Switch episode 8 – 9

SWITCH:Loving you is a losing game💔
Written by: Abike
Fire on Fire by Sam Smith 🎶

💄EPISODE 8 – 9💄

Ryan’s Pov👇
“But wait a minute, how did Jamal know that the governor wants to bring in his own boys?” Logan asked “that is what I don’t know, I mean honestly I think he is trying to communicate right now, I mean why is Jamal interested in the governor, how did he know that the governor wants to bring in his own boys, don’t you think it’s suspicious that the governor is not taking personal guards from outside, why does he wants us in particular to be his personal guards until his boys arrive.
I don’t know if am making sense right now but I think maybe Jamal and the governor know each other, so maybe Jamal knows that he can’t get the governor while am with him and that is why he wants me to drop this job and also for the governor to make us his personal guards shows that he want full protection for himself. I don’t know if am making sense but that is what I felt about the whole thing” I explained to Logan “I really don’t understand this, but I think if Jamal calls, you should tell him that you will only drop the governor’s job if only he tell you what is happening between the both of them” Logan said “why are you sounding like you don’t know that Jamal is definitely not going to fall for that” I replied “but then you said Jamal is Zeenat’s ex, this is not going to be fun” Logan said to me “actually, I do not want to resign, but now I think I have a reason to do that right now” I said “what do you mean by that , Ryan I have told you not to think that way” Logan said “you don’t understand Logan, don’t you think am about to lose Zeenat to him, I never created that time for her, she always want me around her but I didn’t give her the chance. She once told me that she and her ex never broke up and they really loved each other and now they are together, what do you think is going to l happen to me? I just want to do anything to have my woman back, if it’s to quit this job then I’ll surely do it so I’ll get my woman back that all” I said to him “are you scared that Zeenat might switch you?” Logan asked me “exactly, I know she loves me but anything can happen and Jamal can do anything just to make her switch the love she has for me to him so am really scared right now. Believe when I say so but then, I want to see that bastard bars”.

Author’s Pov👇
Axel walked into Jamal’s room; he met him on his bed doing nothing. He walked to the couch and sat there, he looked at Jamal who was just staring and smiled at him “I guess you have heard about the latest news” Jamal said “what do you plan to do?” Axel asked “I still don’t want to believe that Zeenat is Ryan’s girlfriend, I don’t even know what to do” Jamal replied “now that she is with you, will you go to her or you will just let her be?” Axel asked “when I say am clueless, please believe me, I really don’t know what to do, have you seen her?” Jamal asked “no, not yet but I will go check on her later, why don’t you try and talk to her again?” Axel said “she really thought I left her, why would I even do that?, I don’t want to talk to her for now” Jamal replied “but then I think she deserves and explanation and you should also try and calm her down” Axel said softly “Axel she is now Ryan’s girlfriend” Jamal suddenly said sadly “so what are you going to do, are you going to take her back right now?” Axel asked “ I don’t want to hurt her, I don’t want to come in between them but then I really want to have her back” Jamal said “ I understand you, but I think you should allow things to flow by itself, don’t put any pressure on her, I will ask you to call Ryan back because Earl told me that Badmus is going to a conference next week and Ryan must not be there, you can just leave him alone, don’t tell him to reject Badmus offer, just let him be” Axel said “ Axel it is not going to work that way, am trying to save his ass cause those boys that are going to that operation are going to waste some lives that day and Ryan may try to save that bastard so it’s possible he’d also be wasted too.
Don’t forget that it’s Maverick and Ivan that will lead those boys and these two dont like it when people get on their bad side so Maverick or Ivan can waste his live and I don’t want that to happen.
I know Ryan always think of me as an enemy but that’s not me, I don’t really hate him for anything, he is only doing his job so if I really hated him, I would have ended his life a long time ago but I am sure that he is waiting for that chance to end me” Jamal said “so what deal do you have with him?” Axel asked “I told him to leave Badmus and I will return Zeenat and Kelvin to him” Jamal replied “you want to return Kelvin?’ Axel suddenly asked while Jamal just smiled at him “what was that?” Jamal asked with a smile “what was what?” Axel returned the question “you don’t want me to return Kelvin? Have you been getting soft for him already?” Jamal asked “stop having weird thoughts; it is not what you think” Axel replied “then what is it?” Jamal asked “I asked the wrong question” Axel replied “oh! Wrong question..nice one” Jamal said to him while Axel stood up “I will go talk to Zeenat” he said and left the room.
Jamal face and mood suddenly change at the mention of Zeenat. He laid down on his bed and covered himself with his blanket then he got lost in thought.

Zeenat’s Pov👇
I still don’t want to believe this, so it’s Jamal he has been after all these years, so Jamal is the mafia boss Ryan talks about , but I still don’t know why he’s keeping me here and I really want to talk to Ryan.
There are many things I want to ask Jamal, why did he still keep up with this job, why did he move to this country and what happened to his parent’s? I really want to ask him all this.
“yes come in” I said to whoever that was knocking the door, he walked in and I was surprised because it was Axel, are they still working together? I thought “Axel!” I called his name “hi Zeenat” he replied “argh! You guys are making me crazy; please don’t tell me you both are still working together all these years” I said to him “can I sit?’ he asked me and that was when I realized that I should have asked him to sit first “sorry, please sit “I said to him and he did “how are you?” he asked “do I look like am ok? I want you guys to explain what exactly is going on right now, what’s going on please?!” I said out of frustration
“Zeenat you need to calm down, we are not doing anything wrong” he said
“Oh really! Then what am I doing here, why are you guys in Nigeria? Why are you both still doing this job? And I also heard that you guys have Kelvin with you, I want to see him right now” I said to him firmly “I don’t even know how to answer you, your questions are not for me to answer but i can take you to Kelvin, i guess you know him” he said “of course I do, he is Ryan’s boy and Ryan is my boyfriend, oh gosh! I shouldn’t have said that, am sorry” I quickly muttered “why are you sorry? it’s not like you and Jamal are still together, you are now dating Ryan so there is nothing to be sorry about but I want you to know one thing ‘he never left you and you were always on his mind.
Let me take you to Kelvin” he said to me.
I stood up, still trying to process what he just said to me “did he really not leave me?”
“Zeenat! Zeenat! He called me back from my thought “oh sorry” I said quickly as I walked behind him.
We got to Kelvin’s door I realized he didn’t want to knock on the door “is everything ok?” I asked “uh..uhm..Can you please knock on the door yourself, I have other things to do please” he said as he walked away “what was that?” I said to myself and that was when I thought to myself maybe Axel is having a crush on Kelvin or what.
I know every single thing about Axel; he doesn’t talk much with people except me and Jamal, but his sexuality tho…
So if he isn’t crushing on Kelvin, why wouldn’t he knock on the door? I’ll have to ask him that later I also wonder where this Jamal is…

I knocked on Kelvin’s door, his eyes almost popped out as he slowly opened the door “Zeenat!” he called my name “hi” I said to him with a smile.

Jamal’s Pov👇

Right now I just need fresh air, I want to finish this operation quickly and go back to where we came from, we all came here with one goal and that is to destroy Badmus’s family.
I don’t just know where to start again from all this, the fact that Badmus is responsible for the death of Maverick, Ivan, Earl and my dad’s death.
He is a murderer, my dad’s death led to my mum’s death, knowing fully well that am the one who knows about the secret and I have the evidence with me, he sent his boys after me and Axel, we had to escape .
I never planned to take over this business, and I never planned to leave Zeenat. Nevertheless, Badmus is the cause of all this.
My dad, Maverick’s dad, Ivan’s dad and Earl’s dad were all business partners with Badmus.
but in the blink of an eye, he betrayed them and killed them all in a day, he even wanted to end me but before that, I was going to end him first before I put an end to his life, I will make sure he feels the same pain I felt for all these years, I will make sure to wipe out him and his family but he and his family went into hiding but he dared to destroy four families.
He thinks that the position he is now will save him? Hell no! because I will make sure he pays for all these.
I sat outside; watching the stars and it was really late in the night.
If not for the power, I know Ryan would have caught us, but all thanks to that man who gave me the power so I really want to win Badmus family without any regrets.
“Jamal” I turned to see who called me and it was Zeenat “are you drunk?” she asked as she sat beside me, taking away the bottle of beer from me.
I starred at her, with my eyes filled with passion. I honestly miss her, I miss this woman and I can’t really help it “ I missed you so much” I said to her even though I wasn’t sure if it was the effect of the alcohol, but before I knew it I already held her wrist as I drew her closer, giving her a deep kiss.
At first she tried to push me away but since I wasn’t letting go, she then allowed me to do what I wanted.
I missed her and I can’t help it; I kissed her more deeply as she responded…


8. What do you want to change about yourself?

My weak heart, I forgive easily and I also get hurt easily…

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