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Tears of a blind girl episode 23

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Tears of a blind girl episode 23 by : 1:09 pm On January 30, 2021
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😭Tears of a
Blind Girl😭
💞💞(Battle for Supremacy)💞💞
By. Humble Smith & Clara William
💋Season 2💋
Episode 3…
Victor’s POV
It was like I would faint that moment, I tried making myself believe it wasn’t happening..looking around keeps making it clear that she was gone for real..
I began to look for her every where praying I would see her even when it doesn’t seem possible, tears were falling off as I searched with screams…
This isn’t the time to look for her, presh wouldn’t be able to take it seeing her mother missing, I don’t even want her to ever worry, I want smiles on her face every second, how would she then feels now hearing Ber mother was kidnapped..
Oh gosh!!!..this Is really bad..
What have the poor woman do to deserve this from whoever..I just pray it isn’t connected to Anna, but who else had any business with presh and her mother…
Omg!!!…Anna has done it again!!!
I quickly brought out my phone and dialed her number…
“Ohhhh…yeah!!..finally my sweetheart called!!..I miss your phone call..” She twittered making me fume..
“Where is presh mother??..where did you took her to!!!!!” I seethed clenching my fist.
“Who??..I don’t understand?” She asked
“Why did you took the poor woman away??..where did you men took her to!!..can you just stop all this evil stunt you keep pulling!” I bawled
“I don’t know what you are talking about!..I’m in Nigeria, how do you expect me to kidnap anybody there??..you may really suspect me now but hey…I’m not bad like you think!” She stated giving the reason to hit the desk furiously…
I was getting really frustrated with her reply..how can she deny it, i don’t even have an evidence against her, she just said she is in Nigeria..
I’m totally befuddled right now..
“Victor, I’m sorry for all this you are passing through, don’t you think it’s time you have some rest and think about your kingship, think about your wife to be, think of how to rule the people..” She said in a caring tone that did well in making more angry…
“Anna!!!…i swear, you will regret all this!!” I yelled
“I did nothing, stop this false allegations, presh mother must have did something to prompt the kidnap!” She muttered dryly
“She did nothing other than being the mother of your greatest enemy which is presh, because of this, you just wouldn’t let her be!” I growled
“I don’t even understand a bit of what you you insinuating…” She said making me hit the desk in fury…
“So Anna, you are really denying a clear fact, you may not be here but you planned it all, no one knows about presh mother here, you are the only one, how do you ought to convince me that you know nothing about it??” I growled feeling really disgust to the fact that I was ever made to get married to Anna…
How would I marry a heartless and evil woman like this??..someone who cared less about life…
“Victor I must say you are really stressed out, you are going through a lot up there but I pray you care for your self and come back here, your family is missing you likewise me, I can’t wait to see you again” she said and I took a deep breath..
“You want me to believe you know nothing about her missing?” I snorted and she giggled
“Its left for you, bye darling…” She hung the call leaving me devastated..
What kind of human is this??
I plopped down the couch with a heavy heart. Could it be that some random person barged in here and kidnap her??..but who would it be and why??…
Oh gosh!!
Just then, my phone rang, I took it out and saw it was one of the cops that took Dr Eric..
I smiled as I saw the last hope, how would I had forgot this Dr so soon, he would have said the truth now…
I quickly answered the call..
“Dr Eric is dead..” He announced leaving me stunned
“How??..what killed him??..did he die before spiting the truth??” I asked curiously..
“We were attacked on our way to the station, all the cops scampered away badly injured, we had thought the attacker came to save Dr Eric but one of the cops who was an eyewitness saw a different scene, she shot at the doctor after saying something to him..a lady among the attacker shot at him” He explained and I shut my eyes taking in a full breath
A lady…the same lady presh saw trying to inject her with something, presh had said the lady was a nurse but why would a nurse run when her patient wakes up and ask her a question…
That could be Anna, it could be the same Anna who shot at Dr eric so her secret would be hidden…
Anna is here in India…if she could know where presh was being admitted then she can equally know the house where I stay with presh mother…
Yuck!!..how could I ever thought it wasn’t her doing all this…
I hung the cop call and quickly put a call to Anna which she answered immediately…
“I can’t stop smiling anytime I sees your call, it makes me feel giddy, it remembers me that I have a Prince who is my husband..” She chirped
“Don’t for once think I am a fool..Anna you are in India right now and…you thought I was buying all your lies??..oh sorry..I saw you when you tried injecting that substance in presh, I also saw you shooting at Dr Eric…the same way I saw you do all this, the same way o also know where you are now, I’m already coming troupe of cops…get ready!!” I said and heard a loud scream ..
“Vic…tor..are…you..kidding me??..what…” She kept stuttering breathing heavily.
“You can never run away from your fate which is to be disgraced and put to shame..you are just too disgusting to be called a human” I scoffed
“Victor, how….are you really..coming to arrest…but, I’m not in India…” She spluttered
“Then why are you scared, just get ready for the worst, your only option is to releasee presh mother” I snorted
“I’m waiting for you…” She suddenly said making my heart skip…
“In waiting for you in Nigeria, if you ever wants to see presh mother alive, just fly to Nigeria with presh and do what I say or else I’ll kill her, I swear!!!” She said in a cold and stern voice totally different from the one she had been using, this particular tone is really sending shivers down my spine…
“What are you saying??” I asked breathing heavily
“You choose to stand by another lady instead your wife…just know that I’ll not rest till I destroy her!” She stated coldly before the call hung…
I was just too shocked to talk or move, the voice i just heard now, is it Anna or someone else???
It sounded so scary…I could sense she meant every single word she said…
Just then, my phone beeped.
I clicked on the notification that popped, my jaw dropped at what I saw, I felt dizzy, I couldn’t believe my eyes…
Presh mother was tied to a chair and Anna was slapping her, she was really slapping the woman who did nothing but whimper…
My heart shattered……tears bathed my cheeks, I shivered in terror, there was even blood in her lips, I really felt like I’d faint….
📜That’s what she would keep passing through till you do what I say, you have the choice of wasting time thereby extending her torture, you know she may even die, I don’t damn care..
I read the message below the video…
So Anna is this evil and I never knew…I feels like i would go mad,how would presh feel after seeing this, I am not gonna show it to her, I need to go back to Nigeria with presh like she said…
“We are heading back to Nigeria right now” I said to presh forcing out smiles…
She sat up from the bed and stared at me…
“First, where is my mother, you came alone??” She asked and my heart skipped a beat
I swallowed hard and forced out a smile again..
“She is fine and is in Nigeria, she had to go back earlier for a serious issue” I lied
“Okay then, where Is my dad?..I hadn’t ask of him all this while..” She questioned
“Please presh, let’s get back to Nigeria first, I’d give you a reply for all your question” I coaxed recalling what Anna said..
“Why do I feel like something is really wrong…you aren’t….
” please presh..let’s go!” I interjected and held her palm pulling her out of the bed…
We cleared all bills and head straight to the airport after she cleaned up and dressed…
“George I feels agitated…please what are you not telling me?” She asked as we sat in the plane…
“I don’t know how you would feel, just know that, the same lady who wants to inject that poisonous substance into your system is bent on destroying you..” I sighed
“What???..really??..is she having my mother?” Her question threw me off balance making me hiccup..
I looked down feeling bad, I don’t know what to answer,
“Would I see my mom in Nigeria??” She asked and I nodded sniffing back my tears…
“Is that lady the same one who took my mother then when I was still blind??” She asked
“Yes….” I muttered
She sniffed tears and rest her head on my shoulder..
“What do they want from me?” She asked
“Time will tell, but just know I’ll bring your mother to you without any harm” I breathed
“I trust you”
Her word send impulse in me and I felt courage, Anna must pay dearly….
We got to Nigeria and just as we settled in the sitting room, Anna’s call came in….
I took the call and put it in loud speaker…
“Good boy, you are in Nigeria already….” She laughed
“Just say whatever you wanna say!!..” I blurted hating everything about her….
“Calm down Prince…just one condition and presh mother would be released..” She said and i swallowed the lump In my throat..
“What is it??” I asked slowly with curiosity…
Presh was also listening…
“I need presh to come to the address I’d send to you…only her, don’t dare to follow her…she would be coming alone” I heard her say leaving me fretting…
How can I send presh to Anna all alone??
I looked at presh and saw tears in her eyes…
To be continued…

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Tears of a blind girl episode 30 – finale / Tears of a blind girl episode 29 / Tears of a blind girl episode 28 / Tears of a blind girl episode 27 / Tears of a blind girl episode 26 /

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