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Switch episode 15 – finale

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Switch episode 15 – finale by : 10:06 pm On June 24, 2021
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SWITCH:Loving you is a losing game💔
Written by: Abike
Fire on Fire by Sam Smith 🎶


Author’s Pov👇

“Nobody must shoot” Ryan ordered “d….do you have to kill him?” Ryan asked “do you think you guys can judge him the way you want, it’s done and that’s it” Jamal said with a smirk.

Ryan was speechless for a while, his head down as he lost himself in thought for a while….

After a while, he raised up his head “arrest him!” Ryan ordered and two of his boys moved closer to Jamal with a handcuff.

The last thing they were all expecting happened; Jamal suddenly grabbed one of the boys to himself immediately, he snatched the gun from him. Everyone was shocked as they all pointed the gun at Jamal “nobody should shoot, no one should shoot!” Ryan said firmly.
“Ryan why are you telling us not to shoot, are we going to watch him waste another life” Logan asked “nobody should shoot!” Ryan repeated himself “Jamal please drop the gun” Ryan said “but I don’t want to” he said with his usual smirk as he stick out his tongue to wet his lower lips that seemed dry.
“Jamal we understand you, we understand why you are acting this way, but then we can still make some changes, we can still amend things” Ryan said but Jamal still made a smirk and said “is this the Ryan I know?, I expect you to call me names, shout at me, and tell me to drop the gun but you seem different right now, what’s going on?” Jamal asked with a smile “Jamal please drop the gun” Ryan still pleaded “you were thinking that Zeenat switch on you” Jamal suddenly said “what!” Ryan asked “she loves you; I know you don’t believe me right now but I want you to know she is still waiting for you, she may still have some feelings or love me as her Ex but she loves you more than me, she never switched on you but then why do you make her feel lonely? I won’t forgive you if you don’t take good care of her.
We both know that you can’t catch me; we both know that I can make Zeenat come back to me, but I am giving you the chance to make amends to her because she loves you more than you deserve and what you could ever think of. Zeenat is the kind of woman you can’t have twice , women like her only come once so you better take good care of her, I mean it when I say this, take good care of Zeenat, please take good care of Zeenat in any way you know you can put a smile on her face and one more person . I have sent his details and picture to you already, please take good care of that person and Zeenat, they mean a lot to me” Jamal concluded as he pushed the officer away and pointed the gun to himself, he placed the gun beside his head.


was shocked as they moved back quickly “Jamal don’t do that!” Ryan said “Jamal please” Ryan pleaded “this is the best thing Ryan” Jamal said as he suddenly pulled the trigger and shot himself.
He moment he fell on the floor, Zeenat ran in; she dropped her bag and crawled to Jamal’s body on the floor, she sat next to him as tears flowed down her face.
She raised his head to her laps as Jamal tried to open his eyes slowly in a bit “s….she is beautiful” that was the last word he uttered as he closed his eyes finally.
“Jamal! Jamal!! Jamal!!!…..Zeenat called his name as her tears couldn’t stop flowing; Ryan was still in shock with everything.
He dropped his gun on the floor as he fell back to the wall. He couldn’t believe there were tears on his face; he used his hand to wipe his tears.
Zeenat cried out bitterly as she kept calling Jamal’s name…..

Author’s POV👇

Maverick, Ivan and Earl were set to leave the country, Axel came out to them as they all hugged him “you sure you don’t want to come with us?’ Maverick asked “I can’t, I just can’t help it, not when Jamal left without us, I need to find him and leave this country together, but if I don’t return with him just know that we are together so you guys can go ahead, I want you guys to live a peaceful live and do not worry about anything” he said to them.
They all hugged him once again before leaving.

The moment they left, Axel changed his outfit to a black hoodie, mask, pants and shoes.
He brought out his gun, putting it in his pocket.

He stepped out of the room and went to the living room; he was dumbfounded when he saw Kelvin waiting for him “K….Kelvin, what are you doing here and how did you….oh oh! so Jamal sent you the location of this place; Kelvin you can’t stop me, just go back home?” he said “you are not going to walk out on me, so please Axel…..” Kelvin said as Axel tried walking away.


ran to him in tears, hugging him tightly, Axel who was holding his car key dropped it in surprise “Axel please don’t go” Kelvin pleaded in tears.
Axel couldn’t move or do anything as he just stood staring…

Ryan’s POV 👇

It’s been a week Jamal took his life and Zeenat is still not ready to see or talk to me.
But I always made sure to drop by her house every night even though I can’t enter.

I know she needs time for now but I can’t wait to bring our relationship back to life .
I saw the guy Jamal asked me to check on and I realized he wasn’t from this country, not only that I also noticed that there was something going on between him and Kelvin.
After hearing about Jamal’s death, he choose not to leave the country just drinks to stupor everyday.
And it was really hurting Kelvin; Kelvin kept checking on him but doesn’t seem to snap out of it and keeps on drinking.
So I decided to check on him.

I found my way to their house and I couldn’t believe the house I was looking for all those time Jamal was alive; was in the city I lived in.

I entered the house and there he was, in the garden lost in his thoughts.

I walked to him “what are you doing here?” he asked.
He really has a cold voice though.
“Well I came to see you” I said to him “I don’t want to see or speak with you” he replied “I hope you know that you are forgetting something” I said to him.
He turned to me, giving a face of ‘what’s that?’
“Don’t forget Jamal did everything for you, and if he sees you doing this, how do you think he will feel? To be proud of you or to regret that he trusted you to be better?
Remember your mum is also waiting for you, remember Kelvin is expecting you to snap out of it and come to him and take care of him too. Jamal wants you to smile always do not forget that cause I won’t say more than that and lastly Kelvin is waiting for you, he really is; and make sure you take good care of him” I said “you should start by taking care of Zeenat first” he suddenly said to me and I couldn’t help but smile at him “well I am on that already; thank you” I said to him before walking out, hoping he is going to think about what I said….

Two months later…

Zeenat’s POV👇

I miss my mum, I miss my family so much so I decided to take a break for now, I want to have some moment with them.

It’s been two months since Jamal died, but it still seem very new to me.
I have never thought or pictured Jamal’s death to be this way, he doesn’t look like someone who gives up easily, but I guess some things are meant to be ‘I miss him’ is an understatement, Jamal has been one of the best guy.

He is someone nice and really fun to be with.
Jamal may be the best guy to me but still I realized that loving him was like a losing game. He might be caring, loving and affectionate, he may have everything needed in a guy but then a guy like him can’t be gotten easily and they are really dangerous to play the game of love with, loving them is a losing game but I really wished he never ended things this way, but I guess only God knows what’s best.

I booked my flight to the US and am leaving tonight, Axel has left the country already with Kelvin and they are now living together happily alongside Kelvin’s mom; everyone is together over there.

I haven’t forgiven Ryan yet, not for anything but for the hurtful words he said to me and I am still mad at him.
But deep down my heart, I don’t mind him spending few days there with me because I want to be with him; I missed him so much.

I went in to my room, to have a quick shower “oh my God!” I exclaimed as I saw Ryan sitting on my bed and his luggage beside him.

He smiled at me “w..what are you doing here?, you scared me!” I said to him. He stood up and walked towards me with a smile on his face “what are you doing here with your luggage?” I asked “am coming with you” he replied but it seemed like I didn’t hear him properly “ you said what? …bu….but what about your work? I asked him “I quit” he replied with a smile.
My eyes almost popped out “are you crazy Ryan, how can you quit your job, you know you can take a leave instead” I said worriedly
“Zeenat you are my life, my everything, I was so stupid for choosing my job over you, I understand the job I had was the reason for our separation, I can’t picture my future without you, I can get another job or start my own work…I can get another job that won’t affect our relationship, I want to be with you, I want to make it up to you, my job is not my life but you are, am so sorry for all those time, I know I was a jerk, I know I hurt you so much and I never created time for you, but can you just please give me a chance to make it up with you, give me a chance to fix my mistakes….am so sorry babe, I promised to be a better person…I promi……” before he could say more, I shut him up with a klzz…
I broke the klzz and smiled at him “you talk too much” I said with a smile.

He moved closer to me, klzzing me softly….gosh! I missed this man…..



Listen to Never forget you by Zara Larson FT MNEK 🎶❤️😎

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