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Single mom next door episode 20 – finale

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Single mom next door episode 20 – finale by : 10:25 pm On September 19, 2020
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And I became a family man.
And it’s f√¢king awesome.
Eugene was given a death sentence and he paid for his evil deeds.
After that,Laurel and I got married.
Felicia had been thrilled to finally prepare for our wedding.
And my baby….my angel….my Laurel had been the happiest….maybe I was the happiest when I watched her walked down the aisle to me.
We flew to Venice for our honeymoon while the kids stayed with Felicia during that period.
We certainly couldn’t take them with us.
That’s a couple’s thing.
I bought a house fit for raising a family.
For years…. I’ve wanted to find that special person to settle down with…. little did I know that I was going to get two bundles of joy…. little did I know that I was going to marry a single mom next door.
My mom loves Laurel….who wouldn’t.
She’s the sweetest woman I know.
My stepdad is happy for me.
Laurel and Kayla are like best friends now and she was the one who finally talked Kayla out of her promiscuous lifestyle.
Kayla’s engaged now…she doesn’t f√¢k around anymore.
Well I think there would come a time in everyone’s life when you’ll meet that person….the right person whom you can never cheat on.
The kids heard the sound of my car coming to a halt at the garage.
They came running out of the house.
“Daddy”Annie squealed, she’s always happy to see me…even if she sees me everyday.
She hugged me taking the grocery bags from me.
I noticed Aiden was on his angry mode.
“What’s up,buddy?”
“Ann insulted me today,Dad”He reported.
I turned to face Annie.
“He started it”Annie retorted.
“Even if I insulted you,you ain’t supposed to talk back”
Annie frowned.”Oh yeah! I’m supposed to look at you and smile?”She asked, sarcastically.
“I’m older than you”
“With just two minutes.I know something delayed me in mommy’s belly,I would’ve came out before you”
I laughed at that.
“Nothing delayed you….even if it’s two minutes… I’m still older than you… nothing can change that… Respect those two minutes!”
My lips thinned.
As they grow older…they argued a lot.
“I think that’s enough”
They immediately shut the hell up.
“Ann, apologize to your brother”I ordered.
“Sorry Aiden”
“Aiden, apologize to her”
He sighed.”Sorry Ann”
“Good,now mommy must be waiting for us….last to get to the house is a rotten egg”I announced and the three of us broke into a run…. laughing.
“Hi,honey”My heavily pregnant wife said as I walked into the kitchen.
She’ll be due in a few weeks.
I hugged her from behind.
“I told you not to cook anymore, that’s why I’m coming home early everyday”
“You worry too much, I’m fine and I’m not lifting anything heavy”She whined.
I rubbed my hand on her baby bump.
“Did my baby trouble my angel today?”I asked klzzing her neck.
“Not too much today.He was good for Daddy”
I turned her around to face me.
“I’ll set the table while you sit down, don’t assist me”I warned,leading her to the dining room.
“Nope,sit down gently, darling.I’ve got this covered”
After dinner,we were all in the living room watching TV.
“Daddy,mommy said she’s giving birth soon,we’ll be three men in the house”Aiden said.
I chuckled.
Who says he is a man yet?
“Who says it’s a boy? Mommy’s gonna give birth to a girl.I can’t put up with another annoying boy like you”
Aiden eyed her.”It’s a boy. I can feel it and I also can’t put up with an annoying girl like you”
The doctor had already told Laurel and I that we’re expecting a boy but we didn’t tell the kids about it.
It’s funny watching them argue about the baby’s gender.
“I think the baby wants you two to keep quiet”Laurel said.
Annie’s eyes widened.”You can communicate with the baby?”
Aiden laughed.”That’s impossible”
All of us laughed at Annie’s stupid question,she laughed too and they returned watching TV while I came in front of Laurel and started massaging her feet.
She smiled down at me….the smile that I’ve seen a thousand times but it still melts my heart.
I make it my duty to make her stress free and give her all the exercises suitable for a pregnant woman.
I want her delivery to be easy….no complications.
But f√¢k me.
We still have s£× constantly.
The doctor said it was okay and damn, Laurel and I want each other all the time.
She moved her feet and touched my cock which was on the confines of my trousers.
I knew instantly that she wants my thick cock deep inside her beautiful p√zzy.
I stared at her, grinning sheepishly.
“Bed”She mouthed.
I stared at the wall clock.It was almost bedtime for the kids.
“Soon”I whispered and her eyes glowed with excitement.
The heat….the passion between us is unquenchable….it keeps getting stronger and it’ll be that way till death do us apart.
To all single moms out there, don’t ever let whatever past you might have had make you degrade yourself…you guys are amazing🤗
Thanks for reading.
Give me the likes, comments and shares that u think this story deserves 💋

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