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Switch episode 13

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Switch episode 13 by : 10:02 pm On June 24, 2021
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SWITCH:Loving you is a losing game💔
Written by: Abike
Fire on Fire by Sam Smith 🎶


Author’s Pov👇

Ryan and his boys drove into the Governor’s compound, they all rush out of the car, entering into the house with full force.

They met Badmus sitting down in the living room with his head down, the moment he heard footsteps, he raised up his head; seeing that it was Ryan coming in he quickly stood up to them “any news about my son?” he asked quickly “yes sir!, he sent us a message” Ryan replied “w…wh..what kind of message?” he stuttered out of fear.
Ryan collected the ipad from one of his boys, and handed it over to Badmus.
He collected it from Ryan to watch and it was the last thing he was expecting; Jamal sitting at the dining table with food on the table, he looked at the camera and made a smirk “what’s up Badmus? Am sure you know where this is going and you have also done something like this before right?” he asked with an evil smile on his face.
Badmus started sweating profusely knowing where the whole video is going “I have a guest with me today….let him in” Jamal said and there was Badmus’s son walking in slowly looking so scared and terrified.
He realized that there was camera with them, he quickly moved closer to it “dad save me! Dad what have you done to them, what have you done that is making me go through this” he asked as tears dropped on his face rapidly “if you don’t sit down right now, I am going to ask the boys to hit your head until you come back to your senses” Jamal said firmly to him.
Jamal was no longer smiling or smirking, but was full of anger only so Badmus’s son quickly took his seat “don’t be rude, do you get it?” Jamal said “yes sir” he replied.
“Serve him” Jamal said as a plate of food and a glass of wine was placed on the table for him, but he couldn’t see the face of the person who gave him the food only the shoulder and body he saw.
The person left Jamal and Badmus’s son to eat “shall we eat?” Jamal said.
Badmus’s son couldn’t move an inch; he stared at Jamal with so much fear written on his face.
“eat your food” Jamal said to him with a strong tone, he slowly took the cutlery placed on the table and started eating with more tears dropping from his face.
Jamal watched him with a smirk now on his face.


looked at the camera “Badmus, this kind of scene happened years ago right? And am sure you remembered many things with this scene right now too, you understand me and I know yo….”

Suddenly Badmus’s son started coughing out blood.
Mr Badmus started shaking as he lost balance and fell to the back of the chair, watching his son groaning out in pains as he coughed out more blood,
Badmus’s son struggled to look at the camera, his tears couldn’t stop dropping “I,….i ..i…I don’t blame them, th..this is all your fault, I just wished I wasn’t your son ” he said as he gave up.

Jamal’s eyes were red and filled with so much anger “this is how I felt that day, and this is just the beginning, I can’t wait for the next surprise and after that I am coming for you; Ryan can get ready for the last game” he said as the video call ended.

“I want you to find him, I want his pictures everywhere, I am going to make him regret this” Badmus said “we don’t need to do that sir” Ryan replied “what do you mean?” Badmus asked angrily as he stood up at Ryan “you need to tell us what is going on, you understand me Sir, we can’t make any move if you can’t tell us what exactly is happening sir and this video is clear enough for us to know that Jamal is just feeding you your medicine.
I am not trying to be rude, am only trying to do my job here and even if we paste his pictures everywhere we still can’t get him.
It’s been 2years we have been tailing him but we never got him so posting his pictures everywhere is pointless” Ryan said to him.
He stared at Ryan with so much anger in him, he moved more closer to Ryan and said “ I. WANT. YOU. TO. FIND. HIM! and that my final order!, am not ready to tell you guys anything” he said firmly.
Ryan was silent for a while “ok Sir” that’s all he said to Badmus before leaving the living room with his boys, when they got out of the compound, Ryan made a phone call to Jamal “you bastard! What have you done to Zeenat?” Ryan asked “I guess she is not telling you anything” Jamal said jokingly “I will make you pay for this, for killing the governor’s son and for brain washing Zeenat; I will make you pay for everything” Ryan said “I will be glad, if you can make me pay for that and let me tell you this, try and tell Badmus to get ready for the worst, I will make sure that I end him, have been waiting for this all these years, and I won’t miss a chance to end Badmus” Jamal said “do you think I will allow that?” Ryan asked “you don’t need to allow it because it will be a burden to you” Jamal replied as he hung up the call “BASTARD!” Ryan said angrily.
“guys you all can go for now, I need to go somewhere” he said to his boys, so they left.

Ryan drove into Zeenat’s compound, he met her coming out of her house, she was on her way out “and where are you going?” he asked “ain’t you busy? Cause I expect you to be at your work place right now and it’s not like you care about me in the first place” she said “this is not you Zeenat, I know that bastard has done something to you” Ryan said “you should be slapped with that statement, who do you think made me this way, it’s all your fault Ryan and don’t even put the blame on him” Zeenat said “are you supporting a criminal and a murderer over your own boyfriend?” Ryan asked “you can call him whatever you want, but he doesn’t look like a criminal or a murderer to me” Zeenat said “it’s very obvious you know” he replied “excuse me” she said to him “you had a lot of time with your ex, since I don’t have the time for you, he already did that for you, he satisfied you with love, care, his time, attention and s£× right” he asked angrily “I should have known that you will switch on me, is this the level of love you have for me? That you allowed him to gain your heart and still you have the nerves to cover him up and not only that, you are even supporting him, you must have enjoyed each other a lot when you were with…..”

Suddenly, Zeenat gave him a resounding slap as tears dropped down her face rapidly. She stared at him before running back to her house, shutting the door behind her.

Ryan rubbed his hand through his hair angrily then he kicked his car out of frustration. He stared at Zeenat’s door for a while before entering his car and drove away angrily.

Kelvin’s Pov👇

Axel walked into my room, he smiled at me while I just stared at him, of course I don’t know how I feel but then I really don’t want to leave yet but I already told him I will be leaving today.
I know when I get back to work; Ryan is going to ask me everything about them, but I am not ready to say anything about them.

Zeenat explained everything to me before she left, she told me why Jamal and Axel are doing all this, I also have human feeling so am pretty sure that it must hurt them real bad, I mean so much that I think anyone in their shoes will seek revenge and even if not everyone entirely but I think about 80% of people will do the same thing. And for me to say everything to Ryan, I would rather shut up or better still do what’s on my mind.

“I am leaving today” I said to Axel sadly “and you haven’t given me an answer yet” he said to me softly.
I took a breath in and out before raising my head up to look at him “i..i.. I don’t know yet, am not sure about it” I replied “you can take your time, I can check on you if you want me to” he said “you…..you can check on me?” I asked “of course yes, I do go out of town, no one knows me” he said with a smile.
He moved closer to me, he gave me a klzz on my forehead. “I will wait for your reply, I know you feel the same way but you ain’t sure about it yet so I am going to wait, ain’t gonna rush you” he said to me as he came closer to me and klzzed my lower lips, and then more deeper he klzzed me.
It ain’t the first time we are klzzing and not only that we made love together, but my problem is that am still having some weird feelings about everything.

Author’s POV 👇

Kelvin walked into their company with a backpack on him, a blue hoodie, a black jean and sneaker.

Everyone was happy to have him back, he entered into the office, Ryan and Logan were so shocked and happy to see him.
Logan was the first who stood up to hug him “it’s so nice to have you back” Logan said.
Ryan smiled at him but Kelvin just brought out a white envelope and gave it to him “wh..what’s that?” Ryan asked “you can check it “Kelvin said as Ryan took it from him to check.

Ryan raised his head up slowly and looked at him “are you trying to betray me like Zeenat?” he asked.
Logan looked flustered as he stared at both of them “I am not betraying you, as well as Zeenat” Kelvin replied softly “and what’s the meaning of this letter, you are resigning from your job?” Ryan asked angrily “you really don’t want to tell me anything about them, so you prefer giving up your job for a criminal?” Ryan asked in a more angry tone as he spoke. “Ryan calm down with him please” Logan pleaded “you are asking me to calm down and be gently with him when he is also acting like Zeenat?” Ryan asked…”when I was away….” Kelvin suddenly said making both to them quiet “when I was with them, how many times did you call them to check on my mom? Did you give her assurance that I will come back to her? I bet you didn’t, I guess you only checked on her once while I was away but it’s ok, I will take it as a fact that you were busy and I can’t judge you for that so you also don’t need to judge me if am refusing to tell you anything about Jamal and you don’t have to judge me if am quitting this job. I am sorry if you were not expecting this, I am sorry if this came all of a sudden, but I just can’t continue working with you when I know that you really don’t care about me, I am sorry” he said as he walked out of the office sadly.

Ryan grabbed some files suddenly and threw them at the wall “ I will make sure that Jamal regret’s this, I will make sure to put him behind bars for doing this to me, he will regret it, this is all his fault” he said angrily as he grabbed other files on the table, throwing them angrily at the wall…


Listen to Bruises by Lewis Calpadi❤️

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