Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 42 & 43

Episode 42
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
Writer’s POV
“So, what really happened? How did you end up being their step sisters?” Dillon asked as he sat her down.
Shawna sniffed in then dried the fresh tears coming down from her eyes as she set to narrate things to Dillon.
“I…My mom got married to her dad after the dismiss of my dad. That was how I ended up becoming their step sisters” explained Shawna.
“Like when did that happen exactly?” Dillon asked trying to know if it’s already happened before he met both Tine and Tine.
“Well…it’s been long, when I was still a kid” Shawna supplied.
So, its happened before I met the twins and I’ve never heard of such from them, Dillon wondered.
“Their father….? Now that I think of it, I think their father treated me so well by selling me out to the sex house. I never knew he was tryna end my sufferings for me, because I met you. I think it’s a great thing” she sniffed in again really trying to hold back the tears trying to pour from her eyes.
She laughed with tears again then made to clean her tears. She took her thumb to her face but Dillon held her back.
He brought her hand down from her eyes.
“There are sometimes when you just need to cry, stop trying to hold them back. You can go ahead” Dillon said to the surprise of Shawna.
She was trying to hold herself so she wouldn’t cry in front of him. Tho it’s not the first but she wouldn’t want him to take her as a soft person that cries everytime. She has realized Dillon actually needs a strong person but oops…
…she couldn’t hide the fact that she is who she is.
She let her tears spill from her eyes immediately Dillon said that.
He held her close in an embrace and she released more tears.
“As you have said, that man actually did a good thing. Dilly also did a good thing by getting you out from sex house. But you did the best thing by not letting what happened consume you.”
“I’ve also hurt you…..”
A silence stepped in.
“I don’t intend on apologizing because the gravity of what I did deserves more than an apology so I won’t apologize. I’ll just do the right thing at the right time…”
“Because you don’t deserve those people that have caused you pain in one way or the other to be close to you, they’ll only remind you about the hurtful things they’ve done to you” he said the last part silently.
Shawna didn’t quit understand what he was saying but his warm embrace was consoling. She tightened her grip on him wetting the shirt he was putting on with her tears.
Minutes later
After successfully putting Shawna to bed, Dillon was finally able to leave her room but damn, the time is far spent. There was no way the person he was meeting up with could still be waiting for him till now.
He checked his phone, he unlocked it to see 21 missed calls.
I’ll just reschedule, he thought then started walking to his room in order to change his clothes.
He got to the front of his door to see the other twin Valentine.
He slowed down his pace on seeing her lingering around. It made him recall the time he was hugging Shawna, someone had actually been watching them.
“Dillon” Tine called.
Dillon kept staring at her, giving her a go ahead with whatever shit she wanna say but make it quick cause I’ve gat no time.
“Hi” she waved. For the fact that Dillon and his brother Dilly look like one person was not fun at all to her. Their resemblance is just too much.
“Um…I just came to greet you. And aside that, I heard Dilly has a son. I don’t know if it’s true, you’re the only one I can confirm the news with” said Tine nervously.
“You’re staying with him over there. Why ask me? If you don’t know then how am I supposed to know?” Dillon asked with a hint of sarcasmism in his voice.
Without further questions, he opened the door then walked into his room.
4 hours later
Dillon got interrupted from his thinking. He’s plan, his much awaited revenge is just next week.
The bastard he has been waiting for is gonna be coming in next week and with the news he’s heard from his spies. The old man is always heavily guarded.
Old cargo, you’ll be shocked to be greeted with your death on your home coming, Dillon thought.
This actual revenge has been holding him back from a lot of things. He has a lot of things he has to work out but the revenge plan has been the only thing holding him back since he was little.
He only got free from his own thoughts when Andrew appeared.
“You know that little kid really behaves like you guys, mostly you. Tho he doesn’t entirely resemblance you guys but he’s really handsome. Dilly is kept lucky, he is got such a smart kid for a son” Andrew said sitting few meters away from Dillon on his bed.
“Kid?” Dillon was forced to think.
He recalled that truly Dilly had told him that he have a son and had even sent the boy’s pictures to him. He just didn’t recall to check the little guy out.
“Yup kid. I was really shocked to witness the drama I witnessed on the day Dilly got him away from his oppressing mom. That lady is a wild bit*h. You won’t believe Dilly actually had her locked up after she revealed a lot of lies about him and the company. He got really angry then, he locked her up but not for long. I guess because she’s his son’s mother” Andrew explained further.
“Who is she? How did they meet?” Dillon asked.
“Well, I think it’s better Dilly himself explain things to you, I’m sure that girl…what’s her name again?”
“Shaw..Shawna right?” Andrew asked trying to remember her name.
Dillon glared hard at him as he tried to recall Shawna’s name.
“I think she’s better…”
“Don’t compare her with any lady, Andrew. Don’t!” Dillon cut Andrew up sharply making Andrew swallow down his remaining words down his throat.
“It’s confirmed then. You have feelings for that Shawna girl right? I was just trying to find out. Thank goodness I found out on time to avoid more glaring from you, I’ll also inform all the securities you have not to speak to her or get close to her, I’ll inform Dilly right away too. Infact I’m posting this on the internet” Andrew said quickly bringing out his phone.
Dillon’s glares on him only got more intense.
Episode 43
Writer’s POV
Dilly opened the door of his car and held it so that Bryan and Suzan could get it, they got into the car then he closed the door. He turned then got into the driver’s side.
He doesn’t want a driver driving them, he wanted it to just be only the three of them.
He started the vehicle and drove all the way to a very expensive restaurant. He could occasionally stare through the mirror to see Suzan and Bryan at the back sit chatting.
Each time he does that and sees them chatting seriously without even recalling that he was also in the same car with them, it made him smile.
For someone like Bryan to really like Suzan is something. He could remember that he didn’t quit like Naomi at the beginning but everything turned cool after sometimes.
After driving for what seems like an hour, he pulled up inside the restaurant garage.
He then came down, before he could even make an effort to open the door for Bryan and Suzan, they already got out themselves.
“Woah! This restaurant is so big! I love it here” Bryan said smiling at Suzan who held he’s tiny hand very well. She held him like someone who is afraid that he could disappear from her side if care is not taken.
“I’m glad you love it here Bryan, come on, let’s go in” Dilly beckoned.
Bryan gave Dilly his hand to hold and he held it. Bryan looked up at Suzan and smiled at her again.
Suzan didn’t really understand the reason behind the smile until they walked inside the fancy restaurant. It looked so cool and richly organized.
A waitress ran to them immediately.
“Good morning sir. Good morning ma’am. Hi there cutie” the waitress greeted with a huge smile on her face as she recognized Dilly.
“Please, allow me to take you one of the VIP secton, it’s designed especially for family such as yours, sir” she said softly.
On hearing that, Suzan took her eyes to the floor silently praying she’s not all red.
Geez! How could she mistake me to be his wife? She wondered.
“Thanks for the offer, but I already reserved a table” Dilly told her frankly.
“Ok sir” the waitress smiled again before leaving.
Another waiter who knew about Dilly’s coming and has been expecting them ran to them immediately.
“Sir, this way please” the waiter said then took them to another VIP room there that Dilly had reserved the previous day.
It was when they sat down that Bryan looked at Suzan to notice her red face. He didn’t quit understand why her face is red so he decided to ask out of concern.
“Suzie,your face is red. Why is that?” Bryan asked pointing to her blushed cheeks.
Suzan opened her mouth to talk but ended up recalling the waitress again, she blushed even more which made her feel so embarrassed.
“I…um…I..” she glanced at Dilly in hope he isn’t listening to them but was surprised to see a smirk on his face.
Oh goodness! She mentally slapped herself.
How stupid? How stupid? She scolded herself.
“Let her be Bryan. It’s can happen” Dilly answered the question for her. It didn’t pass Suzan’s notice that when he said that, he’s smirk grew wider and it was as if he was enjoying what was happening to her.
She thanked the lord when the door to the VIP room opened and a waitress accompanied by another pushed in their starter.
“So, how did you end up here?” Valentina asked Shawna.
They had bumped into each other on the hallway, valentina took the opportunity to ask her.
“What did your father say to you when you asked about my whereabouts?” Shawna replied her with another question.
Shawna’s attitude surprised Tina a bit but she didn’t show it.
“He said you ran out from the house and never returned. I wanna know why” Tina answered.
“Since he already said that, will you believe me if I say that he lied?” Shawna asked.
Valentina paused for a few seconds before turning fully to face Shawna.
“I’m listening” she said.
Shawna also paused for a few seconds before answering her.
“Your father, he sold me to a sex house after losing a huge amount of bet. He decided to replace the money by selling me” Shawna answered.
“What??” Tina found herself shrieking.
“Father did that??” She asked.
“Yes. Your father did that. Why are you surprised? He could send you guys off to college but won’t allow me step out from the house. He could beat me as if I’m not a human each time he gets drunk or losses a bet. My only meal became Noddles, scars on my body. Why are you surprised?” Shawna asked her heart raising. She felt so pained recalling the past.
Tina didn’t reply. She took her eyes to the floor in shame.
“I’m sorry” she apologized.
“If your next question is perhaps how I ended up here. I suppose you should know by now that girls sold into the house don’t remain there. They get sold out, that is how I ended up here.”
“But do you know that I’m glad he sold me out? I’m so happy, when you go back. Don’t forget to thank him for me because selling me out was actually changing my life. He changed my life by giving me a new home.”
“Yes, I resented him when he did that but….I’ve forgiven him. Tell that to him.”
“You shouldn’t feel sorry yourself, you didn’t do anything wrong. I’m happy to see that you’re doing quit well, you and your sister. Send my regards to your elder brother too” Shawna concluded then stood up from where she sat and left.
She walked outside to exhale deeply.
That was tough, especially acting that way. She calmed herself down before going to look for either ma’am or Beatrice.
Naomi who had always been in Sam’s room walked out to go take a shower in her room.
She walked steadily through the corridor, she ran into Andrew who was just coming out from Dillon’s room. He had a funny look on.
Naomi’s eyes widened and she ran and hugged him.
“Hey, baby girl. How’re you doing?” Andrew asked.
“I’m doing good. You’re here? When did you arrive? I want us to go out together” Naomi said.
“Very early this morning. Maybe tomorrow” replied Andrew.
Naomi nodded her head freeing him from her hold.
“You’re just coming out from my brother’s room. Is he in?” Naomi inquired.
“Um…yeah, he is” Andrew drew his replies.
Naomi heard footsteps behind her, they sounded distant tho.
She turned to see someone that looked like Sam at the far end of the corridor walking away.

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