Single mom next door episode 6

“So what are your names?”I asked.
“I’m Annie and he’s Aiden”The little girl replied while the boy just walked off and sank on the couch.
“I like your eyes”Annie said to me.
I frowned…what a weird compliment to get from a little girl.
“Thanks”I said and sat on a sofa,she sat beside me with a smile plastered on her face.
“How old are you, Nate?”She asked.
“Wow, you’re so old”
I frozed.”I’m not old,I don’t have any grey hair and wrinkles,do I?”
She shrugged.
“What do you do for a living?”
Oh boy!She is so inquisitive.
“I own a gym”
“What do you do in your gym?”
“I offer physical therapy,I make people physically fit and help the physical challenged get better again”
I know she doesn’t understand any of those shit.
“You do all that by yourself?”
“Nope,I have employees”
“What do you employees do?”
“They do what I do”
“What do you do?”
I had to stop myself from glaring at her.
She’s starting to get on my nerves.
I literally just told her what I do, right?
Aiden stood up.
“I have to poop”He announced.
“Okay”I replied but he was still standing in front of me.
“Mommy usually follow us to the toilet”
My jaw dropped.
“I’m not your mommy so go and do your business yourself”
“What if something happens to me in there?”He asked,sternly.
“Nothing will happen to you, you’re too big to fall into the water closet”I pressed on but he didn’t move.
I shut my eyes.
Oh well….I had agreed to babysit so I have to endure everything that comes to me.
Minutes later, I’m inside the toilet and inhaling this little man’s poop.
“What did you eat?”I asked as my nose twitched.
Do I really have to percieve this?
I couldn’t be more happy when he was done.
“I don’t like you”He said as we walked out of the toilet.
I eyed him….I don’t even want him to like me…he was just as moody as his mother.
When we got to the living room,Annie was playing with her doll.
“Her name’s Suzy….is she pretty”
I sat on the couch and watched Aiden take a toy gun.
He pointed it at me and I know he wanted me to play dead.
As he fire a shot,I grunted and fell flat on the couch.
“I shot you, you’re supposed to die”He scolded.
“I did”I replied sitting up.
“You didn’t close your eyes”
“Not everyone die with their eyes closed”
“I’m not gonna argue about how people die, it’s creepy!”I snapped.
He threw the gun at me and picked up another toy.
I glanced at the wall clock.
It was passed nine already.
“Time for bed!”I announced.
“We wanna have a bubble bath first”Annie announced.
My teeth clenched wishing I can just cast a spell to make them sleep till tomorrow….but too bad.
I’m not a magician.
After running the bath for them.
They both stripped and got into the bathtub….. giggling and splashing water.
“I’ll give you five minutes”I said and walked out.
Outside the bathroom, I could still hear their laughter.
Surprisingly,it was refreshing.
When I walked back to the bathroom again,I nearly had a Goddamn heart attack.
Most of the water were on the floor.
Jeez….I can’t remember when last I cleaned.
I always employ a cleaning lady to take care of my apartment once a week…. my apartment is hardly ever dirty anyway.
After wrapping them on a towel each….
I pulled off my shirt,took a mop and started cleaning.
I feel like a fucking housewife….or better still househusband.
I instantly felt goosebumps.
Husband to who?
After dressing them in their PJs.
They both sat on the bed staring at me.
What now?
“I can’t sleep with my hair like this, please braid my hair in pigtails”
Pig what?
What the hell is that?
I quickly brought out my cellphone and searched for it on the internet.
I don’t really know how to do any braiding?
But I can’t tell her that,I sat on the bed and parted her hair into two then I started to do the braiding that I know.
Aiden burst into laughter after I was through.
“You look like a fool!”He exclaimed.
Tears streamed up on Annie’s eyes.
“Pay no mind to him,you look like a princess”I cooed.
She tucked out her tongue at Aiden.
“Nate said I’m a princess”
I stopped myself from laughing…if only she knew what I had done with her hair.
“Whatever”Aiden snapped.
I stood up.”Goodnight”
“No story?”Annie asked,alarmed.
“And a song?”Aiden added.
Why can’t they just fall asleep?
I picked up a book and sat down again then started reading.
No matter how many stories I read,their eyes were still wide open.
“You don’t even know how to read a story,you make it less interesting,what time is mommy coming back?”Aiden asked,grossly.
I’m doing my best.
What’s his problem?
Obviously,the books ain’t working so a song would have to do.
The music I love listening to would surely drive away sleep from their eyes till morning.
Which song should I sing then?
I ransacked my brain trying to remember the ones I was taught in kindergarten.
I cleared my throat.
“Twinkle Twinkle little star.
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky”
I paused,I can’t remember the rest lines….but I had to continue as they were both staring at me.
“When you come up in the sky…you always shine so bright…”
They started laughing interrupting me.
I laughed too at my own ridiculous line.
So I stick to jokes, after making them laugh till they had tears on their eyes, exhaustion finally overcame them.
I heaved a sigh of relief and covered them both with their duvets.
They were really cute kids.
I wondered how their father was like.
Why would he give up someone as beautiful as Laurel and as cute as these children?
I slept on the couch in the living room, thinking about her,if she didn’t have kids…. would I be screwing her already?
Morning came unbearably too quick,I was preparing breakfast when the kids walked into the kitchen.
“Morning, Nate”Annie greeted, smiling.
I smiled back and smiled at Aiden but he only scowled in return.
“I’m making omelette….Go brush your teeth and come have breakfast”
“Do we really have to brush our teeth?we brushed yesterday”Aiden replied.
“So… because you brushed yesterday,you won’t brush today?”I asked.
Annie nodded.
I frowned,these kids were quite cunning so I have to be cunning too.
“Fine.”I bent down before them.
“Since you ate breakfast yesterday,it also means,you don’t really have to eat breakfast today”
They both swallowed.
“Since you drank milk yesterday,you don’t need milk today”
Their eyes widened.
“Oh…I saw ice cream on the refrigerator but I guess you had ice cream yesterday so you don’t need ice cream today”
“I’m gonna brush my teeth!”They both screamed at the same time and ran off.
I laughed.
Well, I’m starting to like Laurel’s kids.
After breakfast,I hurriedly picked up the dishes to wash them.
I didn’t notice Aiden’s little leg on the way,I tripped on it and fell hurting my lower lip.
“Sorry”He muttered, nonchalantly.
I sat up feeling blood on my lip.
“Shit!”I exclaimed.
“Shit”Annie repeated after me.
Oh no!
“Fuck! Don’t say that”I scolded.
“Fuck”Aiden repeated.
Laurel is going to kill me if she hears these words from her kids.
“Don’t say fuck or shit!”I warned standing up.
Why do I feel Aiden had made me tripped on purpose?
Now, I’m starting to wonder what I’ve done wrong to this boy.
After doing the dishes,I walked into the living room where Annie and Aiden were playing with their toys.
I was shocked to see the shattered state of my headphone and iPod.
They broke….they fucking broke…..
“You… Demonic kids!”I cursed before I can stop myself.
They both burst into tears.
“I didn’t do anything…Aiden broke them”Annie cried.
I sighed, frustratedly.
Who asked me to babysit these children?
I know I shouldn’t have insulted them like that but I was a music freak and I couldn’t help freaking out to see my headphone and iPod in that state.
I can always get new ones, anyway.
For now, I have to make them stop crying.
Laurel would be back any minute from now and she would be definitely pissed that I made them cry.
“Stop crying, I’m sorry, okay?”
That only increased the volume of their cries.
I remembered the ice cream on the freezer.
“Who wants ice cream?”
Like magic….their cries ceased.
“Me”They both replied.
Wow,these kids are the biggest scammers I know.
They devoured their ice cream while I stared at my broken stuff, sadly.
My lower lip still fucking hurts.
The doorbell rang and my joy knew no bounds.
Laurel was back.
I opened the door.
“Hey,Nate”She began walking into the apartment.
“What happened to your lip?”She asked.
As I am about to reply,Aiden started crying again.
He dropped his ice cream and ran into Laurel’s arms, crying uncontrollably.
“What’s wrong?What happened,baby?”
“I was beaten by Nate and he called us demonic kids”He cried.
My eyes dilated.
“No…. I didn’t hit him. I just said that because I was angry”I retorted, quickly but she obviously didn’t believe me…she was giving me the I-know-it look.
I glanced at Annie hoping she would help me out but she was too busy with her ice cream.
“I told you they didn’t like being beaten and I don’t think anyone likes that”She thundered.
“I didn’t….”
“Just leave,Nate, I’ll pay you as soon as possible”
I sighed and picked up my things.
This is what I get for being a good Samaritan.
I walked out of her apartment with a broken lip…a broken headphone and a broken iPod.
I am never going to help anyone again.

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