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Switch episode 10 by : 9:55 pm On June 24, 2021
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SWITCH:Loving you is a losing game💔
Written by: Abike
Fire on Fire by Sam Smith 🎶


Author’s Pov👇

Zeenat sat on the bed thinking; she wrapped herself with the blanket and held a pillow to her chest.

Flash back👇
Zeenat and Jamal’s make out led them to Zeenat’s room, klzzing each other deeply as Jamal klzzed her towards the bed which made her fell on the bed.
He laid on her without breaking the klzz, klzzing from her neck to her collar bone, grabbed her br£@st, squeezing them softly, Zeenat couldn’t bear it anymore as she m0@ned out softly which made Jamal smiled knowing she still reacts to his touch after many years, he went back to her lips klzzing her deeply.
Suddenly she pushed him away “i…I shouldn’t be doing this” she said to herself “Zeenat” he called her “do not call me” she quickly said.
She stood up from the bed “this is insane, it doesn’t make sense, fine I got carried away for a while but still this doesn’t feel right cuz I have a boyfriend now” she said to him.

There was total silence in the room as they both stared at each other.

After some seconds, Jamal stood up and walked closer to her with his hand in his pocket “Zeenat” he called her once again “I don’t want to talk about this again, we both made a mistake and that’s all” she said “can I ask you a question?” he asked softly.
She raised up her head slowly as she looked at him “go ahead” she replied “do you love me?, when we were separated, did you still love me? And now that we are together, do you still love me?” he asked softly.

Zeenat stared at him without knowing what reply to give “what kind of question is that?” Zeenat asked while trying to avoid his gaze. “Zeenat look at me and talk to me” he said “and what exactly do you want me to say?” she asked “you know what am asking you and am sure you understand me, I just want your answer and my action is going to depend on your answer so just tell me Zeenat, do you still love me?” he asked
“I don’t have anything to say, how can I have any feeling left for you when am already in a relationship” she said firmly “so you are trying to tell me that you don’t have even a bit of feelings for me?” he asked “yes I don’t, I don’t have feelings for you anymore, all those were in the past so can you please get out because I want to sleep” she said angrily
“OK” he said “just OK?” she asked “what do you want me to say, you just told me to get out that you don’t have any more thing to say, so OK” he said as he stared at her for some seconds before leaving the room.
Zeenat sat on the bed, covering her face with her palm crying.
Flashback Ended👆


stood up from her bed, she went out of the room to go sit in the living room. She stopped when she heard voices in the living room which was Jamal and the boys discussing.

At first she wanted to join them but she stepped back to listen to their conversation.

“Badmus’s son and his own family arrived yesterday” Earl said “that’s nice, Badmus is playing wise, he hid his family and his son’s family all these years but now it seems like they are tired of hiding and walking into the lion’s den willingly and I am going to make sure he regrets his whole decision, but before that I want to see his wife and his son’s wife here. I have been waiting for this, now it’s payback time” Jamal said “but boss, the boys I mean Ryan is not backing out , what do you think we should do?” Ivan asked “I already discuss that with Maverick, I told him not to hurt anyone that day, they are to bring in Badmus alone, but we do not need Badmus here, we need his family” Jamal said “I will go with them” Axel said “what” Jamal asked “you know we can do all these by ourselves, I think we should pay Maverick’s boys off, I don’t want us to use them again, we are to trust each other so we don’t need anyone, just me, Maverick and Ivan will go. Earl can be at home to look out and follow us behind with his computers.
We are going to bring Badmus and his family here” Axel said
“what’s going on here?” Zeenat suddenly said . they all didn’t seem shocked or surprised, Jamal just stood up and walked to her as he held her hand “let’s talk” he said as he dragged her away back to her room. “wait where is Kelvin?” Maverick asked “probably in his room” Ivan replied as he stood up to go to his room “guys I want to do some training outside” Maverick said “I will join you then” Ivan said “are you joining us?” Maverick asked “don’t even think of bothering me because I need to be on my system.
He said as he stood up and left the living room.


am going to take out his eyes one day” Maverick said while Ivan and Axel smiled “you should know Earl by now, even though he is not different from Axel, but sometimes he talk’s more than Axel” Ivan said “just shut up” Axel replied as he stood up and left them alone.
“he is going to take off your head one day” Maverick said jokingly.

Zeenat and Jamal in the room, standing facing and staring at each other. “I want you to explain every single thing I heard in the living room” she said to him “Zeenat, I don’t plan to hide anything from you but I promise to explain everything to you later not now” Jamal said softly “Jamal are you planning on killing someone? And which Badmus were you guys talking about? Do you really want to be a murderer? Jamal come to your senses please!” she said “if this is going to be a murder then I will be glad to do it without any regret and even if I won’t do this for my family, I will do it for the other’s” Jamal replied.
Trying to calm his anger, he didn’t look at her all this while, but then the moment he raised his head to look at her he saw her crying “w..why are you crying? He asked as he placed his hand on her face wiping off her tears “why are you crying?” he asked again in a softer tone. “am scared, am just scared of everything, I just want you to explain every single thing to me please Jamal” she pleaded “you don’t need to be scared of anything, you have no problem babe, I already prepared for the worst before I started this operation, same way the boys are ready for the worst, we just came here for one thing and that is to take revenge on our dead parent’s” Jamal said “and is that Badmus the…..wait Badmus! You mean the governor?! Oh my God Jamal! This is risky! It’s the governor for goodness sake and…and Ryan is his personal guard, are you trying to waste your life Jamal please” she said as she started crying “Babe you know what have told you earlier that we are prepared for the worst, I won’t rest until I see the end of Badmus, he doesn’t worth that position that he is right now, that man is the worst human being on earth, but come to think of it, you really are crying right now huh! Does that mean you still care for me? and if you do that means you still love me?” he said in a silly way “you still love me but you don’t want to admit it right?” he asked again “yes fine, I still do care for you, I still think about you, I still love you but I just can’t help it if you are trying to hurt yourself so please explain every word you say and mean to me” she said softly.
Jamal was speechless for a while “Babe! I promise to explain everything to you and you won’t be able to say anything if you where in my shoes or that of my boys, am sure you will do exactly what am about to do; so I will explain it all to you tonight, I’ll see you later take care” he said as he left bedroom.

Ryan Pov 👇
Logan and some boys went to pick up the governor, his son and his son’s family.
They lodged at Eko hotel; both I and the governor just left the conference and were heading home.
We arrived home then I escorted him to his room; then I decided to ask him some questions.
“Please sir I would like to ask you a few questions” I said “yes go on” he replied me “do you likely know any name Jamal?” I asked and I would say I caught his expression; he looked so shocked “sir! Sir!!” I called him “oh! You said Jamal right?, I actually don’t know him, who is he?” he asked “it’s uh…actually …it’s nothing sir” I needed to lie to him since he is also not telling me the truth”
“But is this Jamal in the country? I would like to know him please” he said. I honestly don’t want to tell him anything again because I already made my mind to send a message to call Jamal to ask him but then I want to get some reaction from Badmus. “Actually he is a mafia boss and he is really in this country just like you asked and I also think he knows you because we have been tailing him for a while now and he often call our office to tease us.
Recently he stopped teasing us and telling me to drop the offer being your personal guard and I wonder why, is there anything going on between the both of you sir?” I asked him but he looked so lost “sir…” I tried to bring him back “of course not…th..there isn’t, I mean ..we never…I don’t know this guy! So please can you go out now? I want to rest” he said “ok sir” that’s all I said as I smirked and got out of his room because I knew something was fishy. “Logan needs to hear this” I said to myself…

Author’s Pov👇
The moment Ryan left, the governor picked up his phone to quickly make a phone call, his hand and body seem to be on fire because they refused to stay still “hello! When are you guys coming” He asked “But Boss we haven’t get the news about Jamal yet” The receiver said “Jamal is not in the US, we couldn’t locate him all these years and that’s because he is here in this country, stop searching uselessly and come back now. You guys need to protect my son and his family; I do not trust these guards so book the next flight as quickly as possible because I am 100% sure that they have news of my son’s location. Jamal must die, both him and the evidence with him, so I need you guys here as quickly as possible” he rushed everything that came out of his mouth,He dropped the phone as he grabbed his own hair in frustration “Jamal!…Jamal!!” he muttered angrily..

Kelvin was alone in the kitchen at night and he is trying to figure out what to eat because he had some ingredients. “maybe I should make some rice

Seeing some frozen chickens ‘’ok’’ let’s make some fried rice, no I think white rice can be ok, we can make some stew” he said to himself “why are you talking alone?” Axel asked but Kelvin was shocked with the unexpected voice “you scared me” he said “how, after all you are not alone in this house so I expect you to be aware because anyone can come in, so what are you doing, why are you talking to yourself” Axel asked as he walked around the kitchen with his hands in his pockets “I thought you were avoiding me” Kelvin said “wh..what!” Axel stuttered “you heard me, but it’s ok” Kelvin said in a cute way smiling.
Axel stared at him for a while then he suddenly walked up to him “I told you not to do that” he said “why! Why can’t I smile? is my smile affecting you in any way” Kelvin asked “yes, it’s affecting me right here” Axel said as he placed his hand on the left side of his chest showing it to Kelvin, and since you don’t want to listen to me this is your punishment” Axel said as he grabbed Kelvin closer to himself giving him a klzz….
Kelvin’s eyes almost popped out. It was just a few seconds klzz, he broke the klzz and made a smirk to Kelvin who was still lost “ in case you don’t know, I’m gay and I think I am attracted to you, so watch out for more” he made a smirk as he walked away, leaving Kelvin still in shock……


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