Switch episode 4

SWITCH:Loving you is a losing game💔
Written By:Abike 💋

(Arcade by Durcan Laurence 🎶🎵)

Kindly do well to wish #ABIKE
it’s her birthday…….

Kelvin was busy eating his breakfast while his mom came out to serve him a cup of coffee “Mum,I told you i don’t want coffee, Ryan told me not to take it too much” Kelvin said to his Mum “don’t worry we won’t let Ryan know about it, besides do you always take much of it at the office?” His mum asked “Of course mum, and that is why I don’t want to take it too much anymore” he said “alright, no problem then, Ryan called me yesterday” his mum said “oh! that’s nice, I have to go mum” he said as he stood up “you didn’t finish your breakfast” his mum said “please mum I am already late” he pleaded “Alright son please take good take of yourself and drive carefully” his mum said to him while he smiled at her “don’t worry mum, I will be okay, your son is an adult now” he said jokingly “adult, but you are still 20 and my only son, having no one else and you being my happiness so I dare not allow you to get hurt” his mum said worriedly “listen mum, I will be good and I will always be so don’t worry about anything, nothing is going to happen to me” he said to her softly “I love you son” she said “ I love you too mum” he replied as he hugged her warmly before taking his car key and left for the office; he turned his music on ‘Arcade by Durcan Laurence’ as he listened to it while he drove smoothly headed to the office.

Suddenly two cars overtook him as he got shocked and terrified, before he could grab his phone to make a quick call, six guys came out with guns aimed at him in order not to move. His whole body was shaking nervously and he couldn’t do anything as they opened his car and asked him to come out of the car.
He came out slowly, with his hand above his head; he couldn’t recognize their faces because they had a mask on so he followed them into their car without arguing with them as they drove away roughly.

Ryan sat in the office, lost in thought, Kelvin’s kidnap wasn’t part of what he thought and that was the last thing he had expected….


/> “Wait a minute, you cooked for me” Ryan asked Kelvin who was busy laying out the food he prepared “wait, did you cook all these yourself?” Ryan asked “of course I did, what do you think?” Kelvin asked “ am thinking this is mum’s cooking” Ryan teased “wow are you kidding me right now, I took so much effort to make this for you and now you are not going to appreciate me” he said in a cute but annoyed way, more like an annoyed puppy “ok fine am sorry, let’s check out what you cooked” Ryan said as he collected the food flask from him, he opened it and there was fried rice with plantains and turkey meat, a bowl of salad in different side and he also brought soft drink.
Ryan couldn’t help but laugh “wait a minute, you did all these by yourself? How did you even have the time, I mean you are supposed to wake up early and come to work, so what time did you wake up to do all these?” Ryan asked curiously “well, I woke up by 6am today” he replied with a smile “wow I think you need to drop this job and become a caterer” Ryan said jokingly “I will put that at the back of my mind” Kelvin replied while Logan walked in “so it’s only Ryan you always give breakfast, when are you going to make mine? Logan said as he moved closer to them to check what Kelvin brought for Ryan “well I will bring yours the day you turn to him” he said childishly “wait a minute, until I be like Ryan? In what way exactly, with the face or what exactly do you want me to be” Logan asked “no I don’t mean that way, I am talking about how you treat me” Kelvin replied “are you for real, you deep know well that am more nicer to you than him, in fact everyone in this office knows that am good to you” Logan said “maybe its one sided love then” Kelvin said as he quickly dashed out of the office “what did he just say? That I am crushing on him?” Logan asked while Logan couldn’t stop laughing “he’s so cute” Ryan said with a smile as Logan joined him to eat…

Ryan looked so weak with everything, Thinking on what to do about Kelvin. Both Logan and their boss walked in, Ryan stood up slowly “no you can sit down” Their Boss said to Ryan as he walked in “I am really sorry about this, am sure nothing is going to happen to him as for his mum, I think you guys should try to deliver the message to her carefully and assure her that nothing is going to happen to him. I think Jamal is trying to get through us by this, we just have to be careful and I believe in one thing and that is Kelvin’s safety, he will be safe, I have the faith in that” the boss said “Kelvin is just a kid, boss he is just a kid, I think Jamal knows a lot about me, more than my own imaginations, he already figured out that Kelvin is like my weak point and that is why he kidnapped him but I just don’t know what exactly he is trying to gain from this, I don’t know what exactly he is trying to get by kidnapping Kelvin just to get me” Ryan said sadly but more in a soft tone “Ryan don’t worry, am sure he’s going to call us very soon so let’s just wait for him, ok? I have to go now and make sure you guys talk to Kelvin’s mum,take care guys” their boss said before leaving his office


Just as boss told us, we came to explain things to Kelvin’s mum and we expected her to start shouting and crying but… “am sure my son will come back to me safely”
I know she wanted to scream out and cry but she decided to keep everything to herself with positive hope that kelvin will be back, but the more she tried to hide her tears the more she lost it and burst into tears, she couldn’t help but to cry, repeating the same words that kelvin will come back safely.
I am just so weak that I need someone to talk to and that led me to Zeenat’s house but she wasn’t home yet, I dropped my things on the table and walked straight to her bedroom, slowly I got drifted to the dreamland.

By the time I woke up it was already late, I could hear her doing some things in the kitchen so I dragged myself out of the room, she couldn’t see me because she was busy checking out her cooking.
I walked closer to her and wrapped my arms around her giving her a back hug “oh you are up, I found you sleeping so I decided not to wake you up cause you looked so tired” she said as she turned to me, she actually have one habit ; reading people’s minds, which she did and gave me a look of ‘you don’t look good’ I smiled at her “is everything ok?” she asked me, I stared at her without knowing what to say and even though she doesn’t know much about Kelvin, she always hear about him.
I hugged her for a while before I spoke out “Kelvin has been kidnapped” I said.
She was so shocked with the news with her hands on her mouth covering it out of surprise “oh my God! By the Mafia boss you always tell me about right?” she asked “yeah, they kidnapped him today and we are still waiting for their call,We tried to call the number they always call us with but they won’t respond to the calls, I am just worried about Kelvin, I just don’t know how he is feeling right now and his mum took it well but at the same time she didn’t, Kelvin is her only son, who is going to take that well..” I asked but not in a questionable way “listen Ryan, am sure nothing is going to happen to him, lets just wait for their call ok?” she said softly to me while I just hugged her.

Author’s Pov👇
Kelvin was put alone in a room, he scanned everywhere, looking so scared as he sat on the bed moving towards the wall to rest his back on it.
Suddenly, the door opened, Maverick, Ivan and Earl walked in “is this him?” Ivan asked “yeah that’s him” maverick replied “what’s the boss planning to do with him?” Ivan asked “well just to be here for now” Maverick replied “ why are you questioning me?” Maverick asked “because your boys in town brought him” Ivan replied “shut up!” Maverick said “you too!” Ivan fired back “And what’s your name?” Ivan asked Kelvin who only stared at them without answering.
Suddenly Axel walked in “what’s going on here?” he said but got surprised the moment he saw Kelvin.
He was lost for few seconds staring at kelvin who wasn’t sure about what’s going on,He took Axel awhile before coming back to reality “w…wh..who is this?” he asked “uh…mm I think you should talk to the boss” Maverick replied while Axel just stared at Kelvin before walking out of the room.

Axel knocked on Jamal’s door gently before entering and also closing the door behind him.
He met Jamal on his bed pressing his phone so he just walked in straight and sat on the couch without saying anything while he waited patiently for Jamal to finish with his phone. “I know why you came here; it’s about the boy right?” Jamal asked “yeah I want to know” Axel replied “well that’s Ryan’s favourite, Kelvin by name, Earl told me that Ryan and his friends are appointed as Badmus bodyguards, he gave the information yesterday so I just want to make our work easier, we are going to keep this boy for now .
Ryan won’t be staying with his girlfriend anyway so I plan to kidnap her next and Maverick’s boys in town are already working on that” Jamal said “do we have to keep them here till we finish our job” Axel asked “yes of course, that is the only way Ryan wont disturb our last operation which is Badmus, we all came here for one thing, and that is for Badmus and I will do anything to get this job done” Jamal replied “but still, we can work this out without kidnapping them” Axel said “ Axel we can’t, besides we aren’t harming them, just to keep them here for a while so why are you so bothered or are you scared of the boy?” Jamal teased “scared, for what reason’’ Axel asked “we can’t say, maybe you are scared of falling for him, have you seen him, he is very cute” Jamal said with a smile “Boss that’s not the reason why am scared, you understand me more better” Axel said worriedly “And you don’t need to kidnap his girlfriend,we can also return this boy,we don’t have to keep them here with us” he added “Actually I have to cause those are Ryan’s weak point” he said with a smile while Axel just stared at him “don’t worry about me, I know you are thinking about me, but we have to do this, so that we can get what we want, Axel you need to put your mind at rest,it’s Jamal talking” Jamal said proudly with a smirk while Axel looked so done with him…


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