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Single mom next door episode 9

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Single mom next door episode 9 by : 10:00 pm On September 19, 2020
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Nate snickered”Come on, baby,have u forgotten already,I saw you for the first time at the mall but you were in a hurry so I couldn’t talk to you but then we bumped into each other at the beach and since then….”
Wow!Nate was so good at lying.
“Yeah…I remember now”I laughed, nervously.
“So you mentioned earlier that you own a gym?”my mom,prompted and just like that,they started talking about gymnastics.
I always knew my mom loves that… she’s all about being physically fit.
She even booked a session with him which he promised would be for free of course
She also asked about Nate’s family.
I got to know that his father was late while his mom,step father and step sister lives in San Francisco.
I excused myself to prepare dinner and from the kitchen,I could still hear their voices, chatting and laughing…it was as if they had known each other for a while now.
I wondered what it’ll be like if I had met Nate before Eugene…. would I have had a sweet life with him?
What if he was brutal too and was just hiding it?
Eugene had hid his bad side from me too.
I can’t go through that again.
I just have to get out of this mess….pay Nate and push him away from me and my kids.
My mom walked into the kitchen.
“Your husband is such a gentleman”
Jeez…she was calling him my husband already.
“Can I have your account details,dear?”
My heart leapt.
I quickly gave it to her.
“Your father left a whole lot of money to you so I think you deserve it”
I nodded, smiling.
My phone beeped and I quickly picked it up from the table.
This plan worked.
“Nate”My mom called.
What?why was she calling him?
He walked into the kitchen.
“Laurel’s father,God bless his soul…. left a lot of money to her and I have transferred it so there should be no delay in the wedding anymore….next month is fine by me”
Nate stared at me obviously at a lost of words.
“I…em…we would get married at the right time,I want to make good investment with this money,I mean,I want to use it for something tangible because I want to always remember Dad’s last gift to me”
“You can always remember when you stare at your wedding pictures”my mom snapped.
I swallowed.”It’s just….”
“Fine,I don’t want to argue,you two already said you’re getting married soon and it must be next month, I’ll cover up the remaining expenses, I’ll see a wedding planner tomorrow and start preparations for the wedding,you just have to relax,I planned Ashley’s wedding too”
Words failed Nate and I.
My mom was taking this too far but if we begin to argue and bring up different excuses,she might suspect something.
Nate ran a hand through his hair.
“Eh… thank you so much, Felicia”He said, reluctantly.
I know he can afford a wedding himself if he someday wants to settle down.
But I can’t be his bride and strangely that thought hurt.
“Mom,you don’t really have to help us with the….”
My mom held my hands.
“I don’t mind, Laurel.I sometimes feel that I haven’t done much for my daughters, planning Ashley’s wedding really made me feel happy so I would begin the wedding preparations for your wedding too.No…don’t argue with me”
Oh God!
This is so unnerving.
At dinner, I’m still fascinated by the way my mom and Nate got along.
She had even warmed up to the kids and they were both enjoying her company.
I was the only one who was tensed at the table.
If Nate was uncomfortable,he didn’t show it.
The kids fell asleep when my mom finally decided to leave.Nate and I saw her off to her car.
“I’ll keep you updated about the preparation,I think by next week, you’ll be trying out the wedding dress”She said as she pecked my cheeks.
“Take care of my son in-law”She whispered.
I rolled my eyes.I thought I was her child here.
As she pulled away,Nate said.”We’re in deep shit,Laurel.”
“I’m sorry”
He turned to face me.”I can’t say it’s okay this time, she’s gonna start preparing for a wedding.Why the hell did you bring me into this?What about your husband?”
“We’re divorced and he’s in jail”I replied.
His jaw dropped.
I couldn’t tell him everything Eugene did to me,I didn’t want him to pity me.
We slowly walked back into the apartment building.
“And why didn’t you tell your mom about him?”
“I needed that money,she had warned me not to take a chance on Eugene and I did,I even ran away with him to Portland.If she found out that I had something to do with him,she won’t give me that money”
Nate sighed as we got into the elevator.
“But we can’t keep this up for long,you have to tell her before she tells the whole of Seattle that we’re getting married”
“You don’t have to worry about that, I’ll talk to her when I go to try out the wedding dress”
“She’ll be mad as f√¢k”
I shrugged.
She can’t take back the money.
“How was your ex-husband like?”
I tensed.”I really don’t want to talk about him.I’m really sorry for bothering you but I can pay you now, for babysitting my kids and lying today”
He frowned.”Do I like look I need the money?”
“Even so. I don’t want to feel I owe you something”
“You owe me nothing, Laurel.I won’t accept any cash from you.”He declared.
“Just keep it.People sometimes offer help to others for free.And besides,you have a lot of things to do with money”
I nibbled my lip.I hadn’t really thought of what to do with this money.
As if reading my thoughts,he continued,”You can buy a car, you’ve got two kids who can be a handful so it might be hard commanding them to walk on the pavement”
I laughed, recalling the times I have to hold their hands while struggling with grocery bags too.
A car is a good idea.
“You can also invest the money,buy shares….so that you can still feel comfortable even when it get exhausted.You won’t have to rely only on your salary”He advised.
He really is a great thinker.
I wonder if he has a girlfriend…she should hold onto to him tightly.
I think he doesn’t have one…I haven’t seen him with any woman since I moved in.
Somehow, I felt happy about it.
Seriously,what is wrong with me?
I don’t want to take a chance on him and at the same time…I don’t want him to be with someone else.
“Thank you for the suggestion, Nate.I’ll keep that in mind.”
He grinned.
I still don’t feel calm because he refuse to accept any payment.
What if he wants s£× as payment?
My body tingled as that thought.
He hadn’t said anything about s£×.
Why am I always thinking about that?
Maybe it’s because it’s been years since I had a good s£×.
s£× with Eugene was brutal.
“Laurel”He called me out of my reverie and I realized the elevator doors were opened and he was waiting for me to get off.
I nervously got off with him.
“I still don’t feel comfortable not paying you”I said.
“Then…go out with me…on a date”He requested.
A date!
After that….. would he have s£× with me?
‘For f√¢k’s sake.Stop thinking about s£×, Laurel!’My subconscious mind,growled.
I swallowed.”I can’t…my kids….”
“You can employ a babysitter”He suggested.
Woah! I can’t use my kids as an excuse now because he knows I have the money to employ a babysitter.
“I just…I have plans…..for tomorrow”
“I didn’t say tomorrow”
“Why do I have a feeling that you don’t wanna go out on a date with me?What? I’m not good enough”
I sighed.
I’m scared.
I’m scared of this attraction I feel towards him.
Nate’s a good guy.
Eugene was a good guy at first too.
“It isn’t like that,Nate.Why don’t we do it like this?I would cook dinner for you this week”
He rolled his eyes and let out a sigh.”Fine.If that’s more comfortable to you.Good night, Laurel”With that,he walked off.
I know that he’s upset that I don’t want to go out on a date with him.
As I lay on my bed…I realized what I had suggested was even worse.
I would be seeing Nate every evening for the rest of the week.
He would be sitting across the table.
Oh shit!
‘You might not end up in his bed…. Instead,he’ll end up in yours’My subconsciousness,sneered.
I’m in trouble.

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