Sold to gang leader Episode 7 & 8

Episode 7
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her] 💲
Written By: Blessing D writes
(Seducing him)



💲Shawna’s POV 💲
“Luwis!!” Dillion barked from the car and he regained his senses.

“On it boss. Come on babe” he whispered the last part to me as he led me into the fancy looking hotel.

I walked beside him carefully in order not to fall because of the high hill that am putting on.

I noticed people kept staring at me, especially the males.

Why won’t they? With me dressed this way it’s sure thing.

“Wait Angel” the luwis guy made me stop then he branched somewhere and came back with a red wine and two glass cups.

He handed them over to me and I collected.

“Room 205, that’s your target room, be really careful especially with those fat looking guards posted outside his door” he warned and I nodded and made to leave but he held me back.

“What is your name anyways?” He grinned.

“I’m..Shawna” I answered simply.

“Okay Shawna, you’re really beautiful and I like you a whole lot, but later we’ll talk more” he winked at me which made me almost roll my eyes at him.

“Go on, be careful!” He warned again and I gulped down and continued walking further, searching for room 205 with my eyes.

I kept going and then sighted about 3 guards standing outside a particular door, they are all big and fat.

That must be the room, I thought and proceeded to them.

“Excuse me, is this room 205?” I asked with soft smiles.

The guards ran their eyes all over my body and I saw them lick their lips hungrily.

“Yes pretty lady, what exactly are you looking for? Me?” One of them answered and they all sniggered.

I laughed softly and shook my head.

“As you can see, I’m here for your boss” I licked my lips and said.

“Huh…did boss…”one of them tried asking the others.

“Come on, you’re keeping him waiting, he called me and said I should be fast” I cut him in and said.

“Um…okay” the one in the middle said and shifted.

They opened the door and I start cat walking in, I noticed different hands touch me from behind. I felt so irritated but shit I gat to move on.

This is only the first part.

I got in into the big fancy looking room and didn’t see anyone. I walked to a table with the drink and glasses, then kept it down.

I made to look for the old man but I started hearing one of the inner room doors cracking open.

I turned and behold – it’s the old man with pot bully.

He was coming out of the bathroom clad in just towel tied to his lower body.

Oh shit! I tried looking away from him but recalled that I have to act like a slut.

“Hi dear” I released a soft smile and walked towards the old confused looking man but I can also tell that he is very excited seeing me.

“What…?”he tried asking but I placed my middle finger on his lips.

“Shuuu… I was asked to make you feel good” I said seductively praying he doesn’t hear my pounding heart beat.

He grinned like a kid and smiled.

“Oh, what a perfect beauty you are?” The man smiled and tried grabbing my waist but I was quick to move back.

“We have to drink first honey, I brought one with me, sit” I cooed and went to grab the red wine.

I popped it open and decanted it into two different glasses.

I turned to look at him with smiles and found out he was already sitting down while his eyes were on me, waiting eagerly for me to come to him.

F**k! He has to look away, I thought and started decanting more drinks into the cup.

Just on time, luckily for me, his phone started ringing.

He looked away and I quickly brought out the whitish power given to me by Dillion, he said it will make him sleep Immediately it gets into his mouth.

I poured the whitish power into his drink.

He didn’t even speak with the person calling him. He growled into the phone and tossed it aside.

Perfect! Just perfect! I don’t wanna waste time here at all.

His gaze fell back on me as I walked towards him seductively. He kept licking his lips and rubbing his big belly.

“Let’s cheers to the great fun we’re gonna be experiencing” I raised my glass and said.

“Yes cheers baby” he clicked his glass with mine and drank from his cup. I drank from my cup too, I gulped the whole content down tho I know it’s quit a lot. It might make me tipsy.

He kept the glass on the table beside the bed and positioned himself very well on the bed. He spread his legs apart and loosened his towel.

“Oh my goodness!!” I didn’t no when I exclaimed but I covered it up with a smile immediately and tried looking away.

“Come on baby, climb and ride me to hell” he hushed, his manhood already standing.

Oh gosh!

Holy Mary!! What shit is this? This is the first time this kind of thing is happening to me. Why doesn’t he have shame at all?

“Lemme keep my glasses honey” I feigned a sweet smile and catwalked back to keep the glass, I was doing everything slowly in hope that he’ll fall asleep quickly.

When I turned back his eyes wasn’t shining, he was trying to keep himself awake and I smiled and got back to him.

I focused my eyes elsewhere as I climbed on top of the bed going to meet him. He had a weak smile on, he is still smiling in this state.

What an old fool?

When I got to him, he finally closed his eyes and dozed off.

I turned him over the bed and covered him with the duvet then pulled out the bed foam, it’s where I have been told that the briefcase is gonna be.

I sighted the briefcase and tried taking it but noticed I started feeling so sleepy.

I rubbed my eyes and shook my head. This must be as a result of taking that wine too much. I was only trying to buy time and that’s it.

I held myself together and pulled out the heavy briefcase.

I hope luwis has succeeded in getting rid of the guards. I don’t think I can face any of them.

I ran to the door and knocked on it but there was no responds.

Which means the guards are no longer there.

I exhaled and opened the door, but unexpectedly the guards rushed into the room but I was quick to hid behind the doors.

Oh goodness! I’m getting scared and really tipsy.


Episode 8


😎 Dillion’s POV 😎
Few minutes after the new slave…what’s her name again???

Shawna. Yeah yeah, left with luwis, I called him to meet me in the rooftop of the next hotel which is few meters away.

In case things goes wrong, don’t wanna get sighted here.

So I’m currently here waiting for them both – Shawna and luwis.

It’s high time, if things went smoothly, it’s high time they appear here.

Shawna’s POV
The guards rushed towards the old man in bed and I tip toped out but felt my legs becoming weak.

I wanted to fall with the briefcase but a hand held me.

“Shawna, it’s me – luwis. Careful, you did well, let’s go, seems there is no need to distract them since you already….”

He was still saying when the fat looking men rushed out like angry lions. Luwis brought out something, I think it’s a teargas then he threw it at them and quickly grabbed my hand and we ran away.

We got outside the hotel and he pulled me into a black van there, then someone at the driver sit drove off.

“Wow! You really tried, tell me how you did it, hope the old cargo didn’t suspect anything?” The luwis guy asked but I was really in no mood.

My throat is damn dry. I looked behind me and saw a white bottle with a white liquid, concluding it is water, I grabbed it and gulped it down.

“What the f**k!!? You drink this much?” Luwis asked while I shook my head, trying to shake the sleep clouding my eyes.

“Drink? What do you mean drink? Isn’t it water?” I turned to him and asked.

“Of course not, that’s vinegar” he answered and my eyes widened.

“What…”I wanted to scream but the driver pulled over.

“Let’s go, the boss is waiting for us” he grabbed me down from the van and also grabbed the briefcase and we went all the way to the rooftop.

I felt my tummy rumbling. My throat is inching me. I feel weird.

This is the very first time I’m drinking an alcoholic drink and I drank it too much, the red wine and then this, I thought it was water not knowing it’s also alcohol.

I sighted Dillion standing at the far end of where we were and I tried composing myself.

I feel like dying but I’ve gat this.

“Boss, she succeeded” luwis said smiling.

“Open the briefcase” Dillion commanded and he did.

I saw wrapped whitish power, I don’t just understand. What the hell is this?

“Good, take it to the car” Dillion turned to a guard there with him and said.

The guy collected the briefcase and started leaving.

Oh gosh! I need to sleep, I can’t get myself anymore. Shouldn’t we be on our way or what is he doing?

“Boss? Should she narrate how she did it?” Luwis asked and touched my back making me feel worst.

I bent down a bit with my right hand placed on my chest.

“No, I don’t need details” I heard Dillion reply and I didn’t know when I opened my mouth wide and puked.

“Motherf*ck*ngsh*t!!!” I heard Luwis scream.

Oh my goodness! What did I do? I raised my head up while cleaning my mouth.

Did I just puke? On Dillion?

I stood transfixed staring at his stained cloth. Sleep instantly ran away from my eyes.

“WHAT. DID. YOU. JUST. DO????” I heard him snarl like an animal.

“I’m…I’m..s…” I was still stuttering when I felt a sting on my cheek that made me deaf instantly.

Christ!! He just slapped me.

I felt my head rotate backwards then everywhere became dark.

😎 Dillion’s POV 😎
What sort of a mess is this for crying out loud? Who is this girl?

Why on Earth did she puke on me?

So irritating.

“Um..boss, she drank a lot that’s why. She is supposed to go home and sleep” luwis who had held her from falling said.

“I don’t give a damn! Get her away!!” I ordered.

“Yes boss” he answered and carried her on his shoulder then left afterwards.

Valentina’s POV
“You say what? You saw Dilly?” Valentine exclaimed and asked.

“Yes, he came to school with their younger sister, I think she’s getting into college” I replied grumpily.

“Wow! I wish I’d seen him Tina, I really really miss and want to see him” she said and I nodded slightly and continued with the dinner we were eating.

“So, what about Dillion? Did you get a chance to hear about him?” I saw her smirk and ask.

“Yes, he isn’t in Mexico” I cooed.

“Do you perhaps still like him?” She asked and I raised my brows to stare at her.


Next day.

Shawna’s POV
I flickered my eyes open.

Where am i? Dead? I wondered and sat up properly on the bed then stared around and realized I was in the room given to me.

I palmed my face and memories of last night’s incident flowed my mind.

Oh gosh, I can’t I puked on a demon?

Hope it’s just the slap. Please don’t let him punish me gosh!

I came down from the bed headed for the bathroom there in order to have a bath or do other things but was stopped halfway because the door fled open and one of the maids walked in.

“Young master sends for you, he gives you only two minutes to be in his room” she stated, turned back and walked out of the door.

Young master? Dillon?




What now? What does Dillion want?

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