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Switch episode 5

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Switch episode 5 by : 8:46 pm On June 24, 2021
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SWITCH:Loving you is a losing game💔
Written By:Abike💋
Arcade by Durcan Laurence 🎶
Fire on Fire by Sam Smith 🎶

Author’s Pov👇
“So shall we call them now?” Maverick asked.
They all sat in the living room to call Ryan’s office. “yeah, call him and give me the phone” Jamal said to Maverick, He did as he was told, he handed over the phone to Jamal as both Earl and Axel put on their headphones, busy on their phones and not with them. It’s only Ivan and Maverick were with Jamal.
“what’s up” Jamal said “Jamal how dare you” Ryan said angrily “listen you need to calm down, the reason why am keeping the boy will be explained better to you later, I decided to call you just to let you know one thing, I am not planning to hurt the boy and the reason am having him will be explained to you later like I said” Jamal explained further then he paused for a while listening to Ryan while Maverick and Ivan still sat down, paying attention to Jamal “you said what?…Oh what the f√¢k!” Jamal said before hanging up. “What happened boss, what did he say?” Ivan asked, both Earl and Axel removed their headphones at the same time to listen to Jamal “oh f√¢k it! Maybe we should have taken his friend instead” Jamal said almost going crazy “what did he say?’ Axel asked “that boy in there in an asthmatic patient” Jamal said “What!?” Maverick exclaimed “he’s asking if his inhaler is there with him, argh! this s√¢ks!” Jamal said “anyway you gays have to be careful and try to put away things like smokes, if you want to smoke, please do it in your room or maybe in the compound or garden, do not smoke in the living room and also I want you Ivan to get him some indoor clothing and other things he needs and guys once again, do not smoke in the living room most especially Axel and Maverick” Jamal warned “I don’t even smoke much like Axel” Maverick said while Axel just gave him a dead look “ but I don’t think Axel smokes a lot these days” Ivan said “yeah, I think so too, Ivan please do what I ask you to do,get him some comfortable clothes to wear and maverick, can you try and ask him if he will eat or something? Axel go and ask him if he is with his inhaler or we get him one quickly” Jamal said resting his back on the chair, smiling at him.
Both Ivan and Maverick stood up to do what Jamal ordered them to do “what are you doing Axel, go and ask him” Jamal said with a smile “alright, but why are you making me do this?” Axel asked “I don’t know” he replied in a childish way while smiling at him ” What about Earl,he ain’t doing anything right,,yo….” Axel was cut short when Earl stood up and went to his room,Axel bite his lower lips angrily, trying to control his anger, Jamal smiled at him “Earl Is busy” Jamal said while Axel just ignored him as he stood up and went to do what he was asked to do…


Kelvin’s Pov👇
I can’t believe am here, tailing them for two years and this is really them, five in number…ouch am so hungry right now and I am worried about my mum and not even a single call to talk to my mum, why am I even here?, what wrong have I done to them and why am i not even scared of here? I don’t know why but I just had the feelings to not get scared. My only worried is because of my mum, she is definitely going to be worried.
There was a knock on my door, I mean the door to the room I was put in. I stood up to checked who it was, hoping it’s not the guy of ‘’who is this” he really looked so scary unlike the other three, I wonder if he is Jamal but he is definitely not Jamal, we have seen Jamal’s picture but we haven’t seen the others. Maybe he is their second boss, I wondered as I opened the door half way while standing at the back of the door as I put my head out to see who it was and it was who I am not expecting.
he gave me a weird look, just looking at him right now, he looks different from others and the way he spo… “do you have your inhaler with you?” he asked, getting me out of my thought. “ i…i..i have it with me” I replied wondering who told him about my illness, probably from office,I guess it’s Ryan who told them. Thinking about it right now made me realized that he is going to be worried about me too “I want to have a call” I quickly said before I could stop myself “I…..I….I mean t..two calls” I added while he gave me the look of ‘’are you kidding me right now?’’ but I just ignored it because I really wanted to talk to my mum and Ryan, just those two voices will calm me and I am really desperate to talk to them right now. “Who do you want to call?” he asked “my mum and Ryan” I quickly replied him.
He stared at me for a while before walking away probably to inform their boss, I hope…

I was told to come out of the room to make the call they got me some clothes while I was waiting for them to call me out, one of them brought me food which I assumed was from a restaurant because I doubt it if they can cook.
I made sure that my inhaler was in my pocket in case of any emergency.
I met every one of them in the living room and finally I saw Jamal. I wonder why he is smiling at me, he is such a young boss and I doubt if he is yet 25.
One of them has headset on him, am thinking of him to be the youngest. The other two guys also sat down, staring at me as I approached them and this guy is here also with his headphone and his phone.
To be honest,none of them look like Mafia Bosses, but I guess it’s not written on one’s face, and also thinking of this guy, he look so different from others, more like an halfcast; And why is Jamal sm….. “oh you are here” one of them said to me, the one who brought me my food earlier, he told me his name is Maverick so I just nodded my head as a reply before I took my seat while the one who brought me the clothes handed a phone to me.
The first person i called was my mum, putting the phone on a loudspeaker, which I have no intention to do but jamal asked me to put it on a speaker “hello, who is this?” my mum asked with her voice being so low and sad, it took me a while to open my mouth and talk “m…mum” I managed to say “Kelvin! Kelvin is that you, son?” she asked “yes mum it’s me” I replied with a bright voice “where are you son, Ryan explained everything to me, I kept praying for your safety, so just tell me if you are ok or not” my mum said “mum am ok, I called you just to put your mind at rest” I said to her “ am glad you call, I know God will do the best, just do whatever they ask you to do, I want you to come back safely, please son” my mum said softly “I will mum” I said with a teary voice “I love you son” she said “I love you too mum” I replied as tears dropped down on my cheeks .
I hung up the call to avoid more conversation then I turned to at looked at the guys. I realized they all had a mixture of sadness and loneliness in their eyes and I wonder why their boss still gives me a usual smile “don’t worry about them, But I must say this, you are so lucky to have a parent” that was the only thing he said to me.
It was very obvious that they all looked this way because of my mum, I wondered if my mum brought them some memories or something, but I could easily tell that it’s all because of my mum. I quickly made another phone call to Ryan “hello” I said “k….ke…Kelvin! Kelvin are you ok?” Ryan asked “yes am ok” I replied “ listen to me Kelvin, just be yourself, be a good boy like you always are, I promise to do anything to get you out of there” he said “I talked to my mum” I said “They allowed you to call your mum?” he asked in surprise “yes they did” I replied softly “That bastard!” he said angrily.
The moment the guys heard the word bastard, they all stood up, probably to take the phone from me and fire back at Ryan but Jamal quickly gestured them to sit back.
Everyone stood up but the foreign guy did not make a flinch, only a smirk was plastered on his face and he was more annoyed than everyone else but I guess he was just trying to keep calm “ can you both hang up the call” Jamal said without a smile on his face and I guess he was angry and it was very scary,I quickly hung up.
Suddenly he gave me his usual smile again while I handed him the phone “how old are you?” he asked “am 20” I replied “excuse me, you are what” Maverick asked surprisingly “I am 20” I replied once again “wow! I wonder when you graduated from school, probably 18? He aksed while I nodded to him yes “wow!” Maverick said “ I think its already obvious on his face, I was even thinking of him to be 22 or probably same age with Earl and Ivan” Jamal said “oh so the headset guy is Earl, he doesn’t look different from this foreign guy.
They both have same habit, snubbing up and down, And also the guy who brought me cloth is Ivan,the other one Maverick, and this is Earl,But I really wish to know the other guy’s name “now listen to me” jamal said “we only plan to keep you here for two weeks, as you can see, we are not scary because you and your people believed that we are scary and deadly, but we are not. Its just five of us and am sure when we release you, you are going to tell them everything you saw here.Well sorry, because by then we would be in another country, we are only having you here just to finish our business, and since your boss is not easy to handle that’s why we have you here just to put things into places.
Stop wondering why am telling you this, Cause am sure you are thinking about that right now. Anyways, I believe that you have the right to know why you are here and that’s why I gave you a little hint on that. You can cook whatever you want, get fresh air in the compound, look at that the beautiful stars at night if you want to, but one thing you shouldn’t do is that, DON’T THINK OF RUNNING AWAY,But if you try to do that,I swear to God who made me, it doesn’t take me 0.99 seconds to waste you, trust me on that” he explained in a scary way.
He looked so scary and terrifying, I couldn’t see that smile on his face then I realize he wasn’t playing with me this time “o…ok” that was all I could say, I just wanted to go back to my room. Gosh! They are so scary but he said they are not.

Both Ryan and I were going to celebrate our fourth year anniversary together. He promised to pick me up, we did not celebrate the 1st, 2nd and 3rd anniversary. I just can’t wait to celebrate this one. I tried to call his phone just to check on him and to remind him about our outing tonight but he didn’t pick up so I tried his second line which he did pick up so late.
“hello Zeenat, am really busy for now, and am so sorry to tell you this, I can’t make it tonight, am sorry” he said as he hanged up the call without giving me the chance to talk.
Tears gushed out of my eyes, here we go again, Ryan can never stop hurting me, ‘’I hate you’’ I muttered as tears dropped rapidly from my eyes…..

Some questions have been asked, and I couldn’t reply some directly, so guess I will try to answer some of my readers questions at the end of each episode this way, and probably I will be adding more questions to it which I assumed to be bothering some of my reader’s mind…🤗
The questions are:

What is your real name?
Ajibola Modupe Roseline

When did you start writing and what inspires you to be a writer, do you write for money or as an hobby?
I started writing about six years ago when I was 18 years old, I really can’t say that this is what inspired me to start writing, I just realized that I have the passion and talent to write stories and also, I only write as an hobby….

I will be answering the other questions at the end of our next episode.👌🤗

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