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Sold to gang leader Episode 16 & 17

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Sold to gang leader Episode 16 & 17 by : 11:11 am On March 17, 2021
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Episode 16
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😏 [He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes



Shawna’s POV
I sat on the soft bedroom beside him minutes later feeling so nervous.

I wonder why he came. I didn’t even know when I started folding my top up nervously.

He wasn’t saying anything but I could feel his gaze on me which made everything worse.

“Calm down Shawna, I really don’t bite, why are you feeling nervous?” He spoke out, his voice cracking in the process.

I tilted my head to stare at him.

“Why are you here?” I asked and my eyes mistakenly landed on his shirtless body.

I removed my eyes away as my heart started pounding.

Okay, what’s really wrong?

“I’m here to just keep you company, why don’t we become friends? I know you can’t stay inside this room for two straight weeks or more. Lemme show you around here” he said and I turned to stare at him again.

“Really?” I beamed clearly happy.

I really don’t think I can bear staying locked up here for two weeks. Why did he even bring me along?

He should have just let me stay with ma’am Sandra, Beatrice and the other maids.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun” he confirmed.

But my gaze fell.

Dillon. I don’t think he will want it, I thought sadly.

“What is it?” He asked curiousness laced in his voice.

“I don’t think I can…Dil…the young master, I don’t think he will want it” I explained.

“Come on, he won’t care a bit, I promise. He won’t get mad at you if that’s what you’re really worried about” he assured.

I raised my eyes to stare at his and he was looking really serious.

I don’t know. He asked me not to anger him, I don’t know things that can really anger him.

“Are you sure he won’t mind?” I asked again.

“I promise, he won’t” he reassured and I sighed and nodded.

“Okay, I’ll be your friend” I told him and his eyes beamed then he released smiles.

“It’s the right choice okay. You won’t regret it” he said and I found myself nodding.

Then he got up afterwards and stretched his hand towards me.

I stood up with my eyes fixed on his stretched hand.


our new friendship” he cooed and I took his hand and forced a smile.

He smiled more broadly and shook my hand well.

Then the next thing I knew was that he drew me closer to himself making our body meet.

My eyes widened as I felt him Pat my back.

“Stop being nervous, learn to feel free around me and you can also talk to me about anything” he said more like a whisper before pulling away from me.

He stared at me for a while before adding a “goodnight”.

Then he turned back and left leaving me in shock of what he did.

Luwis’s POV
Yes! She agreed. I aren’t used to acting calm and cool. But she just made me do that.

It took quite an effort for me not to klzz her hard.

Geez! Mere being close to her feels like heaven itself. Even if I haven’t been there but I know it’ll feels good to be there.

I closed the door behind me and walked straight to my room.

I got to my room and saw Sam in there.

“Hey, where are you coming from?” He questioned his gaze on the phone he is pressing.

I walked up to him and hit him on the back on his head making him jerk.

“Motherf√¢k*r! How dare you?” He groaned tho not angry.

“You have the guts to wait up in my room after laughing at me?” I eyed him and went to lie down on the bed.

“That’s because it’s funny. It’s funny seeing you like someone, we have been together for almost 18 years now. This is the first bit*h you actually have good eyes for” he replied walking towards me.

“Well..yeah but she’s not a bit*h, she’s kind of different tho I don’t really know her much” I defended and he wowed.

“See you defending her” he pointed at me with a smirk and I used that opportunity to slap his hand.

“Hey! What the f**k!? Why do you keep hitting me?” He yelled and jumped on the bed in attempt to hit me back.

Naomi’s POV
“Did you just mention Valentina?” Dillion asked.

“Of course, your ex, who else?”I rolled my eyes and stood at akimbo.

I’m happy that I’ve finally earned his full attention. I don’t know why they both keep ignoring me every time.

It’s either work or one thing or the other?

Dillion’s own is worst, he is a total introvert but I still want his attention.

“What did you say about her?” He went on asking curiousity widely showing on his face.

“Well, she and her twin sister drop….”

“Hold on, you can stop, I don’t wanna know and please lock the door properly when leaving” he dismissed me.

I frowned annoyed at his sudden change of mind as he looked away from me.

“Jerk!!” I yelled wishing I could eat him up.

He didn’t react and I slowly stormed out of his room slamming the door so so hard.

Why is he always like that? I thought I could be able to spend sometime with him.

But no worries, I’ll keep trying.

I made for my room but stopped abruptly when I saw him – another idiotic jerk.


wore a smirk on as he approached me with his f!ng£rs tucked into his pocket.

I stood at akimbo staring at him as he got closer.

“Hey princess, you look really pissed. Always looking pissed but you see, that face suits you perfectly sweetie” he teased and I became more annoyed.

“You!! Stop messing with me Sam!! I’m gonna fry your brains if you keep up with this, go back to where you’re coming from okay?” I roared out but he only ended up laughing hard like he always does which made it more annoying.

I felt like crying but decided to leave him, I started walking away but he pulled me back, I raised my hand up to slap some senses into him but he held my hand in the mid air and before you know it I found my back pressing hard against the wall.

“You….you..what are you doing?” I wanted to scream but it came out in a whisper and stutters.

“You should learn how to control your temper” he whispered, his breathe fanning my face which made my heart rate increase.

“You become more beautiful whenever you’re angry tho” he smirked at the end and took few steps away from me with his gaze still on me.

Then he smiled and started leaving. My beating heart increased it’s speed again.

Why? Why does he always do that?

Next morning.

Shawna’s POV
I dressed up well, not too well tho but very good.

A message came last night from Dillion. He had made it known that I’ll be doing something with luwis.

Somehow knowing it’s with luwis made me feel relieved. I won’t breath well if his the one.

That’s how scared I am of him.

A very beautiful gown. I bet the gown worth more than most of the clothes I put on. He had informed me to dress more properly. That’s the only proper dress that’s not too Exposive.

Then I left afterwards, they’d taught me how to pick out a dress and wear makeups. Tho am still learning but I think my makeup looks good on me.

I got outside and saw Luwis there.

He was putting on a crazy jeans, white shirt and his hair… He has styled it to a different style.

He isn’t looking entirely rough today. He’s okay with his dressing today.

“Okay, Sam is waiting for us at the garage” he said Immediately I stepped out and I nodded and started following him.

With one of the purses that came with the dress.

“You look gorgeous” I heard him complement which made me happy.

“Thanks” I mumbled and we got down to the garage, got into the waiting car.

Oh Sam! He is the guy beside him inside the jet, the one that had also insulted Naomi at the dinning last night.

“Alright let’s go” the Sam said then he kicked start the engine and drove out.

Episode 17

Shawna’s POV
We drove for a very long while before we arrived a road, it was really lonely. Neither cars nor humans couldn be seen but I sighted a black van with another black Jeep ahead.

Sam stopped in front of the vehicles then got out.

Luwis brought out that briefcase that contains whitish substance. The one I’d taken from that old man.

He handed it to me.

“The boss asked you to personally hand it over to them” he stated.

“Just act normal but walk classy and hand it over to the guy in their middle” he continued.

Then he brought out a black eyeshade and wore it on me by himself making me shift a bit.

He opened the car door for me and I stepped out, he came out after I’d wearing his own eyeshade.

“Where is it?” A guy who was smoking in between two other guys asked.

“Go, hand it over to him” Luwis whispered to me and I gulped hard and started together those guys, walking as s£×y as I could.

I think I understand this job. They are into illegal dealings and you must act like them.

I got to their front and stretched forth the briefcase to them.

The one in the middle collected it from me, he eyes running all over my body.

He handed it over to the guy on his left.

The guy opened it and whispered something to him.

“We’ll meet again beauty” he winked at me and they all got into their vehicle and zoomed off.

I removed my sunshade immediately and turned to see Luwis approaching me.

“You acted well” he said and touched my shoulder.

“Did you get the clip?” He turned towards Sam and asked.

“Yes” Sam replied bringing out a hidden camera with him.

“Okay good, now that it’s done. Lemme take you somewhere you’ll love” he said and grabbed my hand.

He helped me into the car, got into the driver’s sit and ignited the engine.

Sam who was still busy with the camera turned to stare at him.

“Hey, what are you doing?” His eyes widened.

Luwis didn’t reply him but started driving away.

“Hey!! Hey!!” The guy yelled.

Luwis brought his hand out from the window and bed him goodbye.

“Sweet walk” he added with laughter.

“Screw you! Screw you okay!?” Sam yelled obviously annoyed.

“Why did you do that?” I asked him.

“He has done it to me before, just paying him back” Luwis answered chuckling.

“But he is obviously angry, what if he does something more dangerous to you?” I asked again.

He turned and stared at me.

“Are you worried about me?” He inquired.

“Um..it’s just that, it won’t be okay if something happens to you” I cooed.

“Well, you don’t have to worry. He is actually my brother, he won’t do anything!” He smirked.

“But are you really worried about me, huh?” He chuckled making me shy.

“Well…since you’re my friend now, I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble” I said under my breathe.

“I’m glad, thanks for caring but I want you to hold on tightly” he said and before I could process what he said he increased the speed of the car.

I didn’t know when I screamed out so loud in fear but he only laughed.

Geez! Does he want me dead?

50 minutes later.

He drove into a classy restaurant and parked at the garage area.

“Come here” he cooed arranging his hair.

I came down and arranged my dress and hair. Then took a long stare at the restaurant.

“Really? A Noddles restaurant?” I asked reading the inscription.

“Yeah, when last did you eat it? It’s been really long. Wanna try it out with you or…don’t you like it?” He rested on the car and asked.

“Of course I like it, it used to be my every day meal” I mumbled the last part.

Back then, when I was still with my step father. I only eat Noddles, morning afternoon and evening.

We got into the restaurant and he ordered it for two.

We sat down close to the window side facing each other.

“While we wait for them to serve us the Noddles. Can you tell me more about yourself? As a new friend, I need to know” he inquired.

I gulped hard as I stared down at the table.

I don’t want to start narrating my terrible life to him. I don’t want to talk about it.

“Hey, is something wrong?” He questioned probably noticing my mood.

“Um..No, why don’t we talk about you instead? Have you been working for the young master for long? Like since when because I do see you around the mansion some times?” I inquired.

“Um…well, you see the boss..well I started working for him since the age of …um.. I think 9, it’s been so long” I noticed he wasn’t soo comfortable as he answered me.

“9? What about your parents? They let you do such jobs?” I curiously asked again.

“I don’t have parents, I mean I don’t know them. Was raised by my grandmother” he responded.

“Oh!” I mouthed.

“Let’s eat” he quickly said when he noticed that I was about asking another question. A waitress already arrived our table.

She placed down our orders in front of us but… I noticed Luwis eyes at the entrance when I was about to start eating.

My eyes followed his eyes and I saw…..

The chopstick I’d taken fell off my hand immediately I saw him.

Dillion! He was with Naomi but he wasn’t looking at our direction.

Oh good lord!

My heart started beating loudly as I suddenly became scared.

“Let’s…..”I was about to say to Luwis but Naomi’s eyes met with mine.

She quickly made Dillion turn to our direction and an unexplainable look crept into his face.

Oh, don’t tell me he is angry.




What do you think?

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