The billionaire’s girlfriend episode 3-4

🌹The Billionaire’s
By: Kebby NG
Chapter 3
❄️ Khalid ❄️
I already knew her store so I asked the driver to take me there.
I was so eager to see her, a feeling I still can’t explain. Everything about her is just so…so ahh I don’t have words it.
Alluring, enticing!
She’s affecting me this way and I haven’t met her in person..
I’m sure she’ll be faint the moment she sees me in her shop, women tends to do that in my presence.
We arrived there minutes later only to find it locked. I cocked my head and checked the time.
It’s past ten in the morning,I immediately call the guards following behind. One of them came running.
“Master K”
“Why is this place locked?”
“I don’t know sir” he rephrased when I shut him a glare”Um..I mean, maybe she isn’t here yet”
“Her records claims that she always opens by eight thirty. So what are you talking about?”I said coldly.
He fidgeted”I think she went to get something”
I got mad at his reply”You useless thing, you’re fired! I can’t have such kind of trash as my guard,get out of my sight!!”
Damnit! She’s not here so what else shall I do?
I decided to wait a little longer maybe she really went to get something.
Thirty minutes later
She’s not here”Go check her house”
Gosh I can’t believe I’m really doing this, when have I ever search for a woman? They’re the ones always looking for me not the other way round.
We arrived at her house minutes later,a guard went in to verify if she’s home.
I relaxed back in my seat imagining the look on her face when she sees me. I bet she’ll go crazy and give a girly scream.
Soon,the guard came back with a blonde hair girl. They came closer and I realize it’s not her.
I angrily hang up the call.
I can’t believe uncle just threatened me.
June!! You’re either coming willingly or I’ll forcefully, so what do you say?”
I’ve told him countless of time that I don’t want to stay with him, why does he still push it?
I want to be able to make money myself not demand money but he wouldn’t just get it.
I went moved to the refrigerator to check some leftover pies. I pouted when I saw they’ve gone bad.
I need to make new ones asap before my customers starts ordering.
I bent to take the spoilt pies, just then, the bell chimed as someone walked in.
“Good morning, I’ll be there in a minute” I muttered and picked up the pies.
I was surprised when I didn’t hear a thing from the person so I turned. I stiffened immediately when I saw two guys in black.
I knew immediately they weren’t here for snacks. I gulped “W.. what do you want?”
Oh jeez don’t tell me uncle sent them.
“You were asked to come with us immediately ma’am”
I shook my head”No! Tell him I don’t want to.”
They glanced at theirselves and started moving towards me.
I moved backwards with my heart pounding”No, stay away from me! Don’t come closer!” I got to the kitchen and was about to run out through the back door when one of them caught my hand. He pulled me to him and before I could react, he placed a handkerchief on my nose.
I became drowsy and soon, I blackedout.
I open my eyes blearily and found myself in a familiar room. It’s a room every girl would wish to have,decorated with colorful items but I hate it.
My princess” I heard and turned to see Uncle Ryder.
I turned away from him, I really can’t believe he sent out guys to kidnap me.
“I’m so sorry but I had to, you wouldn’t understand”
“Understand what uncle? If you’ll tell me about it, I would” when he kept mute, i sighed” When will I go back?”
“Soon dear, I just need to sort out something first okay?”
He came towards me” Please June, do this for your uncle”
“Fine! But I’m not going to stay here for long”
❄️ Khalid ❄️
The lady froze when she saw me.
“K.. Khalid? I.. I mean, Master K?”
“Where’s June?”
She blinked” OMG you know June? How? ”
I gritted my teeth getting angry, can’t she just answer a simple question?
She must’ve read the look on my face cause she cleared her throat and flipped her hair.
“She’s not home”
Not home? “Where is she?” Damnit! Where did she go?
“She went to work, uh.. she owns a ..”
I cut her off immediately”Thanks for your time miss”
Someone is trying to keep her away from me, what they don’t know is that… They can’t keep what belongs to me away.
I have a feeling I know who is behind this, Ryder…
Seems he has forgotten who I am, hmph I guess I’ll have to remind him. He’s trying to hide his niece from me ha!
Fool doesn’t know I’ve set my eyes on her, she is mine!
And the story begins 😋
🌹The Billionaire’s
By: Kebby NG
Chapter 4
That evening, I called Kayla using the landlines. She picked on the third ring.
📞 Hello?
📞 Hey Kay, I won’t be home for some days..
She was silent at first then
📞Let me guess, it’s your uncle right?” She continued before I could reply.
“Anyways, guess what..a guy came to look for you today, not just any guy but Khalid Black!!!”she screamed into my ears.
I took it away from my ears for a while before placing it back.
📞Who? The guy you told me about?”
📞Yes!! How does he know you? Have you guys met before? Why didn’t you tell me? Jeez I’m so mad at you June!
📞Wait a minute, what are you talking about? I don’t know him, never seen him before so why is he looking for me?
A knock on my door made me paused”I’ll speak with you later bye! ”
I hanged up before she could finish and faced the door”Yes come in”
A maid stepped in with a tray of food”Dinner is ready ma’am”
My tummy rumbled loudly as I perceived the aroma. They’ve actually prepared my favorite dish – lasagna.
I ate it all moaning at the taste.
Ryder sure have a way of changing people’s minds, does he think I’ll stay here after being bribed with food?
I don’t understand the kind of work he does but he’s rich so he tries to spoil me rotten any chance he gets.
I slept off that night thinking about how to escape. I know uncle means we’ll but I can’t let him dictate my everyday lifestyle.
Two days later
Uncle Ryder walked into my room dressed up in an expensive suit.
Is he going out?
“My princess”.
“Hello Uncle, you going out?”
“Erm yes actually, I have something important to take care.. I’ll be home later tonight okay? Just stay out of trouble”
I nodded”Sure”
He kissed my forehead and left. I plopped down to the bed thinking about what to do.
I was still lying lazily on the bed when I suddenly remembered my shop!
I jumped out of bed immediately, oh jeez I totally forgot.
Did they lock up after they kidnap me?
Damnit!! I’m sure most of the snacks must’ve gone bad.
What do I do now? I need to go check it out.
❄️ Khalid ❄️
“So what’s the news on her uncle?”I asked walking out of the wine bar.
Charles, my chief guard, he’s one of the most fearless person I’ve ever known. That’s the reason I picked him to be my personal guard.
“I received news that he just left his house”
I nodded in thoughts, if he’s not at home…”I want the girl.. I don’t know how you are going to do it but I want her here”
“Yes sir”
I gave a dismissal wave, I always trust him to get my work done.
I took a gulp of my drink and sighed, I can’t wait to have her.
🔘 Ryder 🔘
I barge into my targets home wearing my mask, with my gun raised high. I could hear moans and grunt coming from a room. He’s banging someone.
I kicked the door open and there he is, with a lady.
He looked shocked seeing me, I smiled “Hello John”
He raised his hands up”Please.. I did what you asked, don’t shoot.”
I felt satisfied with his reply and dropped the gun”Where is it?” I’m referring to the money I asked to get ready..
He pointed at a briefcase by the corner. I went to it , unlocked and wow.. US dollars.
I shut it back and took it with me. “You will be dead if I hear a word about this from anyone.”
“Y… Yes sir”
I left his house with a smile on my face, I really love my job.
On my way to the next target, I got a call from home.
“What is it?” I asked
“S.. sir, she’s gone”
My heart skipped, I already know who he’s talking about but I needed to confirm. “Who?”
Fvck!! “I’ll be there soon” I turned to the driver and said:”Take me home, quickly!”
Minutes Later
I ran into her room”June!! June!”
I paused when I saw an empty room. On her dresser, I saw a note and picked it up.
It says”I’m so sorry uncle but I need to check my store, I’ll come back ones I set everything up. Don’t get angry with me please, I love you.. June”
I gritted my teeth, damnit!!
She doesn’t know..
I asked her to stay here for her protection, I need to hide her from him. He will use her against me ones he knows.
I can’t let that happen,I need to go to her.
Gosh why is she so stubborn? A simple instruction and she couldn’t keep to it.
I called out my guards”Go to her cake store immediately, I want her here now!!” I yelled at them.
They scampered away while I paced furiously in the room. He must not get to her before I do. Fvck!!
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