Single mom next door episode 5

Why does she have kids?
She looks so slender to have two kids already.
Damn…I really wanted to try my luck with this woman….but no!
She’s outta my league.
Without waiting for any more conservation,I nodded, curtly at her and walked off to my apartment.
As I lay down to sleep that night,I couldn’t stop thinking about her angelic face.
“Laurel…Laurel”I murmured her name…..
I find that name so beautiful.
I turned on a music on my iPod so I can stop thinking about her but I only ended up fantasizing more about her.
The other days that followed,I tried to simply be a nice neighbour to the single mom next door….I don’t want any relationship with her and I know she doesn’t too because she’s still so uncomfortable around me.
I keep wondering if I have lost my cuteness or what.
Normally,women….even some of my clients at the gym are always pleased to look at me…to be around me.
I’m a carefreed person.
Each time I’m on the elevator with Laurel or we come across each other at the hallway, she’s always so eagered to walk right out of my sight.
She’s one weird single mom.
Well…I know I usually stare at her longer than necessary but I can’t help it.
I keep wondering what she’s like beneath her clothes.
I keep wanting to have a taste of her.
This is pure masculine lust and it should better end there.
I shouldn’t let my lust lead me because she’s not my type.
Taking care of two kids hadn’t been easy.
It’s not easy at all being a single mom.
When we moved to Seattle a year ago….I moved to a much smaller apartment and the kids continue with schooling.
I bumped into Paula at the grocery store…she was the nanny who took care of my sis and I when we were little.
She’s still working for my mom…as a cook now.
I learnt from her that my sister was now married and my dad got into an accident when returning from one of his business trips.
He didn’t make it out alive.
I was really saddened by that news…even if he was hardly around when I was growing up…I know he still cared about his family.
Paula told me his will would be read soon but I’m not hoping to get anything from him…even if he leaves anything for me…I know my mom would confiscate it…she probably hates me now.
I took my kids and visited him at his grave.
Paula told me the address of the private cemetery….we exchanged contact and she insisted I meet my mother.
I don’t want to see her.
I don’t want to be reminded of my mistake.
The money the government gave to me had been long exhausted but before then I took up a job at a big flower shop.
I thought I had a peaceful life before a man across the street started stalking me.
He wanted to go out on a date with me but I refused.
Still,he wouldn’t stop coming onto me….he was so pesky and when I see him…I see Eugene.
Before I get subjected to another tormentor,I moved out of the apartment to another one.
Not that I have enough money to keep moving but I’d do anything to avoid any man who makes a move on me.
I love this new apartment…it came furnished and was more cozy.
I thought I was going to have a peaceful life again until I met Nathan.
Well,he isn’t making a move on me and I’m happy about that.
I always cut him off at his slight chance of bringing up any conversation….and I’m hope he’s seeing the signs that I don’t want anybody.
But Damn….he is fucking handsome.
And the way his eyes crinkles when he smiles is mindnumbling.
What is wrong with me?
One moment I’m saying I don’t want a man and now I’m admiring Nathan.
Yes! Admiring…it shouldn’t go pass that.
And if he isn’t brutal…he must definitely be a player….one of those two…I know it’s wrong to just judge a person without knowing him but I can’t help it.
My experience with Eugene has left me bitter and cynical.
I stopped baring his last name too.
“Laurel”Someone called snapping me out of my thoughts.
I looked up to see colleague.
“Your kids….they just shattered two bouquets.They were fighting with it”She announced and my heart stopped.
Oh God!
Annie and Aiden could be a handful.
After school,I have to bring them to work with me because I don’t have enough money to employ a babysitter.
We hurried over to Aiden and Annie and my teeth clenched seeing that they had ruined the most expensive bouquets in the store.
“You….what is….”
Before I can even yell at them,they burst into tears.
“What’s going on?”I heard the manager’s voice.
Oh… I’m in deep shit.
His eyes narrowed staring at the bouquets on the floor.
“How many times will I tell you to employ a fucking babysitter…stop bringing these rascals to work!”He yelled.
I sighed.”I’m so sorry,sir… I….”
“Nevermind,these would be deducted from your salary”
My heart sunk….I have booked my salary to buy some necessities,it wasn’t even enough and now,I was getting a deduction.
“I just came to remind you,Mia and Sarah that you guys should leave for the wedding tonight,the bride wants you guys to sleep over and design the wedding Marquee”
I nodded.”Yes, sir”
“Oh before I forget, don’t take your kids with you.I mean it this time.Get a babysitter.I hope you can still remember what happened the last time you took them to a wedding”He snorted.
I nibbled on my bottom lip….they had ruined the wedding cake…the bride had called them “walking disasters”
“No buts,Laurel.Your kids ain’t allowed to come with you and if you don’t show up at the venue of the wedding tonight….consider yourself fired!”With that,he stormed off.
As I walked home with my kids that evening,I felt so down.
What should I do?
I can’t lose my job but I can’t pay for the service of a babysitter.
My kids are just six years old….they can’t spend the night alone.
Oh God!
It was really hard to get the job at that flower store.
I can’t afford to be jobless,who would take care of my kids?
After having dinner,Aiden and Annie were at the living room watching TV.
I sat on a chair in the dining room making a list of all the things I needed by the end of the month.
I leaned against the chair.
Why am I even making a list?
I have to spend the night with my kids.
I don’t have a job anymore.
I stared at the wall clock.
It read 8:03am.
I have to get some toiletries before the store closes.
I stood up and headed for the door.
“Mommy has to go down the street to get some stuff, okay?”I said to them but they just nodded…too engrossed in the cartoon they were watching.
Sometimes,I am tempted to call my mom… she’s the only one who can help me, financially but my pride won’t let me.
I’m still so scared to face her.
I know she would surely berate my ass.
I bought the toiletries and made it back to the apartment building, I got into the elevator.
As the doors were about closing, someone placed his hand on it opening them again.
I glanced up and my breath caught seeing Nate.
“Hi Laurel”He began getting into the elevator, the doors closed and he pressed 14.
I only nodded looking away,the last time I met his eyes,my stomach decided to tie itself into intricate knots.
“I don’t mean to sound pesky but do you have a problem with me…have I done something wrong to you?”He asked.
“No….why do you think so?”
“It’s just… you seem pretty uncomfortable with me as if I’m gonna eat you or something”
“I’m not”I replied but I know he’s right.
“So can we be friends now?”
My eyes dilated.
What kind of friendship was he suggesting?
Friends with benefits?
As if he read my thoughts,he spoke.
“Just normal friends, Laurel.We live just a door away from each other so there’s no harm in being friends, right?”
I swallowed.”Sure”
Why am I always overreacting?
“I saw you when you walked into the elevator,I don’t really mean to pry but you look really bothered”
I took a deep breath.
I don’t really want to tell him about my problems but he looked well to do.
Who knows?
He might know someone who might give me another job.
“I have to design a wedding Marquee tonight but I can’t take my kids along with me,I can’t employ a babysitter too and if I don’t show up at the venue of the wedding,I’ll lose my job”I rattled out.
“So it’s not too late for you to show up at the venue?”He drawled.
“Okay.I can babysit them tonight”
I stared at him hoping I heard that wrong.
Why would he want to babysit my kids?
“There’s nothing wrong in helping a friend, right?”
What does he want in return?
As if he senses how tensed I am,he continued.
“I really understand kids, Laurel.I’ve looked after my sister’s kid a couple of times. I know you really need to keep your job”
My fist clenched.
He didn’t look like someone who would hurt my kids but I feel he wants something in return.
What is it?
My hands balled into a fist….his offer is quite tempting…..if I don’t let him look after my kids,I would lose my job and I wouldn’t be able to take care of them while I’m job-hunting again.
But I have to make him see that this isn’t for free so he wouldn’t want my body in return.
“I’ll pay you for your service….not now though but soon”I muttered.
He snickered….just as the elevator doors opened.
“I don’t want your money, Laurel”
My jaw dropped.
Oh my God!
He wants my body then.
He waved his hand in front of my face.
“You always have a serious look on your face.Calm down”He said as we walked out.
“Fine, since you really want to pay me someday….then it’s cool”He agreed.
I heaved a sigh or relief.
“Thank you so much,I’ll get my things”
I’m officially crazy!
Why did I offer to babysit her kids?
The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them.
I even lied that I had watched over my sister’s kid before.
Which sister?
I only have a step sister who doesn’t have a child and isn’t married too.
Laurel looked so bothered and I was determined to take away that frown from her face.
Fuck me!
I walked into her apartment holding my iPod and a headphone around my neck.
“This is Nate and he’ll be watching over you tonight….I have to be somewhere important….be good for mommy, okay?”She said to her kids bending down and hugging them before turning to face me.
“They don’t like being yelled at or beaten”She said.
I nodded.”Okay”
“I’ll surely pay you for this favor”She emphasized.
I shrugged.Why does she think I want something else in return?
Yes…I wouldn’t mind having sex with her…. that’s only if she wants it too.
And don’t blame me….blame her for having such incredible features…. raspberry ripe lips and a body that would want any man to have desires to be balls deep inside of her.
I only volunteered to help her because of how disturbed she looked.
Is there anything wrong with that?
“They’ve already eaten dinner,their bedtime is at nine.I’ll be back as soon as I can tomorrow.Thank you for this”She said and I wish she would smile.
Come to think of it, I’ve never really seen her smile.
This woman really has a problem.
Laurel left and I turned to face her kids.
They stared at me, sardonically.
So I’m babysitting?
But I don’t really like or understand kids.
Then again…all they know is how to eat and play and sleep…
So how hard can it be?
I know we can do it💪
But wait o😂
who else thinks Nathan is in big trouble tonight?
Babysitter 🙆

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