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Tears of a blind girl episode 4

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Tears of a blind girl episode 4 by : 7:20 am On December 29, 2020
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😭Tears of a
Blind Girl😭
💞💞(Twist of fate)💞💞
By. Humble Smith & Clara William
Episode 4
💝Anna’s POV💝
I walked back to the sitting room only to meet victor lost in thought,
His face was into his palm and he was moving any part of his body, there was no doubt that he was really thinking of something he valued so much,
Just pray he isn’t thinking of Presh..
“Victor!!” I called out and he flinched and glanced at me before resting his back on the chair..
“What are you thinking of?” I asked with an arched brow..
“Nothing much, just trying to understand how painful it is to be blind” he said and I frowned..
“What does that mean?..are you trying to be blind someday?” I asked and he took a deep breath..
“What do you really know about that blind girl?” He asked..
Don’t tell me he had been thinking of that shit!!!
“Are you really disturbing yourself because of some wretched and misfortuned blind girl??” I seethed and his face contorted into anger..
“Can you stop those words you are hurling??.. I really feels pity for her, she is blind and is passing through a lot..I need to meet her again..” He muttered making me feel like breaking ghat coconut he called a head..
“You must be stupid wanting me meet a blind girl, can we go to the room and make our day, I can’t believe this is what you are talking about at your first day here with me..” I snorted and grabbed his hand..
💝Presh’s POV💝
I sat glumly on my bed with my thought on only one person and that is the guy who fed me..
It still stuns me how someone in this world would still have the mind to feed a curse like me, this alone left me confused..
I had thought no one would ever like me other than my mother but I guess I was mistaken, someone had just showed me that he cares,
I can’t wait for his return which I really doubt if it would ever happen..
Victor is his name..
I can’t see him but I know his name and anytime I ever get to see, the first person I would look up to is him..
First time since I was born, someone had made me smile,
He had made my heart throb in happiness, how he fed me really left shivers running through my whole body..
It made me feel like I had a boyfriend,
I had wanted to hug him and whisper that words I love you in his ear but I don’t know how weird it would sound,
Who knows he may not have any feelings for me..
Is it even possible that he likes me..gosh!!!
Who would have feelings for a blind girl..not just a blind girl,a wretched one who is known as a curse..
I took a deep breath and lay on the bed which was the only place I can stay..
I can’t move to anywhere, it really pains me that I can’t see, it hurts so badly to have many things you want to know how it looks like but can never, it leaves the heart bleeding..
Tears rolled down freely with my heart beating faster, it was a sign that pain was coming, it was a sign of bad omen..
Just then, I heard a scream, the voice was that of my mother, I could also hear the voice of my dad, they were both coming to where I was,my mom was crying and pleading..
I couldn’t understand what was really happening till they got in and something struck my head..
I let out a shrill and shut my already blind eyes to absorb the excruciating pain..
“How dare you meet the prince???” His voice echoed in my ear..
For some minute, I thought I wasn’t hearing clearly..
I hadn’t met any prince,
“How could you bring the prince here to this curse!!!!!!” My dad growled, this time I heard a slap which I guess was on my mom..
My heart grew heavy and I clenched my fist wishing I could at least see..
I wouldn’t hesitate to kill him with a knife..
“I never knew he was the prince, I thought he was a mere villager, he was even the one that requested I show him my daughter” my mother tried explaining but he wasn’t even listening..
I could hear more sound of beating…
“You couldn’t know because you have a curse beside you everyday…that man you brought to her is the Prince of this land..how could you bring him here??” I heard my dad voice..
“We are sorry,he never told us he is the prince..” My mom tried explaining but his anger was so much making me wonder why he is that way..
He stomped away and I sighed in relief thinking it was over, who would have known that more pains and anguish are on their way…
“I’m sorry mom..” I shuffled
“Daughter we are doomed!!” She mumbled
I cringed at those words as I sat on the bed..
“What does that means?” I muttered
“Someday after now, you would not see me again, I would be gone leaving you all alone” I heads her voice say out weakly..
At first I thought I had an ear problem but when she repeated her words then it dawned on me that she was saying the truth..
“Please explain to me..” I pleaded as tears rolled down freely..
“Let me go get something for you to eat dear, I’ll explain all when I comes back..” She said and before I could even say anything, she dashed out..
I sat there on my bed for many hours but couldn’t hear the voice of my mom,
I waited and waited but heard none…
I heard lightening and thunder, it was about to rain…
Just then, the door sprang open and someone stomped in..
“Mom is that you??..where had you been?” I asked in tears..
A resounding slap landed on my cheek so hard that I found myself sprawling on the floor..
“Where Is my wife!!!” The voice of my dad echoed round the whole building..
Shudders ran through my spine as I heard that question,
Please don’t tell me my mom is gone so soon…
No ooo
“Where is my wife you cursed blind girl!!!” His voice went higher with a blow on my belly..
I shrilled in pain with my arm widely..
I couldn’t see and I don’t know how I can protect myself..
“Please stop..please..” I pleaded but I wasn’t talking to a human..
He dragged me up and gave me a headbutt..
I fell on the ground with excruciating pain feeling my whole body..
My mom has disappeared without telling me, now I suffering because she is gone..
How would I had known that even my mother would one day hate me and leave me to suffer..
“Dad please get a knife and kill me please..” I begged with tears all over my eyes,
“Kill you??..I would have done that long ago if I had not been told not to..” He seethed and klzz me hardly…
I heard rain pour down on the earth..
He grabbed me roughly and brought me outside..
With full force, he pushed me out in the rain…
“Go get my wife because coming back….wasted being..” He growled..
I found myself landing in the middle of no where,
I am blind so I don’t know where I am…
My leg hit on a rock as I fell flatly on the floor under the rain…
Everywhere was silent and I guess it was night..
Pain was all I feel both in my heart and in my body..
My mother is gone…
Who will save me???
To be continued

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Tears of a blind girl episode 30 – finale / Tears of a blind girl episode 29 / Tears of a blind girl episode 28 / Tears of a blind girl episode 27 / Tears of a blind girl episode 26 /

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