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Sold to a gang leader final Episode

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Sold to a gang leader Episode 38 / Sold to a gang leader Episode 36 & 37 / Sold to a gang leader Episode 34 & 35 / Sold to a gang leader Episode 32 & 33 / Sold to a gang leader Episode 30 & 31 /

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Sold to a gang leader final Episode by : 3:38 pm On March 29, 2021
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Episode 39 & 40
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(In pains)



Writer’s POV
Shawna kept crying as Matthias touched her nlpp!es, she felt worm crawling inside her body. She felt so so disgusted, something she never felt with Dillion. Maybe because he owns her.

“Oh….my….you look so so s£×y…gosh everything about you is lovely” Matthias drooled over Shawna.

He took his mouth to her nlpp!e and used his tongue to lick it.

“Oh saviour” Shawna cried as tingling feelings clouded her.

Then she started hearing noise outside the room, her heart beat increased. She doesn’t know if it’s also an enemy or a friend, she doesn’t know and it’s scares her.

Matthias didn’t hear the noise coming out from the sitting room early but when he did, he figured out that he has been discovered.

Immediately he brought out a gun from under his bed and pointed it directly at the door. Whoever comes in through that door is gonna go down first, he thought.


Dillion didn’t use his gun after slapping the guy that opened the door for him. He wanted to kill them with his own bare hands.

He walked towards the second that had a bottle of alcohol with him, he pulled him up and without warnings snapped his neck to the side.

Cracking sounds was heard, the guy opened his mouth and shut his eyes – dead.

The first guy was already behind him by the time he got finished with the second.

The guy made to punch him but he dogged the punch and hit him on his knees.

The guy crunched to the floor on his knees. Dillion fixed his hand around the guy’s neck, he stared at him directly in the eyes and did the same thing to him, he broke his neck.

That one also died instantly.

Now to Matthias, he thought and went to the door Shawna cries were coming out from.

He moved back and kicked the door, the door didn’t break. He kicked it again, again and again until the door finally gave way.

It revealed Matthias putting a gun at him and Shawna who was n@k£d on the bed with her hands and mouth tied.

Dillion walked into the room his eyes fixed on the weeping Shawna.


immediately released a shot from his gun and it hit Dillion on his shoulder.

Shawna gasped in fear.

Dillion only got more angry, as Matthias made to shot him again he started walking towards him.

Matthias released a shot again but Dillion dogged it and grabbed him.

“I’ll enjoy killing you” Dillion growled like a beast.

Dillion held him tightly on his neck and the gun Matthias was holding fell off his hand. Dillion pined Matthias to the wall and pressed him hard against it.

Matthias was shocked, shocked at how strong Dillion is but nevertheless he raised his hand and punched him hard, it didn’t really affect Dillion but he dropped him down on the floor and turned to see a bottle.

He grabbed the bottle and smached it on Matthias head.

“Ah shit! F**k you bastard!” Matthias groaned and made to escape, he was already bleeding from his head but escaping at that moment was all that clouded his mind.

Dillion left him, he let him crawl to the door before he went to pull him back. Matthias crawled again to the door and Dillion pulled him back.

Seems like he is enjoying what he is doing. Dillion watched him crawl to the door for the third time and he pulled him backwards again.

“I need you to tell me who sent you before I finally end you” Dillion snapped at him and shot his two legs.

Matthias screamed out in pains and Shawna cried out the more. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

Matthias, the guy she thought was a poor innocent guy who was trying to make it in life is right before her eyes crying out in pains after attempting to rape her.

And the person dealing with him is non other than Dillion, she felt relieved but also sad, bittered.

“Who sent you?” Dillion asked picking a stool to sit down on.

Matthias didn’t answer, he kept crying and rolling on the floor, his blood all over the room.

“I’ll ask you again. Who the f**k sent you?” Dillion rasped.

“To hell with you, I won’t reveal a thing to you, just kill me” Matthias screamed.

“Okay, your wish is actually my command” Dillion groaned out a reply and stood up from the iron stool.

He pulled Matthias up from the floor, positioned his head well, and smached the stool on his head.

“Oh christ!!” Shawna cried again. She felt like vomiting, she has never witnessed something like this in her entire life.

It made her shake.

Matthias fell flat on the floor after the stool hit him hard on his head and laid – lifeless.

Dillion knew he was already dead but he wasn’t gonna take chances, he doesn’t want him to see another Matthias in future, whether his spirit or real body.

He took out his gun and shot him again in his head.

Satisfied, he fixed his gun back into his pocket and turned towards Shawna who was crying, she was still tied and n@k£d.

He walked towards the bed and removed the gag from her mouth.

Shawna breathed out in relief. He went ahead and untied her tied hands, immediately her hands were loss, she hugged him.


shocked Dillion, it also shocked her that she could do that.

The nerve of you!! Dillion wanted to scream and pull her away from his body but didn’t, he just couldn’t do that.

Shawna sobbed the more with her hands tightly fixed around his back, her chest and br£@st again his own chest. She didn’t mind the fact that she was even doing this n@k£d, he has seen her n@k£d before afterall. She sobbed and sobbed, happy he didn’t push her away.

She only let him go when she realized that, he was also shot.

Damn! Her eyes widened as she stared at his wounded shoulder, blood already covered his white shirt.

Dillion saw her eyes on his shoulder and stood up.

“Put on your clothes” he hushed and started walking out of the door.

Shawna found her bra and wore it on, then she wore her gown and rushed out of the room, not without staring at Matthias cold body for the last time.

She shook her head as tears dropped from her eyes.

“I wish it didn’t end like this Matthias, but good bye” she said and rushed into the sitting room to see Dillion there.

He was sitting down with his shirt unbuttoned, looks like he was tending to his own injury.

He took out a pen from his pocket and fixed it into the bullet hole. He didn’t notice that he has wasted a lot of blood. He didn’t notice because he was so angry and now the pains are about to kill him, he has to stop the bleeding fast for him to survive.

Shawna walked closer to him and stopped, watching what he was doing.

He fixed the pin of the pen on the bullet and closed his eyes, then he started pulling the bullet out.

“Gosh!” Shawna exclaimed. She has never seen anything like this before.

Dillion groaned out in extreme pain when he finally pulled the bullet out. More blood rushed out from the hole.

Dillion breathed out in relief that the bullet was out of his body.

“Give me that” he said to Shawna pointing at the bottle of alcohol there.

Shawna quickly grabbed the bottle and gave it to him, she watched him pour it into the hole.

“Shit!!” Dillion groaned out again trying to suppress the pain.

He dropped the bottle of alcohol feeling so so weak. Shawna noticed this, she decided to finish up the next thing.

Even if she didn’t know about the first and second thing he did, she knows the third thing to do.

She looked for a clean cloth and went to him. Dillion knew what she was about to do and allowed her.

She positioned herself properly beside him and tied that area up with the cloth to help stop the bleeding.

She tried looking for a pain relief drug there but he stopped her.

“Let’s go” he said and tried standing up. Shawna held him to make things easier for him but he tried removing her hands, she didn’t listen, her hold on him tightened and he later gave in to her.

She assisted him out to where he parked his car.

He got into the driver sit and immediately made a call.

“Matthew” he said into the phone.

“I’m coming over to your house right now, I’ve been shot! Bullet out, I need proper treatment” he said again into the phone and threw it aside.

He rested his hand on the steering trying to regain his strength. Shawna watched him and felt sorry for him. He got hurt saving her, she wished that she can drive but she can’t drive.

She looked around the car and saw a bottle of sealed water.

She offered him the water and he raised his head up and collected the water without uttering a word, then in one gulp, he finished the water.

Seems like he needed it.

He ignited the engine after drinking the water. Then he started driving, not with all his energy but he tried driving really fast, he drove so roughly, his eyes felt like closing but he didn’t give in to it.

He drove roughly until he got to Matthew’s house.

Immediately he stopped in front of the house, without even coming down from his car, he finally gave in.

He passed out.



Who is enjoying this?
Season 1 has finally come to an end.

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