Single mom next door episode 4

Getting into my car,I revved out of the parking lot of my gym and drove into the road at a moderate speed.
I had my sunglasses on as I turned on my MP3 player….one of my favorite songs played out:
*Sunflower by Post Malone ft Swae Lee*
As usual,I sang along
“Ayy ayy ayy ayy
Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh
Ayy Ayy
Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh.
Needless to say,I keep in check
She was a bad-bad,nevertheless
Callin’ it quits now,baby, I’m a wreck
Crash at my place, baby, you’re wreck
Needless to say, I’m keeping in check
She was a bad-bad, nevertheless
Callin’ it quits now,baby, I’m a wreck
Crash at my place,baby, you’re wreck
Thinkin’ in a bad way,losin’ your grip
Screaming at my face,baby, don’t trip
Someone took a big L, don’t know how that felt
Look at you sideways,party on tilt
Some things you can’t refuse
She wanna ride me like a cruise and I’m not tryna lose….
I’m Nathan Carter.Twenty-nine years old and still single….it not a choice though but I still haven’t found that special one to settle down with….my casual flings and one night stand didn’t look appealing to me.
I’m definitely not a playboy,at least I don’t like to consider myself as one.
Yes! I’ve been with a lot of women but I still believe in love and I’ve dated twice.
My first girlfriend… Julia….we dated for about two years but broke up because she wanted to fulfill her dreams in New York.
I can’t and will never do long distance relationship.
It’s stressful and tiring.
Imagine being on the phone for hours…and sometimes…. sexting and pretending you’re fucking her sweet pussy when in reality you’ve got your hand wrapped around your cock.
That shit ain’t funny.
So we had to split.
I couldn’t tell her to give up on her dreams,that would be extremely selfish of me and I couldn’t move to New York because I loved living in Seattle,I got my dream job in Seattle.
My second girlfriend was a single mom.
Oh boy…at first,I despised her kid….that boy was full on pranks.
But she was sexy and great in bed so I assumed that was okay.
When her kid was finally warming up to me and I felt like taking our relationship to another level….boom!
Her ex-husband showed up and begged for forgiveness.
She left me and went back to him.
That really hurt and the last thing I heard was that they were married again.
Well, that’s cool…
I moved on….the last thing I would ever do is fight and have my cute face bruised up over woman….a woman who didn’t want or chose me.
My parents raised me well and I am proud of them…. though my dad died when I was fifteen and I moved to San Francisco with my mom where she got married to a single dad too.
He had a daughter and she can be very annoying sometimes.When I graduated from college after studying physical therapy,I found my way back to Seattle because this was the place where I grew up in and I had a special bond with it.
The property….a ranch that my father left to me was also here…. though I made someone in charge and just visit once in a while.I know nothing about managing a ranch.
With the profits from the ranch,I opened my own gym and I’ve been able to hire a full complement of staff,and that enables me to dedicate myself to personal training and physical therapy.
I love what I do and people love my services…there was a time I helped a man,Gary who was shot and almost died when a bullet ripped through his lung.He was in coma for about a month and had to extensive physical therapy to regain his full lung function.
When I help people get better again,I feel a great joy but I still I can consider my life complete if I finally find that special one to share my life with.
I don’t plan on being alone forever but I don’t want to make a mistake choosing the right one for me.
I slowly came to a halt in the parking lot of the apartment building where I live.
I got down from my car and I as strode towards the entrance.
My footsteps halted taking in the beauty in front of my.
Wow…..was it possible to find someone extremely sexy on a pair of faded jeans,a sweatshirt and messy bun?
I didn’t know but this lady looks hella sexy.
She’s got a very cute backside.
She was struggling with three luggage.
Seems like she just moved in.
I quickly said a secret prayer hoping her apartment would be on my floor.
The fact that I’m staring like a crazed-stalker bothers me so I walked up to her pulling off my dark shades.
“Hey there”I began.
She looks and me and mumbled something I couldn’t hear.
“I can see you just moved in, I live on this apartment building too.I’m Nathan Carter but you can call me Nate”I slung her my *Mr cool smile* and offer my hand.
When our hands meet, I hope for that spark,that electricity that everyone talks about when they meet someone they’re attracted to but it’s not there and I want it to be.
I’ve seen a lot of women in my life…but none more beautiful than her.I don’t know if it’s the way her dark hair contrasts with her emerald eyes or the fact that I can picture her standing next to me at parties and in my kitchen as we make dinner together.
I haven’t felt the need to get to know a woman just by standing next to her.
Her small hand is dwarfed by my much larger one and I’m shock to feel just how dainty she is.
“I’m Laurel Johnson”She replied.
“It’s nice to meet you”I say as I pull my hand away from hers.
I feel as if we lingered in our handshake…maybe a little longer than necessary.
None of it should mean anything,except that I feel like it does.
I fucking don’t need a shock or that electrical current.
I want to know more about this woman.
I discreetly glanced at it her finger.
No ring!
“Let me help you with that”I offered taking two luggage.
“You don’t have to”She replied trying to get them from me.
“C’mon,I insist”I pressed on and walked into the apartment building.
She grabbed the last luggage and made after me.
We walked into the elevator and she pressed 14.
We live on the same floor.
I glanced down at her and she looks as uncomfortable as heck.
She’s chewing on her bottom lip and impatiently looking at the numbers on the elevator.
I frowned.
Was there anything to be uncomfortable about.
I don’t look scary,do I?
I broke out my cellphone and stared at the reflection on my face to confirm.
I’m still handsome.
I’m not trying to brag or anything but a lot of people….men and women have told me how handsome I am.
And my smile is dazzling too.
I always felt my smile could sweep any woman off her feet.
So what was she uncomfortable about.
When the elevator doors open,we walk out and she stopped in front of a apartment just next to mine.
I’m happy she lives next door.
Even if she seems uncomfortable now,I am going to take my time and get her under my charms.
“Thank you”She said as I dropped the luggage.
“So friends?”I asked.
“I think it’s best to stay as neighbours.”She replied, bluntly.
My jaw clenched.
What’s her problem?
Was there anything wrong with being friends with a handsome man like me?
As I’m about to ask why…..a little girl sauntered out of her apartment.
“Mommy,I can’t find my doll”She whined.
My eyes widened.
Sh….she has a kid……no…
I am not going after a single mom again.
That’s probably why I didn’t feel a spark.
She was off limits!
A boy walked out.
“Mommy,where did you keep my ball?”
Two kids!!
who else thinks this Nathan guy is funny?🤭
drop ur thoughts about him
and let’s roll😎

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