Switch episode 14

SWITCH:Loving you is a losing game💔
Written by: Abike
Fire on Fire by Sam Smith 🎶


Jamal’s POV👇

I called the boys to come to the living room because I wanted to discuss something with them,
Earl was the first to arrive. Earl has been the best kid to me, he may seem to be the youngest among us but he is really smart and intelligent.
Earl looks intimidating to everyone but I guess that’s just his face, when you look into him deeply and you will realize that he has a very soft heart. Earl’s dream job was to be a computer programmer but I guess now is the actual time to go after his dream job.

Maverick was the next to arrive; he sat next to Earl while I just looked up at them and smiled. Maverick was the one who fed us with smiles all these years; he doesn’t allow his dad’s death to weaken him while others were sad and grieving. He tried his possible best to put that smile on everyone’s face. He really wanted to be an entertainer, as his main job.

Ivan walked in also, but he chooses to sit beside me, I smiled at him. Ivan is an introvert as well as an extrovert, he is someone who doesn’t enjoy too much of stress, just as Earl, but he is still quite different from Earl cause Earl is a complete introvert.

Ivan’s habit is similar to Maverick’s, but Maverick is a weirdo , Ivan has both Maverick and Earl’s personality in him; two in one.

Ivan went to science school, he really wants to be a surgeon, but then things are not working well the way he wanted starting from when he lost his dad but I guess the time to chase his dream job is now here.

Axel also walked in, he sat opposite me and Ivan “you came late” Maverick said to him jokingly, he gave Maverick a look of ‘you want me to hit you?’.
Maverick just smiled at him, Axel and Earl have the same personality; Earl looks intimidating but soft at heart but Axel is not soft at heart in any way, but has a soft spot for Kelvin, I think Axel is now caring and trying his best to associate with the other guys all thanks to Kelvin
I may seem to be their boss but Axel is scarier to them than me.
And I ain’t gonna blame him, that is just the way he grew up. He lost his father a long time ago and he is the only one taking care of his mum and I guess it’s also time for him to go back to his mum and take proper good care of her.
The only father he had was my dad, my dad took care of both him and his mum, I tried to convince him not to have anything to do with this job, I told him to stay with his mum but he said “I made a promise to your dad” and I asked him what if he hadn’t made any promise to my dad, if he was still going to look after me “he is my life saver and also a dad to me” that was the reply he gave me so then I gave up cause I realized that he wanted revenge much more than me.
I also made a promise that none of the boys must suffer during this operation, I am ready to take the entire burden and that’s why I called them to talk to them.

“Boss you asked us to see you” Maverick said to me “yes I did, firstly I want to thank you guys for being with me all these years and for being one of the best people to me.
The fact that I don’t have anyone but still you guys made me feel like I still have a family, I really appreciate the fact that I met you guys.

Maverick, do not stop being who you are, you are to put smile on everyone’s face and while doing that, never forget to also put a smile on your face.

Ivan, I hope you can go back and chase your dream, Earl I would be glad if you can relate more with people.
I know that you don’t trust people and that is why you don’t want to relate with them, but if you try to calm yourself down you will find out that they are also good people out there.

And you Axel, am glad to see some changes in you, you are the best among the best to me…loving me more than your love yourself and I am glad you met ‘the one’ for you, it may seem new to him but if you try more harder, I think there’s a possibility that he is going to give in to you.
So never stop chasing after him cause he might turn back and come to you, but you can only do that if you choose to leave” I said.

“Boss! What’s going on, what is going on with all your words, why are you talking like you are going to leave us” Maverick asked while I just made a smirk.
“of course not, am not going anywhere, I just feel like saying these things to you guys, anyways I think it’s time, Earl I want you to release all the evidence against Badmus, let it circulate all over the internet, and the moment you do that, I want you guys to start arranging your things and leave because I will be the one to do Badmus final judgment” I said to them while they all looked at me.

“Boss! Are you trying to give in to Ryan after this operation?” Ivan asked “wow! you are so smart you know” I said to him with a smile “are you kidding?” Axel asked “I am not; this has always been part of my plan all these while.

I don’t want harm to come to you guys, I want you guys to be happy after this operation” I said to them “ and what about you? Don’t you deserve happiness? Ain’t you even thinking about Zeenat?” Axel questioned me.

“Axel, Zeenat doesn’t love me again” I said to him “but you know you can do that, you can make her fall in love with you again, we all can leave this country together because that is where we all started from. So why are you giving yourself in to Ryan? Do you think we are going to leave just like that?” Axel asked sadly.

I could see the tension and sadness in him “Axel, Maverick, Ivan and Earl; I am your boss and I am giving you all the last order which I expect you to follow. I know I have reasons to live and that is Zeenat but I realized that being around her is going to make her hurt.
I gave her the chance to choose and I guess she still wants Ryan.

I can’t leave this country without having Zeenat with me, but still Zeenat is not ready to come to me so I would rather end everything here, I would rather create that space in her heart which will make her to always think about me.
She choose Ryan and not me and also the second reason is not living is because of you guys.
This had been my plan before this operation, even before I met Zeenat again, I already vowed to surrender myself and since Zeenat came back I thought of changing my decision but since she is not ready to come back to me I guess this is the best thing to do guys.
So just do exactly as I say” I replied to them.

I could clearly read their minds; Maverick, Ivan and Earl are not willing to go but they don’t want to disobey my order especially when is say it’s my last order.
Even if most of them are going to leave, I know there is still someone who is not going to leave and that is Axel.

But then I have another plan to make sure he leaves this country. I am doing this because of them, I want them to live and walk freely after this operation, I want them to make sure that Ryan doesn’t go after them and I am doing all this for their safety and because of Zeenat also, I know she no longer loves me like the way she loves Ryan. She really loves Ryan, her heart chooses him but she just don’t realize it and that is because of me.

I realized that me staying next to her is going to complicate things for her and I don’t want her to ruin her relationship with Ryan.
Of course, Ryan is making her to have doubt with the way he is treating her which is enough for her to question her love for him and I know I was by her side all these years making things more complicated.

So that’s why I plan to sort out everything with her today, I guess she is the best and good match with Ryan but if she loves me instead she would have come back to me just like what the boys said that I can still win her back; of course I can make her fall in love again with me but I know that it is too late for that.
If I am trying to win her back its going to be like am trying to manipulate her and this is really going to make me feel guilty so instead of doing that, why not make her happy in her relationship? That is what I thought.

The moment the boys released Badmus secrets, I am going to pay him a last visit for both I and him.
But then I have to make a phone call to Ryan, Zeenat and Kelvin.

Ryan’s Pov👇

I don’t know my feelings now, it is either I am feeling sad or probably I feel guilty. I also want to take a break, I never wish for my relationship to turn this way, not my first relationship going this way. Maybe they are all right maybe it’s true that I love and care for my job more than I care for the people around me but then I really want to take a break, I really want to give a pause, but what do they want me to do? When I try to chase the rest but other things keep coming up, this is all Jamal’s fault, this is his entire fault.

I was still in a deep though when Logan suddenly ran in “ Logan you scared me” I said to him but he didn’t bother to answer me, he just went to the TV remote, switching on the Tv for me to watch.
On the T.v screen, it was boldly written ‘THIS IS YOUR GOVERNOR’S SECRET’
There was a voice playing, but let me say it was a voice from a phone call, I could easily recognize a voice which was Jamal’s.
The next thing I heard from the voice call was a shock to me; the governor’s voice and not only that, there were different pictures and videos of all mafia bosses displayed on the screen, not only that but active videos.

But I was surprised to see the governor among them
Just the day I thought, Jamal wasn’t doing this without reason.
Without wasting time, we all set off to the governor’s house before he escapes….

Author’s POV👇

badmus was panting up and down in his room; he was arranging his clothes and other stuffs in his bag.
The news already got to him, the best thing he could think of was to escape the country.
As he was busy arranging his clothes, he realize that his luggage was moving by itself in the room, he took a second to look again maybe he is seeing a different thing.
The luggage was suddenly lifted and dropped on the bed and Jamal suddenly appeared to him, standing next to the luggage; he was holding the necklace with a smirk on his face “what’s up Badmus” Jamal said “I guess you are trying to arrange your room right?” Jamal asked “how dare you! How dare you kill my so…..” Jamal suddenly brought out his gun and shot him on his leg “arrgh!” he screamed in pain.

The body guards heard gun shots, they all rushed to the door but it was already locked.
They kept on calling Badmus’s name to open the door so that they could help, but Badmus couldn’t move his leg because of the bullet. “you are talking when am talking, I told you that am going to get back at you and now, here I am trying to give your judgment and you are here questioning me” Jamal said with an evil smirk “you think you can escape after ruining four families? You think you can escape after ruining so many lives?
Listen to me, none of us want this, we all want a better life, but you ruined everything the day you killed our father’s and you still think you can escape? NO! I am here to take revenge on you for all your crimes and there is no way you are going to escape that, I will make sure I end you today and no one is going to save you, not even those who are outside banging the door, not even Ryan cause he is not going to save you…
And also you may be wondering or thinking your boys disappointed you but well they didn’t.
Their plane landed but I already made sure they paid a visit to my dead parents” he said “if I were you, I will start saying my last prayer because I will also make sure you also visit my dead parent’s today, I will make sure I end you, just the way you ended my parents because if not for my dad’s death, maybe my mom would still be alive but you destroyed my family, you destroyed my life, you destroy my happiness, you also destroyed my love life” Jamal said as he suddenly started shedding tears “you also destroyed the other boys family, I will kill you right here and you don’t deserve to live, because of your greediness you led your son into a sudden death, your son’s death should be blamed on your greed; say hi to my dad and mum when you get to the other side, tell them I grew up well” Jamal said as he pulled the trigger and shot Badmus on the right side of his head.
The moment he shot him, Ryan and others forced the door open; everyone was shocked to see Badmus in a pool of blood.
Ryan stopped everyone from shooting Jamal.
Jamal made a smirk at Ryan as he suddenly dropped his necklace on the floor…….


Listen to ‘story that won’t end’ by stray kids…💔❤️

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