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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 36 & 37

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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 36 & 37 by : 12:24 pm On April 18, 2021
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Episode 36
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her] 💲
Written and owned by: Blessing D writes
(More klzzes)
Writer’s POV
After minutes of warm embrace, Dillion disengaged from the hug but placed his forehead on hers with his eyes shut.
Shawna also shut her eyes enjoying the cool feeling of him being so close to her.
After few minutes of doing that, Dillion felt as if he should klzz her, it’s one of the ways of reliving the stress in him, stress that has been in him for some days now. So, he leaned more closer to her and their lips gazed each other.
Shawna could feel her breathing hitch. A different feeling overwhelmed her as she felt Dillion’s soft warm lips on hers.
She started anticipating for the real klzz, for him to klzz her and make her forget herself at least for the early night.
But as Dillion was about to deepen the klzz he started feeling dizzy. Everything around him started rotating.
He groaned and moved away from Shawna, his hands holding his forehead.
He shut he’s eyes, inwardly begging for the dizziness to stop in minutes, he knows it might even last up to 1 hour and he doesn’t want that. Not when Shawna is right there beside him. All this are the side effect of vertigo – he knows.
Shawna looked at Dillion worried at his sudden behavior, she doesn’t know if she’s to hold him.
“Are you..are you okay?” She asked after staring at him for long.
“I’m fine” came Dillion’s husky reply but she wasn’t satisfied at all.
Something is definitely wrong with him, her mind told her.
She doesn’t know where the sudden guts came from. She doesn’t know how and when her hand went to his head and she started patting his hair downwards.
“Really?” Came out of her lips.
Dillion removed his hands from his forehead then opened his eyes to look at her. She quickly brought her hand down then took her eyes to the river ahead of them.
“I’m okay, just headache but it’s okay” Dillion replied in assurance.
She took her eyes back to him then nodded.
The wind blew more heavily making everywhere cold. Shawna folded her hands as the cold air hit her.
“You’re cold? Let’s go into the car” Dillion said getting down from the bonnet of his car.
He helped Shawna down from the car then reversed it making the car face the river.
They both got in then Dillion turned on the car’s heater.
“We should get going. I almost forget about Naomi” Dillion said recalling that Naomi was on her way to paris.
“No! Let’s stay here a little longer” Shawna didn’t know when she blurted out those words.
She feared that she won’t be able to have the opportunity to be alone with him in a while. Alone with him outside the mansion.
She stared at Dillion with the corner of her eyes scared that he might snub her and drive home.
“Oh…okay” came his reply.
Shawna released the sigh she didn’t know she was holding.
The both of them kept staring at the river until Shawna felt Dillion’s hand wrap around her shoulder.
Shawna turned to look at Dillion in surprise, but Dillion didn’t look back at her.
She smiled then gently placed her head on his shoulder.
Her stomach danced in happiness, she folded her lips together in other not to scream.
They stayed in silence again until Dillion decided to break it.
“That day” he started.
“The last time I sent for you, do you still remember?” ,Dillion asked.
Shawna’s eyes widened on recalling it and knowing where he was heading. She suddenly started feeling extremely shy.
She raised her head from Dillion’s shoulder. She palmed her face.
“I don’t remember” she mumbled to him.
Dillion turned to look at her and saw her palmed face. He chuckled.
“Seems like you do” he said.
Shawna turned away from him, she placed her head on the window of the car.
“Why are you acting shy? Weren’t you the same person that took off my short?” Dillion asked then chuckled.
Shawna felt more embarrassed. She felt like disappearing from his sight but she didn’t know how.
“Please just forget about it, please” she mumbled to him.
“Why?” He asked then made her turn to him. He removed her hands from her face.
“Why should I forget such sweet moment with you?” Dillion asked, his voice coming out calm.
Shawna felt her cheeks turn red in embarrassment the more.
She took her face down.
“Stop feeling shy around me. I want you to act the way you acted that day. That’s the Shawna I want. I need that you” Dillion cooed then touch her chin. Her raised her chin up a bit.
Shawna folded her lips together not knowing what to say to him.
This sudden Dillion is so sweet, this new Dillion. She doesn’t know what to say to him.
“Look at me” Dillion demanded calmly.
She looked at him in the eyes as demanded.
“Repeat after me.”
“I Shawna” he said.
Shawna didn’t know when she smiled.
“Come on, do it” he also chuckled.
“I’ll stop being shy, I’ll try my best” Shawna said concluding in her mind that he wants her to say that she will stop being shy.
“Okay then. Then…prove something to me, prove that you’ll stop feeling shy. I need you to peck my two cheeks” he said.
Shawna started feeling heated in between her legs, down there started acting weird as he said that.
She doesn’t understand why her body is reacting that way because he asked her for a peck, tho a peck is not something too normal for her especially when it comes to Dillion.
“I’m waiting” said Dillion again.
Shawna summoned up all the courage she could get then pecked him on his left cheek, as she made to peck him on his right cheek real fast he turned his head purposely and made her klzz him.
Shawna moved away from him then gasped.
Did our lips just meet? She thought as the strange feelings in between her legs became more serious. She felt her V getting wet.
She became more embarrassed, she bowed her head slightly and only lifted her head when she felt him moving closer to her.
She turned to look at him as he wrapped his hands around her neck then placed his lips on hers.
“I really want to go back to the mansion right now but my body doesn’t want that. My body wants a different thing and that’s you” Dillion mouthed in between the klzz then he deepened it with his other hand sliding down her waist.
Episode 37
Writer’s POV
“When is my dad finishing with work?” Bryan turned to Suzan then asked.
“Um…in a while dear, I believe” Suzan answered him.
Bryan sighed really tired of sitting, he started wishing that he had followed Naomi to wherever place she was traveling too.
Just waiting for Dilly outside the office is so boring. Tho he has a video game he is playing on a tab Dilly got for him, he has been playing the game for hours and he is fed up with it already.
“Why? You wanna go somewhere else?” Suzan asked.
“Yes, I’m tired” Dilly replied with a slight frown.
Suzan thought for a while then decided to walk him around the company.
She stood up.
“Okay Bryan, put down your tab. Let me just take you round the company and perhaps we also grab a cup of tea” Suzan said.
“Okay cool” Bryan replied dropping the tab immediately.
“Okay let’s go” Suzan beckoned on him to move first.
He got out behind the big secretary desk then went straight to the elevator. He went on his toes and tried pressing the open button of the elevator but wasn’t tall enough for his hand to get there.
Suzan chuckled at little Bryan trying all his possibly best to get to the button. He always does the same thing everything he steps into the company, always trying to reach the buttons.
She pressed the buttons open.
The elevator opened and they both stepped in,it closed. Suzan pressed the button floor number. Then the elevator took them down.
It opened then they came out. Suzan held Bryan’s hand tho Bryan didn’t like the idea of Suzan holding him like a little kid who might get lost.
She took him to the reception side of the company, then filled two cups up from the tea machine there.
She handed one to Bryan, then took one for herself.
She breathed in and out as she took a sip from her tea. She immediately looked down at Bryan.
“Bryan, don’t drink it. It’s hot, let it cool down a bit” she said but Bryan showed her an empty cup.
“Huh, where did the tea go to?” Suzan asked surprised that his cup is empty.
“I drank it all. I love hot meals best” Bryan replied disposing the cup.
Suzan nodded in shock this time, the tea was so hot.
But Dilly doesn’t like hot meals? Where did he get that from? Suzie wondered.
She also disposed her cup after a while and they both went up to the roof top of the company.
“Wow! This place is cool, never knew such places exited around here” Bryan said then smiled at Suzan in appreciation for bringing him up there.
“It’s okay. Just be careful please, I wouldn’t want you falling down please” Suzan said to him.
She can’t imagine what will happen if eventually Bryan falls down from there. Aside from probably getting arrested, Dilly might also hate her.
Damn! That part hurt the most. She can’t imagine him getting so mad at her.
This part few days, things has been going really well for them. Dilly had taken her out on their first official date. Outside the company they can act normal to each other but behave professionally in the company.
“Suzie, can I ask you something?” Bryan suddenly turned to Suzan then asked.
“Yeah shot” Suzan replied.
“My dad. Do you like him?” Bryan asked.
Suzan felt her heart beat more loudly three times. Her eyes widened.
“What??” She wanted to yell but it only came out as a whisper.
Dillion kept klzzing Shawna on her lips, her neck, her earlobe. He acted as if he has been hungry for all this for too long and he can no longer hold back himself.
Shawna was excited but wasn’t comfortable at the same time.
We are in the car, aren’t we? Kept ringing inside her head.
She tried telling him but it didn’t look like he was going to listen.
She titled her head backwards as he buried his teeth on her shoulder, grazing and smooching on her. The uncomfortable feelings started washing off, it started getting replaced by extreme pleasure.
She didn’t even know when she took her left hand to his bare chest then started caressing him there taking that he was still on singlet.
Before you know it, Shawna was almost lying down flatly on the car sit and their romance was going to the next level. But the moments got cut short by a phone call.
Dillion ignored the call and let it ring to the end. The call came again and his phone started ringing, he let it ring to an end.
But when the call came for the third time, he was forced to stop.
He took out his phone to see that it was Naomi calling him. It angered him a little but he also knows that he is supposed to be there for her.
He picked the call up reluctantly.
“Hello Dillion. Where have you been? I’ve been calling but you keep ignoring my calls, why?” Naomi yelled equally frustrated from the other end.
“Where are you?” Dillion asked ignoring her yelling.
“I’m at the airport and I need you or someone else here for me. Why on Earth….”
“Naomi. I’ll send someone to you” he Interrupted her, replied then ended the call.
He doesn’t have enough patience to listen to tantrums.
Next he called someone and sent the person to go pick her up from the airport before turning to look at Shawna.
“Seems it all ends here. We’ll leave now” Dillion said. Shawna nodded unable to say a word again.
She felt disappointed. The heat in between her legs is still there but she adjusted herself very well.
They both drove home in silence. Originally Dillion wasn’t the type that talks too much so it was a normal thing to him but not to Shawna.
Shawna expected the drive to be lively. She opened her mouth to start up a conversation most times but later closed her mouth. Seems the shyness in her hasn’t left her.
They got home but Dillion was surprised to see Naomi standing at the entrance with her hands at akimbo. She looked like she just came back from a fight.
How did she get here on time? Dillion wondered.
He parked in the garage then they both came down.
Naomi already prepared words in her mouth for Dillion, well expect Dillion shuts her up again then she’s going to say her mind.
Naomi kept looking, waiting for Dillion to approach her.
But she got surprised to see Dillion coming out from the parking lot side with Shawna by his side. Like their bodies touched at intervals.
Naomi popped her head forward to be sure that she is seeing correctly. Dillion so close and relaxed with his s*x slave. How possible is that?
Did something happen between them? How come they are suddenly so close? She thought.
Dillon noticed the way she stared at them both – in disbelief. Dillion then wanted to prove to her that it’s actually real.
He wrapped one of his hands around Shawna’s shoulder thereby pulling her closer to him. It surprised Shawna but shocked Naomi.
Okay. I think my brother is drunk, she concluded in her mind still watching them get closer.

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