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Switch episode 2

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Switch episode 2 by : 8:38 pm On June 24, 2021
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SWITCH: Loving you is a losing game 💔
Written by: Abike 💋

💄Episode 2💄
Zeenat’s Pov👇
“so you mean he came to apologize to you, but then he got a call and left you to attend to his call?” My friend Zainab asked me angrily. She already told me that she’s going to call me later in the day when I left her place and so she did and I couldn’t help but explain things to her about Ryan.
“He came to apologize and that was when he received a call to come back to the office and he ended up telling me that he has a meeting, so who am I to stop him and even if I do he isn’t gonna buy that from me; I guess this is my fate and I have to accept it and besides he said he is coming to sleep over tomorrow so I’ll just wait and see if he’s going to stick to that” I said softly to my friend who seems to be more pissed off than I am.
I walked straight to the kitchen to get myself dinner “so when are they bringing the order?” Zainab asked.
We both ordered for some jewelries and they are going to deliver them to me then Zainab will come get hers from me… “Zainab I already told you its next week Saturday, so we have to be patient with them” I said to her “hope you know that my customers are always asking me about them?” she said “so you think my customers are not also asking me about them?” I replied jokingly “which customer? You are a fashion designer and I own a jewelry shop so you are only getting that for yourself” she said firmly while I giggled “I was only kidding with you, don’t worry I will remind them everyday” I said to her “you are so silly, anyway what are you having for dinner?” she asked and that was when I realized that I was standing since without going close to the fridge to get what I want “I don’t know yet, maybe I should just make noodles for now then tomorrow I’ll cook something better that will last me for a week” I said as I opened the fridge to check if I have something in there to eat … “oh! I have pizza here” I said “you can eat that and cook tomorrow” Zainab said “exactly that’s what I’ll do” I said as I brought out the pizza to the microwave before eating “Zeenat let’s talk tomorrow, I was so busy today that I didn’t even have time to rest, I will talk to you tomorrow girlfriend” she said “alright babe talk to you tomorrow” I replied “bye! and be sure not to think too much about him” she said jokingly “yes ma’am I will try not to think about him” I replied with a smile as we hung up the call.
I brought out my pizza from the microwave, grabbed a drink from the fridge and decided to call Ryan, but he didn’t pick up after I called him twice so I dropped my phone on the table and God knows that am not ready to think about him tonight, I promised myself.
I ate my pizza while checking my messages on social media, after that, i had shower and went straight to bed as I got drifted to the dreamland.


Ryan’s Pov👇
Our boss called everyone for a meeting because of Jamal. Everyone sat in the hall where we always have our meetings.
“Guys, what is going on with Jamal’s issue, it’s been two years we started tailing him, yet no positive result. Another information came to me last night that these guys shipped in drugs yesterday, what were you guys doing last night?” my boss asked while I raised my hand to speak “yes Ryan” he said “but sir, I and Logan were in the office throughout yesterday with our boys stationed at all vital points just to be at alert, but we did not get any information,we didn’t even see any traces of them,there were CCTV in places that we know that it’s possible for them to have the operation,but we didn’t see anyone” I said “what are you talking about, someone gave you the information that they are going to ship in drugs last night which they did,we all saw the message. It is now obvious that this guy is smarter than us and he is really testing our knowledge, these guys gave us an information on their operation through mail, which they carried out successfully last night,so where were you guys monitoring, everything is in vain right now” my boss said angrily. To be honest am already mad at the whole situation and I couldn’t even think straight when I saw the message, the bastard had the nerves to send to us message that their operation was successful. “Sir, please can I say something?’ Logan asked “yeah! You may” my boss replied “actually sir, I don’t know if i am the only one thinking about this but don’t you think Jamal is using some kind of power?” he asked “you mean spiritual stuffs?” my boss asked “ yes boss, I mean come to look at it everyone, how dare him to give us all informations about him, the only relative he has was his late father whom he learned this work from, we don’t know any other thing about him and the last time I checked,he was the one who gave us this little information about him. He even gave us his location, only for us to go there and found nothing.He even had the nerves to call us,he told us he’s in town to come and get him,but did we get him? Of course we couldn’t. That day,He said he is looking at us but we couldn’t see him,we are unable to trace his calls nor where his mails are coming from, so don’t you think he is doing all these with an extra power? I am hundred percent sure that he is no ordinary person sir and that’s the fact, there’s no way we are trying to track down an ordinary person this way Boss” Logan said with an easy tone as he relayed his message to everyone’s understanding.
Jamal is just a bastard who choose to settle down here and give us problem, but then what if he is really using spiritual power, should I also seek for spiritual power just to get him? Hell no! this is not part of my job “wait a minute Logan, are you trying to say that we should seek for spiritual powers just to get him?” I asked “what do you think, I mean what do you think we should do when we are dealing with a different kind of person this time around and the worst part is that he doesn’t work alone and he is even confident enough to let us know that they are five in number which obviously shows that he believes in one thing, and that’s his power” Logan replied “wait a minute, are you kidding me? You want me to visit a spiritual place in order to get that bastard? I will never do that because that shit was never part of my f√¢king job. We can get Jamal if we get one of his boys” I said “and which of his boys are you going to get? Is it the ones we don’t even know their faces? Come on Ryan we don’t have any information about the other four except Jamal and which is also a useless thing,it is just like fetching water with a basket; all is going to be in vain,the only way to get the other guys is to get Jamal first and that’s if we can get him” he said “listen Logan, we might not get Jamal right now but am deeply sure that we will get him later, I will get Jamal on my own, either now or later” I said firmly “listen both of you, the only thing we need now is time and just like Ryan said, am sure we will get him soonest because it can never continue like this, so take your time and watch him carefully; I have to go now” My boss said as he stood up, joined by everyone else except me who was just sat down getting lost in thought over everything. “hey you don’t need to think over it, just take it slowly dude, are you not going to check on Zeenat?” he asked “oh! I forgot, I have to go and am sleeping over at her place, see you later” I said as I quickly dashed out…


was about to enter my car when kelvin called me “boss are you leaving?” Kelvin asked as he approached me “no I just want to sleep in the car” I replied while he gave me a puppy look. Kelvin can be so cute at time since he is the youngest amongst us and everyone really love him for that but he always tell everyone that am his favourite person.
“I’m going to Zeenat’s house you wanna come along?” I asked with a smile then he smiled back at me as he moved closer while I pat her head “cute you” I said which I often say a lot to him.
Kelvin is only twenty years old but his education and experiences were really fast and when I say he is cute, he sure is. “I don’t need to come along with you since its been a while you both saw each other” he said “that’s so smart of you but do you think Zeenat will forgive me?” I asked “do you want me to get another flower? I still have your atm card with me” he said “no no no, just keep my card with you, I will just go there and beg her until she forgives me“ I said to him “alright take care of yourself,don’t stay out too long and be sure to call for an uber if you can’t ride your car ok?” I said to him with a smile then he smiled back at me, I entered my car and headed to Zeenat’s house.

Author’s Pov👇
Ryan drove into Zeenat’s compound, He stepped out of the car and headed into the house with his own spare keys.
He entered the living room and dropped his things on the table before entering the room to check on Zeenat, but he couldn’t find her so he check in the kitchen and there she was cooking.

Zeenat was so surprise to see him so she just stood there and watched him approach her. He grabbed her hand slowly as he stared at her with guilty written all over his face “ I know I have no excuse, I know I have messed up so many times, I know I missed your birthdays a lot, I know I have not been there for you, I know everything,I know I messed up everytime. But I promise to make it up to you, I know you have been the best woman to me, your patience is enough to prove your loyalty, I know I am not the best guy but still you stay with me despite me not having the time for you, I don’t have any excuse but am really sorry Zeenat, babe am deeply sorry for everything,I know the apology is not enough,but am truly sorry for everything,I am really sorry Zeenat” he pleaded
While Zeenat just stared at him the whole time with tears on her face, Ryan drew her closer and hugged her for a while before wiping off her tears as he slowly move his face closer to hers and planted a soft klzz on her lips,they got engaged in a deep klzz which lasted for some minutes. “do you want us to go out together? Make your choice and I’ll take you anywhere today” he said to her after he broke the klzz,He smiled at her which she also smiled back at him then he gave her another klzz. She turned off the gas to stop cooking. Then she went in to change into her outfit.
The moment she left, there was a call for Ryan which he picked up without checking who it was “Whats up dude?” the voice said while Ryan took a deep breath as he recognized the voice “what do you want Jamal?” he asked…..

Your likes and comments tell of the story continue.

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