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Single mom next door episode 7

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Single mom next door episode 7 by : 9:57 pm On September 19, 2020
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When Nathan left,I started to feel guilty about my outburst.
I couldn’t see any single bruise on my kids after examining them.
What if he didn’t actually hit them?
But then why would Aiden lie against him?
Was he a bad babysitter?
At noon,I slowly brushed Annie’s hair after removing it from an ugly braid.
Did Nate braid her hair?
“Who braided your hair,honey?”I asked.
“Nate did”She replied.
I bit back my laughter,he is very bad at braiding.
“Tell me everything Nate did while I was away”
“He followed Aiden to the toilet,he ran the bath for us.He mopped the floor…”
Nate mopped?
“He braided my hair and he read stories for us but it didn’t make us feel sleepy…then he sang a lullaby… Mommy… Nate’s so bad at lullabies,he sang a different line”She said, laughing.
I laughed too.
“What else did he do?”
“He told us jokes till we fell asleep.Nate cooked breakfast and it was very delicious and he did the dishes too”
Oh…he really did his best.
“He didn’t hit you guys?”
“No….Aiden told me he doesn’t like Nate.Aiden made Nate tripped on his foot and he fell and hurt his lip….Aiden also broke his headphone and iPod,that was why he called us demonic kids”Annie confided.
I swallowed.
I know for a fact that Aiden hasn’t gotten over his father’s attitude and he probably thinks all men were mean too.
But Annie is hardly ever affected by anything, she’s so lively.
All Nate ever wanted to do was help me and he did….but I had yelled at him.
Would anyone had volunteered to help me like he did?
I needed to apologize.
“I like Nate,mommy.I want him to babysit us again”She said turning to face me.
I smiled, uneasily.
“Do you like Nate?”She asked.
“I don’t hate him”I replied, nervously.
Why am I suddenly nervous?
“You like him then…I want to see Nate again…he called me a princess”She giggled and ran off to play with her brother.
I sighed.
What has Nate done to my daughter?
That night,after putting the kids to bed,I made my way to Nate’s apartment.
I don’t know why I feel extremely nervous as hell.
I’m just going to apologize.
I ran the doorbell twice before the door opened.
He wasn’t on any shirt.
My cheeks heated taking in his n@k£d chest.
“Eh…Hi Laurel”He muttered seemingly surprised to see me.
“Annie told me what really happened,I am so sorry, Nate. I owe you a lot,I was just…”
“It’s fine”He cut in, softly.
I stared up at his lower lip.
“Did you put anything on it?”
“Don’t worry,it’d heal soon”He assured.
I still felt guilty.
“Do you have first aid?”I asked.
Maybe that would relieve me of the guilt.
He nodded”I do”He stepped aside so I can walk into his apartment.
I walked in and boy….it was highly furnished and smelled so nice.
There was not an hint of dirt.
Not that I’m the dirty type though… it’s just that my apartment tends to be dirty as soon as I cleaned up because of my kids.
He handed me a first aid kit and sat on a couch.
I stood before him and bent down to treat his lip.
Holy Moses!
I am quaking on the inside.
To be close to him like this got my face flaming up.
I suddenly wondered how his lips would feel like on mine.
What is wrong with me?
As if reading my thoughts,he smiled, widening the cut on his lip.
Oh….he was so good looking.
“You…You have to stop smiling so I can treat it properly”I scolded.
“I can’t help it”He replied,pursing his lips.
Our eyes met and I found it hard to look away…..I tried to ignore what my body was telling me….but I can’t stop staring at his eyes…and appreciating his well-defined arms.
His dark hair was styled and his eyes were as blue as the ocean, I could stare at them for hours.
I shook my head to clear my thoughts and he looked away.
I can tell he was feeling uneasy too.
I quickly stepped back when I was through.
“I’m sorry once again for Aiden’s behaviour”I apologized.
He stood up towering above me.
“Apology accepted,baby”
He laughed, nervously.”I’m sorry,I meant, Laurel”
I pinched a nerve in my neck.”Ouch”I say as I started rubbing my neck.I woke up with a stiff neck but figured it was from working all night and sleeping in an unfamiliar bed.
“Here,let me”Before I can say anything,Nate has made me sit on his couch and he came behind me.
His f!ng£rs were expertly kneading the spot I was rubbing.
“Oh God…that feels so good”I mumbled.
I’m in heaven,lost under the tenderness of this touch.
This man has magic hands and my mind instantly goes south thinking about the other parts of me he could massage.
The way his f!ng£rs dig into the right spot without causing too much pain amazed me.
He leaned in,a little closer,his chest pressing against my back.
His breath tickles my neck causing the fine hairs to rise.
I squeezed my legs together to fight off the impending ache.
I shouldn’t feel like this but I do.
Every part of me is beginning to tingle because this hot-as-sin man is touching me.
“I think I’m okay now, I should wash my hands and get going”I said,and shakily stood up.
He nodded, curtly.”The bathroom’s that way”
“Thanks”Without staring at him,I walked off to the direction where he had pointed.
I hurriedly washed my hands and looked around for something to try them off.
I opened a drawer and gasped.
It was filled with condoms….of different brands.
It was as if he was selling them.
He must be screwing a lot of women regularly.
Oh my!
How good would it feel if he uses one on me?
Why am I getting h**ny just by staring at condoms?
I wonder how good he is in bed.
“You never know when you need one”I heard his voice and quickly shut the drawer.
I know I had stayed too long in the bathroom.
He was leaning against the door post.
Jeez…I shouldn’t want this man…in bed…in anything.
I said I don’t want any man….why is Nate dissolving my resolve without even knowing?
“I was just looking for something to dry my hands”I replied.”I should really get going now”
He saw me off to the door and held it open for me.
“I really liked babysitting your kids even if it turned out sour at the end,I wouldn’t mind if you want me to look after them again”
I wanted to speak and say that isn’t a good idea, especially now that I’m attracted to him but he continued.
“Don’t worry,you can also pay for it not now….but soon”He said, jokingly.
We both laughed, light-heartedly.
“Goodnight, Laurel”
Laurel….my name sounds so intimate and lovely in his mouth now.
Something is definitely wrong with me.
“Goodnight,Nate”I replied and walked over to my apartment,I know he is staring at my backside as I walk and strangely that made me feel so giddy.

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