Switch episode 6

SWITCH:Loving you is a losing game💔
Written by: Abike
Fire on Fire by Sam Smith 🎶

Author’s Pov👇
Zeenat lay down on her bed, rolling all over the bed feeling sad and worried.

Flashback: Four years ago👇
Zeenat came out of her car to get some things in the super market; she met two guys also buying things. One of them seemed to be mesmerized by her beauty as he smile to her while Zeenat just walked to the other side to get her things, raising her head she realized that the guy was still smiling at her “so weird” she muttered.
Suddenly he walked up to her “hi pretty” he said “hi” she replied him trying to store some spaghetti in the trolley “am Ryan, and that’s my friend over there; Logan” Ryan said “am Zeenat” she replied “oh, that sounds like a Muslim name, are you a Muslim?” Ryan asked “obviously” she replied giving him a look of ‘are you deaf’? “so do you live nearby?” he asked “ look please, you are disturbing me, I can’t think straight” she said to him while he gave her a mixed look of flirting and smiling “you can’t concentrate, does it mean that am too hot for you to handle” he asked “you wish” she replied before pushing her trolley to the other side but Ryan followed her “ oh please what exactly do you want?” she said to him as she faced him, waiting for his reply.
Ryan brought out his phone and stretched it towards her “I want your number” he said “WHAT! No I won’t” she fired “and why are you not giving me your number?” he asked sadly, giving her a puppy look “because I don’t know you and I want you to stop thinking that your hot look will convince me” she said “so you admit it now” he said “admit what” she asked “you just said it right now, you just admit it that am hot” he said “so silly” she replied and walked away.
Ryan’s flirty look was plastered on his face as he stared at her walking away “who was that?” Logan asked as he moved closer “Goddamit! She is so fucking sexy, her beauty….her beauty is just…wow!” Ryan said “you crazy you know” Logan said “sure I know, she is responsible for that” he said before walking away while Logan just smiled at him “silly guy” he muttered before walking up to him.
Flashback ended👆

Zeenat’s phone was ringing, she grabbed it slowly from the small table beside her bed, she checked who it was and it was her friend Zainab “girlfriend how are you?” Zainab asked “hi” Zeenat replied “babe, what happened to your voice, please don’t tell me that he didn’t make it last night” Zainab said worriedly “yes he didn’t” Zeenat replied “are you kidding me right now? How…how could he do that?” Zainab asked sadly as tears dropped down from Zeenat’s eyes “babe are you crying now?” Zanab asked “am tired, am so tired, having that guy for awhile and later to suffer for is so much more than I can handle right now, anytime we have a nice time together, I won’t see him again for the next two months, Zainab am really tired, was I asking for too much? Why does he love his job more than me, Zainab I need someone to talk to please” she pleaded as more tears dropped from her eyes, soaking her bed and the pillow with tears “Zeenat am here with you, I will always be here to listen to you “ do you want me to come over?” Zanab asked “ I will be glad” Zeenat replied as more tears dropped “ok you know what, just give me thirty minutes, please don’t think about it too much” Zainab said softly “can I cut it off?” Zeenat asked all of a sudden “wait, cut what?” Zainab asked “The relationship” she replied “Zeenat I understand you, I really understand you but I don’t think that’s right, we both know that he loves you, he really does, remember the good time you had together, remember that so that you can forgive him, please Zeenat don’t cut if off yet, please” Zainab pleaded “I deserve to be happy too, right?” Zeenat asked “of course sweetheart, you deserve everything, but then he is still your man, he is still the one you love, you have to give him another chance, he will change, I believe he is going to change so please, you have been the best gift to him and you know he doesn’t have any other lady, he may not be your first love but you are his first girlfriend, please Zeenat” Zanab pleaded “thanks Zanab, without you I don’t think I will continue this way, you have been the best friend to me, thank you so much” Zeenat said “ babe you don’t need to do that, you are my friend and I have to take care of you, anyway am in my car already, on my way to your place, so can you please stand up now, take a shower and cook for me because I am really hungry right now” Zanab said “you know your way to the kitchen when you get here, I am not going to leave this room” Zeenat said jokingly as she stood up quietly so that Zainab won’t know that she is moving “ oh dear, common girlfriend, I trust you so am sure you won’t make me starve” Zainab said “ well I think you are about to get starved” Zeenat replied jokingly while she was already in the kitchen, checking the fridge to know what to cook…

Ryan’s Pov👇
Logan and I will be going to the governor’s house tomorrow, just him and I, alongside with some extra guards, I wonder why he choose us to be his personal guards.
Kelvin’s safety is really bothering me, we are all waiting for Jamal’s call, he need to tell us his reason for kidnapping Kelvin, but that the bastard is not calling yet, and this is really getting on my nerves.
“Ryan are all those weapons delivered?” Logan asked as he walked in “yeah they delivered it few minutes ago, so how is it, did you check the CCTV’S?’’ I asked Logan. Both him and few of our boys went to inspect the governor new house, he is moving there tomorrow.
Logan and our boys went to check the area and the whole house in general ‘’what time are we moving tomorrow ‘’ Logan asked “2pm” I replied as I grabbed my phone, gosh! I missed a lot of call from Zeenat.
I tried to call her but she wasn’t picking up the call “Logan, I want to quickly check on Zeenat, I will be back tonight” I said as I stood up to grab my car keys and other things on the table “take care” Logan said while I went out of the office.

Kelvin’s Pov👇
I am just sitting here all day, goodness! Am feeling so bored, its already late at night and I just want to have some fresh air to see the stars and have a deep thinking.
I stepped out of the room, I arrived at the dining and there was this headset that belongs to that guy; Earl. I don’t need to be told that he must be an arrogant person.
he stared at me for a while before fixing his cute face back on his phone ‘silly me’ “i…I want to have some fresh air please” I said to him, hoping he grants me permission “ we don’t allow that, but I will allow you to do that because Axel is outside” he said to me oh! Axel, that must be the foreign guy’s name “thank you” I said with a smile “don’t smile” he said firmly while I quickly stopped the smile ‘so crazy’ I thought to myself before walking out of the living room.
Gosh, I was shocked at the way he spoke right now, I wasn’t looking at my front, I was busy checking if the guy is watching me from the living room.
Suddenly I bumped into someone which I don’t need to be told who it was.
I didn’t trip though he and I were just standing close to each other without any space in between us so I rose up my face to look at him, he was sho… I mean tall and broad at his chest.
He was putting on a blue hoodies and a black headset around his neck. We both stared at each other in that same position before I moved away from him a little bit “sorry” I quickly muttered to him softly hoping for him not to hit me.
He breathed out some air which i assumed that he was keeping for a while “I think he is… looking stressed out already “am sorry” I repeated myself “why are you sorry?” he asked. Goodness! His accent is so good “I mean I bumped into you”

Axel’s Pov👇
“I mean I bumped into you” he said, I honestly don’t talk a lot, but I think this guy… I mean this boy is really making me to that right now.
The first time I saw him in this house, the only thing that clicked in my mind was “puppy” he is such a cutie.
the day he told us his age, I wasn’t surprised though cause I expected him to be young but then what is he looking for in the field, why a detective? He is too young for that and I wondered what led him there.
to be honest, he was someone too difficult to resist, most especially people like me, can’t resist such puppy.
“What are you doing outside?” I asked him “i….i just want some fresh air of cause I was told that am not allowed but Earl told me you are outside, he said you are going to stay with me” he ended his speech by biting his lower lip slowly. He released his lips and I couldn’t help but take my eyes off his face and stare at his lips. I honestly don’t want to do this, but I found myself moving closer to him while he moved away from me. his eyes were so cute, they look like they are about to pop out, he drew in his lips again and then I got frozen while he also stop moving “ don’t do that” I suddenly said to him “w….what” he asked nervously as he released his wet lips again “don’t do that” I repeated “ i..i..i actually don’t get you, don’t do what?” he asked looking so scared. I moved away from him “come inside” I said to him as I walked in, while I expected him to follow me, which he did “just go to your room, you are not allowed to stay outside” I said to him.
He gave me an angry puppy’s face before walking away. I just can’t help it, I really can’t; he is just so cute.

Author’s Pov👇
Jamal and his boys were on a phone call with Ryan’s office, “listen Jamal, what exactly are you talking about right now, I should turn down the offer to be the governor’s guard, sorry who are you to decide for me” Ryan said “you really want to put up with this, I have the boy with me” Jamal said “Jamal, you can’t do anything to him, you must not, and my job is to protect the governor, so cut that crap and let’s meet” Ryan said “ I am not going to meet you, but you are going to get my message very soon, I promise you” Jamal said and hanged up the call immediately “I don’t want to have his girl in this issue but I guess he really want to push me to do that right now. Maverick talk to your boys, I want that girl in this house in the next eight hours, seems the boy is not enough to weaken him, let’s get down for some real game, I want that girl in my house” he said “yes boss” Maverick replied while Jamal walked into his room.

3. Aside from writing stories, what other thing do you do?

I dance, that’s all, I am really learning that these days,,, 😂

4. Are your stories base on reality or imaginary?

Most of my stories are my imaginations, but sometimes I do put what happens around me.

5. Has your ideal type ever appeared in your stories?

Yes, he appears a lot…..

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