Single mom next door episode 3

About 3:am the following morning, I heard movements downstairs.
Was that Eugene?
Or did someone break into the house?
I was scared,I quickly wore a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.
I had been too weak to get off the bed after last night’s beating.
I quietly walked out of the room then stood outside the door of the living room.
I heard Eugene’s voice.
He was on the phone with someone.
I was slightly relieved that it was just him and not some random thief.
“Yo man!We almost got caught because of you!”
Those words stopped me from going back to the bedroom.
“I told you to messed up all the CCTV footages in the bank.If Chris hadn’t noticed that one and broke it,our faces would’ve been identified!”
Oh my!
What was Eugene up to?
“We’ll meet at Franklin’s house by 8:am.You better expect a little share of the money,jackass”
I frozed.
I looked through the peephole and saw him holding a mask.
Eugene just robbed a bank!
I tiptoed back to the bedroom,got into the bed and pulled the duvet over my body.
He probably thought I was fast asleep,that was why he made that phone call.
I heard the door opened,I heard his footsteps.
And then he walked into the bathroom turning on the shower.
He was having a bath.
My mind was reeling from this new information.
Eugene was an armed robber!
I had asked him years ago what he did for a living when we newly got to Portland.
He told me he worked in the finance department of a company.
Then again,he never really told me the name of the company no matter how many times I asked.
Now this is what he really does.
‘Turn him in’ My subconscious mind advised.
Turn him in?
I need evidence.
I could steal his cellphone,there might be some chats with his crew.
If I can really turn him in.
I would be free.
But what if he catches me before I can do anything.
Oh no!
He’ll surely kill me.
I shouldn’t think anything negative about this.
This is my only chance to be free.
I have to grab it.
I have to act smart.
He’s leaving by 8:am, right?
I should try and get his cellphone before then.
During breakfast,I noticed Eugene wasn’t with his phone.
I excused myself and walked into our bedroom.
Hurriedly,I searched everywhere and found it in the pocket of his jacket.
I quickly hid his phone.
I had more courage now!
I can do this.
As soon as he left the house,I took my kids across the street to Susan.
She was a lawyer who lived with her family in the house opposite ours.
She knew nothing of my predicament though but she had tried to be close friends with me.
I always tried to keep our conversation brief and simple because Eugene didn’t want me to have any friends.
She volunteered to help me look after my kids while I gave her a lame excuse that I was going to the grocery store.
When I got to the police station.
I was as nervous as fuck.
I made my report and gave the police his cellphone.
A computer genius was called and he hacked into the phone without typing Eugene’s password.
True to my hunch.
They saw some text messages.
He was even in a group chat with his crew.
The messages clearly showed that they did not only robbed the bank but have been robbing other places for a while now.
“Ma’am.Why did you turn your husband in?”The police asked still finding it hard to believe that I had helped them cracked a case.
“I’m tired of being abused. I am a victim of domestic violence”I said, sincerely.
The policemen sprang up to their feet.
“You should’ve reported this to us sooner,your husband is surely going to get locked up for good”
Those words filled my heart with joy.
I didn’t get my children from Susan’s house,I wanted to face Eugene myself.
I walked into the apartment and found his ransacking the house.
I knew he was looking for his cellphone.
He turned around and his eyes flashed dangerously when he saw me.
“Where are those brats and where the fuck have you been?”He asked, lividly.
“I went out”I replied staring straight at him.
He smirked.”You went out without my permission? Laurel,you really loved being punished……. I’ll deal with you later, for now, help me find my cellphone”
“It’s with the police”
His eyes widened and he laughed not believing a word of it until the door burst open and five policemen stormed in.
His laughter faded.
“You’re under arrest for armed robbery and domestic violence”
His jaw dropped as he shakily stared at me.
“Lau…..Laurel… turned me in?”He asked in disbelief as he lunged towards me,the police pinned him down and handcuffed him.
“Let me go….I’ll get you for this…you bitch!”He yelled as they dragged him away.
I had to tell Susan everything that happened between Eugene and I.
She felt sorry and angry at me.
She told me if I had confided in her earlier.
She would’ve helped me out and put Eugene behind bars for his abusive behavior.
She helped me a great deal.
She told me that she would make sure I don’t go through any court proceeding since I wanted a divorce too.
She got me the divorce papers and after I signed.
She assured me that she would make sure Eugene signs them too.
Susan didn’t want any money from me for her service.
Instead,she got the government to come to my aide and I was given some money to start all over again.
Eugene’s crew was also caught and were sentenced to twenty years in prison each.
My joy knew no bounds.
I was finally free.
Free from him.
I loaded his car with some of our things.
I didn’t want to stay in Portland anymore.
I wanted to get over all the bad memories.
“Where are we going, mommy?”Annie asked as soon as I got into the driver’s seat.
“Seattle”I replied.
“Is Daddy coming along?”Aiden asked.
“No”I could see relief on their faces.
I couldn’t blame them but from now on,I plan on making new good memories for them.
I started the car and drove off.
Once I get to Seattle, I’ll sell this stupid car.
I don’t want anything to remind me of him.
My parents live in Seattle but I have no plans of going back to them.
I feel too ashamed to do so.
I can take care of myself and my kids.
I’ll start all over again.
I don’t need any man.
I’ll avoid men like plagues.
I don’t need any man in my life again.
I stared at the tiny room that I’m made to sleep in for many years to come.
The room was so small,the bed so uncomfortable…. everything about prison sucks.
And now I can see how precious it is to have freedom of movement.
Now,I have lost that.
Laurel turned me in.
I’m still in shock.
I can’t believe she could do anything like that to me.
I love having control over everything.
I love the fact that I made her tremble with fear.
How the fuck did she know about my job?
Where the fuck did she get the courage to turn me in?
And her fucking lawyer deceived me.
She told me that if I sign the divorce papers,my sentence might reduce.
She fucking lied to me.
And I fucking believed and signed those damn papers.
Oh Laurel….if I ever lay my hands on her again….Lord knows what I’ll do to her.
If she thinks she’s free for me,then she is kidding herself.
I was the one who popped her cherry.
I am the only man who has been inside of her and it better remains that way till she dies.
She still doesn’t know what I’m capable of.
I’m Eugene Morales.
I can not spent twenty years in prison.
I’m gonna get out of here soon.
And when I do!
“Laurel, I’m coming for you!”

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