The billionaire’s girlfriend episode 13 & 14

🌷The Billionaire’s
Girlfriend πŸ™ˆ
By: Kebby NG
Episode 13
πŸ’• June πŸ’•
“You’ve finally learnt how to be my girlfriend June, get ready… we’ll be leaving for New Orleans tommorow”
I froze”What? Leaving? B.. but”
“Goodnight June, I’ll ask someone to pack up a bag for you”he muttered and walked into the bathroom like he hasn’t just gave me the shock of my life.
We’re leaving?
No,oh no we can’t do that!
Uncle will never find me if I leave. I went back to my room, plunk down on my bed and reminisced over everything that happened.
Hold on… Did he say I’ve finally learnt how to be his girlfriend?
Was he seriously teaching me how to be his girlfriend? Didn’t he have another method?
I groaned, Khalid is so annoying!
He always shows he’s superior than I am.
I touched my lips and felt my face heating up more. My first kiss!
I actually enjoyed it even tho I was mad at him.
It made me feel weird all over, started having butterflies in my stomach.
I sighed wondering what is in store for me in New Orleans.
I’m really going to start acting like his girlfriend, in public!
I just hope I don’t f*ck up.
I slept off that night with my thoughts on Khalid.
πŸ€ Khalid πŸ€
Yes I couldn’t help myself, I can’t just see her naked and not do anything about it, never!
I had to make the best out of the situation which is kissing me. I won’t lie if I say I enjoyed every minute of it.
I loved the way her inexperienced mouth explored mine, how her tongue seek out mine. Her inexperience shocked the hell out of me.
I mean why would a grown up girl like her, a pretty one at that not know how to kiss?
Could it be that she doesn’t kiss when fvckin a dude?
I don’t just get it!
It’s not like I’m complaining tho, no.. why would I? I’m the master here, I’m the one she’ll practice on.
I glanced at my d*ck, poor thing has been suffering. He wanted her so bad to the point that it hurts.
Good thing that I sent for whore.
As if hearing my thoughts, someone knocked on the door.
The door opened revealing my guard and the whore. I nodded at him to leave.
The b*tch locked the door behind her and sashayed towards me.
I jerked her to the moment she got closer, tearing off her clothes. Yeah I might seem like a mad man but I’m so freaking hard mehn I can’t wait anymore.
I loosened the towel around my waist, she giggled like she has just seen a lollipop.
She made a move to touch me but I shifted back.”Lay back” I said coldly. I need to show her who is in charge here.
I picked up my neck tie and tied her hands to the headboard then opened her v wide for me. I didn’t waste time, I put on a sheath and then I’m in.
I f**ked her hard and fast while my mine drifted off to June. F**k!!
My pace became furious.
The whore whimpered, not from pleasure anymore but pain. It heightened my arousal.
“Master K please stop! Stop” she begged.
I didn’t of course. I moved in and out of her, gosh I wish I was screwing June right now.
I thought of how her v will feel wrapped around me, gosh!! The thought gat me cumming.
I groaned and pulled out of her, that was when I came to my senses, she has already passed out.
I pushed her away and asked my guards to come take her out. After that, I went to the bathroom to shower.
I kept thinking about tomorrow, it’s going to be hot. Sorry momma but I’ll have to defile you for the first time.
πŸ€ Kayla πŸ€
I ignored him completely as I ate. Gosh I’ve never eaten such delicacy.
Ok.. that’s a lie, I came from an average family,and June’s uncle is rich so I do eat this once in awhile but damn!! I would’ve licked my hand and the plate if Charles wasn’t staring at me.
“Do you always eat like this? I mean I should know if I’m to take you out to a public place or not”
I glared at him”Are you insinuating something?”
He shrugged”Just saying”
I stared at my food and suddenly lost my appetite.”Look what you caused!!”
He shook his head”Let’s go get you something to wear, tomorrow’s going to be a long day”
I blinked”You mean shopping? I’m in!!” I said jumping to my feet. Shopping is one of the things I love doing but never had time for it.
It wasn’t June’s thing, she hates it with passion which is why i always enjoys everything her uncle usually buys her.
I was heading to the door when Charles suddenly pulled back to him.
I gasp”Whoa”
I glanced up at him”Hey why are you delaying? We need to go shopping!!”
He was silent at first then”Are you sure you want to come with me”
Ok.. I wasn’t expecting that”Really? I thought we’ve already discussed this! Yes damnit! Yes”
He nodded and did the unthinkable, he kissed me.
🌷The Billionaire’s
Girlfriend πŸ™ˆ
By: Kebby NG
Episode 14
πŸ¦‹ Charles πŸ¦‹
Fvck! What am I doing?
Her giddiness over shopping was so endearing, I couldn’t help myself.
I had to kiss her, damnit!! I wanted to do more than just a kiss. I want to screw her hard and fast in a way that we won’t be able to walk.
I want her so bad but had to break the kiss cause I won’t be able to stop myself if I continue.
We both stood there and gazed at ourselves then her lips slowly pulled up to a beautiful smile.”Damn!! That was hot! Let’s skip shopping and continue”
I shook my head and walked past her. I opened the door and paused”Are you coming or not?”
She pursed her lips”Agh! You’re so not fun!”
I stepped outside and was glad when I didn’t see any of my fellow guards. We actually live in the same compound cause it’s easier to get the guards ready whenever Master K is going out.
Not that I don’t have a home,I do actually but as the head guard I had to stay close to him.
I opened the car door and turned to her”Come on”
πŸ¦‹ JuneπŸ¦‹
“ this really your jet?”I asked excitedly gazing at private jet. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been on a plane, I guess when I was little.
Khalid turned to me with a raised brow”What else do you think?”
I shook my head and got in after him. I noticed his gloomy mood and frown. Why doesn’t he look happy?
I thought all this was his idea?
The flight took off awhile later. I turned to Khalid to see him operating on his phone.
“Why exactly are we heading to Orleans? Don’t you think I should know if you want me to act” I said the act in quote.
“You’ll find out soon enough”
I blinked, soon enough?
What kind of question is that?”Khalid..”
“Not now June!!”
I startled at his outburst and kept quiet. Hm, if he doesn’t want to talk then fine!! I gazed out to the window, looking at the blue sky..
I thought of my life and sighed. My life has changed drastically in just two days. A guy has seen me nak€d, I’ve kissed a guy .. many things have happened.
I haven’t even thought about my shop, gosh! I miss baking so much. Is uncle looking for me?
I must’ve slept off cause I was awoken by Khalid. “Hey, we’re here”
I stretched”So soon?”
“Yeah come on”
I followed him out of the plane and noticed some black rows of cars. Aghh don’t tell me his guards followed him here.
I entered the Limo, Khalid came in after me”We’ll be staying at my hotel till evening before going”
“Going where?”
“My family house”
πŸ’• Marianne πŸ’•
It’s evening already, the Kiran family are here but Khalid is no where to be seen. I was panicking already.
I smiled at my guest”Excuse me for a minute please”
I took my husband’s hand and drag him to the room. “Jerry he isn’t here yet”
“Oh calm down love, he massaged me a while back that he is coming with a surprise”
I breathed out relieved”A surprise you say, do you what it is?”
He shrugged”No, come on.. the guest are getting antsy”
I nodded and made my way to them.”Tell me about Khalid ma’am”
I smiled at Lisa who is so pretty. I can’t wait to get her married to my son. Her mother nodded”Yeah tell us about his childhood, where is he anyways?”
“Khalid will be here soon don’t worry, anyways Khalid was a cute little guy. At a young age, he was able to attract girls both ones at his age and older ones. I remember when I get called to his everyday over the same thing… Because girls fighting over him”I said and the burst out laughing.
I smiled and continued. Some minutes later, we heard a car beep from outside. I stood up”He’s here, Khalid is here”
We all move to the front door and saw Khalid stepping out of the car. He turned to someone with a stretched arm and said something. My heart skipped when a lady stepped out laughing. Then he kissed her.
“What?!! Your family house?!!” I yelled
What the Fvck!
His cold eyes landed on me”Shut up and remember what you’re here for”
I gazed at him stupefied, hope it’s not what I’m thinking? “You don’t want me to lie to your parents do you?”
I shrink back when he faced me again”For the last time, shut the Fvck up!”
I closed my eyes trying hard not to cry.”So have you come up with a story on how we met?” I asked.
“I’ll tell you about it when we get to the hotel”
Later that evening.
I’m dressed in a sky blue gown that brought out my eyes. My makeup was light and perfect.
I stared at myself in the mirror feeling helpless. I can’t believe I’m about to lie to someone who is old enough to be my mother.
“Are you ready?” I heard from behind and turned. Khalid was dressed in a tuxedo looking handsome as ever.
I nodded”Yeah”
He stretched his hands”Come on”
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