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Switch episode 1 by : 8:36 pm On June 24, 2021
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Inspiration from Arcade by Durcan Laurcace❤️

SWITCH: loving you is a losing game 💔
Written by: Abike 💋
What happens when a detective is at the verge of losing his girlfriend to a mafia boss whom he had been tailing for the past two years…?

💄Episode 1💄

A birthday cake was on the table with candles on it; wines, glass cups and a rose also on the same table.
A young lady walked into the living room accompanied by her phone, she was filled with sadness and loneliness .
The living room was quiet but was disrupted by the noise from her high heels as she walked to and fro disturbingly, she tried to get through a contact but the number seems not to be available.

Zeenat is a soft and independent boss lady, she is Twenty Five (25) years old and being the only child of her parents.
she does not live with her parents because her mom remarried to an American. Zeenat lost her dad when she was younger while her mom had another child with her step dad. They wanted her to live with them but she couldn’t because of her occupation as a fashion designer, She’s well known in the city because of her great work,There are employees under her, working for her and she control the whole business.
She is well known in Nigeria, so she couldn’t give up her job to live with her parents.
Her step brother is ten years old, her mom remarried ten years ago. Zeenat do check on them from time to time spending some days with them. Another reason why she is staying in Nigeria is because of her boyfriend,Yes her boyfriend.

Zeenat’s Pov👇
We have been dating for four years, and the first few months of our relationship was sweet and beautiful. But recently I can’t really tell of sweet moments in our relationship anymore.
I lived in the U.S with my parents and so I schooled and graduated from there. But I really love my country Nigeria,and that’s why I decided to move back and to also focus on my career.
I moved to Nigeria five years ago, a year later I met Ryan. He is my second love; my first relationship started off well but ended without any warning or notice, so I vowed never to fall in love again. But when I met Ryan, he seemed so cool and caring,he really tried his possible best to win my heart, And that’s why I decided to open up my heart to him giving a chance, but never did I know that he was workaholic.
We only talked on phone when he is less busy, outing is not even in our dictionary and I can’t even remember the last time we went on a date together. We only make love like once in four months and you might wonder if this is relationship but yes it is cause I have never caught him with another lady and we are both in love with each other. The only problem we have is the time and he never creates time for me and he keeps apologizing that he’s going to make it up to me and I always do forgive him.
Two years ago, at least he had little time for me then, but after then he barely had my time since he started tracking down a mafia boss or so I heard.


is my birthday and he promised to celebrate it with me tonight, but right now am so annoyed that I am about to smash my phone on the wall because he is not picking up my calls. But what was i even expecting, that he is going to show up? Hell no!
My friends told me to come to a party, they really want to celebrate it with me and my step dad invited me over to the U.S in other for us to celebrate it together but I declined them all because my boyfriend made a promise that he’ll be here to celebrate with me, but I guess it was just my imagination. Sometimes I wish I can just fly back to the U.S where I grew up.
I was born in Nigeria, we moved to the U.S when I was five years old and that’s where i lost my dad in a plane crash when he was coming back from one of his business trips, I guess God had plans for each one of us.
When my dad died, my mom wasn’t ready for another marriage but that was when my step dad came into her life and am very happy she is enjoying her marriage right now.
How I wish I also have a man who could take care of me ‘”i only need the love and attention, is that too much to ask?’” I asked myself as I threw my phone on the sofa and headed to the dining.
”Happy Birthday Zeenat’’ i said to myself as I ate my cake alone as tears dropped down my cheeks “I wont forgive him this time” I said to myself as I dipped the fork into the cake and started eating…


Two guys sat in the office checking out some files as their eyes were placed on the laptop. They are Ryan and Logan who have been best friends since childhood. They did everything together and fortunately for them they got the same job which is being a detective and they have won so many cases by bringing criminals to the court. Ryan is few months younger than Logan but Ryan is Logan’s senior at work but they didn’t let that affect their friendship. When we are talking about a good and perfect body with great abs, tall in height and fair in complexion, yeah that’s Ryan! He is every lady’s dream and he does have a ‘bad guy’s vibe’ and so strangers can barely think of him as a detective.
Ryan’s speech and dressing doesn’t match with his job, he has his left ear pierced and only dresses as a detective when they are having a meeting with their bosses. Aside from that, he just dresses in his own way and its also very obvious in his speech that he is not a gentle guy nevertheless he is a smart with lots of experiences and training which gave him a lots of promotions. And that made him a senior to his friend Logan.
Ryan’s dad is a politician and his mum runs the best boutique in town. Ryan is an only child , while Logan his friend is just a cool guy and you can easily tell from his attitude being a gentle guy and he is also very smart and intelligent like Ryan…but still Ryan is way smarter than him which made them never lose any case given to them. But some things are meant to happen, as it has been two years they have been tailing a mafia boss and his gang but things seems difficult for them as the case took more time than they planned.
Every time they were close to getting him he always outsmart them with his tricks.
Ryan promised himself not to rest till he brings down this mafia boss and of course they know every thing about him; his name,his face, family and lifestyle. But they do not know of his residence. This man is not just an ordinary mafia boss, but he’s someone who could trick you with his f!ng£r alone and he goes by the name Jamal.
“Ryan you missed Zeenat’s birthday again!” Logan said worriedly “I know, and I will try and make it up to her” Ryan said softly “I told you to go and meet her yesterday, just know that you are in trouble already” Logan said jokingly.
A guy came into the office “Boss!, you didn’t go home last night? The guy asked “yeah, we were busy working all night” Logan replied as Ryan stood up and grabbed his jacket, brought out his atm card and threw it at the guy “Boss what am I using it for?” the guy asked “go get me a flower, a suitable one for Zeenat, am going home to shower so make sure you bring it to me before I finish, and if you use more than fifteen minutes, Kelvin I will break you head” Ryan said jokingly while Logan smiled as Kelvin dashed out of the office.
So what do you plan on telling her this time?” Logan asked “honestly I have no idea, I don’t know what to say when I get there, believe me I want to spend a lot of time with her but I can’t do that because Jamal is still in town and we don’t f√¢king know where the punk is a…an….and I can’t just sit and watch, it’s been two years we started tailing this guy but we still can’t get him and its pissing me off cause I can’t have a proper time for my woman!” Ryan replied angrily” Ryan you need to calm down, I know your blood rises whenever you hear Jamal’s name but I believe we are going to get him one day” Logan said “when? I mean when? This guy has the nerve to give us information on his movement and still trick us with it. We can’t even trace his calls, and what makes me angrier is that we don’t even know his exact location and is really pissing me off” Ryan said “I know and I understand you, but we can’t do that right now because Zeenat is more important right now, so go home and have a deep breath, have a shower and try to amend things with your babe first ” Logan said “I know and am very sorry for her, I always feel guilty every time I disappoint her and I just hope that she forgives me this time around” Ryan reply sadly…..

Zeenat’s Pov👇
I decided to stop at my friend’s house because I really don’t want to go to work today, but then I realized that Ryan’s work is more important than me so my work is also important.
I couldn’t take my car with me because I didn’t feel like driving so I just called for an uber and he dropped me off in front of my house and there was my boyfriend sitted on his red car waiting for me.
At first I wanted to go in and leave him there but I decided to listen to his usual excuse.
He quickly came down from his car and approach me the moment he saw me.
I walked more closer to him while I waited for him to speak first. The moment he try to open his mouth to say something, a message entered his phone and he quickly checked it then he raised up his head, looking at me with a guilty expression “you can go,…..am sure they need you in the office” I said to him as I walked in to my house, leaving him standing. Before I could look back at him,he’s gone,What was I even expecting,he will come after me? Hell no!Not Ryan…..


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