Eve Chapter Twenty Five. *Eve’s point of view * I screamed in horror when I heard the gunshot. James body fell to the ground and I looked up to seeContinue Reading

Eve Chapter Twenty Three. *Eve’s point of view* I watched as James stared at the screen of the p hone. He was going to see the email. No doubt. AndContinue Reading

Eve Chapter Twenty One. *Eve’s point of view* I ran to the bathroom for the fourth time this morning. Throwing my digested food into the toilet bowl. My head wasContinue Reading

Eve Chapter Nineteen. *Now Eve’s point of view* Its been a month and two weeks. More than a month with James. The real monster. Everyday i was beaten up. EverydayContinue Reading

Eve Chapter Seventeen. *Back to Eve’s point of view* “James! James! where are you taking me to? let me out of this car this instant” I banged at the doContinue Reading