Single mom next door episode 8

“Your father’s will was read today and he left a large amount of money to you”Paula said over the phone.
I felt tears on my eyes…now that I badly needed money.
This only shows that even after running away…my father still loved me.
“But there’s one problem,Laurel.your mother is still very mad at you. I told her that you’re in Seattle and she said if she finds out that you still had anything to do with Eugene…then she’s not giving you a dime.She’s sure that you won’t have any money to even sue her for confiscating your inheritance”
I sighed, heavily.
My mom is the most difficult woman I know and I also know that she’s damn serious about this threat.
“Oh well,I had better forget about the money then”
“You can’t,Laurel.You and I know you need this money more than anything….you need it for your kids so you have to get it no matter what”
“But if my mom finds out I have two kids for Eugene, she’s…..”
“You don’t have to tell her yet.You can tell her that they’re Eugene’s kids after she has transferred the money to you… just think of something…. just think of anything….and by the way I told her where you live”
I frozed.”What?”
“I’m sorry,I had to. I want you to live a comfortable life.You deserve that”With that,she hung up.
I sighed heavily.
I love Paula and sometimes,I wish she was my real mother…she doesn’t judge me…she gives me a listening ear and always understand my plight but my mom is always so distant.
Sometimes,I wonder if she even has a heart.
Anyway,I have to focus on the issue on ground.
My mom would be visiting me soon.
Was there any way I can lie about who the father of my kids is?
That evening, I realized that the foodstuff was almost exhausted.
It won’t even last till the end of the month and my salary won’t be paid complete because of the deduction of the bouquets.
I am so fucked-up if I don’t get that money.
As I slowly brought out some veggies,the doorbell rang.
I walked into the living room then towards the door.
Opening the door,my heart jumped into my stomach.
It was my mother.
Felicia Johnson.
“Well…well…well…if it isn’t Laurel…my long lost daughter”She said, sarcastically.
She was still looking so elegant and was dressed in style.
She doesn’t know Paula had told me about my money.
“Hello, mother”I said, politely as I hugged her.
I realized I didn’t miss her at all.
I slowly led her into my apartment,she looked around and I know she’s looking for any sign of Eugene.
“How have you been,mom?”I asked trying to sound concern.
“Good and I think you’ve been doing okay too”She sat on a couch.
“How’s Ashley?”I asked.
That’s the name of my younger sister.
“She’s married now and she’s in Georgia,what about….”
She was interrupted when Aiden and Annie ran into the living room.
“Woah! I didn’t know I had grandchildren?”
“Aiden, Annie…this is your grandma”
This introduction was a little bit awkward.
The children just smiled at her and she did same.
I had a feeling she won’t like them if she knows that they’re Eugene’s kids.
“So you got married to that….eh… what was his name again? Eugene, right?”
“We didn’t get married and these ain’t his kids”I replied.
I could see relief on her face.
I know it’s wrong to lie about something like this but I have to.
I needed this money.
“So what happened when you left?”
“I…I realized that I made a big mistake running away with Eugene.We were incompatible so I left him and I met someone else, he’s the father of my kids.”
“So you two ain’t married?”
“No…but we’re planning on getting married soon”
“That’s great!”She squealed.”I always despised that Eugene,he had this arrogant demeanor,as long as you didn’t end up with him,I have forgiven you so what’s the name of this good guy”
I had to say the name of the only guy who can help me.
“Nathan Carter,he’ll be back soon….from work.”
“Oh I can’t wait to meet him”
My kids just stared at me in awed while I smiled, nervously.
“Make yourself comfortable,mom while I go get the kids their toys”That was a very lame excuse but she nodded.
Since I told her I had nothing to do with Eugene, she’s suddenly happy with me.
I got the kids to their bedroom and locked the door.
“I’m going to call Nate over and you’re going to call him Daddy”
Aiden frowned.”Why should we do that?”
“You told me you wanted a new pair of sneakers and that fancy watergun ….mommy can only buy those things if you pretend as if Nate is actually your father….just for tonight”
“Don’t worry, mommy.I’ll call Nate ‘Daddy’ everyday”Annie assured and I took that as a joke.
“Fine, I’ll call him ‘Daddy”Aiden agreed.
“Good.Now go keep grandma company, okay?”
They nodded and scurried off.
Don’t blame me for asking my kids to lie.
It’s for their sake.
I’m desperate right now and I have to do this…but I know Nate would surely freak out.
I took out my cellphone and dailed his number.
He picked up almost immediately.
“Hey, Laurel”
Laurel… why can’t I get used to him calling my name?
“Are you home yet?”I asked.
“I just got into the elevator.What?Do you need me for anything?”He asked in a seductively husky voice.
“I just want you to drop by my apartment,I’ve got something to tell you”
“Oh”He muttered and I know he’s thinking about something else.
“I’ll be there, ASAP!”With that,he hung up.
My nerves were in shreds….I was slightly scared that this little act I was about to get onto might get either messy or ruined.
My mother was quite smart.
Would she be deceived?
Would Nate play along?
The doorbell rang and my pulse sped up.
Nate is here!
This is it!
I walked into the living room.
“I think Nate’s home”I said to my mother who looked at the door excitedly.
I opened the door.
“Welcome home,honey”I said, smiling.
Nate’s jaw dropped as he walked in.
He was probably wondering what was wrong with me.
“Daddy!”Annie squealed,and hugged him.
“I missed you,you promised to get me a dollhouse,did you buy it?”She asked.
I was stunned.
Wow,my daughter would make a good actress.
She was killing it.
Nate just stared at me then at everyone in the room…. highly confused.
I’ve been thinking about Laurel since that night when she was in my apartment…when she treated my lip….when I massaged her neck….when she saw my condoms.
I had gotten so hard after she left.
I had to practically wank imagining her pussy.
I wish I can see her…. without clothes on.
I’ve never been this hungry for a pussy before.
At the same time,when I think about her, I’m scared that if I really have the chance to make love to her…I might want more.
Am I ready to take on her children too?
This shit is quite complicated.
I just know that I want her in bed…for now and I know she wants me too.
I caught her staring at my condoms for a while.
Her cheeks had been scarlet throughout her stay in my apartment.
Oh Laurel,I would do anything to get between her legs.
What if I really do get between and never want to pull out?
This attraction towards her scares the shit out of me.
I want to avoid her but I can’t.
It’s like a magnetic pull.
So when she called me saying she had something to tell me….I thought maybe she had been thinking about me too.
Maybe she wants to suggest we have a one night stand or better still… be friends with benefits.
To say that I am shocked that she called me ‘honey’ is an understatement.
But when her daughter called me ‘daddy’ and hugged me saying things I never promised.
I am extremely flabbergasted.
When….When did I become a daddy?
I saw a woman standing close to Aiden and I guessed she is Laurel’s mother.
They look so much alike.
I stared at Laurel and she was giving me the “play-along-with-it” look.
Why is she making me go through all this?
But I can’t turn away from this.She seems so determined to decieve her mother.
I wondered why?
Was her husband a psychopath?
Her parents doesn’t know about her husband?
Why does she want me as her kids father overnight?
I realized that I know so little about this woman and after this shit….she had better start telling me why I have to pretend.
She didn’t even get me an hint that I was about to meet the biggest shock of my life.
Not everyone gets to be a daddy overnight.
I activated my pretense mode and carried Annie in my arms.
“Daddy forgot, princess.I promise to get it tomorrow”
Annie flung her arms around me.
One would actually think we were father and daughter.
Annie needs to be featured in a movie.
She would be a very good actress.
“Hi,Dad”Aiden muttered with a scowl but Laurel’s mother didn’t notice that.
“Nate,this is my mother”Laurel introduced.
“Felicia Johnson and I’m happy to meet you,Nate”
“Me too, ma’am”
“Oh please,call me, Felicia and why haven’t you told Laurel to reunite with us after so many years?”She scolded, sternly.
Now I have to take the blame for what I know nothing about.
Annie and Aiden walked away probably to play in their bedroom.
We got seated.
Laurel sat beside me and held my hand.
I sucked in a breath as a shiver ran through me.
Oh Laurel…I wanted her to touch other parts of me.
I wondered how she would reward me for this.
“I’m so sorry, Felicia.I tried to talk her into reconciling with you but she was scared that you might not forgive her”
Felicia stared at Laurel then at me.
“Why haven’t you two gotten married when you have two kids already?”
I quickly thought of another lie.
“I own a gym and for a while now, I’ve been traveling a lot, attending to other people and not making time for my family but I’ve stopped that now.My family is now my most important priority.Laurel and I are getting married in few months time,I want a grand wedding.She’s one in a million and she deserves the best”I said, staring lovingly into Laurel’s eyes.
She’s spellbound at my lie.
I smirked inwardly.
Annie isn’t the only one who would make a good actress….I could make a good actor too.
Felicia seems touched by my words.
“My daughter is lucky to have someone who adores her and I already like you,Nate….My in-law”She giggled and I laughed too.
I hope this lie wouldn’t get messy.
“So how did you two meet?”
“At the mall”I replied at the same time, Laurel said,”At the beach”
Laurel and I stared at each other knowing we might get caught tonight.
This is bad!

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