Nora EPISODE 49 the queen moved closer to Nina and tries to bring her back, ”nora closed her eyes slowly and her breathing began to fade little by little, ”freddieContinue Reading

Nora Episode:43 ”i have to go now,”Freddie said, ”safe journey bro,”Chad said and Freddie stood up and walked to the door,as he reaches outside the school gate he felt likeContinue Reading

Nora Episode:38 ”didnt u noticed the people staring at u,u look more handsome,what is the secret man, introduce me,”Chad said and laughed making Freddie laughed also ”but whatever u reContinue Reading

Nora Episode:33 Freddie sighed softly before heading home,Freddie got home exhausted,he met his mom at home, ”oh good day son,how was school today,”his mom ask, ”great as usual,”Freddie lied, ”wellContinue Reading

Nora Episode:28 Chad and freddie watched Nora and her strange acting, ..Nora was making a very threatening mind communication with her mother in the water,… Nora:wat do u want nowContinue Reading