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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 22 & 23

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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 22 & 23 by : 3:04 pm On April 9, 2021
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Episode 22
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎 [He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(Escaping 2)
Writer’s POV
“Oh…please don’t hurt me with the iron” Shawna pleaded as the guy with the hot iron brought it really close to her face. Even tho the iron hasn’t been placed on her skin, she could still feel the hotness burning her skin.
“Hold on” Matthias father said to the guy with the iron and he stopped what he was trying to do.
Shawna sighed in great relief.
“Now, this is your last chance” the time is far spent. Tell me all I need to know, Matthias father demanded.
Far from there.
As Dillion pushed the guy he had shot on his leg into his car, a car drove in there and stopped right in front of Dillion’s car.
The people inside came and he recognized them.
He closed his car door and waited for them to come closer. Jay was the one in front, as he came closer and was about apologized for not checking out the location in time before anything else Dillion stopped him.
“I don’t need your apology right now. What have you guys got?” Dillion asked looking behind him to see Sam, Rockie and Luwis.
“Well, we brought explosive, a silencer, a bullet proof in case and a tearg….”
“That’s enough, bring them over to my car. Luwis I need you to take Vivian back….to the underground house for now, I have to deal with this guys first, until I’m done with them going back to the mansion isn’t safe. Also make sure the rest are okay there” Dillion instructed getting into his car.
“Okay” Jay replied and left.
“Okay” Luwis also replied but paused to think.
Isn’t Shawna with them? He turned back to Dillion.
“Um…Boss, did Shawna come out with you?” He asked.
“Why do you ask?” Dillion asked back.
“I just…”
“She did and am trying to go get her from wherever they took her to” Dillion explained, Luwis’s eyes widened.
“Go back with her” Dillion added referring to Vivian who has been standing there fuming.
“But…but..can’t Rockie take her back? Please I also wanna join you” Luwis asked.
“No” Dillion replied bluntly.
“Okay” Luwis answered and stepped back.
Sam, Jay and Rockie finished transferring everything they brought with them to Dillon Luxus’s car and then they got in with him and left.
Luwis thought on what to do. Shawna is also there, I have to be there in case, he concluded in his mind.
I know he is gonna get mad, but I’ll explain later, he thought to himself again and got into the car they came with.
“Hey get in, I’m going after them” he said to vivian who rolled her eyes at him and got in with him.
He reversed the car and started following them.
Far from there
“Look young lady you’re wasting my time. I don’t really need your tears. The death of my son is still angering me, I might use it to kill you since you got him killed” Matthias father growled like a wounded animal angry that Shawna was tearing up instead of answering his questions.
“I didn’t get him killed, he got himself killed” Shawna fired back.
One of the boys standing close to Shawna slapped her immediately for replying back at his boss like that.
Shawna held her cheek in pain as more tears rolled down her eyes.
“I don’t have time to play with you. Once I leave this room do you know what will happen to you? My boys aren’t as patient as I am as you can see so you better cooperate” Matthias father said trying to really scare answers out of her.
“But I don’t really know a thing. You have said it, how can a mere property know a thing about her master, I just serve my duty and that’s it” Shawna sniffed in tears as she replied.
“No! There is more to it. I want to know how much that bastard is worth, that beast. I can take you from him if I want to” Matthias father said.
“He is not a beast, your son is. For trying to force himself on me he is the bastard and the beast here” Shawna snarled, her voice coming low and deadly but the man still heard her.
“What??” Matthias father snapped and stood on his feet.
“You know what? Deal with her the way you want to a little. Maybe she thinks that I’m kidding with her” Matthias father ordered then stood up and backed her.
More fear gripped shawna as they made her lie forcefully on the bed and tied her there.
“Let me firstly design your face properly, maybe you’ll stop being so stubborn” a guy there picked up the iron and moved closer to Shawna.
He took the hot iron really close to her face.
“No please, don’t do that” Shawna pleaded. She doesn’t even know how to help herself.
On the way.
Dillion had ordered the guy to call his boss and tell him that they shouldn’t touch Shawna.
The boy did as he was told, he brought out his phone and dialed the number of one of the boys there with the man.
The guy picked up and the injured guy passed on the information to him.
Back to were they are holding Shawna.
Tears were already running down her eyes as she thought her face will be gone once the iron touches her. They will really burn her skin for her.
The guy that was called came in and passed on the information to the Matthias father and then Matthias father instructed them to leave Shawna.
“You’re lucky” the guy with the iron whispered into Shawna’s ears.
“That means he is on his way here, you all should get ready, I want him brought to me here alive” Matthias father instructed his boys and they all nodded and went outside. Only three stayed behind in the room with Shawna and the man.
It didn’t take too long for Dillion to arrive at another isolated house, but this one was well furnished.
The gates were open as if they knew that he was close by.
He drove into the compound because he drove the car himself, he couldn’t afford letting one of the boys with him drive the car. He doesn’t want em to slow him down at all.
Dillion opened the car and came down, he looked up and saw a lot of boys up with guns pointing down at them.
“You know the plan, bring him out” he said loud enough for them to hear.
Jay opened the door of the car from the other side and dragged the gun that was wounded down with him. He started dragging him out of the gate with a gun pointed at his head in case the guy will scream out their plans to his friends.
The guys up wondered where Jay was dragging their friend too.
Jay got outside and made him sit on the floor.
“It’s game over, it’s either you die or let your friends die. Which one do you choose?” Jay asked the guy on the floor.
The guy continued breathing very fast not willing to die and let his friends live.
“Now do it” Jay commanded knowing he that he’ll choose to live.
The guy started screaming.
“Come on guys, you have to help me, please help me” the guy pleaded.
Most of the guys up came down and went out of the gate to see the guy on the floor.
They were 8 of them actually.
Jay shifted away from them, he brought out the explosive with him and threw it in the mist of the guys coming out to save their friend then started running away from there.
The gun on the floor also knowing the plans forgot his hurting leg and started running away.
Before those 8 guys could figure out that what was thrown on the floor was explosive, it exploded and killed them all.
Episode 23
Writer’s POV
“Boss, he is here” one of Matthias’s father boys announced to him.
“Untie her” he commanded one and he did as he was told.
Shawna’s heart started beating faster.
Dillion is here? She thought in her head.
The guy that untied her stood her up and held her around her neck with a knife placed directly on her throat.
Shawna’s fears increased. Any small mistake, she might die.
She watched the shape looking knife that was placed on her throat keenly praying that the guy’s hand doesn’t move or else…
Matthias’s father sat down on his chair waiting for Dillion while the two other guys with him aside the one holding Shawna pulled out their gun and pointed it to the door ready to shot.
Dillion who was still outside looked into the car to signal Sam and Rockie on what to do before he left, finding his way into the house.
The boys that saw him moving into the house didn’t shot him, they kept pointing their guns at him but didn’t shot him. Dillion just walked pass them freely because he knows they won’t try to shot him because their boss has probably instructed them that they shouldn’t kill him. At least not yet.
He also knows that Sam and Rockie will kill them for him once he moved pass them.
Then he got to the place that looked like a big sitting room. He saw two guys guarding a door ahead of him, he figured out that Shawna might be there so he pulled out his poisoned pins and shot at them.
Once the pin entered their body they dropped down dead.
One of the most rare weapon you will ever see. Very deadly and effective.
He got to the door and opened it but found the room empty.
“Shit!!” He cussed and kicked the dead bodies lying on the floor.
“You idiots made me waste this” he groaned referring to the poisoned pins.
Then his eyes caught an elevator there. He matched to the elevator and entered, immediately he entered, the elevator started moving him up ultimatically
It got to it’s destination and stopped then opened. Dillion stepped out.
Few meters away from the gate, Luwis parked the car and wanted to come down. Vivian stopped him.
“I thought he ordered you to take me to the underground house or whatever! You brought me here and you want to go in?” Vivian asked.
“Just stay here, I’ll be back” Luwis said then got down from the car.
Immediately he saw Jay on the floor coughing, he couldn’t really escape the smoke that covered there as a result of the explosive he exploded.
“Hey, are you okay?” He squatted down to lift him up.
“What are you doing here?” Jay coughed then asked.
“I followed you guys” Luwis replied then pulled him up to his feet and took him to the car.
“Stay here. Don’t leave him” Luwis said to vivian then left again.
Vivian turned to look at Jay then frowned again.
“Why should I be the one babysitting him? I’m out of here” she said then opened the car and got down.
Vivian hasn’t gone far before she saw that guy she fought with last, the one Dillion had shot his leg.
She walked towards him and kicked him but he didn’t move.
“Hey! Are you dead?” Vivian kicked him again but he didn’t move.
“Well, I guess you are” vivian concluded and left him there.
Luwis ran into the compound to find Sam and Rockie exchanging bullets with the opponent.
He didn’t come there to exchange bullet so he moved into the house and got to the sitting room, he saw the two dead bodies Dillion had killed then looked into the opened door there. He didn’t find anyone, he turned and saw the elevator. He went to the elevator and got in, the elevator took him up straight then opened.
He came out of the elevator.
Dillion after coming out of the elevator saw four doors, two on the right and two on the left.
He kicked open the four of them but found the room empty.
What the f**k!? Are they kidding me? He thought angrily standing in-between the four doors.
He went back into the elevator and came out again trying to figure out if this man was actually trying to see how smart he is.
Then he looked into the first room and sighed.
I really have no time for games, he thought then went into the room concluding that the man was in there with Shawna.
The room looked empty, no bed, nothing inside. Just painted with white paint, same with the other rooms.
But there was one thing, a cotton covered the walls, he walked to a corner of the wall and lifted the cotton’s open.
He touched the wall to see that it is really a wall. He left there and went to the other end, he lifted the cotton up and touched the wall. It looked hard but not as hard as the other side.
He knocked on the wall but found out it was just a door.
“Bastard!!” He cussed and kicked the door open.
He walked in to see shawna, she was the first person his eyes met.
Tears already covered her whole face, she was scared for her life.
The hold of the guy with a knife placed on her throat tightened instantly. The knife was now touching her skin. A very shape knife.
The two guys with guns there readied themselves incase Dillion starts to rebel immediately.
Matthias’s father just remained sited on his sit, so calm.
Dillion wasn’t calm at all. He was pissed off, that he wanted to immediately go and strangle the guy who’s knife is on Shawna’s neck.
But he decided to behave.
She’s a bait to get you Dillion, behave! He reminded himself.
There was an extra sit there so he pulled it out and sat down.
“I’ve been waiting for you Mr Mark” Matthias father said smiling. A fake smile.
“I’ve been hearing a lot about you too lately” Dillion replied back through gritted teeth. He had no time at all to smile.
“So, what do you really want from me?” Dillion asked trying to get to the root of all the trouble.
“There is no need to rush things Mr Mark. Do you recall a guy named Matthias?” Matthias father asked.
Dillion recalled.
“Of course, the bastard that was trying to reap what he did not sow” Dillion answered.
Matthias father laughed.
Shawna kept staring at them in fear, why is this man so calm? She wondered.
“Um…just a reminder, I want you to look up” Matthias father said.
Dillion looked up to see a bomb placed up.
“Once you try to pull the trigger I’ll press this” Matthias father showed Dillion a remote.
“We all die” Dillion completed the remaining sentence for Matthias father.
“Yes, you’re smart! I love that” Matthias father said.
“So, back to our discussion. I heard you came over and killed Matthias” Matthias father said.
“Well, he was no longer needed. I had to take him……” Dillion was still saying before Luwis suddenly showed up from behind and shot down the two guys with a gun.
TBC Shawna
Escaping 4 on its way!
Your comments and rate please!

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Re: Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 22 & 23 by Olayemi: 3:51 pm On April 9, 2021

Whaaat what will happen now


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