Switch episode 3

Inspiration from Arcade by Durcan Laurence❤️
SWITCH:Loving you is a losing game 💔
Written by: Abike 💋

Author’s Pov👇
Ryan’s outing with Zeenat was out of the way he thought because Jamal ruined it for him.
At first, he did not feel like going out again but then he realized that Zeenat was going to feel bad about it.

They both sat at their table waiting for the waiter to attend to them;Ryan got lost in thought about what Jamal told him earlier…

“I don’t know why you are calling, so can I know the fucking reason for your call this time around? Ryan asked angrily “you need to chill dude, why can’t I call a friend?” Jamal teased “and who is your friend?” Ryan asked “you of course, anyway why didn’t you do anything that day, are guys tired of us or what, I mean we sent you guys the location so I thought our operation won’t be successful but then it was successful and am quite surprised about the whole shit and that’s why I called you to ask” Jamal said “are you playing games with us?” Ryan asked “games?” of course not yet, I am just about to start the game and am sure it’s going to be fun” he said “what games are you planning to play this time around?” Ryan asked angrily “don’t be too fast, just calm down, am sure you are going to enjoy it, just watch out” Jamal said before hanging up the call.
Flash back ended👆

“Ryan, are you ok? You seems to be distracted” Zeenat said “am ok babe,don’t worry about me” he said as he smiled at her “you look beautiful” he said all of a sudden “is everything ok?” Zeenat asked again with a smile “why?” he asked “I mean you telling me I look beautiful all of a sudden” she replied “everything is ok babe, but can’t I compliment you again? You are beautiful and you know that too” he said in a flirty way “are you flirting with me right now?” she asked “of course not” he said teasingly “of course you are” she replied while Ryan smiled at her as he stood up from his seat to give her a kiss.Not too long the waiter arrived to attend to them.

A mansion that could easily be called a paradise, three guys sat in the living room. One of them stood up and took his leave, leaving the other two alone. Not too long one of the other two guys stood up as he went to the dining for his breakfast while the third guy sat on the sofa pressing his phone.
These are Jamal’s boys; The third guy on the sofa is Earl, the youngest one among them, He is 24 years old and a very quiet person, he hails from Nigeria but he grew up in the states and that was how he joined the mafia gang.
He happened to be the one who gives them information on everything,He could hack any account,he can hack phones and computer, that is just his job. At his leisure time, he preferred to be alone in a very quiet place and this makes him an opposite person to the one sitting in the dining, he goes by the name Ivan.
Ivan and Earl’s personalities are quite different, they are age mate,but Ivan is only few months older than Earl.
Ivan can be lively and quiet at the same time while Earl being an introvert loves to be quiet and to be alone. Ivan really hate it so much when everywhere is too boring,so most of the time he always try to be lively, but occasionally.
The other guy who left came back,He dropped his phone on the chair and moved closer to Ivan to have some cereals with him.
This is Maverick,he is a year older then Ivan and Earl. Maverick is 25 years old, well trained in martial arts and he looks so manly with nice abs and muscles unlike Ivan and Earl, tho Earl wouldn’t look good if he has too much of muscles because he’s someone with cute and puppy face,too much of abs and muscles won’t suit his face.Same thing goes to Ivan.
Ivan is quite a tall guy like Maverick but nevertheless Maverick is more taller than him.
Maverick being the tallest, broader and muscle one because of his love for exercise, so whenever they went for any operation and their opponents try to mess up with them, Maverick takes them down with one fist, while Ivan doesn’t miss his target,being a sharp shooter and a well trained person when it comes to weapons like guns.
Ivan can be loud at times but not as extreme as Maverick.
The three guys grew up and studied in the US before things turned upside down for them and that’s why they joined the mafia gang with neither of them having any parents, family, friends nor relatives left.
“why did you add sugar?” Maverick asked Ivan “I didn’t ask you to join” Ivan replied “and that’s why it looks so disgusting” Maverick fired back “and that’s why you have no taste” Ivan replied while Earl looked so pissed as he just stared at them.
“Are you guys at it again?’’ a voice said while they all stood up immediately, including Earl. It’s their boss; Jamal.He walked in with his hand in his pocket, putting on a white hoodie, white pants and a black puffy slippers as he has his phone on his other hand.

Jamal being the boss and the oldest among them is 30 years old but looks 22 and he loves playing around with them a lot.
Jamal’s vibe is all ladies thang. Being a cute but handsome guy who smiles a lot as an habit.
Jamal is a gentle and a lively person but you shouldn’t tempt him to get mad, don’t even think of getting on his bad side cause he can be scary.
The only family Jamal had was his late father whom he had learned this line of work from.
Jamal’s believe is that his mum was killed by the same person who killed his father and his coming to Nigeria was because of that particular person and that same person also destroyed the families of the other three boys.
Their main reason for being in the country was for revenge. They got the information that the killer based in Nigeria and they thought it won’t take much time to take their revenge on him,but it doesn’t go the way they all planned it, and that is why they decided not to rush but to take their revenge slowly.
“Morning boss” Maverick said to Jamal who just gave out a smile before sitting down “what’s going on with both of you this morning, and where is Axel” he asked.
He then realized Earl was still standing “Earl, is everything ok?” he asked “yes boss” he replied with a smile as he sat down to press his phone.
The only person Earl is quite free with is Jamal because he loves him so much,He really love everything about him which made him to be Jamal’s favourite.
“where is Axel?” Jamal asked once again “in the garden, training” Ivan replied as he snatched Maverick’s spoon “am going to take out those eyes of yours” Maverick said to Ivan who responded back with his middle finger.
Suddenly, an hot and sexy guy walked into the living room, sweating under his White armless top, a black track pants on him, he has curly hair, and perfect blue eyes, nice body and abs.
This is Axel, Jamal’s right hand who happened to be bi-racial. He was born and brought up in the United States.
Axel is well-trained in martial arts like Maverick but has more skills than Maverick.
Axel is also a sharp shooter and a very smart guy.
Unlike others who lost their parents, Axel still has a mom who was unkown to anyone except his gang members.
Jamal’s dad helped both Axel and his mum in many ways and the only way to repay his dad was to protect his son Jamal which was the promise he made to Jamals dad before he died.
He promised to protect jamal in many ways. When Axel’s Mum was about to die, Jamal’s Dad was the one who took care of her operation bills.Not only that but also helped Axel’s education and this made both Jamal and Axel to be friends.But still jamal remain his Boss.Axel would rather die than to see jamal getting hurt, That is just how much he love Jamal.
Axel is 27 years old, Talking about an introvert and a very quiet person, that is Axel.
His personality is different from the other guys,so also his sexuality is different from them.Others may seem to be extroverts but he’s an introvert, Others may be into ladies, Axel is not into them cause he ain’t a straight guy right from the start.He doesn’t get any attraction to ladies and this doesn’t make him to crush on the other guys cause they all grew up together as brothers. Axel preferred to be alone just like Earl,but sometimes Earl do mixed up with the other guys and chill with them,while Axel doesn’t want that. Lastly,he really hate it when you make him talk for too long, it is just like a burden to him, to talk for a long time is not his vibe. “Wow! Dripping out of hotness,Thank your God that am straight” Maverick said jokingly while Axel just gave him a disgusting look “Earl do we have any news today” Jamal asked “Yeah we do boss,I was waiting for everyone to come together actually” He replied Jamal “So what’s the News about” Jamal asked “Well, Badmus won the election,He is now the Governor” Earl replied. “You mean they made that criminal a governor? Wow! Am speechless with this bullshit” Ivan Said angrily,Jamal made a smirk “Badmus as their governor, This sounds so funny,right Axel”He asked Axel who was Just standing without any expression on him. “He can be the Governor or whatever,I don’t think that’s stopping us”Maverick said “I knew Badmus is going to win,I knew it,but this is going to get more fun this way”Jamal said with a smile while Axel just made a smirk and went inside to have his shower.

Ryan’s POV👇
I sat In my office with Logan,we were told to fix a new set of bodyguards for the new Governor,And not only that,This man want I and Logan to be his personal guards which I assumed to be weird,we are only a detective and not a bodyguard but I was told that he wants us because of our experience, besides we are not going to be his personal guards forever,so I really don’t think about it too much. “Why is kelvin not here yet,this is not like him, Kelvin always arrive early to the office” I said worriedly “Maybe traffic or something, don’t wo….” Our Boss suddenly walked in, cutting Logan short form his words,We both quickly stood up, knowing fully well that something is not right “Boss what’s going on” I asked him “Do you guys check your email,I mean check your email Ryan” My boss said while Logan quickly check his laptop to. Suddenly he looked up at me slowly, that moment I started losing my sanity “Logan what’s going on” I asked him,but he just walked to my table to help me clicked on the message to see “WE HAVE KELVIN WITH US” Just like an echo in my head,Jamal is having Kelvin with them,why would he kidnapped Kelvin,And then I remembered what he told me,he said he’s just about to start the game…

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