Single mom next door episode 2

“Mommy,I want more bread”Aiden requested.
He was seated on one of the chairs in the breakfast bar.
I quickly gave him two slices of bread and noticed Annie had gone to the living room with her tea…. definitely to watch TV.
“Ann.Get back in here and finish your breakfast!”I ordered and I could hear her footsteps getting closer.
I heard her screamed,I quickly darted towards the door watching her getting up to her feet.
She had tripped and fell.
“Mommy,my tea spilled on Daddy’s shoe”She cried.
Oh God!
This wasn’t going to end well.
At that moment, Eugene walked down the stairs.
He frowned taking in the sight of his shoe.
“I….I’ll get it cleaned up right now”I stuttered.
“Who fucking did that?”He growled.
I’m aware that Annie was now hiding behind me.
The kids knew about their father’s hot temper.
He noticed Annie was behind me.
“Oh that little shit!”He angrily made his way towards me.
“Eugene, please don’t hurt her,I said I’ll clean it up!”I yelled pushing him backwards.
He could hurt me all he wants but I won’t let him hurt my children.
He smirked and slapped me across the face.
Aiden and Annie burst into tears.
“How dare you stop me from instilling discipline on that brat?”He thundered and wore a pair of sandals.
“See you tonight!”With that,he walked away.
I shuddered knowing I was going to go through hell tonight.
Even if my cheek was stinging from his slap,I bit back a cry and turned to face my children.
“Stop crying,huh”I cooed bending down to meet their heights.
“He hurt you because of me”Annie cried touching my cheek.
“It doesn’t hurt,it isn’t painful at all”I assured.
“Are you sure?”Aiden asked.
I nodded wiping their cheeks.
“Annie, I’ll make another cup of tea for you.You know what would make mommy feel better?”
They shook their heads.
“It’s if you smile for me”
They smiled and hugged me.
I fought against crying again.
I really wish my children wouldn’t witness those violent scenes but Eugene is the most stupid man I know.
He doesn’t mind hitting me in front of them.
When Eugene finally got home that night.
Fear is an understatement to how I’m feeling right now.
What would he do to me now?
The children had eaten dinner and they were asleep.
He walked into the room and shut the door.
I quickly got off the bed and knelt in front of him.
“Eugene, I’m sorry..I didn’t…”
“Shut it!”He snapped and opened the drawers bringing out some clamps.
Oh God!
I hate clamps.
“Stand up!”He ordered.
I shakily stood up.
“If you put up a fight tonight.That brat would get it.Take off your clothes.”He threatened.
Reluctantly,I undressed and he stood back like a ancient king surveying his concubine.
My heart starts drumming in my chest as he moves closer to me.
He fastened the bejeweled clip to my nipple and I yelp.
That thing is biting into me and I can never get used to the painful sensation as he fastened another to my other nipple and I yelp again.
The clamps are connected by a chain.
“You look so beautiful and sexy right now, Laurel”He said.
He takes hold of the chain and pulls it making my nipples throb even more.
I don’t feel beautiful or sexy,I feel like a little slave girl.
“Shhh….if you protest, I’m going to attach one clip to your clit too”
I swallowed,the last time he did that, I thought I would die of the pain.
Now,I think I’ve died a thousand death because of Eugene.
He released the chain and walked towards the wall bringing down a belt.
My eyes widened in fear.
I had thought this was my only punishment.
“Get on the bed,lie on your stomach”He commanded.
“I said get on the fucking bed,do you want this belt on you or that brat?”
I knew he was referring to Annie.
I was shaking like a leaf while I got on the bed.
“Why am I doing this, Laurel?”
“Be… because I stopped you from instilling discipline on Annie”
“Is that right?”
“But I think you love being punished,you love to defy me at every corner and I’ll continue to punish you till the day you learn to behave”
He places his fingers on my back, holding me and the atmosphere in the room changes.
I close my eyes, bracing myself for the blow.
It comes hard, snapping across my backside and the bite of the belt is everything I feared.
I cry out involuntarily,and take a huge gulp of air.
“Count, Laurel!”He ordered.
“One”I murmured.
He hits me again and the pain pulses and echoes along the line of the belt.
“Two”I cried.
His breathing is ragged and harsh.
Whereas mine is almost non-existent as I desperately scrabble around my psyche looking for some internal strength.
The belt cut into my flesh again.
“Three!”Tears spring unwelcome into my eyes.
Even if I hate spanking,I’ll always prefer it to this
He’s not holding anything back.
“Four!”I yelled as the belt bites me again and now the tears are streaming down my face.
I don’t want to cry.It angers me that I brought this upon myself.
He hits me again.
“Five”My voice is more a choked,strangled sob and in this moment,I hate him more.
My backside feels as if it’s on fire.
“Six”I whispered as the blistering pain cuts across me again and I hear him drop the belt behind me.
He turned me around and undo the clips on my nipples.
My nipples flooded with blood and I squealed.
He got into the bed and pulled me into his arms
“Let go….no… Don’t touch me”I find myself struggling out of his grasp, pushing him away, fighting him.
“I love you, Laurel”He whispered.
“If you love me,you won’t hit me”
“That’s the way I am,baby. I need to be in total control over you”
More tears oozed out of my eyes.
What kind of man is this?
“Why can’t you ever be gentle with me?”
“Being gentle isn’t fun… it’s boring…And your body likes it like it rough, don’t you, Laurel?”He asked.
Dark eyes piercing into mine.
“I don’t”I bit out and I think he’s going to pounce on me next but then he stood up from the bed.
“You’re lucky I have somewhere to be”He said and walked out of the house.
I’m not surprised,this is not the first time he has left the house in the middle of the night.
Now I’m in my bed,with a sore ass and an anguished broken soul.
I’m tired of this pain.
I can’t take more of this.
I need to leave.
I have to go and I don’t care if I have nowhere in mind.
I just can’t take more of this brutality….this pain.

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