.
Charles was standing by the door, he rushed to me when he saw me”Kayla? Where did you go? I’ve been calling you”
I touched my purse in which my phone and the testing material is”Oh.. I’m sorry, the phone is on silence.. I didn’t hear it ring. I just went to get some air”
He pulled me into his arms”Don’t try that next time, you scared me”
At night!
I waited till he was asleep before getting up from the bed. I went into the bathroom, followed the instructions given by the nurse and waited nervously for the result.
Finally, it was time. With my heart pounding,I picked up the stick and holy shit!
It’s positive!
I’m really pregnant!
I haven’t finished digesting that information when the bathroom door opened. I froze.
Charles glanced my hand, then back at me”Kayla, what’s that?”
My hands trembled”Huh? I.. it’s nothing” I rushed out.
Oh God, don’t tell me he’s going to find out this way. Is he going to react badly?
My heart leaped profusely ad he stepped into the bathroom, studying me. “Are you lying to me Kay?”
I gulped,shook my head and nodded at the same time.
“Hmm? What’s that Kay?”
I started crying”I didn’t know this was going to happen! Don’t hate me now Charles,I wouldn’t be able to bare it”
He frowned clearly confused”I would never hate you Kay,now tell me what’s going on”
I took a deep breath and…”I’m pregnant Charles, we’re having a baby”
🌹 June 🌹
“… Oh Khal.. “I moaned panicking when I felt my inside tightening.
He added his pace and at the same showered kisses on my face. “It’s okay June, let go”
As if following his command, I let go and came all over him. My body went lax instantly.
He didn’t slow his pace, rather he flipped me to lay on my tummy then he entered me again from behind.
I winced at the slight pain but moaned.
Khalid grunted”So tight..”
He slapped my ass and slammed into me , hard.”Oh yeah”
He continued his unrelenting thrust till I got that familiar feeling again deep inside of me. “I’m Cumming” I screamed and shattered again.
Soon, I felt a hot liquid deep inside my womb and then he fell down on top of me.
Few seconds later, he kissed me and rolled over”Are you okay?”
I groaned”Yeah” I’m more than okay. I’m so damn glad Khalid is my first. He was so gentle with me at first, it didn’t hurt much.
He pulled me into his arms again”So I was thinking…”
I raised my head slightly with the last strength I had left”What? ”
“Let’s get married… Tomorrow.
blinked, geez he’s really serious.. it’s now I really believe that money can do and undo.
He saw my hesitation and shook me”What? Don’t you love me anymore?”
“I do! But it’s too sudden…” Before I could finish my statement, he flipped me to lay on my back then spread my legs.
“Enough talking, I want you”
I could only stare at him in a daze. Khalid is really something else but I love him nonetheless. All thought fled from my head the moment something huge nudge at my opening.
I nodded”Yes, yours”
😂 So you’re still wondering what happened to Kay, Ryder and Lisa. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting an epilogue if I get a massive likes and comment on this.
🌷The Billionaire’s
🔥(She is mine)🔥
By: Kebby NG
Kayla smiled happily as the plane touched the ground, after spending a week in Orleans, she got a call from June on the fifth day.
They both of them had good news and couldn’t wait to tell each other”You go first” Kayla had muttered giddily.
“No, you go first” it went on and on..
“Alright, let’s say it at the same time” Kayla finally said. She would never get tired of this childish behavior between them.
“Ok, on 3… 2… 1… I’m getting married!!”
“I’m pregnant!!”
They squealed at the same time. Kayla paused”Did you just say you’re getting married?”
“Yeah and you just said you’re pregnant? Oh my God! I’m gonna be an aunt”
She rolled her eyes”Yeah yeah, don’t tell me you’re getting married without me there”
Seeing that Kayla is becoming angry, June quickly said”No no, you don’t understand, I’m actually doing you a favor. I would’ve gotten married days back but I managed to convince Khal that it wasn’t conducive for me.
Left for him, he would have married me the very day he showed up at my door. I did it for you so you can make it on my special day”
Kayla was clearly shocked by this”Wow, you really love him don’t you?”
“Of course, with all that I am”
She smiled happy for her friend, fate is indeed tricky at times.. pairing both of them with two people at the same time.
Her thoughts were interrupted by June”I’m so curious Kay, when did you find out? How far gone are you? Does he know?” She asked all at once referring to Charles.
Kay smiled”I just found out too, two weeks gone actually and guess what? Charles was ecstatic about it”the both screamed in joy.
“Wow, I’m so happy for you Kayla”
Kayla became emotional”I know but I don’t know anything about training a baby, I’m afraid I’ll be a bad mom”
“Don’t worry about a thing Kay, I’ll be here for you… It’s baby steps remember? We’ll learn everything together and hey, you’ll be a great mom”
So yeah, today is actually the D-DAY. June is getting married and Kayla just arrived at the airport. She and Charles rushed to Khalid’s mansion to get dressed for the occasion.
They both patted ways when they arrived, Kayla was directed to June’s dressing room, she opened the gasp”Gosh!”
June was sitting on a stool with many stylist working on her, some did her hair, make-up while some were about dressing her. Why should she be surprise? Her friend was marrying to the most richest man on Earth.
June turned to see her friend then she ran to hug her”You’re back, come sit .. you must be exhausted from your journey. Are you hungry? ”
“No, Charles bought me something… ”
“Oh you also need to dress up, hey you guys should come over and take care of her” June said to the Stylist.
As they were priming, a knock came on the door. It was Ryder.
Surprised right?
Kayla’s eyes were wide as she watched June hugged him. What the hell happened? She’s clearly missing something.
Well if you must know, Ryder thought about what June said fir days, it seems like fate was joking with him.
He couldn’t leave without his niece so he could only do as she asked. He phoned Khalid.. and there, they sort out their differences.
Melissa on the other hand was caught in the river. She never thought the guards will catch up with her so quickly.
She thought she could out run them and then go into hiding but unfortunately, they caught her just when she was about to leave the river.
She was furious but at the same time nervous. Oh God, what will she do now? Khalid is never going to let her go so easily. She doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life in prison but she knows one thing as they dragged her to the car.
She knows that even her family’s wealth wouldn’t save her from Khalid. Gosh! What will the community say about her now?
Back to the occasion!
Ryder gave June off for marriage, the weather suits the occasion.. warm and lovely.
June’s heartbeat quickened as she stepped on to the alter, her eyes met Khalid’s heated ones and blushed.
“You look beautiful June” Khal said, he couldn’t help but kiss her, she was too beautiful in the wedding dress.
The shared their vows, June smiled till her cheeks hurt. She only felt a twinge of sadness when she thought of Khalid’s mom, she wasn’t able to make it to the ceremony cause she’s Ill.
June knew that was a lie, she knew the lady hated her with passion. It’s a sad thing that she didn’t get Khalid’s mother’s blessings but it doesn’t matter according to Khal.
It wouldn’t stop them from loving each other nor living their lives. She smiled at the thought and then suddenly, the prince said.
“You may kiss your bride”
Khalid’s eyes beamed”Just what I’ve been waiting for”
She rolled her eyes but before she could speak, her lips were claimed by his. She could smile into his mouth. Yeah, she got her happily ever after….

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