Hope Episode 23 The Result* The following Monday morning in Nightingale Academy was a very exciting one. It all started when the principal said he has good news during theContinue Reading

Hope Episode 20 Anticipation* That same day in SS 2 Science. Emmanuel walked in on Seun and Ramon discussing about him. “Has my friend started boasting on winning the MathContinue Reading

Hope Episode 17 Wrong Answer* “Correct”, the quiz master said after Emmanuel provided the answer to his question. “Your turn, contestant two. Find the amount on 5000 when it isContinue Reading

Hope Episode 15 TieBreak* At the end of the first stage in the quiz competition, Daniel Chisom was disqualified. As for Adura and Ayo, they went into a tiebreak toContinue Reading

Hope Episode 13 *Jolly friends* After the midterm test, the students of JS 1B changed entirely academically. They make less noise also. They now behaved themselves and listen attentively inContinue Reading